untitled  We get the return of our buddy from season one and a few other episodes, Morgan.  As states on the “Talking Dead,” “Morgan is now a Jedi Master.”  Morgan saves Daryl and AaRon.

Rick’s fear for the town of Aleandria, has been realized.  Our heroes, Glen, Maggie, Michonne, Abraham, Carol, all stick up for

untitled  Rick Grimes.  the-walking-dead-season-5-rick-grimes   The latest Villain on The Walking Dead, no not Negan,

images3S05QZXO Pardon the language.

Father Gabriel

untitled is the piece of shit, we know he is.  Everyone ion Aleaxandia knows.

imagesU66YIBIL Abraham informs everyone at The Alexandria summit about Rick’s relationship with



yeun-03  once again is the Bad Ass, we all know.  Glen kicks the butt of Nicholas.  Glenn has every right to whack Nicholas.  He kicks his ass, but allows him to live and drags him back.


FINALLY:  Rick proves himself right!  He locks the gate that Gabriel left open and drags a

untitled Walker to the meeting with Deane.  What do you think?  I hope to hear from you Dead fans out there!  EDB


untitledSo, which one of our heroes is going to “bite the bullet” and end up on the

imagesOLCT5F3U  “Talking Dead” couch on Sunday?  We are not counting the clowns of Alexandria.

Let’s take a look…

untitled  Rick?  No chance!

untitled  Daryl.  The fans would stage a riot outside the writer’s doors.

imagesKMNIT8WE Glenn.  Interesting!  If you read the Walking Dead comics, Negan crushed Glenn’s skull in.  But this is not the comics.  Glen did have a run-in with one of the cowards of Alexandria.

untitled Maggie.  I think the writers will keep Maggie around so that she can suffer another loss.  Namely Glen, perhaps in this episode.

untitled Carl.  No, he’s a bad ass and will grow up further in the Apocalypse.

untitled  Michonne?  I just cannot see it.  She is too tough and just got finished whipping Rick’s ass.

untitled Carol.  This is interesting to contemplate.  Presently, Carol is posing as Ms. “Suzy Homemaker.”   Carol  did however suggest to Rick that he whack the good doctor, Pete Anderson.  Carol was earlier banished by Rick, but has returned and is badder than ever.  This would be a shocker!

images  Abraham?  He has not been on the show that long, but neither was Noah.


untitled  Eugene.  This is quite possible.  Eugene just found his manhood.  His death would be ironic.  I could see Alexandria being swarmed by walkers.  Eugene, now the hero, but not the fighter, comes to the rescue and puff! he’s meat!

imagesSEMERRIC I have a bad feeling for Sasha.  She has had trouble coping with the death of her brother and boyfriend.  She is making bad decisions.  Being a lesser character, she just might get it!

untitled Rosita. Certainly a possibility.  It would certainly drive Abraham, further to drink!

imagesP2G37W80  Tara.  Certainly a possibility.  Already recuperating, Tara might just not make it.


untitled Father Gabriel.  This guy is a “bad Dude.”  We all know what happens to bad dudes on The Walking Dead.  What do you think?  Drop me a reply.  EDB