The final line on Crapuano 5.3 innings 89 pitches and three runs.  Lorenz, who clearly by his comments, shows his total lack of understanding of Baseball.  Lorenz called this a quality start by Capuano, continuing to kiss his ass.  First of all Bob, you must look at The Yankees rotation, as a whole.  The Yankee starters are way down in innings pitched and the bullpen is burning out.  Every time Crapuano pitches, Girardi has to go to the bullpen early.  Furthermore, three earned runs in 5.1 innings is a 5.09 E.R.A.  In what universe is that a quality start, Bob?  The answer is: NOOOOONE.  I hope you get to do three A,M Yankee games or maybe I will listen to Sterling.  EDB