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Michael Cudlitz

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Michael Cudlitz
Michale Cudlitz at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International

Born Michael Cudlitz
(1964-11-30) November 30, 1964 (age 51)
Long Island, New York, United States
Alma mater California Institute of the Arts
Occupation Actor
Years active 1989–present
Spouse(s) Rachel Cudlitz
Children 2

Michael Cudlitz (born December 29, 1964) is an American actor, known for portraying John Cooper on the TNT drama series Southland, Sergeant Denver “Bull” Randleman on the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, and Sergeant Abraham Ford on the AMC horror series The Walking Dead.

Early life[edit]

Cudlitz was born on Long Island, New York and grew up in Lakewood Township, New Jersey.[1] He is a 1982 graduate of Lakewood High School. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts, where he graduated in 1990.[2]


While a student at California Institute of the Arts until he landed the role in Band of Brothers, Cudlitz worked in TV and film production in the art department of various shows.[3] Cudlitz was a construction coordinator on Beverly Hills, 90210.[4]

His first acting role was in the 1989 film Crystal Ball, playing Scottie. Other roles were Tony Miller on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Tad Overton on Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the second seasons of 24, Lost, FOX series Standoff, and Prison Break. He guest starred on Over There. He played Bob Destepello in the 1997 film Grosse Pointe Blank. He also played a 30-second role as a bartender in the movie Forces of Nature in 1999. His breakout role came in 2001 with his portrayal of Sgt. Denver “Bull” Randleman in the World War II miniseries, Band of Brothers.[5][6]

Cudlitz starred on the critically acclaimed,[7][8] seven-episode NBC drama Southland as patrol officer John Cooper, a 20-year veteran and training officer.[9][10] It was picked up by TNT, who aired the remaining episodes of its first season, bringing it back for a total of five seasons.[11][12] The character struggled with chronic back pain, addiction to pain medication, and ethical issues relating to his partners.[13] Prior to the start of shooting for the show, Cudlitz had a large mole removed from his right upper lip, which had previously been a signature feature of his appearance. The show was cancelled in 2013.[14] Cudlitz won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his role in 2013.[15]

In 2009, Cudlitz appeared in the science fiction film Surrogates as Colonel Brendon. In 2013, Cudlitz played opposite Melanie Griffith in the movie, Dark Tourist.[16]

From February 2014 until October 2016, he appeared in the AMC TV show The Walking Dead as Sergeant Abraham Ford, a character from the comic series of the same name. His first appearance was in the tenth episode of Season 4, an episode entitled “Inmates”.[17] Cudlitz’s character was killed off in the premiere episode of the show’s seventh season entitled “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be“. Due to his portrayal of Abraham, Cudlitz has quickly became a fan favorite since his introduction, with many fans paying homage to his quirky and comedic sayings combined with his upfront approach.[18][19]

Voice work[edit]

Cudlitz supplied the voice of Sgt. Glenn “Hawk” Hawkins in the video game Call of Duty 2: Big Red One. He voiced Corporal Griffen in the video game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and its sequel, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.


Personal life[edit]

Cudlitz is married to Rachel Cudlitz.[21] They met while students at California Institute of Arts. [1] Their twin sons, Max and Mason, were born February 12, 1997, in Los Angeles, California.



Year Title Role
1992 A River Runs Through It Chub
1993 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Tad Overton
1993 The Liars’ Club Jimbo
1996 Savage Spillane
1996 Follow the Bitch Ty
1996 D3: The Mighty Ducks Cole
1997 Grosse Pointe Blank Bob Destepello
1998 The Negotiator Palermo
1999 Forces of Nature Bartender
1999 Live Virgin Bob
2000 A Question of Faith James
2000 Lured Innocence Harry Kravitz
2003 Welcome to the Neighborhood George
2006 Running Scared Sal ‘Gummy Bear’ Franzone
2008 Sex Drive Rick
2008 Tenure Tim
2009 Surrogates Colonel Brendan
2009 Stolen Jonas
2011 Satin Kip Tanner
2011 Inside Out Detective Calgrove
2012 Rogue River Sheriff Boyd; also Associate producer
2013 Dark Tourist Jim; also Producer
2013 Pawn Shop Chronicles Ben
2013 Cesar Chavez Sheriff Smith

Television (miniseries, TV movies, shorts)[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1989 Crystal Ball Scottie Short
1996 Last Exit to Earth Hardester TV movie
1998 Thirst Andy TV movie
1999 Small Change Gary Short
2001 Band of Brothers Sgt. Denver “Bull” Randleman Miniseries; 10 episodes
2002 Live from Baghdad Tom Murphy TV movie
2004 Homeland Security Agent Tango 12 TV movie
2008 Danny Fricke Praeger TV movie
2011 Silent Witness Sam Robb TV movie

Television (episodic)[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1990 Hull High Schwartz 2 episodes: “Episode #1.2”, “Episode #1.6”
1991 21 Jump Street Dennis Richards 1 episode: “Bad Day at Blackburn”
1991 L.A. Law Passerby 1 episode: “Do the Spike Thing”
1992 Step by Step Ed 1 episode: “Home Alone”
1991–1992 Growing Pains Chuck 2 episodes: “There Must Be a Pony”, “The Call of the Wild”
1992 Life Goes On Ernie 1 episode: “The Wall”
1992–1993 Beverly Hills, 90210 Tony Miller 11 episodes
1993 Against the Grain Bud Hardeman 2 episodes: “Pilot”, “The Buck Stops… There”
1994 Lifestories: Families in Crisis Walton 1 episode: “A Body to Die For: The Aaron Henry Story”
1994 Picket Fences White Teenager #1 1 episode: “Elective Conduct”
1994 The Marshal Gary Lowell 1 episode: “Kissing Cousins”
1996 ER Injured Fireman 1 episode: “The Healers”
1996 Pacific Blue Brett Andrews 1 episode: “The Enemy Within”
1996 Renegade Patch / Beau 2 episodes: “High Rollers”, “The Dollhouse”
1997 Leaving L.A. Joey Reno 1 episode: “The Black Widower”
1997 Party of Five Shuyler 1 episode: “4.2: Past Imperfect”
1998 Touched by an Angel Landau 1 episode: “God and Country”
1998 NYPD Blue Joshua 1 episode: “Prostrate Before the Law”
1999 Home Improvement Kyle 1 episode: “Whitewater”
1999 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Bob 1 episode: “The Zeppo”
1999 Chicago Hope 1 episode: “And Baby Makes 10”
1999 Good vs Evil The Wiz 1 episode: “Men Are from Mars, Women Are Evil”
1999 Snoops Michael Keppler 1 episode: “Constitution”
1999 Love & Money Joe 2 episodes: “Everybody Doesn’t Love Eamon”, “Puff the Magic Sister”
2001 Walker, Texas Ranger State Trooper 1 episode: “Unsafe Speed”
2001 Six Feet Under Dennis, Crossroads Leader 1 episode: “Crossroads”
2001 The Mind of the Married Man Contractor 2 episodes: “Just Thinking of You”, “When We Were Nice”
2001 Philly Joe 1 episode: “Live and Leg Die”
2002 The Practice Russell Hampton 1 episode: “The Test”
2002 Family Law Darren Carson 1 episode: “Big Brother”
2002 Push, Nevada 1 episode: “Jim’s Domain”
2002 Fastlane Det. Ray Cornwright 1 episode: “Girls Own Juice”
2002 MDs Elkin 1 episode: “R.I.P.”
2002–2003 24 Rick Phillips 3 episodes: “Day 2: 2:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m.”, “Day 2: 3:00 p.m.–4:00 p.m.”, “Day 2: 4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m.”
2004; 2007 JAG 2 episodes: “Force Recon” as Sergeant Tesla, “Take It Like a Man” as Cpl. Hal Strange
2004 Nip/Tuck Brody 1 episode: “Joel Gideon”
2005 Las Vegas Brian Carlton Venturi – the Kidnapper 1 episode: “When You Got to Go, You Got to Go”
2005 Medical Investigation Lt. Troy Adams 1 episode: “Mousetrap”
2005 CSI: Miami ‘Mac’ MacKern 1 episode: “Nothing to Lose”
2004; 2005 Without a Trace 2 episodes: “The Line” as Mark Casey, “John Michaels” as Freddy Katan
2005 Line of Fire Jury Member 1 episode: “This Land Is Your Land”
2005 Over There Colonel Ryan 1 episode: “The Prisoner”
2005 The Dead Zone Herb Smith 1 episode: “Babble On”
2005 Prison Break Corrections Officer Robert ‘Bob’ Hudson 2 episodes: “Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 1”, “Riots, Drills and the Devil: Part 2”
2005 Wanted Dep. Reed 1 episode: “Lips Are Lips”
2005 Sleeper Cell LAPD Detective Walt Moss 1 episode: “Intramural”
2006 Close to Home Dan Johnson 1 episode: “Escape”
2006 CSI: NY Vern Dox 1 episode: “Super Men”
2004; 2006 Dr. Vegas Glen 2 episodes: “Lust for Life”, “For Love or Money”
2006–2007 Standoff Frank Rogers 18 episodes
2007 Bones Lucky 1 episode: “Death in the Saddle”
2007 Criminal Minds Francis Goehring 1 episode: “Identity”
2005; 2008 Lost Big Mike Walton 2 episodes: “Collision”, “The Beginning of the End”
2008 The Cleaner JWB 1 episode: “Pilot”
2007–2008 Life Mark Rawls 3 episodes: “Pilot: Merit Badge”, “Fill It Up”, “Did You Feel That?”
2001; 2009 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2 episodes: “And Then There Were None” as Officer William Spencer, “The Grave Shift” as Josh Barston
2009 Knight Rider Lead Gunman 1 episode: “Exit Light, Enter Knight”
2009 Eleventh Hour Ben Finney 1 episode: “Minamata”
2009 Saving Grace Donald Gilmore 1 episode: “The Heart of a Cop”
2009–2013 Southland John Cooper 43 episodes. Winner – Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
2014–2016 The Walking Dead Sgt. Abraham Ford Recurring (season 4)
Main Cast (seasons 5–7): 28 episodes
2015–present Ballers Dan Balasmo 2 episodes: “Head-On”, “Gaslighting”

Video games[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2005 Call of Duty 2 Pvt. Braeburn Voice
2005 Call of Duty 2: Big Red One Sgt. Glenn “Hawk” Hawkins Voice
2007 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare U.S. Marine/Corporal Griffen Voice
2009 Red Faction Guerrilla Saul Marius Voice
2009 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Additional Voice Talent Voice
2011 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Corporal Griffin Voice

Art department[edit]


Shere Khan in the upcoming Jungle Book live action film (Photo: Disney)

Photo: Image

Paul Tassi wrote:

“Ezekiel was formerly a zookeeper, and raised the tiger, Shiva, from birth. When Rick meets him, he sees that the “King” has Shiva on a chain, and she’s fiercely protective of her master. Over the next ten issues, we see Shiva in battle, first with Saviors, then with walkers, eventually dying as she saves Ezekiel from certain death by horde.”


What did we learn on tonight’s

 Walking Dead Episode: “Not Tomorrow Yet?”  First:

Carol can (A).   bCarol and her cookiesake cookies

(B).   write in her Diary  and

(c).  find love with


  Father Gabriel can kill.

  So can Glen.

  Morgan can weld.

  Abraham can break up with a woman, Rosita, in his own silly style.  When Rosita asked why?  His reply:  “Dinkle berries are brown, the way shit is.”

Eugene tries to console Rosita or is that what he was attempting with the line: “These cookies are chewy.”

  The saviors have not been allowed yet to use four letter words, but one did say shit.    The saviors say they have Maggie and Carol.  EDB

Alexandra Breckenridge (Jessie…The Walking Dead And Horror Queen)

Alexandra Breckenridge

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Alexandra Breckenridge
Alexandra Breckenridge 2012.jpg   

Breckenridge in 2012
Born (1982-05-15) May 15, 1982 (age 33)
Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.
Nationality American
Other names Alex Breckenridge
Occupation Actress, voice actress, photographer
Years active 1998–present
Spouse(s) Casey Hooper (m. 2015)
Relatives Michael Weatherly (uncle)
Website www.alexandrabreckenridge.com

Alexandra Hetherington Breckenridge (born May 15, 1982)[1] is an American actress, voice actress, and photographer. Noted for her role as Willa McPherson on the series Dirt, she also had a supporting role on the short-lived series The Ex List. She is also the voice of various characters on the animated television series Family Guy. She starred in the 2011 FX television season American Horror Story: Murder House as Moira O’Hara and portrayed Kaylee in American Horror Story: Coven.[2] She currently portrays Jessie Anderson in the AMC series The Walking Dead.

Early life[edit]

Breckenridge was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She lived in Darien, Connecticut until the age of ten, when she and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California. A year later, they moved to Mill Valley, California. At age 13, Breckenridge became interested in acting, photography, and singing. At age 15, she and her mother moved back to Los Angeles to pursue Breckenridge’s acting career. She is the niece of actor Michael Weatherly.[1]



Breckenridge guest starred as Shelly Weaver on Freaks and Geeks in 2000. When she was 15, she met James Franco at an audition. She was surprised that Franco recognized her on set on Freaks and Geeks.[3] She also guest starred on Dawson’s Creek, CSI, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Undeclared, Medium and JAG.[4] She guest starred as Francise in three episodes of Opposite Sex.[5] In 2002, she appeared in the film Big Fat Liar, starring Frankie Muniz, as Jason Shepherd’s older sister Janie.

Breckenridge has had numerous voice roles on the animated television series Family Guy. During an interview with FHM, she stated quoting: “When I first went for Family Guy I auditioned for a guest voice. I don’t know why but [creator] Seth MacFarlane really likes the sound of my voice. I’ll never understand that. He just liked me and they call me back all the time to do different things.”[3] Breckenridge often does celebrity impressions on the show, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Renée Zellweger. She also had roles on MacFarlane’s web series Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. She guest starred in the episode “With Friends Like Steve’s” of American Dad!, also created by MacFarlane.[4]

In 2006, Breckenridge starred as Monique in the film She’s the Man. She starred as Willa McPherson in television series Dirt from 2007 to 2008. She has appeared in a couple of shows that have later been cancelled. She does not take this personally as her roles are mostly supporting characters.[3] In 2009, Breckenridge co-starred in the independent film The Bridge to Nowhere by Blair Underwood.[6] She also has a role in the upcoming film Ticket Out.[7]

Breckenridge had a recurring role in season 4 of HBO’s True Blood, and also season one of FX’s American Horror Story as Moira O’Hara, the ghost of a maid trapped in the house in which she was employed. She also returned for several episodes of season 3 of the show, American Horror Story: Coven, as Kaylee: a young witch who excels in pyrokinesis.[8][9]

In 2015, Breckenridge began playing Jessie in Season 5 of the AMC series The Walking Dead.[10] She will next be seen in the psychological thriller Dark (2015) from executive producer Joe Dante and director Nick Basile.


Breckenridge is interested in photography and has her own darkroom in her apartment. At age 24, she began taking photography seriously as a form of self-expression. Her then-boyfriend Bryten Goss helped her with lighting. In 2008, she had her first exhibit with Shalon Goss hosted by her uncle Michael Weatherly and presented by Edgar Valera. She stated quoting: “I had so much to express emotionally with this show. Each photo is an expression of myself and the things I have gone through in the last three years. From my perspective, the purpose of art is to evoke feeling and to inspire. That’s all I hope to achieve.”[1]

Personal life[edit]

In September 2015, Breckenridge married guitarist Casey Hooper.[11]

Breckenridge has several tattoos, which get covered by make-up for her on-screen projects but not during photoshoots. She has said about them, “We cover them up. Some make-up artists are better than others, but there’s airbrushing, and there’s a sort of latex waterproof paint, body paint obviously.”[3]



Year Title Role Notes
2002 Orange County Anna Uncredited
2002 Big Fat Liar Janie Shepherd
2002 Wishcraft Kristie
2002 Vampire Clan Charity Lynn Keesee
2002 Slasher Flick Laura Short film
2003 D.E.B.S. Amy Short film
2005 Rings Vanessa Video short
2006 She’s the Man Monique
2006 Jack Rabbit Harley Short film
2008 Art of Travel, TheThe Art of Travel Kate
2009 Bridge to Nowhere, TheThe Bridge to Nowhere Sienna
2010 Ticket Out Jocelyn
2011 Darkest Hour Alicia Short film
2014 Other People’s Children Ariel
2015 Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story Sara
2015 Dark Leah
2015 Zipper Christy
2015 Broken Vows Debra Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
1998 Even the Losers Unknown Television movie
1999 Locust Valley Arden Television movie
2000 Dawson’s Creek Kate Douglas Episode: “Valentine’s Day Massacre”
2000 Freaks and Geeks Shelly Weaver Episode: “Looks and Books”
2000 Opposite Sex Francise 3 episodes
2001 Undeclared Prim and Proper Girl Episode: “Prototype”
2002 Undeclared Celeste Episode: “Eric’s POV”
2002 Charmed Michelle Miglis Episode: “A Paige from the Past”
2002 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kit Holburn Episode: “Lessons”
2004 Mystery Girl Katie Hill Television short
2004 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Lisa ‘Cleopatra’ Hunt Episode: “Turn of the Screws”
2004 JAG Pia Bonfilio Episode: “There Goes the Neighborhood”
2005 Murder Book Sarah Television movie
2005 Romy and Michele: In the Beginning Michele Weinberger Television movie
2005 Medium Isabel Galvan Episode: “Jump Start”
2005 Sex, Love & Secrets Maddie Lyall Episode: “Protection”
2005–14 Family Guy Various (voice) 54 episodes
2006 American Dad! (voice) Episode: “With Friends Like Steve’s”
2007 Psych Betty Episode: “Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast”
2007–08 Dirt Willa McPherson Main role: 20 episodes
2008 Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy Princess Peach (voice) 2 episodes
2008 Ex List, TheThe Ex List Vivian Main role: 13 episodes
2010 Sons of Tucson Gina 2 episodes
2010 Life Unexpected Abby Cassidy 5 episodes
2011 Cooper and Stone Jenna Cooper Television movie
2011 Franklin & Bash Emily Claire Episode: “Bachelor Party”
2011 True Blood Katerina Pelham 4 episodes
2011; 2013 American Horror Story Young Moira O’Hara 6 episodes (Murder House)
Kaylee 2 episodes (Coven)
2012 Save Me Carly Brugano Main role: 7 episodes
2012 Men at Work Katelyn Episode: “Wake and Bake”
2014 Rake Brooke Episode: “A Close Shave”
2015–present The Walking Dead Jessie Anderson 10 episodes
2015 Extant Zoe Grant Episode: “Morphoses”