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“You know what my plan is? I don’t have one. I’m just gonna keep on smashing Daddy‘s already broken toys and make you watch.
— Lucifer, speaking to Sam and Dean
in Rock Never Dies

Lucifer, also known as The Devil, Light Bringer, The Morning Star, and Satan, is the second of the four Archangels created by God and was his favorite son. He is also a fallen archangel, and the first fallen angel. He is a recurring character, was the main antagonist of Season 5, and the secondary antagonist of Season 7 and Season 11. He is the original ruler of Hell and the creator of demons, seen by them as a father figure and their god.[1][2] As the second-born Archangel, he is the younger brother of Michael, and older brother of Raphael and Gabriel.

According to Gabriel, Lucifer is, or at least was, God’s favorite and most beloved celestial, but when God asked for all angels to bow down to humanity, Lucifer refused both out of jealousy and wounded pride over being commanded to bow to what he saw as a broken, flawed, and murderous species and no longer feeling he was God’s favorite creation.[3] This was caused by the Mark of Cain corrupting him and boosting his dislike towards humanity.[4] He waged a war against God but was eventually cast out of Heaven by God, and banished to Hell by Michael. All of Azazel‘s actions were motivated with the goal of eventually releasing Lucifer from his cage in Hell.[2]

Like all other angels, Lucifer must have the permission of a strong enough human to use as his vessel, as he can not forcefully possess a person. Being an archangel, Lucifer possesses much more power than any normal angel, every pagan, and also every demon and species of monsters, most of whom deify him, thus being among the most powerful entities the Winchesters have ever encountered.[5] But his power causes regular vessels to decay and required to drink vast amounts of demon blood or possess either his true vessel (Sam Winchester) or an alternate more stable vessel (Castiel).

Eventually, he was finally freed and allowed to roam the Earth when the final seal (the death of Lilith) was broken by Sam.[2] Freed from his cage, he took action to bring about the Apocalypse and cleanse the Earth (aka “The last perfect handiwork of God”) of human beings (the flawed creation). Even after Lucifer was able to possess Sam Winchester, his true vessel, Sam’s love for his brother Dean allowed Sam to regain control of his body, and seal himself, Lucifer, Michael, and Adam Milligan back in Lucifer’s Cage.[6]

After the release of the Darkness about five years later, the cage was damaged and Lucifer (whilst he still couldn’t leave it) began reaching out to Sam to get him to return to Hell and release Lucifer so he could return to the world, working with Rowena to achieve this. Though Sam refused, Castiel said “yes” and Lucifer returned to the world in Castiel’s body.

After reconciling with God, Lucifer joined him, Sam, and Dean in an attack to defeat Amara. However, Amara, not wanting to be re-imprisoned, overpowered God and in her rage, she pulled Lucifer from Castiel’s body when he went to attack her and help his father. It is unknown where he was banished to, but he survived and was able to take possession of Vince Vincente, an aging musician. After the death of Vince, Lucifer began seeking out vessels with power and influence, culminating in President Jefferson Rooney. Lucifer was eventually exorcised from Rooney and returned to his Cage, but not before he conceived a Nephilim with Kelly Kline. It was later revealed that Crowley perverted the spell so that Lucifer became his prisoner in the body of Nick once more.




Early Life


You know why God cast me down? Because I loved him. More than anything. And then, God created…you. The little…hairless apes. And then he asked all of us to bow down before you—to love you more than him. And I said ‘Father…I can’t.’ I said, ‘These humans beings…are flawed, murderous.’ And for that…God had Michael cast me into Hell. Now tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing. And how many of you blame me for it?
Lucifer to Dean, about why he was cast down from Heaven
in The End

Eons ago, Lucifer was the second archangel that God created and was raised by his older brother Michael.[7] Lucifer was at one time the favorite of God’s angels,[3] and his name translates to “Light Bringer.”[1] It was stated that he once had a strong relationship with God and was fiercely loyal and devoted to him. Before life and even the Earth existed, Lucifer fought a war with God and the other archangels against God’s older sister, the Darkness. When they won by sealing The Darkness away, God created the Mark of Cain as the lock on the Darkness’ prison and gave it to Lucifer, his most trusted lieutenant to protect. However, the Mark’s power corrupted Lucifer and caused him to foster jealousy.[4]

When God created mankind and commanded that his angels honor humans by bowing to them and loving them even more than God himself, Lucifer refused to do so, stating that he “merely questioned his priorities“. Being full of pride and jealous of God’s love, Lucifer refused to bow to a creature that he considered lesser than himself and God, whom Lucifer loved too much to being able to devote himself for the, as he says, imperfect humans.[8][3] Deciding to wage a war against God, Lucifer approached his older brother, the archangel Michael, hoping his elder sibling would stand by his side during the rebellion. Michael rejected him and, at his father’s orders, a war begun in Heaven. After Lucifer lost the war, God cast him out of Heaven, and he fell to Earth.[8] Sometime before he fell, he somehow came into possession of the angel tablet, which can only be read by prophets and the angel Metatron.

Once on Earth, Lucifer created crypts and hid various items (including the angel tablet) in them.[9] As his rage against humans grew, Lucifer eventually approached the Garden of Eden and convinced Gadreel, God’s most trusted angel, to let him into the Garden. It’s unknown how Lucifer convinced him but it is implied that Gadreel was unaware of Lucifer’s true intentions. Once in the Garden, Lucifer twisted the minds of the humans, causing them to partake of the Forbidden Fruit (the Quince)[10]. Some time before or after this, Lucifer corrupted Lilith into a demon. Because of his actions, God created Hell and had Michael cast Lucifer into it. Being now corrupt, this got humanity expelled from the Garden. Lucifer at some point managed to manipulate Abel (the second son of Adam and Eve) into listening to him rather than God. In fear for his brother’s soulCain made a deal with Lucifer asking for Abel to ascend to Heaven in exchange for Cain going to Hell, but Lucifer only agreed if Cain was the one who killed him. Cain agreed, and Lucifer passed the Mark of Cain onto him. The Mark eventually changed Cain into a powerful demon who personally created and trained the Knights of Hell, an elite order of demons hand-picked by Lucifer himself out of the very first demons.[11]

Lucifer'sCage<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer'sCage” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27sCage.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer'sCage.jpg” width=”250″ height=”139″ >

The deepest part of hell, Lucifer’s cage

Lucifer’s prison, a chained cage in a dark void with powerful lightning bolts around it, was designed so that he could never leave or escape it on his own, and it was then further locked with over 600 powerful seals. Any 66 of those 600 seals would have to be broken by an outside being in order to free Lucifer. The seals served to bind Lucifer’s power and to keep him from escaping his new prison in Hell. Of the 66 seals required to free Lucifer, only 2 of them are required in a specific order. The first seal is quoted by Alastair as, “And it is written, that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in Hell. As he breaks, so shall it break.” The final seal is quoted by Ruby as “And it is written, that the first demon shall be the last seal.” Aside from those two seals, any other 64 of the remaining seals will suffice.

Lucifer became associated with, and was often referred to by, the name “Satan.” The word “Satan” literally means “The Adversary” or “The Accuser”. Despite being sealed away, he was still considered the ruler of Hell and the lord of all demons.[12][13][2][12]

Azazel’s special children

During his long imprisonment within the confines of his cage in Hell, Lucifer was served by his many demons, one of the most prominent being his confidant, the Yellow-Eyed Demon known as Azazel. None of them had truly seen Lucifer, as he was locked away in a special part of Hell, that had only one entrance kept locked by the 66 seals; this left the vast majority of demons without hope that they would ever find Lucifer and return him to power, save for Azazel, who eventually escaped to Earth in search of a way to free Lucifer from Hell.

In 1972, years after years of searching, Azazel discovered the location of Lucifer’s prison in one of the most ironic of places: a convent. He possessed the body of the chief priest of the church, St. Mary’s Convent, in Ilchester, Maryland, and pretended to carry out the priest’s current mass, with an audience of eight nuns in attendance. Eventually, the priest’s words began to speak of a different Father, Lucifer, and the priest was then revealed to be Azazel, who then proceeded to slaughter the nuns and positioned one atop the altar.

Lucifer's voice<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer's voice” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27s_voice.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer's voice.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer speaking through the body of a dead nun.

After the church was left a bloody mess, Azazel, still possessing the priest’s body, spoke directly to Lucifer himself, who in turn spoke through the body of the nun. Azazel stated his great relief to hear Lucifer’s voice once again after so many ages. Lucifer commended Azazel’s unshakable faith in him and stated that he had done well to find him. Azazel then requested knowledge of what was binding Lucifer in Hell and how he could help Lucifer break free and rise once more. Lucifer then told Azazel that Lilith was the only one who could break the seals which bound him to Hell.

Revealing that Lilith would have to be freed from Hell and then sacrificed by a special child with psychic powers strong enough to perform the deed, Lucifer entreated Azazel to devise a way to break this seal and set him free. It is here that Azazel is revealed to be ultimately loyal to Lucifer and that his endgame throughout the series has been the release of Lucifer from Hell. With Lucifer’s location now confirmed and knowing what he had to do in order to release him, Azazel departed his meeting with Lucifer with great hope and a plan in mind to fulfill Lucifer’s release from Hell.[2]

The release of Lilith

Armed with the knowledge of the 66 seals, Azazel crafted a plan to break the final seal by finding the prophesied special child that would be strong enough to kill Lilith when the time came. He also devised a plot to break Lilith out of Hell at the right time. In search of the special child spoken of by Lucifer himself, Azazel began to search far and wide for parents sure to bear children with certain psychic abilities if properly activated.[14] To this end, Azazel would typically blackmail the parents of the child in question, by means of quid pro quo, into allowing him to visit the child in question upon the night of their six-month birthday, as he would ordinarily be unable to enter without their permission. What Azazel did not reveal to the parents, however, was that he would bleed into the mouth of the child, feeding them demon blood and activating/creating their psychic powers. He did this with many children, knowing that one day he would have to determine which would be powerful enough in the end to kill Lilith and release Lucifer from Hell.[15]

Azazel finally learned of a way to release Lilith from Hell, by means of a portal connecting the Earth to Hell called a Devil’s Gate. After discovering the Devil’s Gate to be protected by numerous backups including a one hundred mile Devils Trap set in place by the legendary Samuel Colt and that the key to the gate was the gun created by Colt himself, Azazel began to also search for this key and found another use for the special child he sought: to pass through the barriers Colt had set in place around the Devil’s Gate and open the gate itself once the key had been located.[16]

Season 3

The demon Casey claims that demons have a belief system just like humans, but while humans believe in God as a higher power, demons view Lucifer in the same regard. Casey tells Dean Winchester that Lucifer was once an angel, and that his name means “light-bringer.” Casey also states that no demon has ever actually seen Lucifer.[1]

Season 4

The breaking of the 66 Seals

Dean is dragged into Hell by Lilith’s Hellhounds at the end of the third season[17] – this is due to the bargain with the Crossroad Demon to revive Sam in exchange for his soul.[16] Dean spent four months of Earth time in Hell (around 40 years in Hell time) and for the first thirty of those forty years, the chief executioner of Hell, Alastair tortured Dean daily and offered to stop his torture if Dean himself would torture other souls trapped in Hell. Dean refused the offer each time; however, after thirty years of pain and misery, Dean began to crack and finally could take no more, and so he accepted Alastair’s offer, getting out of his own torture and taking up torturing other souls for a total of ten years.[18]

Dean did not know that this was the first seal that bound Lucifer in Hell, and that as long as the true first seal remained intact, the others could not be broken. This had been Lilith and Alastair’s plan all along: to force Dean, a righteous man, to crack under torture and begin torturing other souls to spare himself from further torment. From the moment Dean first began torturing souls under Alastair’s tutelage, the first seal binding Lucifer was at last broken, enabling Lilith and several hundred demons now on Earth to begin breaking other seals in order to release Lucifer from his prison.[18][2]

The fourth season of the series chronicles the efforts of Lucifer’s demon minions to break the other seals. The seals operated as locks on a door. Some of these included the Rising of the Witnesses, the summoning of Samhain, and the sacrifice of two Reapers under the Solstice moon.

Dean is rescued from Hell after four months and soon after, he is recruited, along with his brother Sam, to fight against Lilith’s forces to save the other seals from being broken. As it was nearly impossible to know which seals Lilith would choose to target, it was also next to impossible to stop her from breaking others.[12][19] However, Zachariah implied that because the archangels, or “senior management”, wanted the seals to be broken, they allowed the seals to be broken under the guise of trying to stop them to avoid rebellion in Heaven.[2]

Sam was also slowly turned into a demon-blood addict by the demon Ruby as she prepared him to fulfill his own secret role in Lucifer’s release: carrying out the execution of Lilith and becoming strong enough to take his place as Lucifer’s vessel. Finally, near the end of the fourth season, only the true final seal remained: the death of Lilith herself. Lilith had planned out the breaking of the seals, and once sixty-five of them were broken, she prepared to play her own personal role in Lucifer’s release, to die in order to ensure the release of her creator and the coming of the Apocalypse.[2]

The rise of Lucifer

When Dean realized the truth about the angels’ intentions, he escaped confinement from the green room, though he was too late to warn Sam that killing Lilith would, in fact, ensure Lucifer’s release rather than prevent it, as Ruby had informed him. Lilith mocked Sam to override the pleas from his brother, and Sam killed Lilith with his powers. As Lilith’s blood began forming a portal to Lucifer’s Cage, Ruby revealed that she had been working with Lilith all along and that Lucifer himself had foretold that only Sam could kill Lilith. Dean killed Ruby with her own demon-killing knife with Sam’s help. Together, the Winchester brothers watched in horror as the mouth of the Cage began to open, allowing the Devil himself to rise out of his prison.[2]

The portal is open<img src=”″ alt=”The portal is open” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”The_portal_is_open.png” data-image-name=”The portal is open.png” width=”250″ height=”136″ >

The portal formed by Lilith’s blood opens the door to Lucifer’s Cage in Hell, allowing him to rise once more.

As the gate to Hell fully opened and Lucifer’s true angelic essence began to ascend out of the cage to Earth, the brothers attempted to flee, only to have the chapel’s doors slam shut and lock. Seeing that running was futile, they turned and watched in horror as the portal opened and the Devil’s piercing true angelic voice rang through the church. Though they fell to the ground in pain, they were teleported onto a plane passing over Ilchester at that moment, from which they watched as Lucifer’s essence shot up into the sky from where St. Mary’s Convent stood, blowing it apart. This signaled the beginning of the Apocalypse.[2][5]

Season 5

Preparations for the Apocalypse

Now free, Lucifer set out to find a vessel, someone Lucifer could take control of in order to walk the Earth. Lucifer’s chosen vessel turned out to be a lonely man named Nick, whose wife and baby were killed by an intruder who broke into their home one night. Lucifer began to manipulate Nick, making him start to see things in his sleep, like mass amounts of blood dripping out of his dead child’s crib, hearing his dead child crying through a baby monitor, and making his child’s swing move without apparent cause.

Lucifer-nick swan 4<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer-nick swan 4″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer-nick_swan_4.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer-nick swan 4.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer tries to convince Nick to be his temporary vessel.

You people misunderstand me. You call me “Satan” and “Devil” but…do you know my crime? I loved God too much. And for that he betrayed me — punished me. Just as he’s punished you. After all, how could God stand idly by while that man broke into your home and butchered your family in their beds? There are only two rational answers, Nick — either, he’s sadistic… or he simply doesn’t care.
— Lucifer
in Sympathy for the Devil
NickB4Hse<img src=”″ alt=”NickB4Hse” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”NickB4Hse.jpg” data-image-name=”NickB4Hse.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer takes his vessel.

Lucifer then appeared in Nick’s dream again, taking the form of his dead wife to communicate with him. Lucifer explained to Nick that he needed his permission to take over his body, but Nick refused. Lucifer then told Nick some of his origins, such as how he loved God “too much” and felt that though God created them that He should not be allowed to “toy” with them. He went on to further manipulate Nick, explaining that God didn’t do anything to stop the death of his family, making Him either sadistic or meaning that He simply didn’t care. Lucifer then tempted Nick, saying that it was God’s fault that his family died and that if he allowed him to take over his body, he would make sure justice is served. Nick agreed, and in a burst of bright light, Lucifer took over his vessel, regaining much of his former strength and full corporeal form.[2]

Sam… my heart breaks for you. The weight on your shoulders: what you’ve done, what you still have to do, it is more than anyone could bear. If there was some other way… but there isn’t. I will never lie to you, I will never trick you but you will say yes to me.
— Lucifer
in Free To Be You and Me
SPN 1048<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1048″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1048.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1048.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer tells Sam that he is his true vessel.

Some days after that, Lucifer appeared to Sam in the form of his deceased girlfriend Jessica Moore, telling him that no matter how many times he ran away he will always be part of the supernatural, people who get close to him will get killed, and that there is no hope for him. The next night he appeared to Sam as Jessica once again, but when Sam said there was hope for him, Lucifer dropped the masquerade and appeared in Nick’s form and told Sam that Nick was simply a “plan B” because Sam was his true vessel. Lucifer states that he will never lie or trick Sam into saying Yes, but he will do so willingly, before disappearing.[20]

I know you won’t. I know you won’t say yes to Michael, either. And I know you won’t kill Sam. Whatever you do, you will always end up here. Whatever choices you make, whatever details you alter, we will always end up—here. I win. So, I win.
— Lucifer
in The End
Spn504 409<img src=”″ alt=”Spn504 409″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Spn504_409.jpg” data-image-name=”Spn504 409.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer in Sam’s body in the future apocalypse

Shortly after, Zachariah finds Dean and sends him five years into the future so that Dean can see the repercussions which will follow if he refuses to be Michael’s vessel. In the year 2014, Dean travels with the older version of himself, and a group of other hunters, including Castiel, to Detroit to confront the Devil. In this future, Sam consented to serve as a vessel, and the world is ending. Future Dean tries to use the Colt on Lucifer, but the archangel snaps Future Dean’s neck with his foot. Lucifer, wearing Sam in an all-white outfit, turns around and sees the Dean of the past and tells him that he does not want to destroy the world, but to rid it of imperfection. He insists that he was unfairly cast out though Dean doesn’t fall for Lucifer’s sob story. Lucifer also tells Dean that Sam will always consent to him in Detroit; no matter what they do, Sam will become his vessel and the two will always meet up in this position. Zachariah then retrieves Dean and he returns to his current year.[8]

In Changing ChannelsGabriel reveals to Dean and Sam that they were, since the birth of humanity, destined to be the vessels of Michael and Lucifer respectively. While noting comparisons between the Winchester brothers and the two archangels, Gabriel states that their relationship mirrors Michael and Lucifer’s.

I was a son. A brother, like you. A younger brother. And I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day, I went to him and I begged him to stand with me, and Michael… Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own. Tell me something Sam, any of this sound familiar?
— Lucifer
in Abandon All Hope
SPN 0540<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0540″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0540.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0540.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer talking with Castiel.

After receiving the Colt, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Ellen and Jo join forces in order to kill the Devil. It is shown that Nick’s body is beginning to deteriorate, as he cannot properly contain Lucifer’s angelic essence. Lucifer’s physical angelic complexion proves overwhelming to a normal human vessel that is not their true, pre-destined vessel (like Sam is for Lucifer). True vessels give archangels a full corporeal body to manifest in while on Earth. Lucifer is in Carthage, Missouri on a mission to summon Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Sam and Dean plan to fight him and the demon Crowley gives them the Colt to kill him, believing that Lucifer intends to destroy the demon kind once humanity is gone.

Lucifer manages to trap Castiel inside a ring of Holy Oil, while his demons trap Sam, Dean, Jo, and Ellen. Lucifer speaks to Castiel, asking him whether he came with the Winchesters. Castiel lies that he came alone, but Lucifer is not fooled, though he admires the other angel‘s loyalty. Lucifer invites Castiel to join him, reasoning that, as two of Heaven‘s castoffs, they are on the same side and Heaven will hunt Castiel if they manage to defeat Lucifer. Castiel refuses. Meg approaches her father, asking what to do with the Winchesters, and Lucifer tells her to leave them be, and gives her a reassuring touch.

Gtrf<img src=”″ alt=”Gtrf” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Gtrf.jpg” data-image-name=”Gtrf.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

“Hello, Death”

Lucifer begins conducting the ritual to free Death. The Winchesters locate him, and while Sam distracts him, Dean shoots him through the skull with the Colt. He crumples to the ground, but after a few moments he reawakens, and slowly gets to his feet, expressing his pain at being shot by the Colt. He punches Dean into a tree, and continues to work on the ritual. When Sam asks him about the missing townspeople, Lucifer reveals that the women and children are in the mass grave he has been filling in, and that all the men are possessed. He tries to convince Sam that it was necessary, and insists that Sam should understand what he is doing, as someone who has always been out of place in his own family. Lucifer completes the ritual by commanding the demons around him to sacrifice themselves. Castiel, who has managed to escape, takes Sam and Dean away. Lucifer sees, but does not interfere. He turns, and greets Death.[21]

You know, I never understood you pagans. You’re such petty little things. Always fighting. Always happy to sell out your own kind. No wonder you forfeited this planet to us. You are worse than humans. You’re worse than demons and yet you claim to be Gods…and they call me prideful.
— Lucifer
in Hammer of the Gods
Lucifer's Wrath<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer's Wrath” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27s_Wrath.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer's Wrath.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer slaughters the pagan gods in disgust and anger.

Due to the ongoing apocalypse, a group of Pagan gods gather to discuss the Apocalypse threatening to destroy the Earth while holding the Winchesters captive. Lucifer is tipped off about their meeting by Mercury.

Upon arrival, Lucifer expresses his disgust with the pagan gods’ lack of loyalty and obliterates at least eight of them in a bloody massacre until only Kali and the Winchesters remain. It is here that Gabriel intervenes on their behalf and sends them away before confronting his brother alone.

SPN22-570x320<img src=”×320.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20130416053321″ alt=”SPN22-570×320″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN22-570×320.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN22-570×320.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer kills his brother Gabriel

Gabriel tells Lucifer that he still loves him and that he is on nobody’s side but humanity’s. He tells Lucifer that he has no legitimate grievance and is merely jealous that humanity replaced him in the foremost of God’s affections and that it is time for him to grow up. Gabriel wields his Archangel Blade against Lucifer (one of the few weapons that could truly kill him and his kind) which causes him to remain cautious during their exchange. Gabriel attempts to keep Lucifer distracted with a copy of himself while the real Gabriel tries to sneak up behind him and stab him. Lucifer sees through the charade, however, and turns his brother’s own blade upon him, telling him that the trick he just tried to pull amounted to “amateur hocus pocus” and reminding Gabriel that he learned all of his tricks from him. After Gabriel dies, Lucifer looks down upon his brother’s corpse and lightly grieves for his brother’s passing, openly weeping.

The Winchesters learn in a posthumous message from Gabriel, that they have no chance at all of killing Lucifer without his aid, though they can still trap him back in his cage in Hell if they can acquire the four rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Once they possess all of the rings, a plan is formed for Sam to consent to possession by Lucifer and then for him to jump into Lucifer’s Cage with the Archangel in tow, a plan which Dean initially is resistant to but ultimately comes to accept the idea after realizing that Sam is now grown up and can make his own choices.[3]

Defeat and re-imprisonment

SPN 0345<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0345″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0345.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0345.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer doodling a Devil’s Trident in the frost.

During the final phases of the Apocalypse, Lucifer is tracked to Detroit, Michigan. Having ingested gallons of Demon Blood, Sam finally consents to Lucifer’s possession even though the Devil reveals he already knows of their plan to try to force him back into his Cage. Despite this, Sam goes forward with the plan in an agreed proposition with Lucifer: if Sam wins in their struggle for supremacy, he may jump in the hole and take Lucifer with him; but if Lucifer wins, he wins. Sam then says “Yes”. The archangel quickly abandons his vessel to become one with Sam Winchester, knocking both out momentarily. This gives Dean the time he needs to open the cage before Sam seemingly recovers and walks toward the cage’s mouth only to turn around and reveal that Lucifer is now in control of Sam’s body. He closes the cage, takes the rings and vanishes.

Ss-sam-lucifer-1<img src=”″ alt=”Ss-sam-lucifer-1″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Ss-sam-lucifer-1.jpg” data-image-name=”Ss-sam-lucifer-1.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer possessing Sam.

Lucifer gathers several members of Azazel‘s demonic minions before him. Demon-possessed humans from Sam’s past that secretly manipulated his entire life as they worked for Azazel just as Brady had done. The Devil decides to “take the gag off” and allow Sam to speak, telling him that he is his true family and that he should embrace their union. Hoping to appease Sam, Lucifer offers an olive branch to him by killing the demon-occupied people such as Sam’s prom date, one of his former teachers, and all others present in revenge for their manipulation of Sam’s life. Sam is only able to speak as his own reflection and finds himself outmatched by Lucifer.

Swan6-300x182<img src=”×182.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20130414062729″ alt=”Swan6-300×182″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Swan6-300×182.jpg” data-image-name=”Swan6-300×182.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Michael and Lucifer at the Stull Cemetery.

The next day, Lucifer travels to Stull Cemetery outside Lawrence, Kansas, the place where he is fated to meet his older brother, Michael, who has since gained consent from Adam Milligan for their final confrontation. Lucifer tries to dissuade Michael from their battle and blames their current situation on God, suggesting that they may be able to just walk away. Although he strongly considers it, Michael, however, refuses to back down, stating that he must be a “good son” to their Father while chastising Lucifer for not taking any of the blame for what has happened. Michael calls him a monster. Despite telling Michael he’d like to see him try to kill him, Lucifer appears slightly hurt by his comment. Before either can make a move however, Dean Winchester arrives in the Impala and demands to speak to Sam. Lucifer tells him that his actions amount to a whole new level of stupid, even for Dean.

Before Michael can attempt to remove Dean from the scene, Castiel appears and hurls a molotov cocktail of holy oil at the elder archangel, banishing him. Lucifer, outraged over Castiel’s actions, snaps his fingers and obliterates the angel. He then begins to beat Dean but is shot several times by Bobby Singer before he turns and telekinetically snaps Bobby’s neck. Continuing his assault on Dean, the Archangel states that he will break every one of Dean’s bones and make Sam feel it. Despite the brutal beating he takes, Dean does not resist and merely tells Sam that he will not leave him.

Supernatural-5x22<img src=”×22.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20151119043335″ alt=”Supernatural-5×22″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Supernatural-5×22.jpg” data-image-name=”Supernatural-5×22.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer is overwhelmed by of Sam’s happy memories of his life.

As Lucifer attacks Dean, he glances in the back of the Impala at an old army figure Sam had stuck in the ashtray as a child. The Archangel is then overwhelmed by all of Sam’s happy memories of his life with Dean leading up to now, with his love for his brother finally breaking Lucifer’s grip on Sam’s body, allowing Sam to take control of the Devil at last. Sam tells Dean that everything is going to be alright and that he now has Lucifer under control before tossing the Horsemen’s rings to the ground and reciting the incantation to open Lucifer’s Cage. As Sam goes to the mouth of the pit to throw himself in, Michael reappears and demands a fight with Lucifer, stating that it is his destiny to do so.

Lucifer's Cage<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer's Cage” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27s_Cage.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer's Cage.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Sam (Lucifer) and Adam (Michael) fall into Lucifer’s Cage together.

Sam disregards this however and, with one last look at Dean, outstretches his arms and begins to fall backwards into the mouth of the cage. Michael attempts to stop him but only ends up being pulled down into the pit alongside his brother as the portal shuts behind them in a thunderous flash of white light, leaving behind only the red-hot rings of the Horsemen.[6]

Season 6

Although Sam was brought back from the cage, albeit without his soul, Lucifer and Michael were still inside the cage. Castiel said that they were in the deepest corner of Hell and that they were probably torturing Sam’s soul, having nothing else to do and blaming him for their imprisonment.[22] Although they both were locked up, it is still possible to release the two of them. Raphael planned to break Michael and Lucifer free to continue God‘s plan. This led to a civil war in Heaven. Raphael’s side wanted to continue the Apocalypse by setting Michael and Lucifer free, while Castiel’s side wanted to prevent it from happening again. At the end of season six, Raphael’s side loses the civil war as Castiel kills Raphael (and soon after his followers) after imbibing all the souls of Purgatory into his vessel (along with the Leviathans).[23]

Season 7

Lucifer back as hallucation<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer back as hallucation” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer_back_as_hallucation.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer back as hallucation.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer appears as a hallucination to Sam.

Lucifer is still in the cage, but appears as a hallucination, due to Sam‘s memories of his time in Hell. This first happens with Sam shortly after the Leviathans had been released, where Lucifer tells Sam that the world he has been in for the last year is not real and Sam is still in the cage. A new form of torture which Lucifer prides himself on as being his best yet.[24]

Lucifer continues to taunt Sam on how this world isn’t real. He points out that he made this world, because it was the most believable. Sam later confronts Lucifer and asks him why he doesn’t end this dream world to which Lucifer responds by saying that he will only end it when Sam can no longer take it anymore. Lucifer later changes into Dean and tricks Sam into leaving Bobby’s house.

Hand power<img src=”″ alt=”Hand power” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Hand_power.jpg” data-image-name=”Hand power.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Dean explains to Sam how to tell the difference between hallucinations and reality.

Once at the destination, he reveals himself to prove he can control Sam’s “dream”. Although Lucifer is proven to be a hallucination when Dean explains to Sam how to tell the difference between hallucinations and reality. Despite being proven as a figment of Sam’s imagination, Lucifer informs Sam that he’s not going anywhere.[25]

Lucifer is heard but not seen in The Girl Next Door and Defending Your Life.

In How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters, Sam and Bobby talk about how things are going. Bobby asks about Sam’s mental state and Sam comments that he has it under control while touching his scar. Bobby doesn’t believe this but lets it go.

In Death’s Door, Sam is seen using his scar to keep Lucifer at bay while dealing with the state of Bobby Singer after being shot in the head by the Leviathan leader Dick Roman.

Sam let lucifer in<img src=”″ alt=”Sam let lucifer in” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_let_lucifer_in.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam let lucifer in.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer continues to haunt Sam.

Lucifer returns in Repo Man, once again trying to tempt Sam into acknowledging his existence, thereby “letting him in” [to his head] again. He eventually succeeds after ‘helping’ Sam during the case. The episode ends with him once again gleefully tormenting Sam while Dean sleeps after a hard day’s work.

Although not seen, he continued to torture Sam in Out With The Old causing him insomnia.

Lucifer greets Cass<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer greets Cass” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer_greets_Cass.jpg” data-image-name=”Lucifer greets Cass.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer greets Castiel as “brother”.

He again returns in The Born-Again Identity where his torture became so bad Sam was put in a mental institution. Lucifer continued to torture him, linking it to when they were in the pit, making him hallucinate maggots in his food, throwing fire crackers at him to keep him up. Eventually, it got too much, and Sam snapped, his mind was so broken that it couldn’t be healed (reaching the point where all people that Sam saw was Lucifer). However, in a last act to redeem himself for his previous actions in The Man Who Knew Too Much and Meet The New Boss, Castiel transferred the hallucinations from Sam’s mind to his own mind. Lucifer, uncaring about the change, just calmly said, “Hello brother” and presumably went on to torture Castiel as he did to Sam.

Castiel later reveals in Reading Is Fundamental that Lucifer’s appearance to him was more of an “aftertaste” of Sam’s experiences, which quickly wore off, eventually replaced by visions of everything Castiel had done wrong.

Season 8

In Goodbye Stranger, while Lucifer himself doesn’t appear, it is revealed that he has a series of crypts that are buried around the world containing important things, including the angel tablet. Only those closest to him know their locations, including Azazel, so when Crowley went after the tablet, he tortured Meg for the locations as she knew from her time with Azazel. Eventually Dean and Castiel found the tablet in an angel-proofed box in one of his crypts.

Season 9

In Holy Terror, Lucifer’s corruption of the Garden is revealed when Metatron confronts Gadreel about the matter and uses Gadreel’s failure and his desire to atone for his mistakes, to get his assistance with his own plans.

In Road Trip, Dean, Castiel and Crowley captured Gadreel, who has possessed Sam, and learn that he was the one who allowed Lucifer into the Garden which greatly angers Castiel.

In First Born, Dean learns of Lucifer’s involvement in Cain‘s killing of Abel from Cain himself as Lucifer was talking to Abel. In order to save his brother, Cain made a deal with Lucifer to take Abel’s place in Hell in exchange for Abel getting into Heaven. Lucifer agreed if Cain killed his brother and gave him the Mark of Cain afterwards.

Season 10

In Brother’s Keeper, after Dean summons Death to kill him due to the Mark’s worsening influence on him, Death explains Lucifer’s role in the war against the Darkness and how it was the Mark’s power that corrupted Lucifer into being jealous of humanity. He tells Dean that if he wants to be rid of the Mark without unleashing the Darkness, he must pass it on as Lucifer did to Cain.

Season 11

In Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, a demon tells Crowley that after the Darkness was released, there was an uproar from Lucifer’s Cage, believing that Michael or Lucifer was trying to warn them.

YoungJohnWinchester<img src=”″ alt=”YoungJohnWinchester” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”YoungJohnWinchester.jpg” data-image-name=”YoungJohnWinchester.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

Lucifer appears to Sam in the form of John.

In Baby, Sam believes he’s having another vision, when Lucifer appears to him in the guise of a young John Winchester. “John” tells him, he’s only here to deliver a message. That the Darkness is coming and only the boys could stop it. Sam insisted that there should be a way to stop the Darkness, but John only answered, “God helps those who help themselves.” Sam asked “John” one last question before he woke up, “Who are you?”

In Our Little World, after Sam and Dean question Castiel about Metatron, Sam experiences a vision of Lucifer’s Cage, which is seen for the first time from the outside. Two hands are seen to be grasping the wall of the cage, though it remains unclear who the hands belong to.

LuciferFire<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferFire” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferFire.gif” data-image-name=”LuciferFire.gif” width=”275″ height=”152″ >

Lucifer returns

In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Sam has a vision of Lucifer touching him and feeling a sense of peace, causing Sam to believe that God wants him to go to Lucifer and get his help. With the help of Crowley and Rowena, Sam is able to summon Lucifer himself into a small cage in the depths of Hell where he is rendered powerless by warding from the Book of the Damned and holy fire. Lucifer manifests in the form of Nick and Sam explains the situation and his visions from God. Lucifer tells Sam that the visions mean that God needs his help to defeat the Darkness and he needs Sam to say “yes” again so he can get out and help. Lucifer insists that the visions are the Word of God and Sam needs to do what they say. Sam finally decides not to say yes, but the warding suddenly fails and Lucifer teleports Sam into the cage with him. Sam refuses to be afraid due to his visions, but Lucifer explains the truth: they didn’t come from God, they came from Lucifer himself to draw Sam to him. The release of the Darkness damaged the Cage and it allowed Lucifer to reach out to Sam’s mind and implant the visions. Lucifer tells Sam he’s now trapped with him and taunts a terrified Sam by saying he was the hunter’s only hope of escaping.

The devil in the details 465<img src=”″ alt=”The devil in the details 465″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”The_devil_in_the_details_465.jpg” data-image-name=”The devil in the details 465.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

In The Devil in the Details, it is revealed Lucifer entered Rowena’s dreams seeking her help with a plan to bring Sam into the cage, promising to make her his queen in exchange.

In the present, Lucifer shows Sam a memory of Sam as a teenager when he was a hero and then when he was with Amelia Richardson, saying that Sam had gone soft after Dean went to Purgatory. Lucifer tells Sam that the Sam who had defeated Lucifer and returned him to the Cage would not have allowed Dean to talk him out of boarding up Hell. Lucifer attempts to get Sam to say “yes” again as Lucifer insists he’s the only one who can beat the Darkness with Gabriel and Raphael dead and Michael having gone insane. Sam refuses, knowing that whoever wins between Lucifer and Amara, the world loses. Lucifer starts to beat on Sam when Castiel and Dean arrive to stop them. Lucifer teleports the two into the cage and Sam, Dean and Castiel fight Lucifer to buy Rowena time to send him back to the Cage.

Imagepos<img src=”″ alt=”Imagepos” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Imagepos.gif” data-image-name=”Imagepos.gif” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer possesses Castiel

As Rowena is about to, Castiel asks if Lucifer can really beat the Darkness and when he confirms he can, Castiel says “yes”. Lucifer possesses Castiel which anchors him and keeps him from returning to the Cage. Lucifer poses as Castiel until Sam and Dean are gone and then returns to Hell where he reveals himself to Crowley and Rowena. After making sure Rowena is the only one who can open the Cage, Lucifer snaps her neck and then takes a seat across from Crowley.

During Into the Mystic, Lucifer returns to the surface and arrives at a park. He feeds the ducks in the pond before sitting down and admiring the humans around him. An angel however, spots him and Lucifer decides to take a nature walk. Although he tries to talk the angel into trusting he is here to stop the Darkness, the angel refuses and makes a move to kill him. Lucifer snaps his fingers, instantly killing the angel.

Lucifer goes to the Bunker in search for a spell that can summon the Darkness. Dean finds him but still believes he is Castiel, and Lucifer plays along. Dean confesses he is drawn to the Darkness in ways he cannot resist and that it scares him. Lucifer reassures him that it’s alright.

LuciferCrowley<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferCrowley” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferCrowley.png” data-image-name=”LuciferCrowley.png” width=”275″ height=”153″ >

In The Vessel, Lucifer has regained control over Hell and now has Crowley as his “dog”. After having a bunch of weapons brought to him from his crypts, Lucifer admits that defeating the Darkness was more of a “team effort” than he let on and he can’t defeat her alone. As Lucifer taunts Crowley, he gets a call from the Winchesters and is shocked to learn of their discovery of a Hand of God. Lucifer agrees to bring Dean back in time to the USS Bluefin to retrieve the Hand of God, but is kept outside the ship by warding.

Lucifer returns to the bunker soaking wet and works with Sam to find a spell to remove the warding. Sam locates such a spell, but it requires the power of an archangel. Lucifer begins preparing the spell while Sam offers to allow “Castiel” to use his soul to increase “his” power so it will work. Lucifer reveals himself to Sam, seeing that he no longer has a use for him and begins to draw power from Sam’s soul while planning to use it to destroy him and make it look like an accident. Before he can kill Sam, Castiel manages to regain control but informs Sam that he can’t eject Lucifer as it’s taking all of his strength to keep Lucifer from killing Sam. Castiel also informs Sam that they need Lucifer as Castiel can no longer time travel.

As Delphine Seydoux unleashes the power of the Hand of God, the warding is destroyed and Lucifer returns Dean to the present as the Bluefin is obliterated. Sam reveals Lucifer’s true identity to Dean and Lucifer throws Dean across the bunker. Lucifer attempts to use the Hand of God, but finds its power depleted. As Lucifer stalks towards Dean, Sam manages to banish him from the bunker.

A week later, Lucifer is ordering the demons to locate a Hand of God. He orders Simmons to pretend to side with Crowley so the former King would lead them somewhere useful, which turns out to be a secret lockup. Lucifer follows them to the location. Once there, he reveals to Crowley that his plan was to rid Crowley of his last inch of defiance. He promises to do bad things to Crowley while he moves to take the Rod of Aaron, a Hand of God.

However, Crowley tricked them into thinking the rod was inside a case but he had, in reality, stashed it nearby and proceeds to strike Lucifer with it, sending him tumbling a few feet away. Crowley absorbs the rod’s power and prepares to blast Lucifer with it, but Simmons shields Lucifer and dies. Lucifer is knocked back by the sheer force of the blast, but with Crowley having depleted the rod, Lucifer regains the upper hand and punches Crowley, sending him over a pile of books. When Lucifer leans over, the demon is gone.

LuciferAngels<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferAngels” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferAngels.jpg” data-image-name=”LuciferAngels.jpg” width=”275″ height=”154″ >

Lucifer returns to Heaven.

After sending his demons on a worldwide search for Crowley, Lucifer enters Heaven, where he meets and kills Jofiel. He gathers the rest of the angels to talk them into trusting his aide in the coming battle with the Darkness, citing again that he was right about how bad humans were. The angels eventually agree to listen to his command, but an attack from the Darkness disturbs everyone in Heaven.

Later on, Dean summons Lucifer to a church with the promise of giving him the Horn of Joshua. Sam summons a ring of holy fire around the archangel once he arrives, and use an angel suppressing sigil to get Castiel to talk to them. Lucifer proves too powerful for the sigils to work. Crowley, who has now sided with the Winchesters, decides to enter Castiel’s body to speak with the angel himself.

LuciferCrowley<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferCrowley” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferCrowley.jpg” data-image-name=”LuciferCrowley.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

Lucifer attacks Crowley while inside Castiel’s body.

Unfortunately, Castiel has lost most interest in the war, allowing Lucifer (in the form of Nick) to approach Crowley and attack him. Just as Lucifer is about to suffocate Crowley up against a wall, Sam and Dean respond to a distress call and exorcise Crowley, thus saving his life. Lucifer takes back control of the vessel and approaches the brothers, since the wardings have worn off.

He is interrupted in his torturing of Sam and Dean when Amara bursts in, looking for Rowena, who had been assisting the brothers. Having taken the Horn of Joshua, Lucifer attacks Amara with it. The weapon, combined with Lucifer’s powers proves too weak to even harm The Darkness. Amara brings Lucifer towards her and takes him elsewhere, for a “nice long chat”.

AmaraTorturesLucifer<img src=”″ alt=”AmaraTorturesLucifer” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”AmaraTorturesLucifer.gif” data-image-name=”AmaraTorturesLucifer.gif” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

The Darkness tortures Lucifer

Amara tells a bloodied Lucifer that she is going to use “God’s favorite, his first son” as bait, and proceeds to torture the archangel, brushing aside his suggestion that they could work together against God. Lucifer begins screaming in agony.

In All in the Family, Amara continues to torture Lucifer who is badly beaten and burned from it. Lucifer continues to refuse to call out to God to save him and Amara sends a message to Dean of Lucifer’s state in hopes of reaching God.

While Dean distracts Amara, Sam, Metatron and the Prophet Donatello Redfield come to Lucifer’s rescue. Lucifer taunts the group, but agrees to put aside his differences with God and the Winchesters to help them fight Amara. Metatron frees Lucifer, but Lucifer is unable to teleport the group out in his injured and weakened state. Donatello senses Amara approaching so he and Sam flee in the Impala with Lucifer while Metatron stays behind and sacrifices himself to allow them to get away.

GodHealsSatan<img src=”″ alt=”GodHealsSatan” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”GodHealsSatan.gif” data-image-name=”GodHealsSatan.gif” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

God heals Lucifer.

As the group flees, Amara appears in the middle of the road and prepares to kill them. However, before she can succeed, God teleports the Impala and its passengers to the Men of Letters bunker, saving them. There, Lucifer is reunited with God for the first time in millions of years and the two comment on how much the other has changed. To Lucifer’s surprise, God heals his injuries from Amara’s torture, implying that he has forgiven him.

While Sam and Dean are out buying groceries, Lucifer and God talk. Lucifer asks where God was and asks if he suspects healing him would earn him forgiveness. He sarcastically remarks that God returned when the apes sent a distress signal, prompting Dean – who had returned by then – to remind that “these apes saved your ass”.

Annoyed, Lucifer attempted to smite the brothers with a snap of his fingers, but found he couldn’t. God told the Winchesters he was preventing Lucifer from harming them, which annoyed Lucifer further. Sam tried to remind the pair that they had a common foe to deal with, but Lucifer was still unhappy and challenged God to “say it”. A lack of response prompt Lucifer to storm off and lock himself in Sam’s room, saying he would only leave if God had something to say.

GodLuciferSamDean<img src=”″ alt=”GodLuciferSamDean” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”GodLuciferSamDean.jpg” data-image-name=”GodLuciferSamDean.jpg” width=”275″ height=”154″ >

Lucifer demands answers from God.

The brothers managed to get God and Lucifer to sit and talk, during which Lucifer complained that God always acted like he had a reason for everything, and that locking him up for something the Mark caused him to do was his fault, despite Lucifer being God’s son. After banishing Sam and Dean, God confessed that he did love Lucifer the most, and suffered from disappointment, and was truly sorry for his actions, to which Lucifer finally forgave. God and Lucifer reconciled their differences and the Archangel’s allegiance was with his Father again.

Afterwards, Lucifer, God, Sam and Dean gathered in the war room to discuss their plan. God wanted to trap Amara again and needed substitutes for the archangels. Dean and Sam decided to recruit the demons and witches, while Lucifer went back to Heaven and recruited the angels, but found them hostile. He then switched places with Castiel and allowed his younger brother to talk to them.

The plan set, Lucifer gathered with the team at the location where they plan to trap Amara. Lucifer meets Crowley and Rowena here, and they have a bit of an argument over which species is better. When Amara does arrive, Lucifer waits inside for Amara to enter in her damage state. Amara sees God for the first time and walks up to him. Lucifer takes this opportunity to impale her, causing Amara to fall to her knees.

LuciferDies<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferDies” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferDies.gif” data-image-name=”LuciferDies.gif” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer is ripped from his vessel by The Darkness.

Lucifer attempts to impale her again, but God stops him. As God prepares to seal Amara away again, a furious and enraged Amara attacks her brother, suffocating him and sending him hovering up in the air. Lucifer, with his spear, charges at Amara again but is easily deflected. Amara says “Goodbye nephew” and rips the archangel from his vessel, leaving Castiel unconscious on the floor.

In Alpha and Omega, Dean goes to check on Lucifer only to find Castiel. Castiel tells him that Amara ripped Lucifer out of him and he doesn’t know what happened to Lucifer after that. Later, Dean tells Castiel he gets why Castiel agreed to possession by Lucifer and it was the right call even though it didn’t work.

Season 12

SPN 0387<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0387″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0387.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0387.jpg” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer struggled to find vessels that could contain him.

In Keep Calm and Carry On, Lucifer is revealed to have survived and contacted with his followers. However, he has been severely weakened by the Darkness‘ attack on him and is unable to find a suitable vessel, jumping across multiple vessels and burning them out. Lucifer utilizes two demons to clean up his burned out vessels with Crowley following them in an attempt to find and kill Lucifer to reclaim and solidify his own position as Ruler of Hell while Lucifer is weakened.

Crowley eventually tracks the demons to a house where Lucifer has burned out all of the family members except for the son who he is currently utilizing as his vessel. Afraid the demons are being followed, Lucifer refuses to meet them face to face and they are killed by Crowley. Crowley figures out who Lucifer is using as his vessel, but by the time he tracks Lucifer down, he has burned the vessel out and moved on.

In Mamma Mia, Lucifer finds a new potential vessel in aging rock star Vince Vincente. Much as he did with Nick, Lucifer creates hallucinations to convince the depressed musician to give him permission to possess his body. Vince does so after Lucifer makes Vince believe he’ll be reunited with his late lover. Lucifer quickly gets comfortable in his new vessel, being interrupted only once by one of Vince’s band mates. After Lucifer informs the rocker that he won’t be going to rehearsal, telling him he has plans, the band mate grows annoyed but Lucifer knocks him out of the room. Lucifer then smugly reminds him that he told him he had plans.

Supernatural-season-12-episode-2-moment12<img src=”″ alt=”Supernatural-season-12-episode-2-moment12″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Supernatural-season-12-episode-2-moment12.jpg” data-image-name=”Supernatural-season-12-episode-2-moment12.jpg” width=”275″ height=”156″ >

Lucifer displays his wings in his new vessel

Lucifer quickly travels to Crowley’s throne room where he confronts the former King of Hell. He marches up to the demon and tells him to get off of his furniture but Crowley just mocks Lucifer for his choice in a new vessel. Crowley then offers Lucifer a deal; telling him that Lucifer would be better off running Heaven in God’s absence and should allow Crowley to deal with the demons. Lucifer seems to consider it for a moment before reminding Crowley that he could smite him into oblivion. Before it escalates, Rowena appears and puts a paralysis spell on Lucifer’s vessel. The devil assures Crowley that the spell won’t hold him for long before Crowley splashes acid into Lucifer’s face, wanting to damage his vessel so Rowena could exorcise him and send him back to the cage. Lucifer overcomes the magic, however, showing off his wings before healing his vessel’s injuries. Crowley flees in fear while Lucifer takes Rowena captive.

Normal The foundry 486<img src=”″ alt=”Normal The foundry 486″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Normal_The_foundry_486.jpg” data-image-name=”Normal The foundry 486.jpg” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer’s vessel rapidly decays

In The Foundry, Lucifer pays Vince’s sister Wendy a visit and heals her of her paralysis as part of the agreement he made to get Vince’s permission. Seeing that his new vessel is already beginning to show signs of decay, he orders Rowena to cast a spell that will ensure he can keep using Vince, as he finds that the vessel suits him. However, during the ritual, Rowena instead speeds up Vince’s degrading process, much to Lucifer’s fury. Proclaiming that Rowena can’t destroy him, Rowena agrees, and sends both Lucifer and his rotting vessel to the bottom of the ocean.

Rock never dies 046<img src=”″ alt=”Rock never dies 046″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Rock_never_dies_046.jpg” data-image-name=”Rock never dies 046.jpg” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer after rotting at the bottom of the ocean

In Rock Never Dies, Lucifer is drawn to a fossilized feather from his wings, which is in the possession of young wannabe satanists. Lucifer teleports to them, and uses the feather to temporarily heal his rotting vessel, which has deteriorated even more from his time in the ocean. One of the satanists recognizes him as Vince Vincente and Lucifer realizes that he could gain devotion using his vessel’s fame. He travels to Los Angeles and quickly begins to boost Vincente’s fame. He tests out the devotion of those close to Vince, even convincing a groupie to harm herself for him. When Lucifer is threatened by a music producer after he fails to properly portray Vince by not playing new music, he casually kills the producer and goes to a show his band is putting on for publicity. However, he notices that his vessel is beginning to decay again when he arrives.

Rock never dies 451<img src=”″ alt=”Rock never dies 451″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Rock_never_dies_451.jpg” data-image-name=”Rock never dies 451.jpg” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer embraces the fame and devotion

Before the show, Lucifer tries to kill the rest of Vince’s band but is interrupted by Castiel and Crowley. They ask why he’s parading around as a rock star and he explains that it’s fun, not wanting to have to deal with the baggage of being the devil. He then easily overpowers and beats down both Castiel and Crowley before taking the stage in front of a cheering crowd, where Sam and Dean are waiting. Lucifer prepares to slaughter the crowd but Dean fires a gun, forcing the crowd out. Lucifer keeps the Winchesters inside, surprised to see them. When Dean tries to use enochian handcuffs on him, he easily melts them off of his wrist. He stops another attack from Castiel before being questioned about why he is doing this after making up with God.

Rock never dies 619<img src=”″ alt=”Rock never dies 619″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Rock_never_dies_619.jpg” data-image-name=”Rock never dies 619.jpg” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer leaves Vince’s rotting body

Lucifer explains that God apologized for abandoning him only to leave again immediately after. He felt that God used him to help defeat Amara but only for that purpose. Furious, Lucifer declares that there’s no point in any of their actions anymore, that there is nothing of God’s creation except people looking for distractions. He declares that he is going to just keep on smashing God’s toys and making the Winchesters watch because he has nothing better to do. Vince’s body begins to completely burn out, with Lucifer having overexerted himself inside of it. Lucifer doesn’t mind though, saying he would just go onwards and upwards and leaves the rock star’s body for good. With Vincente dead, Sam points out that Lucifer was dangerous when he had a motive, but now he could be even more dangerous just having fun.

Pascifer<img src=”″ alt=”Pascifer” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Pascifer.png” data-image-name=”Pascifer.png” width=”275″ height=”126″ >

Lucifer possesses an Archbishop

Following the death of Vince, Lucifer begins seeking out vessels with power and influence in LOTUS. Lucifer first possesses Wallace Parker, the CEO of “just about everything” and moves on to Wallace’s friend, the Archbishop of St. Louis when Wallace burns out. Lucifer’s possession of the Archbishop is noticed by his staff and they attempt an exorcism, enraging Lucifer who slaughters them all. The Archbishop then burns out and Lucifer is forced to move on.

LuciferPossessingJefferson<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferPossessingJefferson” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferPossessingJefferson.png” data-image-name=”LuciferPossessingJefferson.png” width=”275″ height=”156″ >

Lucifer takes possession of the president.

After the Archbishop’s death, Lucifer is able to get consent from the President of the United States Jefferson Rooney in exchange for teaching Rooney how to make America more spiritual. As Rooney, Lucifer kills a Secret Service agent that interrupted his communication with his vessel within his mind in order to learn how to pose as the President. Knowing the Winchesters will be after him, Lucifer sends Rick Sanchez and the Secret Service to stop them and engages in sex with Rooney’s mistress, Kelly Kline. After Kelly tells Lucifer that he would make a wonderful father, Lucifer decides to conceive a Nephilim with her.

LuciferExorcised<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferExorcised” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferExorcised.jpg” data-image-name=”LuciferExorcised.jpg” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

Lucifer being exorcised from Jefferson Rooney

In order to return Lucifer to his Cage, Crowley kidnaps Kelly and he, the Winchesters, Castiel and Rowena convince her to help them. Kelly calls Lucifer and claims she can’t have his child, prompting Lucifer to travel to her motel room with two Secret Service agents. After the agents confirm that the room is clear, Lucifer enters and Kelly reiterates to him that she can’t give birth to his child. Lucifer tells Kelly that he will have to insist and begins strangling her. Sam then emerges from the bathroom and activates a sigil on the door, amusing Lucifer as they have fought many times. Sam then raises a hyperbolic pulse generator, causing Lucifer to go after him, but Sam activates it before Lucifer can reach him. As the generator begins to exorcise him from Rooney, Lucifer attempts to throw everyone with telekinesis, but Sam’s sigil has weakened his powers to the point that it barely even affects them. Lucifer yells that it isn’t over to Sam who tells him to “go to Hell.” Finally, Lucifer is exorcised from Rooney in a cloud of white smoke by the hyperbolic pulse generator and Rowena casts a spell that sends Lucifer through the floor and presumably, back into the Cage.

Following Lucifer’s defeat, Castiel discovers that Rooney survived Lucifer’s possession and erases his memory of it. The Secret Service discover the Winchesters over Rooney’s unconscious body and are believed to have attempted to assassinate Rooney due to Lucifer’s manipulations, resulting in their arrest. Despite the dangers, Kelly decides to keep Lucifer’s child and runs off on Castiel rather than get an abortion.

In First Blood, Rick Sanchez states that Rooney has no memory of the three days Lucifer possessed him for, though he believes the Winchesters did something to the President. After escaping Site 94, the Winchesters tell Sanchez and his boss the truth about how they saved the President from possession by Lucifer, but the two and the few other people with knowledge of the Winchesters’ arrest are murdered by Arthur Ketch.

Lucifer S12<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer S12″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer_S12.png” data-image-name=”Lucifer S12.png” width=”275″ height=”144″ >

Lucifer’s Reaction after Crowley called him “Dog”

In Stuck in the Middle (With You), Lucifer is revealed to be trapped inside a cage located in Crowley’s throne room he’d once kept Crowley in. Manifesting in the form of Nick, Lucifer taunts Crowley about the loss of the Colt and he tries to talk Crowley into believing the Winchesters, whom he had just helped out, don’t really care about him and that they intend to turn their backs on Crowley. Crowley disregards his comment and tells him to “be quiet”, adding the nickname “dog”. Lucifer coldly retaliates that “dog” is not his name.

In Family Feud, Lucifer is chained to a chair and Crowley states that he had his demons examine Lucifer’s Cage on the molecular level and replicate it in the form of chains. Crowley explains to Lucifer that when he was exorcised from Jefferson Rooney, Crowley had perverted the spell so instead of sending him to the Cage, it sent him to the body of Nick which Crowley’s demons had found, repaired and improved so that he could be Lucifer’s permanent vessel. Lucifer is amused, believing that the chains won’t hold him long and informs Crowley that his child is alive, unlike what Crowley had believed. Lucifer listens with glee to Crowley’s phone call with the Winchesters about Gavin MacLeod and asks Crowley for advice as a single parent.

Later, Lucifer senses that Dagon is with Kelly and calls out Dagon’s name with a smile.

Lucifer's Wings<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer's Wings” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27s_Wings.gif” data-image-name=”Lucifer's Wings.gif” width=”275″ height=”133″ >

Lucifer shows his wings using Nick’s vessel.

In Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, Crowley continues to taunt Lucifer until he is interrupted by two demons. While Crowley is away dealing with the escape of Lucifer’s hellhound Ramsey, the demons enter and reveal they set Ramsey free to create a distraction to investigate Crowley’s behavior. After making a deal with Lucifer for more power, the demons release Lucifer who immediately combusts them. When Crowley returns, Lucifer taunts him and beats on Crowley before displaying his wings. However, with snaps of his fingers, Crowley makes Lucifer’s wings disappear and causes him intense pain. Crowley reveals Lucifer’s true prison is his vessel while the chains were just decoration. Crowley tells Lucifer he will kill Lucifer’s son in front of him and will only then just be getting started torturing him.


I was a son. A brother, like you. A younger brother. And I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day, I went to him and I begged him to stand with me, and Michael…Michael turned on me. Called me a freak. A monster. And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own.
— Lucifer’s sense of betrayal
in Abandon All Hope

Lucifer was once the most beautiful and beloved Archangel in all of existence. God loved Lucifer the most of all his angels. Because of his elevated status among the other angels, Lucifer was very proud. When humanity was created, due to the Mark of Cain corrupting him into jealousy, he was unwilling to accept that he was no longer God’s favorite. When God commanded all those of Heaven to love his new creation more than himself, Lucifer refused. Lucifer pleaded: “Father, I can’t. These human beings are flawed. Murderous!” Lucifer continued his disobedience, asking Michael to stand by his side in his rebellion against God’s orders. Michael refused Lucifer’s request, and under God’s command, Michael cast Lucifer into Hell. When Lucifer returned to Heaven, he listed the Salem witch trials, Nazi Germany, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the 9/11 attacks as proof of mankind’s unworthiness.

Naturally, being cast out of Heaven enraged Lucifer, and he struck back by tempting and twisting the soul of a human woman, Lilith. After completely stripping her of her humanity, her soul was transformed into the very first demon. Because of this unforgivable blasphemy against God, Lucifer was further punished by being placed into an additional solitary imprisonment within Hell. He remained there in isolation for a millennium. Lucifer’s long term goal was to eventually be freed from the Cage, eradicate humanity, and restore Earth to its original “untainted” glory. It is suggested that Lucifer only uses demons as servants and would eradicate all of them as well, because, despite them being his creations, he considers demons to be even less worthy than humans. Proof of this is shown when he casually kills dozens of them. However, he holds his greatest contempt for Pagan Gods, believing them to be petty, disloyal, and the lowest of all beings because they claim to be gods.

Lucifer claims that he never lies or even tricks, because he does not have to, as he has said, “I will never lie to you. I will never trick you.” He promised both his vessels, Nick and Sam Winchester, that he would be honest with them. He also said that he sympathizes with his vessels, both of whom are victims like himself. He went to some lengths to get Sam’s acceptance, sparing Dean Winchester‘s life on several occasions, and allowing Sam revenge against some of the demons that controlled his life. Despite this, Lucifer is largely manipulative and has been proven to mislead on occasion, suggesting that this was more of a ploy to gain trust, rather than an actual commitment, and he would bend this rule when it’s to his advantage. Furthermore, Lucifer tries to gain sympathy from his opponents such as Dean by claiming that he is truly a victim and was justified in his actions.

Lucifer shows concern for his fellow angels, though it is the archangels he loves most. He captured Castiel and admired the angel’s loyalty in refusing to reveal the presence of his friends. He invited Castiel to join him, and when Castiel refused, Lucifer respected his decision and offered him a chance to change his mind. Lucifer was remorseful when forced to kill Gabriel and disappointed when Michael berated him. When preparing to fight his older sibling in their pre-destined battle, Lucifer pleaded with Michael to “walk off the chessboard,” but Michael remained determined to fulfill his destiny and serve God. Even so, when Castiel struck Michael with holy fire, Lucifer was outraged by the attack on his brother and obliterated Castiel.

Gabriel criticized Lucifer, describing his actions as “one great big temper tantrum.” Death and Crowley both made similar observations, as they have both called him a bratty and petulant child with daddy issues. Lucifer is also arrogant and extremely vengeful, taking his betrayal and hatred out on the entire world without any remorse. Nonetheless, Lucifer sees himself as a tragic figure who was punished for being right. He refuses to accept any blame for his actions and suggests that God intentionally made Lucifer the way he is, asserting that “God wanted the Devil.”

Lucifer is also highly cruel and barbaric to those who get in his way, and despite his claims of being the victim, he has no qualms about killing anyone who angers him, even if he has no true reason for killing them. For example, he savagely massacred all the pagan gods (except for Kali, who was rescued and escaped), simply because they plotted against him, despite the fact that they posed no real threat to him and takes great pleasure in beating Dean for being “such a pain in (his) ass.” He also slaughtered an entire town by sacrificing the women and children and then having his demons possess the men before killing them just to raise a Horseman.

Lucifer has a sense of humor equivalent to Gabriel and Balthazar, rare in many angels. He can be sarcastic and casually indifferent, usually a testament to his arrogance. This highlighted particularly in Sam’s hallucinations of him, where he sees him as constantly shedding a snarky and wisecracking light on Sam’s everyday actions. When reunited with Sam in Hell, Lucifer proves to have a comical side, going so far as to dance during a fight with his enemies.

While Lucifer is angry with God for imprisoning him, he feels that it’s a family issue and that dealing with Amara is more important to the point that he is willing to put aside his differences with his father and the Winchesters to fight her after the torture Amara put him through. After seeing God for the first time in eons, Lucifer initially seemed uncertain on how to react, but soon began to act somewhat like a petulant child, demanding an apology and locking himself in Sam’s room when he didn’t get one. However, after God actually apologized and explained his behavior, Lucifer forgave him and the two reconciled their differences to the point that Lucifer not only fought for God, he tried to save his father from Amara despite how powerful she was.

In the aftermath of the war with Amara, Lucifer seems solely interested in maintaining power in Hell, refusing to let Crowley stand in his way. He displays cruelty towards everyone who slightly upsets him. However, he makes an exception with Rowena, whose powers he is dependent upon, until she manages to betray him. Although repeatedly regarded as “evil” by this point, Lucifer was generous enough to keep up his promise with Vince and heal his sister Wendy of her paralysis.

...he ditches me (12x07) 1<img src=”…he_ditches_me_%2812×07%29_1.PNG/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/220?cb=20161203141646″ alt=”…he ditches me (12×07) 1″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”…he_ditches_me_%2812×07%29_1.PNG” data-image-name=”…he ditches me (12×07) 1.PNG” width=”220″ height=”136″ >

Lucifer expresses sorrow and anger at God’s abandonment of him.

Following his banishment by Rowena, Lucifer comes back vengeful against God, believing that God had only apologized to get Lucifer’s help against the Darkness before abandoning him a second time. Lucifer is both angry and devastated by this, in near tears when explaining his reasoning to the Winchesters and Castiel. He now sees no point in any of God’s creations and intends to do whatever he feels like, specifically stating that he has no other plan.

Lucifer’s disregard for anyone but himself remains prominent as he seeks out influential humans as his vessels, eventually landing with the President of the United States. Simply for the fun of it, Lucifer takes the president’s mistress to his bed, and willingly conceives a child with her, the purpose of this is uncertain, though he expresses joy about finally creating something rather than destroying it. He is enraged when Kelly threatens to abort the child, and becomes even more furious when Sam expels him from his vessel.

As Crowley’s prisoner, Lucifer remains confident, humorous and fearless as he does not believe Crowley will get what he wants from Lucifer.

Powers and Abilities

Lucifer's Wings<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer's Wings” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27s_Wings.gif” data-image-name=”Lucifer's Wings.gif” width=”275″ height=”133″ >

Lucifer shows his wings using Nick’s vessel.

As the second archangel, Lucifer is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the universe. Lucifer is described by Zachariah as “powerful in ways that defy description“.[5] He is far superior to all demons and to almost all other angels, except Michael, though still inferior compared to beings as powerful as God, Death, or the Darkness. Because archangels are independent when cut off from Heaven, Lucifer maintains all his powers, despite having fallen. The immensity of his power was further shown by how an improper human vessel, Nick, decayed greatly as a result of containing him and had to consume gallons of demon blood to maintain his form.[21][6] Below are listed the powers he has demonstrated in the show.

  • Nigh-Omniscience – Lucifer has immense awareness of almost everything, as Sam has said, “I’m sure he knows a buttload we don’t“. He knows spells capable of binding the Horsemen to him, but he, according to God, didn’t know about the Impala.[26] He also did not know if there was another person, other than Rowena, who knew how to open his cage or the spell she used.[27] Even while bound by chains that were designed to replicate the effects of his cage and sealed away his powers, Lucifer could still sense the power and life of his unborn son.
  • Immortality – As an archangel, Lucifer has an infinitely long lifespan. He is among the first angels and already existed before the Universe itself, making him well over 13.8 billion years old.[4] The excessive passing of time does not degrade his vessel, like with all celestial beings. His vessel is unaffected by diseases and toxins. He does not tire, and does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain his vessel. On one occasion, Castiel clearly says about killing Lucifer, “It’s foolish, it can’t be done”, and later calls the task “insane”.[28]
    • Invulnerability – Lucifer’s vessel is impervious to most damage and injury. Kali, the most powerful of the deities at the gathering of the pagan deities, tried to harm him with a pyrokinetic attack, but it had no effect and Lucifer simply smiled at her attempt, showing him to be unaffected by extreme temperatures.
    • Regeneration – If Lucifer’s vessel receives any physical damage, the wound will completely heal instantaneously. When shot with the Colt, for example, the bullet hole healed in under a minute. Interestingly, the ability does not reverse the decay caused to Nick by Lucifer’s power. Lucifer was also able to heal Castiel’s body of the injuries suffered in their fight. When Crowley splashed acid on him, Lucifer quickly healed himself, leaving not even a trace of burns. Despite being stated to have been severely weakened by the Darkness’ attack on him that expelled him from Castiel, Lucifer quickly recovers from the damage.
    • Immunity – Lucifer is one of only five things in creation that the Colt cannot kill.[21] Lucifer is unaffected by natural diseases and illnesses as well as to supernatural infections such as the croatoan virus. Lucifer was even immune to Metatron‘s spell which burned all other angels wings.
BVZwumD - Imgur<img src=”″ alt=”BVZwumD – Imgur” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”BVZwumD_-_Imgur.gif” data-image-name=”BVZwumD – Imgur.gif” width=”275″ height=”152″ >

Lucifer can easily kill lower angels.

  • Lower Tier Nigh-Omnipotence – Being an elder archangel, Lucifer is unimaginably powerful. He can very easily kill even the mightiest pagan deities.[3] While still imprisoned in his damaged cage, he was even able to mentally reach from there to Earth where he caused a bush to burn and appeared in Sam‘s dreams.[26] While regular angels are severely weakened in the presence of Enochian sigils and holy fire, he just erased them with his mind, while imprisoned inside it.[4][28] The only ones more powerful than Lucifer are Michael, Death, God, and the Darkness.
    • Angelic Possession – Lucifer is required to use a willing vessel on Earth, like all angels. Because of the immensity of his power, he must use a vessel descended from Cain or Abel, or it will begin to decay and eventually spontaneously combust and even then the vessel needs to be strengthened by drinking a significant volume of demon blood. However, he was able to possess Castiel’s vessel for at least a short time without it exploding.
      • Angelic Vessel Possession – Lucifer can possess an angelic vessel which is already in use, as he possessed Castiel in his vessel. To do that, he needed Castiel’s permission. Castiel’s vessel was able to hold the immense power of an Archangel and the power of a seraph without any visible physical damage. However, despite this, Castiel stated that Lucifer using him as a vessel was destroying Castiel and burning through his vessel.
    • Superhuman Strength – As an archangel, Lucifer endows his vessel with immense strength, sufficient enough to having slaughtered and overpower even the greatest of ancient pagan deities with his bare hands with minor effort. As Gabriel predicted, Lucifer “turned them into finger paint.” Lucifer went on a rampage during which he brutally ripped the other gods to shreds, beating them to death and tearing off their limbs through sheer force. He was able to knock down Kali with one punch and punched through Baldur‘s chest. This makes him among the strongest beings in all of existence.[3] As the second oldest archangel, he’s significantly stronger than any other supernatural beings such as angels, demons, spirits, humans, and monsters. He was also able to overpower his younger brother Gabriel, another archangel. Humans are powerless against him in terms of physical might, as he once effortlessly threw Dean a few feet against the windshield of the Impala and beat him to a bloody pulp with only a few strikes. Although his archangel brethren are his equals, only Michael is his certain equal and possibly superior in strength. Furthermore, while in his cage, he seemed to have less of his strength, as he did not immediately defeat Sam, Dean and Castiel, with Castiel is a Seraph armed with an angelic blade and him being repeatedly restrained and even briefly stunned by the Winchesters. Still, none of them could truly injure him, while he managed to overpower and pummel each of them individually during the fight and even lift Dean by the neck against the walls of his cage at one point. However, his powers were possibly still restricted somewhat at this point as he was still bound within the cage until he got a vessel. Lucifer punched a friend of his vessel, Vince Vincente, to the point, where the first flew across the room and destroyed a wooden door with his body. Lucifer later defeated Castiel and Crowley together effortlessly.
    • Super stamina – He and his vessel are unaffected by diseases and toxins. He does not tire, and does not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain himself.
    • Shapeshifting – Lucifer can change his shape into any person he wanted. While in his cage, he appeared as Nick to anyone who visited him and while being exorcised from Castiel, his vessel briefly distorted into a likeness similar to Nick’s.
      LuciferApporting<img src=”″ alt=”LuciferApporting” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LuciferApporting.gif” data-image-name=”LuciferApporting.gif” width=”275″ height=”155″ >

      Lucifer apporting Castiel and Dean into the cage

    • Teleportation – As an archangel, Lucifer can travel almost anywhere instantly without occupying the space in between. However, when imprisoned in his cage, he cannot leave unless it is opened by an outside force.
    • Apporting – While he was unable to leave his cage in Limbo by himself, he was able to apport Sam inside it and later Dean and Castiel too.
    • Power Negation – Lucifer could prevent lesser supernatural creatures from using their powers, as Baldur and Kali were unable to teleport either themselves or the Winchesters when he arrived at the hotel where they were conferring.
    • Telepathy – Lucifer had complete access to Sam’s memories and thoughts while he possessed him. While in his cage, he gave Sam visions of the cage and manifested himself as a young John Winchester in one of Sam’s dreams. He later appeared inside Rowena’s dreams.
    • Empathy – Lucifer could read the emotions of his vessel.
    • Telekinesis – Lucifer is able to move objects and beings around with his mind with great ease. He uses both elaborate hand gestures and snaps of his fingers similar to Gabriel.
    • Dream Walking – Lucifer has the ability to enter a person’s dreams. Even without a human vessel, Lucifer was able to speak with Nick in his dreams while taking on the appearance of his deceased wife. He demonstrated this again when he spoke to Sam in his dreams while taking on the appearance of Jessica Moore. He was also able to show Sam his memories and entered Rowena’s dreams while he was in his cage.
    • Thermokinesis – Lucifer can alter temperatures to a drastic degree. His presence alone in Detroit caused incredible drops in temperature and he froze a pane of glass by merely breathing on it. While bound by Supernatural Handcuffs, Lucifer heated them up to the point that the popped off of his wrist.
    • Supernatural Perception – Lucifer can perceive the true form of beings invisible to the human eye. Lucifer was able to see the true form of Death when he raised the Horseman out of his prison.
    • Weather Manipulation – When Lucifer was released, he altered the weather by creating severe winds and causing hurricanes and tornadoes across the world. He made the entire city of Detroit’s temperature drop simply through his presence.
    • Molecular Combustion – Lucifer can kill lesser beings by rendering them down to their molecules as he did Castiel, Nithael and Jofiel. He was also able to use this power to make Ganesh explode.[29] He also used this power to turn two demons to dust.[30]
      LucifersTelekinesis<img src=”″ alt=”LucifersTelekinesis” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”LucifersTelekinesis_.gif” data-image-name=”LucifersTelekinesis .gif” width=”275″ height=”125″ >

      Lucifer using molecular combustion to kill pagan gods.

    • Reality Warping – Lucifer reminded Gabriel that he taught him everything he knew about using this power, when the latter tried to use it to kill him. While in Limbo, he was able to make a song play out of nowhere with a simple snap of his fingers.[27]
    • Spell Casting – Lucifer was able to bind the Horsemen to his presence with a spell, controlling their actions to a moderate degree. He also performed a ritual sacrifice of demons to release Death from his coffin. He also knew how to ward angels from the Angel Tablet.
    • Resurrection – Lucifer can easily revive dead people. Raphael was under the impression that he is powerful enough to bring back deceased angels.
    • Terrakinesis – Lucifer could generate earthquakes through his mere presence on the earth; he was able to cause them at a colossal range, creating several across the whole world while he was in America.
    • Precognition – Lucifer could see and accurately predict the future, but he could not see the whole picture; he knew he would possess Sam in Detroit and told him the first time he met him.
    • Torturing – Lucifer is skilled in torture, both physical and spiritual. He tortured Lilith’s spirit to the point where he turned her into the original demon. He also tortured Sam to the point where the mental damage would have killed him, if Castiel did not absorb the damage.
    • White Light – He once captured Castiel by disabling him with a burst of white light.
    • Mental Projection – Despite being trapped in the cage, he could still communicate to beings on Earth, as he did with Azazel, though Azazel had to sacrifice several nuns for this to be achieved. He later used this to torment and communicate with Nick to get his permission to possess him, appearing in the form of his wife. After the Cage was damaged by the release of the Darkness, he was able to project visions into Sam’s mind to draw him to the Cage. Lucifer was able to project an image of Vince Vincente‘s dead lover before Vince to trick him into giving Lucifer permission to use him as a vessel and cause Vince to experience hallucinations.
    • Manifestation – Though lacking a vessel and without communicating in a dream, Lucifer was able to manifest before Sam, Crowley and Rowena in the form of the long-dead Nick.
    • Expert Hand-to-hand Fighter – Lucifer is a very skillful fighter. He was able to casually fight Dean, Sam, and Castiel (who he managed to also disarm) all at once, even while in his cage.[27]
    • Chronokinesis – Lucifer possesses the power to travel backwards and forwards in time.[31]
    • Soul Channeling/Soul Absorption – Lucifer possesses the ability to draw power from a human’s soul to boost his own powers.
    • Healing – Lucifer was able to heal his vessel’s sister of her paralysis.
    • Electrokinesis – Lucifer was able to turn off a fire alarm and turn on music with a snap of his fingers.
    • Biokinesis – Lucifer was able to kill a Secret Service agent by inducing a massive cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Astral Projection – Lucifer is able to display his full wings in a flash of white light.


Even though Lucifer is incredibly powerful in his own right and despite being the second oldest archangel in creation, Lucifer has weaknesses of his own, but has fewer in comparison to his archangel brethren. As Lucifer was once the bearer of The Mark of Cain, he was truly next to indestructible, as Death stated to Dean, that nothing can kill the bearer of the mark.

Harming, Misleading and Trapping

  • Enochian sigils – Lucifer cannot locate someone if they are warded by enochian sigils. Enochian sigils were also used to contain Lucifer in his cage in Limbo. However (with Rowena’s assistance) he was able to transport Sam into the cage with him. Regular angels and Seraphs are weakened in the presence of such sigils but it is unknown to what degree they effect Lucifer. However, it is shown that sigils can affect Lucifer, as he was unable to board a submarine when it was heavily warded. An Angel Depowering Sigil was able to significantly weaken his power as well for at least a brief time.
  • Lucifer’s Cage – This cell can hold any angel, therefore including Lucifer, without any internal means of escape, as it was designed to bind Lucifer’s power. However, once the Darkness was released, Lucifer “was able to reach out through the fissures” but not actually leave it.
    • Nick‘s BodyCrowley had his research and development team study the composition of the cage and carve its runes and spellwork into every molecule of Nick’s body. This not only traps Lucifer in his vessel on Earth, but also makes him vulnerable to Crowley’s power.
  • The Colt – It caused pain and he was knocked him down for a short time when he was shot in the head, but it can’t kill Lucifer.
  • Angel Trap – He could be trapped by the angel trap, at least in two occasions.
  • Holy Oil – Holy fire could hold Lucifer for a short time and prevent him from using some of his powers as shown when the Winchesters, Crowley and Rowena trapped him. It is unknown if the fire could kill Lucifer.
  • Angel Blades (possibly) – It is implied that angel blades can, at the very least, harm Lucifer as he was wary when Castiel threatened him with one and was sure to disarm him during their confrontation. However, due to Lucifer’s superior strength, Castiel failed to even cut Lucifer.
  • Hand of God – The Hands of God contain enough power to hurt Lucifer. A hit by the Rod of Aaron at very little power was able to kill a demon by instantly vaporizing it, and at the same time was able to physically hurt Lucifer even though he was not directly hit by the blast. It could possibly kill him.
  • Magic – When Lucifer was in a weakened state, Rowena, a natural witch who has access to the Book of the Damned, was able to paralyze Lucifer briefly with a spell, making his vessel vulnerable to harm which also caused him to feel that pain as well. In The Foundry Rowena also used a spell to decay his vessel and banish him to the bottom of the ocean. In LOTUS, Sam was able to use a sigil to significantly weaken Lucifer’s power.
  • Weak Vessels – As Lucifer said, a vessel besides Sam, limits his powers. In a weak vessel like Vince Vincente, Lucifer’s endurance, immunity, strength and powers are greatly reduced.
  • Crosses – In LOTUS, Lucifer doesn’t wear a cross while possessing the Archbishop of St. Louis and while possessing Jefferson Rooney, his hand is briefly burned by the cross on the front of a Holy Bible. Sam also uses a cross on Lucifer while he’s in Castiel‘s body while exorcising Crowley from him.

Banishing or Destroying


  • Archangels – While lower angels are no match for him, Michael can overpower and defeat Lucifer due to being older, and therefore a more powerful Archangel. Raphael and Gabriel despite being weaker, could also harm if not kill Lucifer due to them also being Archangels.
  • Primordial EntitiesThe Darkness, God, and Death can effortlessly kill Lucifer.[32]



Lucifer's feather 1<img src=”″ alt=”Lucifer's feather 1″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Lucifer%27s_feather_1.PNG” data-image-name=”Lucifer's feather 1.PNG” width=”204″ height=”114″ >

Lucifer’s fossilized black feather.

Lucifer’s true form has so far only been depicted as an intense white light, usually shown while Lucifer is exiting or entering a vessel. When severely weakened, Lucifer manifests as a bright form of white smoke. His wings were revealed to be massive in size in comparison to Castiel’s; unlike those of standard angels, Lucifer’s wings arc outwards instead of upwards and are not broken like a majority of his siblings. Uniquely, Lucifer’s eyes glow red instead of blue.

While possessing a vessel, Lucifer usually retains the vessel’s appearance without altering it. His 2014 alternate counterpart however, dressed Sam in an all-white suit and combed his hair back. After possessing Vince Vincente, Lucifer made an exception and chose to re-dress Vince in black clothing, topped with a leather jacket.

Outside a vessel but within Hell or someone’s mind, Lucifer usually takes the form of his first known vessel, Nick.


The Darkness
Kelly Kline
Lower Angels
Lucifer’s son


  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships and brother-brother relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring
    • denotes the deceased



    • “No one gives us the right…we take it.”
    • “Sorry if it’s a bit chilly. Most people think I burn hot. It’s actually quite the opposite.”
    • “A wrestling match inside your noggin? I like the idea. Just you and me, one round? No tricks. You win, you jump in the hole. I win…well then I win. What do you say, Sam? ‘A fiddle of gold against your soul says I’m better than youuu’.”
    • “I’ve been waiting for you for a long long time. Come on, Sam. You have to admit, you can feel it, right? The exhilaration. And you know why that is? Because we are two halves made whole. M.F.E.O. Literally.”
    • “You can’t lie to me. I see it all. How hot you always felt. How out of place in that family of yours. And why shouldn’t you have? They were foster care, at best! I’m your real family.”
    • “All those times you ran away, you weren’t running from them: you were running towards me.”
    • “Think about it: Dad made everything, which means he made me who I am. God wanted the Devil!”
    • “We’re going to kill each other. And for what? One of Dad’s tests. And we don’t even know the answer. We’re brothers. Let’s just walk off the chessboard.”
    • “Come on, Sam. Pay attention to me, I’m bored!”
    • “Upper bunk? Lower bunk, or do you wanna share?”
    • “Snapping necks and cashing checks is what I do.”
    • “You really thought you could double cross me? Me?! You know I invented the double cross, like literally.”
    • “If it makes you comfy, you could call me God.”
    • “You know what they say? He who hesitates, disintegrates.”
    • “What happens in Heaven, stays in Heaven.”


    After Castiel, Lucifer is the second most recurring angel overall but is the most recurring archangel.


    • Being the boss of Azazel and Lilith, Lucifer is the overall bigger bad of Supernatural starting in season 1 to the end of season 4. He takes the stage as the main antagonist in season 5, comes back as a secondary antagonist in season 7 along with Edgar and also returns as the secondary antagonist in Season 11 and Season 12
    • Series creator Eric Kripke has jokingly compared him to a “raging psychotic” version of environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr., with “unlimited power”. [33] * A homage to John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Lucifer will be portrayed as “gentle, almost sympathetic.” Kripke further characterized him as a “Devil who has doubt” and “a lot of affection for God and the angels,” and who “speaks really tenderly and gently and…doesn’t lie.” [34]
    • Kripke reasoned, “He was essentially betrayed, so in some ways he can be viewed sympathetically…if we can make the angels dicks, Lucifer can be sympathetic.” [35]
    • The way Lucifer killed Baldur is similar to the way, Albert Wesker killed Ozwell E. Spencer in the video game series Resident Evil, in both method and words delivered upon killing their respective victims.
    • Of all the Archangels, Lucifer has appeared the most in the series.
    • So far in the series, Lucifer has used five main vessels; Nick, Sam Winchester, Castiel (the latter of which is an angel possessing an empty vessel), Vince Vincente, Jefferson Rooney, and is currently once again possessing Nick.
    • Lucifer is the only archangel whose name doesn’t end with “el” but end with “er.” This is because Lucifer is the Latin calque of the Hebrew Helel ben Shahar, which roughly translates as “Morning Star, the Son of Dawn”, a name which only appears once in the Hebrew Bible.
    • Before season 5 it was believed that God was the one who locked him in his cage but it was then revealed in season 5 that it was actually Michael who cast Lucifer into Hell on God’s orders.
    • According to Mark Pellegrino in the Season 7 Companion Guide, Lucifer was probably more than just a hallucination and that he was possibly a psychic projection of Lucifer still stuck in The Cage.
    • Lucifer was named one of TV Guide’s “Top 60 Villains of All Time”. [36].
    • As with Gadreel, Lucifer is the most significant antagonist of the series. He is the one who brought about the chaos upon the universe, creation of demon kind, God leaving (alongside Gadreel’s failure) and the Apocalypse. While Gadreel is the indirect catalyst for these events, Lucifer directly carried out these actions.
    • Lucifer is the first antagonist to be defeated by being re-sealed back in his original confinement while most other antagonists are killed in their inaugural season.
    • Lucifer’s irides glow reddish orange in O Brother, Where Art Thou? making him the first Archangel to show a special eye color similar to how Castiel and other angels’ eyes glow blue. He later displays the similar glow after possessing Vince.
      • In the episode LOTUS, Lucifer’s eyes start to glow pure red instead of reddish orange.
      • In the episode Family Feud, Lucifer’s irides briefly glow blue after he is returned to Nick’s body. It should be noted however, that the glow was faint compared to other angels, and was limited to his irides, while standard angelic glow starts from pupils before spreading to entire eyes.
    • According to Mark Pellegrino, Lucifer’s wings are “hot pink and sparkly”.
    • In The Devil is in the Details, Lucifer made a reference to the show Lucifer that premieres on Fox of that year when he said that maybe he would move to LA and solve crimes.
    • Lucifer’s mischievous behavior does not differ too much from Gabriel’s; as siblings, they’re said to have spent much time together, in Heaven, and Lucifer taught Gabriel how to do advanced reality-warping tricks. Their long-term convenience may have influenced Gabriel to act more like his olden brethren, too.
    • Lucifer is the first angel in the series to possess another angel in its vessel, instead of another human vessel, by possessing Castiel. The fact that Jimmy Novak no longer resides in his body may be why Lucifer could possess Castiel, as Cas, with his grace, is acting as a proxy for a human soul that must give permission to have its body possessed.
    • Lucifer has been overpowered twice by his vessels: both Sam and Castiel have briefly overpowered his control over them. However, while Sam had full control and could freely move around, Castiel stated he had to use all of his strength just to prevent Lucifer from killing Sam and was clearly struggling.
    • Lucifer is the first archangel who is known to have been banished by the angel banishing sigil.
    • Lucifer also is the first angel and archangel that trapped twice by using Angel Trap.
    • Lucifer is the second Archangel to realign themselves with good, the first being Gabriel, and also the second Big Bad turned good in Season 11, the first being Metatron.
    • Like Gadreel, Lucifer has shown the ability to share control with his vessel at will. In We Happy Few, Lucifer was able to give control to Castiel like Gadreel once switched control with Sam Winchester. After Castiel spoke with the angels, he and Lucifer were able to switch again.
    • In We Happy Few, when Lucifer is expelled from Castiel, he briefly appears in the form of Nick as his true form is yanked out of Castiel.
    • Lucifer is the only Archangel to be the ruler of Heaven and Hell at the same time, albeit briefly.
    • As of Metatron’s death, Lucifer is the only angel confirmed to have wings.
    • During Rock Never Dies, Lucifer used his powers with snaps of his fingers similar to Gabriel and God.
    • In LOTUS, when Lucifer possesses Jefferson Rooney, the effect is similar to the one seen when Castiel first possessed Jimmy Novak in The Rapture.
    • In LOTUS, Lucifer becomes the first named Angel or Archangel to conceive a child in the series.
    • Lucifer is the second angel who is possessing a vessel that has died and been specifically restored for him. The other angel is Castiel with Jimmy Novak who was restored by God specifically to act as his vessel. In Lucifer’s case, Crowley‘s demons found, repaired and improved the body of Nick for Lucifer’s use as his permanent vessel.

    In Lore

    • The Devil is known by many names throughout different faiths: Lucifer (Latin for ” ‘The Morning Star’ or ‘light bringer'”), The Devil, The Serpent, Iblis, (in Islam) and Satan (Hebrew for “Adversary”).
    • In different versions of Bible, they said Satan is formerly known as Samael and was the former commander-in-chief of the angels army before his fall from Heaven. Some versions said he was the older brother of Michael.
    • “Lucifer” is a transliteration of the Hebrew word heylel.
    • Although “Lucifer” is considered to be the name of The Devil, this is never explicitly stated in the Bible and is merely the result of various translations. “Lucifer” appears only once in the Hebrew Bible, in Isaiah 14:12. Here, a prophecy about the fall of a corrupt Babylon king is described. Those who believe the fall of the king refers to the Devil’s fall from grace began the traditional belief that Lucifer is most certainly Satan and the Devil.


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    “I’m glad you had a little taste of freedom. What I said was…I’m always 10 steps ahead. I said you cross me, I crush you. You hit me, I hit you back twice as hard. You make me your dog, I’ll make you my slave. That chain around your neck? Was nothing. A stylish accessory. This vessel… That’s your true prison. It’s been warded with runes and spellwork from the Cage carved into every molecule. In there? I own you. I’m just getting started. So..I’m gonna put you back in your hole, and then I’m gonna go find your spawn, and then I’m gonna rip him apart while you watch. And then? I’m still just getting started.”

    Fergus Roderick MacLeod (c. 1661 – 1723) was a human, who after death (Near the age of 63) became Crowley; a powerful demon who is the King of the Crossroads and the King of Hell, following Lucifer’s second reimprisonment in his Cage. Although he initially served with Lilith as her right-hand man, he went rogue in Season 5 after her death and Lucifer‘s release, aiding the Winchester brothers in resealing the latter back into his cage. With the power vacuum in Hell unoccupied, he appointed himself the new King of Hell.

    Crowley allied with Sam and Dean in Season 5 against Lucifer to obtain the Four Horsemen’s rings with them to protect himself, then with Castiel to obtain the power of Purgatory and briefly with Raphael after his betrayal in Season 6, and then with the Winchesters again in Season 7 against the ambitious Leviathans. However, in Season 8, he cuts his allegiance to the Winchesters and Castiel, seeking vengeance as well as attempting to capture the Prophet Kevin Tran and The Word of God to further his own goals, only to be captured by the Winchesters as part of their plan to close the gates of Hell. In Season 9, Crowley was temporarily Sam and Dean’s captive while being hunted by Abaddon as part of her plan to take over Hell. However, upon being freed as part of a deal with Dean, he has rightfully resumed his post. After Dean was killed by Metatron and revived by the First Blade, Crowley guided Dean through the process of becoming a demon. The two spent a significant amount of time together until Dean was cured.

    Crowley was overthrown and held as a slave when Lucifer escaped from his cage. Crowley was forced to do slave work until he managed to flee.

    Crowley’s role is often shifting from main antagonist to anti-hero. He was an anti-hero in Season 5, one of the three main antagonists in Season 6, an anti-hero in Season 7, the main antagonist of Season 8, and an anti-hero of Season 9 and Season 10 once more. However, in all of his duration’s as an anti-hero, he is still openly an antagonist usually pulling a life-threatening stunt on the Winchesters after assisting them. He is currently the longest lasting antagonist in the series.




    Human LifeEdit

    Fergus MacLeod

    Fergus MacLeod

    Fergus Roderick MacLeod was born in 1661 in the Kingdom of Scotland,[4] the son of a powerful witch and Grand Coven member Rowena. Fergus never knew his father, as according to Rowena, he had been conceived during a “winter solstice orgy” involving multiple potential fathers she had not bothered to keep track of. What is known is that he was not a practitioner of witchcraft, which got Rowena cast out.[5] Although Fergus learned magic and spells from his mother,[6] He was also abused by her, with him recounting that she had once tried to sell him for three pigs, among other things. Rowena once said that Fergus was a smart child, and learned to walk before his first birthday. He also disliked wearing pants.

    At the age of 8, Fergus was abandoned by Rowena when she got in trouble with the Coven and left on her own. He held a grudge against her for centuries, being that she had always hated him.[5]


    Fergus’s remains in Scotland.

    Later in life, Fergus became a “two-bit tailor” and heavy drinker who sold his soul for three extra inches below the waist.[4][7] He also had a son named Gavin, whom he abused. He beat and starved Gavin repeatedly during his childhood, worked him harder than their own horse, and refused to let him attend school[7] out of loathing towards him and Gavin came to loathe him, too, believing Fergus thought of him as “less than nothing.” Fergus eventually died at around 63 years old, at which point Gavin buried him and set sail for America, only to perish in a shipwreck.[4][7]

    Per his deal, Fergus’s soul went to Hell, where he was tortured until becoming a demon. After becoming so, Fergus was renamed Crowley and became a successful crossroads demon, at some point rising to the King of the Crossroads. He was also Lilith‘s second-in-command and possibly her lover.

    Season 3Edit

    At some point during Season 3, Bela Talbot met with Crowley and gave him the Colt.

    Season 5Edit

    In The Real Ghostbusters, Becky Rosen tells Sam that there is a scene in Chuck’s books that reveals that Bela lied to Dean when she told him that she gave the Colt to Lilith. The scene in the book explains that Bela actually gave the Colt to Lilith’s right-hand man and possible lover, a red-eyed crossroads demon named Crowley.


    Crowley about to close a deal.

    In Abandon All Hope…, Crowley first appears behind a banker who has summoned a crossroads demon. The man is, initially, very confused by Crowley’s appearance since his previous demonic negotiations were with a young, attractive woman and the banker knew the deal could only be “sealed with a kiss.” Crowley explains to the homophobic banker that he is a “big fish” so he personally appeared to “seal the deal.” As Crowley and the banker kiss (much to the banker’s displeasure) to seal the deal, Castiel watches them from a distance.Castiel tails Crowley but his surveillance is thwarted by Crowley’s home being protected by Enochian sigils designed to block all angels from entry. Later, the Winchester brothers, with the help of Jo, kill Crowley’s two demon guards at the front gate and enter his home, while he’s watching television.

    Crowley give colt<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley give colt” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_give_colt.jpg” data-image-name=”Crowley give colt.jpg” width=”300″ height=”169″ >

    Crowley gives Sam the Colt.

    The Winchester brothers cut off the power to Crowley’s home and then confront the demon. Crowley begins to walk toward the brothers, but stops as he realizes that they drew a devil’s trap underneath a rug. As he turns over the rug and reveals the devil’s trap, two demons sneak up behind Dean and Sam and restrain them. Crowley pulls out the Colt and then shoots the two demons, to their surprise. Crowley explains to the brothers that he wants them to kill Lucifer with the Colt.

    Dean, who doesn’t believe him, asks Crowley why he would want Lucifer dead. Crowley answers that Lucifer is an angel, who’s well known for his hatred of humanity. He then asks the brothers, if Lucifer has this much hatred for humanity… then what are his feelings towards demons? Crowley continues saying that Lucifer thinks of demons as only servants and that once he destroys all of humanity, demons will be next. He then gives Sam the Colt. Sam asks Crowley about the whereabouts of Lucifer to which he answers that he’s in Carthage, Missouri. Sam thanks him and fires the Colt at his head, only to learn that it has no ammo. As Crowley cheekily searches for more ammo, Dean asks Crowley that isn’t he signing his own death warrant by returning the Colt, and what he’ll do if they fail to kill Lucifer. Crowley explains that Lucifer is going to kill all demons anyway and that he’ll be going into deep hiding as soon as he is done helping them. Crowley then throws bullets to the Colt at Dean and flashes away, but not before saying that they better not fail.

    SPN 0176<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0176″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0176.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0176.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley finds the boys and offers to help them locate Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    In The Devil You Know, when he pops into the Impala, Sam claims Crowley knew the Colt won’t work, but Crowley shoots this down. He expresses his anger of the fact that now he has to hide from all the demons. He also tells them that he can help them with the hunt for the Horsemen (he was eavesdropping on them). He takes them back to his hideout and tells them that he doesn’t exactly know where they are, but he knows someone who does. The Winchesters reluctantly agree to work with him. He and Dean head out to a company where the handler is. Crowley takes out the men in the main floor and sends Dean up to the handler with a “deal”. When the “deal” backfires, and the handler gives chase, Crowley knocks the handler out. While driving, Crowley carves a symbol into the handler’s chest so he can’t escape his meat suit.

    SPN1-570x320<img src=”×320.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/300?cb=20111017131529″ alt=”SPN1-570×320″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN1-570×320.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN1-570×320.jpg” width=”300″ height=”168″ >

    Crowley visits Bobby and suggests a way to locate Death.

    Crowley later reveals that the handler is in fact someone Sam knows, and Crowley wants to take this to another location. When they return, Crowley tells Sam he didn’t want to bring the demon back, but Dean trusted Sam. With Brady tied up, Crowley tries to make a deal with Brady, but he refuses. So Crowley goes to a demon nest, kills all but one, and “accidentally” lets it slip that he and Brady are “Lovers Against Lucifer”. Brady now cooperates. Then Hellhounds come when Crowley got followed, and he disappears. When he comes back, he brings his own hellhound, which is bigger and fiercer. Crowley then later shows up at Bobby’s to make a deal to find Death.

    SPN 0859<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0859″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0859.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0859.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley finds the Horseman sitting alone in a pizzeria and leaves Dean to face him.

    In Two Minutes to Midnight, Crowley shows up when Sam and Dean mention Bobby’s deal, and Crowley shows them a picture of he and Bobby kissing. As they are about to head out, Crowley remarks that he took the liberty of adding a sub-part to Bobby’s wish, allowing Bobby to walk again (which is truly leverage). Now, with Bobby walking again, he and Dean head out after the Horseman known as Death. Crowley gives Dean Death’s scythe he got from an earlier deal to cut Death’s ring off. They head to Chicago, and Crowley finds Death in a pizza parlor after the first location was a dud. With Death’s location, Crowley vanishes.

    Season 6 Edit

    Approaching RamielEdit

    After the defeat of Lucifer, Crowley approaches the Prince of Hell Ramiel to take charge as is his right with Azazel and Lilith dead. Ramiel refuses, telling Crowley that aside from Azazel, the Princes of Hell lost interest in the matters of Hell a long time ago. Ramiel instead suggests that Crowley take power in Hell and asks to be left alone in exchange, warning of dire consequences if he is bothered again. Crowley agrees and gifts Ramiel with the Lance of Michael and the Colt.

    Made a deal with CastielEdit

    SPN 0873<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0873″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0873.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0873.jpg” width=”300″ height=”169″ >

    Crowley offers to Castiel an advance loan of 50,000 souls from Hell in exchange for half the souls in Purgatory.

    Following the Apocalypse being averted, Crowley approaches Castiel with a proposal that they join forces to locate Purgatory. Castiel is highly reluctant to trust Crowley, but the King of Hell brings the wayward angel around to his way of thinking by revealing his plan to plunder the souls of the 30-40,000,000 monsters trapped in Purgatory, so that they can be used as a means to “go nuclear” against Raphael and his followers.Crowley also stated that their arrangement was the new God and new Devil working together. Crowley even offers an advance loan of 50,000 souls from Hell in exchange for half the souls in Purgatory. Castiel, seeing no other way to stop Raphael from rebooting the Apocalypse, agrees to Crowley’s proposal and uses the power of the 50,000 souls to deliver his first strike against Raphael and declare civil war in Heaven.

    During the seasonEdit

    Isn’t it obvious? Location, location, location. I’m a developer. Purgatory is vast, underutilized, and hell-adjacent, and I want it.
    — Crowley
    in Family Matters
    SPN 0015648<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0015648″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0015648.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0015648.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Bobby summons Crowley, who says that he’s “been celebrating” Lucifer’s defeat.

    In Weekend At Bobby’s, Bobby summons Crowley so that he can give him back his soul as he had given it to him in the previous season in exchange for his help in putting Lucifer back into his cell. Bobby reminds him of this, and asks him to hold up his end of the deal, only to have Crowley refuse. Bobby, having anticipated this, turns off the lights, revealing a devil’s trap that he had painted in the floor using glow-in-the-dark paint. Despite being trapped, Crowley reveals that he is being accompanied by a large hellhound, forcing Bobby to release him.

    After capturing and torturing a crossroad demon, Bobby learns two things: the first is that Crowley is currently the King of Hell, and Crowley’s real name from his life as a human: Fergus MacLeod. Bobby then uses Crowley’s name and other clues to find out more about his background. With some help from fellow hunter Rufus Turner, he learns that he was born in Scotland in 1661, and he had a son, Gavin, who was the captain of a ship that went down. They then recovered Gavin’s ring, which is on display at a museum in Andover, Massachusetts. With some difficulty, Rufus is able to give the ring to Bobby, who uses it to summon the spirit of Gavin.

    SPN 0876<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0876″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0876.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0876.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley is summoned again.

    He then summons Crowley once more, trapped under a devil’s trap drawn on the ceiling. When Bobby notices that he appears slightly disheveled, Crowley tells him that being King of Hell is not as fun as he thought that it would be, seeing that demons are inherently destructive beings who don’t want to listen to him and help him make things better, ironically being able to see why Lucifer hated them so much. After refusing once again to return Bobby’s soul, Bobby reveals Gavin. But, after a faux display of affection, he reveals that he cared nothing for his son. Bobby says that he knows that, but says that he and Gavin had a long talk and that Gavin was willing to tell him all about Crowley. It’s revealed that in life, Fergus was a tailor who made a deal with a crossroad demon to get “an extra three inches below the belt”.

    SPN 1061<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1061″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1061.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1061.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley arrives in Scotland.

    He also reveals that Gavin told him where Fergus’s mortal remains are buried, and hands him a phone. On the other end is Dean, who is with Sam in Scotland, having flown there to dig up Fergus’s bones and torch them if he doesn’t give Bobby back his soul. He gives back Bobby his soul, leaving in the part of contract that allows Bobby to walk, and after he is released, he teleports away to Scotland to retrieve his bones.

    6x07-Family-Matters-crowley-26432670-1280-720<img src=”×07-Family-Matters-crowley-26432670-1280-720.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20130124132132″ alt=”6×07-Family-Matters-crowley-26432670-1280-720″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”6×07-Family-Matters-crowley-26432670-1280-720.jpg” data-image-name=”6×07-Family-Matters-crowley-26432670-1280-720.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley in the episode Family Matters.

    In Family Matters, it is revealed that Crowley is behind Samuel Campbell‘s actions of capturing Alphas. As the new King of Hell, Crowley had the power to resurrect Samuel and Sam, and he did so because he wanted their help. Since his resurrection, Samuel has been working for Crowley, gathering high-ranking creatures and trying to learn the location of Purgatory because Crowley is interested in “developing” it. Crowley then tells them that if Sam ever wants the return of his soul, he and Dean need to help Samuel continue to capture creatures for him. They don’t see any other option but to help Crowley, but Sam and Dean are determined to get him back eventually.

    SPN 00664564<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 00664564″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_00664564.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 00664564.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley burns Sam’s hand to prove his hold over him.

    In All Dogs Go To Heaven, Crowley visits Sam and Dean at a roadside diner and instructs them to capture another Alpha for him, specifically the Alpha Werewolf, whom he believes might be behind several daylight evisceration’s mentioned in the local tabloids (though it later turns out to be the work of a Skinwalker). Dean immediately refuses and demands that Crowley returns Sam’s soul, so the demon taps Sam’s hand, burning a mark into it to prove to Dean that he is stuck in a hostage situation. He must do everything Crowley tells him to do, or else risk having Sam returned to Lucifer’s Cage. Dean reluctantly agrees and Crowley promises to return Sam’s soul “with a cherry on top” so long as they bring him another living Alpha before vanishing in his usual manner.

    SPN 004gdgsg<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 004gdgsg” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_004gdgsg.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 004gdgsg.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley (right) interrogates the Alpha Shapeshifter for Purgatory’s location.

    In Caged Heat, the facility where Crowley has been hiding and torturing the Alpha creatures is discovered by the Winchesters through Samuel. Making a deal with the demon Meg, who has a grudge against Crowley, the boys and her infiltrate the facility, only to be double-crossed by Samuel, who reveals that Crowley plans to resurrect Mary Winchester in exchange for his help. After escaping their prison and freeing Meg from torture, the trio trick Crowley into a Devil’s Trap, leaving him at their mercy. Keeping their deal, Meg “tortures” him for the boys, trying to force him to retrieve Sam’s soul. In the midst of their conversation, Crowley gets Meg to step in the circle accidentally and breaks free, allowing him to throw the Winchester brothers against the wall.

    SPN 1307<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1307″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1307.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1307.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley’s spirit and host burn.

    As Crowley gloats over his apparent victory, Castiel reappears with a bag containing Crowley’s bones. After asking one more time about Sam’s soul being returned, Castiel promptly sets the bones ablaze.

    In Mommy Dearest, Eve later reveals that Crowley is very much alive, and torturing creatures for their souls. Sam and Dean have no idea how Crowley could be still alive.

    SPN 1380<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1380″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1380.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1380.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley appears again.

    Crowley appears before Castiel, and taunts him about having to clean up his messes. He is revealed to be Castiel’s partner in crime. When Castiel comes to check on Crowley’s progress, Crowley asks Castiel to get rid of the Winchesters, but Cass refuses. So later Crowley sends his goons after the Winchesters, but Castiel saves them. When the gang later figures out about Castiel and trap him, Crowley sends demons to the location. So with the oncoming demon threat, the Winchesters and Bobby flee, leaving Castiel trapped in fire. Crowley arrives on scene and frees Castiel.

    SPN 0189<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0189″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0189.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0189.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley talks with Dean.

    In Let It Bleed, Crowley makes his move and kidnaps Lisa Braeden and her son Ben. Crowley talks on the phone with Dean. He tell Dean that Lisa and Ben will be fine as long as Dean stops chasing him. If Dean continues to, Crowley will harm them. Castiel later confronts Crowley on kidnapping Ben and Lisa. He also tells Crowley he should have told Castiel first. Crowley laughs at that and tells Castiel he’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission. He also points out that the Winchesters will be preoccupied with him instead of Castiel. For insurance, Crowley has a demon possess Lisa.

    SPN 1018<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1018″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1018.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1018.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Castiel tries to kill Crowley, but cannot.

    In The Man Who Knew Too Much, Crowley and Castiel meet up and Crowley has everything ready. Then Castiel double crosses Crowley and tells Crowley that he won’t give him any souls. Crowley is angry but Castiel gives him two options, flee or die. Later Crowley comes back in force and Castiel tries to kill Crowley with the angel touch, but it doesn’t work. Crowley reveals his new ally, Raphael, and gives Castiel the same options he gave him before: flee or die (in a mocking tone). Castiel tosses him the jar of blood and leaves.

    SN622 hq-007<img src=”″ alt=”SN622 hq-007″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SN622_hq-007.jpg” data-image-name=”SN622 hq-007.jpg” width=”250″ height=”167″ >

    Crowley with Raphael.

    When the time comes, Crowley conducts the ritual, but nothing happens. Then Castiel reappears, and Crowley figures out that Castiel gave them the wrong blood (they used dog blood instead), and conducted his own ritual. Crowley sarcastically asks Castiel how his ritual went, and Castiel shows him in a burst of white light. Crowley then makes his exit. Castiel says that he has plans for Crowley when Raphael asks why he allowed the demon to escape and not his angelic brother.

    Season 7Edit

    “I have one rule: make a deal, keep it.” – Crowley, Season 7, Time For a Wedding
    Castiel finds Crowley<img src=”″ alt=”Castiel finds Crowley” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Castiel_finds_Crowley.jpg” data-image-name=”Castiel finds Crowley.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Castiel speaks with Crowley

    In Meet The New Boss, Crowley is hiding away in an angel-proof room when Castiel, the new “God,” finds him. As he sardonically braces for Castiel to kill him, Castiel tells Crowley that he needs Crowley to go back to being the King of Hell for balance. Crowley accepts. He is later summoned by Sam, Dean and Bobby, and they ask him about how to bind Death. He doesn’t tell them due to his new “boss,” but secretly sends them the ritual.

    SPN 1302<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1302″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1302.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1302.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley’s meeting with Dick Roman

    He appears again in Slash Fiction where he approaches the head Leviathan, Dick Roman. Crowley attempts to make a partnership with Dick by saying he helped open the door to Purgatory, but is turned down and insulted. Angry, Crowley flees.

    He later appears in Season 7, Time For a Wedding when one of his crossroad demons, Guy, is killing people before their contracts are up. Crowley is angered by this, because no one would do business with demons anymore if it became known that they didn’t keep their promises. He asks the Winchesters to give him the demon so he can make an example of the demon. He also tells Sam and Dean that he has been keeping the demons off their backs so they can deal with the Leviathans. Dean makes Crowley give the souls back and then returns the demon back to Crowley. Crowley and the demon vanish.

    722 Crowley<img src=”″ alt=”722 Crowley” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”722_Crowley.jpg” data-image-name=”722 Crowley.jpg” width=”250″ height=”167″ >

    Crowley speaks with the Winchesters.

    He is summoned by the Winchesters in There Will Be Blood, and tells them that he will provide his blood, but only after they have the other three items. He then gives them a clue to the location of the Alpha Vampire. Later, he is summoned by Dick Roman, imprisoned within a Devil’s Trap. Dick tells him that they have a lot to talk about.

    In Survival of the Fittest, Dick tells Crowley he’s prepared to give the demons all of Canada in exchange for betraying the Winchesters. Crowley pretends to agree and he and Dick edit and sign a (very long) treaty. He then goes to the Winchesters where he finds the brothers in the company of his two latest enemies: Castiel and Meg. Initially angered that the Winchesters have been lying to him, Crowley is both amused and disappointed to discover that Castiel has lost his mind. He agrees to hold off on any retribution, at least until Castiel is back to normal. Crowley gives the boys a vial of his blood and warns them that Dick knows they’re coming and what they intend to do. Before leaving, he assures Meg that when this is over, he will take her back to Hell and torture her.

    SPN 1389<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1389″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1389.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1389.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley talks with Sam at the SucroCorp.

    Immediately after Dick Roman’s demise and the subsequent disappearances of Castiel and Dean (who are transported to Purgatory), Crowley appears to Sam Winchester and triumphantly tells him that with Dick dead, the Leviathan have become just another monster and that it will be Sam’s job to prevent them from reorganizing. Sam demands to know what happened to Cass and Dean, but Crowley says he can’t help him. He then has two of his men abduct the Prophet Kevin Tran for unknown reasons. His minions also capture Meg outside the building. Crowley offers his condolences to Sam, who is now completely on his own, then teleports away, leaving Sam confused and despondent.

    Season 8Edit

    “Chin up, gentleman. I’m a professional.” – Crowley to Dean, We Need To Talk About Kevin
    CrowleyKevin<img src=”″ alt=”CrowleyKevin” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”CrowleyKevin.png” data-image-name=”CrowleyKevin.png” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley speaks with Kevin.

    In We Need To Talk About Kevin, Crowley has Kevin taken to a warehouse and orders him to translate another tablet containing The Word of God. This tablet has to do with demons. When Kevin tells Crowley that the tablet holds the instructions on how to open the Gates of Hell, Crowley tells him to perform the spell. Kevin pretends to do so, but in fact casts a spell (which he learned from the tablet) that kills two of Crowley’s demonic henchmen. He then escapes, and Crowley spends the next year hunting him.

    Eventually, Crowley has one of his demons possess Channing, Kevin’s girlfriend. When the demon reports that Dean Winchester is back from Purgatory, and that he and Sam are on the trail of Kevin, Crowley has the Winchesters followed. His demons find the Winchesters and Kevin at an old church.

    SUPERNATURAL-Season-8-Episode-1-We-Need-To-Talk-About-Kevin-4<img src=”″ alt=”SUPERNATURAL-Season-8-Episode-1-We-Need-To-Talk-About-Kevin-4″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SUPERNATURAL-Season-8-Episode-1-We-Need-To-Talk-About-Kevin-4.jpg” data-image-name=”SUPERNATURAL-Season-8-Episode-1-We-Need-To-Talk-About-Kevin-4.jpg” width=”250″ height=”167″ >

    Crowley and the demon.

    After the Winchesters kill the first two demons Crowley sends, Crowley appears in the church, along with Channing. After exchanging barbs with the brothers, Crowley offers to set Channing free if Kevin gives himself up. Despite the warnings of both Winchesters, Kevin seemingly agrees. He lures Crowley and the demonic-possessed Channing into a room, and springs a holy water trap on them, allowing him and the Winchesters to escape. Angry, Crowley orders the demon possessing Channing to find a new host. After the demon has left, Crowley kills Channing in front of Kevin by using telekinesis to snap her neck.

    In What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?, Crowley attends an auction held by Plutus, the God of Greed, to obtain the tablet that can close the gates of Hell and banish all demons off the face of the earth before Sam, Dean, Kevin and his mother do. Upon meeting the four humans, Crowley taunts them over Channing‘s death, which Mrs. Tran responds to by slapping him. With so many magical wards in place, Crowley cannot really use his powers to retaliate and shrugs it off, though he promises to defile her corpse for doing it.

    During the auction, Crowley initially has the upper hand until the angel Samandriel begins as well. A humorous bidding war begins with them both bidding various things such the Mona Lisa, the “real” Mona Lisa, Vatican City, Alaska and the moon, until the sellers tire and offer Kevin to the highest bidder. Kevin’s mother offers her soul, with Crowley offering literally a million times that many. Plutus tells Crowley that the woman is offering everything she has and for him to match that price he would have to do the same. Crowley bids his soul which Plutus laughs at, telling him he has no soul. Angry, Crowley storms off.

    Tumblr mbqwgtYsvK1r6wav2o1 500<img src=”″ alt=”Tumblr mbqwgtYsvK1r6wav2o1 500″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Tumblr_mbqwgtYsvK1r6wav2o1_500.jpg” data-image-name=”Tumblr mbqwgtYsvK1r6wav2o1 500.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley possessing Kevin’s mother.

    While waiting for the deities to prepare the deal, Samandriel offers protection to Kevin’s mother, to which she quietly refuses. After he leaves, Plutus’s assistant Beau attacks her and burns off her tattoo that wards off demon possession. Crowley, who had bribed Beau, takes possession of her and steals the tablet from Sam and Dean. He is pursued in Mrs. Tran’s body before being cornered by Dean, who is about to kill her before being stopped by Kevin. Crowley leaves her body, going back to his former host, and retrieves the tablet. Before leaving, he advises Kevin to stay as far away from Sam and Dean as possible, claiming and tantalizing that the Winchesters have a history of getting people killed. He also hints that Mrs. Tran had an affair at some point in her life, and that her husband was not Kevin’s real father.

    SPN 0869<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0869″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0869.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0869.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley about to kill the premature prophet.

    In A Little Slice of Kevin, Crowley begins trying a new way to get the demon tablet translated: he somehow captures the angel Samandriel and tortures him for the names of the future Prophets with an Angel Blade. Crowley then sends his demons to capture the Prophets and is displeased when Samandriel says there are no more until he reveals that the next generation of Prophets hasn’t been born yet. Crowley then tries to get the future Prophets to translate the tablet, but they are unable to as until Kevin is killed, another Prophet will not be chosen. Crowley stops the torture, but orders Samandriel kept for future torture. After Delta Mendotta betrays the location of Kevin and his mother, Crowley kidnaps Kevin once again and leaves a demon to kill his mother. Wanting Kevin to translate the tablet, Crowley kills one of the future Prophets as a demonstration and then tortures Kevin, who doesn’t break until Crowley cuts off one of his fingers. Crowley is interested to learn that there are more tablets than just the ones about Leviathans and demons and is bemused when a weakened Castiel appears to confront him. When Castiel pulls an Angel Blade, Crowley draws one of his own, believing Castiel is too weak to do anything. However, after Castiel appears about to smite him with his powers, Crowley tries to flee with the tablet, only getting half of it after Castiel smashes it as he escapes.

    SPN 1260<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1260″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1260.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1260.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Castiel smashes the Tablet.

    In Torn and Frayed, Crowley is summoned to where Samandriel is being tortured and is intrigued to learn that the torture has broken into Samandriel’s “operating system” and he has now reverted to “factory settings” and is babbling in Enochian. Crowley tortures Samandriel for more information as Sam, Dean and Castiel try to rescue him. Crowley gets interested when Samandriel starts talking about the tablets and is further interested to learn that there is one about angels. Crowley then leaves without Samandriel moments before Sam, Dean and Castiel burst in and “rescue” the angel.

    In Trial and Error, when Sam and Dean go to kill a hellhound that is being sent to collect on deals made ten years ago as the first trial to close the gates of Hell, they learn that Crowley himself made the deals back when he was just a Crossroads Demon. Dean considers summoning a Crossroads Demon to force them to summon a hellhound, but Sam realizes that if Crowley learns of it, he will send a hundred hellhounds instead to kill them. In the end, Sam manages to kill the hellhound and they send Ellie, the last person alive to have made a deal with Crowley, on the run with a hex bag to hide out from him.

    -Crowley-8x17-Goodbye-Stranger-crowley-33997952-200-200<img src=”×17-Goodbye-Stranger-crowley-33997952-200-200.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130409130051″ alt=”-Crowley-8×17-Goodbye-Stranger-crowley-33997952-200-200″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”-Crowley-8×17-Goodbye-Stranger-crowley-33997952-200-200.jpg” data-image-name=”-Crowley-8×17-Goodbye-Stranger-crowley-33997952-200-200.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″ >

    Crowley after he kills a demon with an angel blade.

    In Goodbye Stranger, Crowley has figured out that the angel tablet was in the possession of Lucifer and that he hid it in one of his crypts. Needing someone who knows their locations, Crowley tortures Meg who only gives him general locations, so he sends his demons to possess people who know much about the various towns they are in, in an attempt to find the right one. After one of his demons contact him to inform him that the other demons are dead and that Meg is gone, Crowley travels to where the demon is and kills him with an Angel Blade before deciding to search for the tablet himself. After Sam and Meg kill two more of his demons, Crowley arrives at the location of the crypt and confronts them. Meg sends Sam to find Dean and Castiel while she holds Crowley off. Crowley tries to convince Meg to betray the Winchesters, telling her that they plan to kill him and seal all demons in Hell, which would include her. However, Meg tells him that the idea that he will die too has sold her on their plan and she attacks him. Meg proves to be no match for Crowley, but she holds him off long enough for Castiel to get the tablet and escape. Watching Sam and Dean make their own escape, Meg taunts him about how Castiel has the tablet, then stabs Crowley in the shoulder with her Angel Blade. Enraged, Crowley stabs Meg with his Angel Blade, killing her. Afterwards, Crowley travels into the crypt to check for himself and encounters Naomi there. Crowley recognizes Naomi and indicates a past sexual relationship between the two. Crowley realizes that she doesn’t have the tablet either and she explains that Castiel is doing what he is meant to: protect the tablet from all threats, which apparently includes her too. Crowley starts to offer Naomi a deal, but she disappears in the middle, leaving him annoyed as that’s what he usually does.

    SPN 1464<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1464″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1464.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1464.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley prevents Bobby’s soul from entering Heaven.

    In Taxi Driver, Kevin is hallucinating Crowley talking to him in his head and torturing him, causing him to hide the tablet and stop working on it. After learning from one of his minions that rogue Reaper Ajay was seen making a deal with Sam and Dean, Crowley approaches Ajay for answers. After learning that Ajay took Sam to Purgatory so he could access Hell for an unknown reason, Crowley kills Ajay with an Angel Blade to make sure he doesn’t pick up Sam. Putting everything together, Crowley realizes that Sam and Dean are trying to close the gates of Hell and works to stop them. When Sam manages to escape Purgatory and releases Bobby Singer‘s soul to Heaven, Crowley intervenes and captures the soul in a dark cloud so he can take it back to Hell. However, Naomi intervenes and despite Crowley warning her that she will be locked away by the Winchesters too, tries to smite him. Crowley leaves and Naomi releases Bobby’s soul so that it travels to Heaven. Later, Kevin is confronted by Crowley, who claims to have captured Linda Tran and tortured her for Kevin’s location, finally getting it from her smartphone after killing her. Crowley then captures Kevin. However, when Sam and Dean arrive, they find the room is still intact, but Kevin and all his research notes are gone, leading them to the conclusion that Kevin broke under the pressure and ran.

    SPN 0843<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0843″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0843.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0843.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley tortures Castiel.

    In The Great Escapist, Crowley has trapped Kevin in an illusion of Garth’s houseboat and is using demons pretending to be Sam and Dean to get Kevin to translate his half of the tablet. After learning where Castiel is from the angel Ion, Crowley travels to Biggerson’s, wounds Ion, and kills another angel with an ingenius gun loaded with bullets made from a melted-down Angel Blade. When Naomi tries to smite him, Crowley fires at her and she flees. Crowley then shoots Castiel in the abdomen and having worked out that Castiel holds the angel tablet inside of him, painfully pulls it out through the wound. After getting a call from the demons pretending to be Sam and Dean who have been tricked by Kevin, Crowley leaves Ion to look after Castiel and travels to the “houseboat” where Kevin tells him he figured it out because “Sam” and “Dean” were too polite and then refuses to tell Crowley more and that he has no idea the power his half of the demon tablet could have given him. Crowley is content with this as he has the angel tablet and strangles Kevin, but Metatron intervenes and rescues Kevin in a burst of White Light, leaving Crowley’s host burned.

    In Clip Show, using the Supernatural books, Crowley goes after people the Winchesters have saved in order to force them to surrender. He kills Tommy Collins, Jenny Klein and Sarah Blake, and promises to keep going until Sam and Dean give up the trials and give him the demon tablet. He also keeps his demons away from Sam and Dean, realizing they might need one for the third trial.

    SPN 0293<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 0293″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_0293.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 0293.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Sam and Dean meet at Bobby’s Junkyard.

    In Sacrifice, Crowley takes Jody Mills out on a date, then casts a spell to kill her when she’s in the bathroom. Sam and Dean call him and demand that he stops, but he only agrees to do so if they stop the trials and give him the whole demon tablet. Dean submits on the stipulation that Crowley give them the angel tablet in exchange. Crowley agrees to the deal, but they must first say “I surrender.” Sam and Dean do and Crowley meets them in the remains of Bobby’s scrapyard where they each show their tablets and Crowley pulls out a giant contract that he wants Sam to sign. Dean examines the contract and deems it good, but suddenly handcuffs Crowley to him. The handcuffs have a Devil’s Trap engraved on them and Crowley is trapped and Sam and Dean inform him that curing him is the third trial. Sam and Dean take him to a church where he is tied up in a Devil’s Trap and Sam starts the ritual to cure him with Crowley taunting him. During one of the blood injections, Crowley bites Sam and uses his blood to send a distress call. Abaddon arrives and Crowley is triumphant to see her. She throws Sam around until she reveals that she is not happy with his rule and wants a regime change.

    SPN 1183<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1183″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1183.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1183.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley feels the effects of Sam’s purified blood, causing him to wonder where he can begin to seek redemption.

    Crowley is left helpless, but Sam saves him by dousing Abaddon in Holy Fire, forcing her to flee. Sam continues with the ritual and Crowley begins showing signs of humanity, saying that he wants to be loved and showing some remorse for his actions, asking Sam where he could even begin to ask for forgiveness. As Sam is about to completely cure him, Dean arrives, having learned from Naomi that Sam will die if he completes the trials. While Sam still wants to continue anyway, Dean convinces him not to and they leave Crowley alone when Sam suddenly collapses in pain. When the angels start falling from Heaven, Crowley hears it and looks up.

    Season 9Edit

    “Vote Crowley!” – Crowley to Abaddon’s demons, Road Trip

    In I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here, it’s revealed that Dean has locked Crowley in the trunk of the Impala. He decides to go to Crowley for help when it seems like no one can save Sam, but Crowley defiantly refuses to answer. He eventually does with a knock, but Dean is interrupted by a vengeful angel before he can ask anything of Crowley.

    CrowleyinImpala<img src=”″ alt=”CrowleyinImpala” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”CrowleyinImpala.png” data-image-name=”CrowleyinImpala.png” width=”250″ height=”139″ >

    Crowley trapped in Dean’s car.

    In Devil May Care, Dean reveals that he believes that they could use Crowley. Locking him in the dungeon of the Men of Letters base, Sam and Dean demand the location of all the demons on Earth and then leave Crowley to sit in the dark and “reflect while they go do other things.” Crowley reflects on nearly being turned human, and taunts Kevin when he hears him in the next room. He claims that Kevin’s mother is still alive and that he will lead Kevin to her if he frees him. He also states that the Winchesters don’t care about Kevin and will use him and then replace him if something happens to him. While Kevin is unsure of whether or not Crowley is telling the truth, he ultimately doesn’t release him. When Sam and Dean return, Crowley reveals the name of two demons on Earth and offers a deal for his help: they each have something the other wants and in exchange for Sam and Dean helping him with things he wants, he will give them what they want. He gave them the two names from the enjoyment he got out of tormenting Kevin and Dean has Sam check on the names Crowley gave them to see if he was telling the truth.

    In Slumber Party, Sam gives Crowley a pen and paper for more demon names, but Crowley refuses unless he can stretch his legs. Sam just leaves the paper and pen with Crowley and leaves. When the Wicked Witch of the West escapes, she finds Crowley and he has her write what she wants on the paper. When she writes “key,” Crowley tells her that the Winchesters keep the keys in the kitchen. When Sam and Dean find him, he agrees to tell them what the Witch wanted in exchange for being allowed to stretch his legs. Sam releases him from the collar keeping him in his chair. Crowley shows them the paper and tells them what he told the Witch. Sam and Dean then leave him alone. After the Wicked Witch is killed, Sam secures him to his chair again and puts a pen and paper in front of Crowley. When Crowley tries to get more out of him, Sam leaves without ever saying a word, leaving the paper for Crowley. Annoyed, Crowley mutters “bollocks.”

    SPN 1643<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1643″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1643.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1643.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    Crowley injecting himself.

    In Heaven Can’t Wait, Kevin tells Sam there is some smudging on the angel tablet, as if the scribe does not want anyone to read it. He and Sam cannot translate it. Sam suggests they get Crowley to translate as he can read Enchoian, but he refuses. When Sam tries to reason with him, Crowley crumples the paper up and throws it in Sam’s face. Sam threatens to give Crowley up to Abaddon. Crowley just asks for one phone call. He proves that he can read the translation and Sam decides to let Crowley have it. Kevin says letting the King of Hell and Abaddon communicate with each other is a terrible idea, especially since the phone call involves drawing blood. When Sam starts to do it, Crowley demands Kevin’s blood. He says that he has had enough of Sam’s blood and wants something fresh. After some coaxing, Kevin agrees. He fills a syringe with his blood. With the blood bubbling in a bowl, Crowley contacts Hell. When he says he is their King, he is put on hold. Crowley finally reaches Abaddon. Abaddon gleefully tells Crowley that she has doubled his projections by voiding his contracts and bringing more souls to Hell. She insults Crowley and tells him she will soon replace him. Crowley yells that you cannot rule Hell with chaos, and she will burn. Crowley passes the bowl back to Sam. Crowley asks for the transcripts, saying that he keeps his promises. Crowley reads the transcripts, and gives them the bad news: the angel spell is irreversible. When Sam is washing out the bowl of blood, he notices something amiss with the set of syringes. Opening it, he finds one gone. Crowley has palmed one of the syringes. Heading over to Crowley, he sees him injecting himself with Kevin’s blood.

    SPN 1246<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1246″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1246.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1246.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    Crowley enters Sam

    In Road Trip, Dean reluctantly enlists Crowley’s help to help Sam expel Gadreel from his body. Crowley agrees to help on the condition of his release, which a reluctant Dean agrees to. Despite Crowley’s best efforts, he is unable to separate Sam’s brain from Gadreel’s grace so he comes up with another plan: if he possesses Sam, he can enter his mind and communicate with him and let him know what’s going on. Out of options, Dean agrees and Crowley possesses Sam. Finding Sam trapped in a fantasy world where he believes he is working on a hunt with Dean, Crowley tries to convince Sam of the truth and succeeds by shooting him, which has no effect on Sam as they are not in the real world. Crowley explains Sam’s possession by Gadreel, describing him in unflattering terms. With Crowley’s encouragement, Sam overpowers Gadreel and finally expels him. Keeping his word, Crowley returns to his usual vessel before Sam wakes up, but Abaddon arrives with two demons to try to kill him. Crowley tells the Winchesters and Castiel to leave while he deals with Abaddon, but while Dean agrees and grants him his freedom, he warns Crowley that the next time they meet, he will kill him. Calmly confronting Abaddon, Crowley tells her that they will now war for the hearts of demons to see who will rule Hell and tells the demon minions to spread the word of his return before disappearing.

    SPN 1534<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1534″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1534.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1534.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    Cain, Crowley and Dean.

    In First Born, looking for the First Blade, the only weapon that can kill Abaddon, Crowley approaches Dean for help, revealing that the only demon who knew about the Blade was captured by John Winchester before Crowley could get to him. Following a clue in John Winchester’s Journal, Dean and Crowley travel to John’s Lock-Up where they find a file on an old case John worked with a hunter named Tara, where he interrogated and exorcised the demon who did mention the Blade. Finding Tara, she recognizes Crowley as a demon and initially refuses to help until she is told about Abaddon. After Tara reveals that the last ingredient of a locator spell for the Blade is the essence of kraken, Crowley takes off to get it. With the spell, Dean and Crowley are able to track the Blade to Missouri. Arriving at the location the spell indicated, Crowley is seemingly terrified to find Cain, who silences him. Cain reveals that he created the Knights of Hell and slaughtered them, which Crowley knew and didn’t tell Dean, but he refuses to give them the Blade. Four of Abaddon’s demons arrive to attack and Crowley kills one with an angel blade while Dean kills the rest. As an army of demons arrive, Cain agrees to help, revealing that Abaddon murdered his wife. He gives Dean the Mark of Cain, the source of the Blade’s power, and tells them that the Blade itself is in the ocean. Cain teleports Crowley and Dean outside as he takes on the demon army. Dean realizes that Crowley was actually using him all along, having known the truth about the Blade and Cain the whole time. Crowley confirms it, saying that while Cain wouldn’t help him, he knew he’d help Dean. While Dean threatens to kill Crowley once they have dealt with Abaddon, the two are forced to work together for the time being as Crowley is the only one who can find and retrieve the Blade.

    CrowleyLola<img src=”″ alt=”CrowleyLola” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”CrowleyLola.jpg” data-image-name=”CrowleyLola.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    In Blade Runners, Crowley has grown addicted to human blood and relies on a demon named Lola to get it, not knowing that she is betraying his secrets to Abaddon. After discovering her betrayal and killing her, Crowley calls in Sam and Dean who force him to detox from the blood. Crowley reveals that he tracked the Blade down from where it was retrieved from the bottom of the Marianas Trench years earlier and helps Sam and Dean find who it was sold to by possessing the man sent to meet with them briefly. Sam and Dean learn that a man going by the name Magnus has the Blade and they realize he was one of the Men of Letters. Crowley reveals that Magnus was a rogue member who he had been trying to track down but lost track of. Sam and Dean learn that Magnus was once the Men’s spellmaster and manage to convince him to let them into his lair, but Crowley is left behind. After Sam is sent back without Dean when Magnus decides to add Dean to his “collection,” Sam and Crowley work together to get inside his lair. Once inside, though he is powerless, Crowley avoids capture and frees Dean, allowing him to kill Magnus with the First Blade. However, knowing Sam and Dean will likely betray and try to kill him, Crowley steals the Blade from them until they can track down Abaddon and use it to kill her.

    300px-JakeDemon<img src=”″ alt=”300px-JakeDemon” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”300px-JakeDemon.png” data-image-name=”300px-JakeDemon.png” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Crowley after testing the loyalty of Dean.

    In Mother’s Little Helper, after Dean calls him and then hangs up, Crowley tracks him down at a bar and tries to convince him to embrace the Mark of Cain and the killer instinct that comes with it, but Dean refuses. While Crowley is using the bathroom, Dean stops a hunter from going after him and then confronts Crowley as he believes Crowley was shooting himself up again with human blood. Crowley doesn’t deny it but states he has a firm grasp on the situation and that he believes Dean is hunting Abaddon so badly so that he can touch the First Blade again and get the rush it gives him. Dean denies it, telling him he’s focused on killing Abaddon and that he can’t worry about the consequences of using the Blade, though Crowley is unconvinced. Crowley agrees to bring Dean the Blade when he finds Abaddon, but meets with the “hunter,” Jake, that was supposedly after him. It’s revealed that Jake is actually a demon working for Crowley who he used to test Dean to see if Dean would save him. Crowley is pleased, stating that he knew Dean would as they’re “besties” and that Dean is “ready.”

    CrowleySayGoodbye<img src=”″ alt=”CrowleySayGoodbye” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”CrowleySayGoodbye.jpg” data-image-name=”CrowleySayGoodbye.jpg” width=”250″ height=”167″ >

    Crowley encourages his son to start a new life.

    In King of the Damned, Abaddon pulls Crowley’s son Gavin to the present to use his lingering humanity against him to force him to help her kill the Winchesters. After Abaddon causes Gavin great pain, he eventually sardonically agrees and informs Sam and Dean of where to find the First Blade, calling off a hellhound guarding it. He then tells them where to find him and that he has found Abaddon, but tells Dean “Poughkeepsie,” the code word Dean taught him that means “drop everything and run” to warn him of the trap. To keep Crowley from interfering, Abaddon shoots him in the shoulder with a bullet engraved with a devil’s trap, binding his powers and trapping him, the way the Winchesters and their grandfather initially defeated her. When Dean arrives, Crowley tells him Abaddon is close, then warns him with his eyes of an attacking demon. Dean kills the demon and faces off against Abaddon while Crowley watches, immobile. Dean displays immunity to Abaddon’s powers and telekinesis from the influence of the Blade, allowing him to gain the upper hand and kill Abaddon. Afterwards, Crowley uses a knife to dig out the bullet, seeming annoyed that Sam and Dean won’t help him with it. Sam informs him that they are letting him live and he should be happy with that. Crowley is amused to find out that Dean didn’t tell Sam he’d warned them it was a trap and is then ruffled that Sam and Dean insist on sending Gavin back to his own time as he doesn’t seem to want him to die. Pretending to say goodbye to his son, Crowley teleports him to a park where he tells him of his fate and that he should build a new life in the present after telling him the truth about the ship-wreck, despite the possible time complications. 

    Miracles Crowley<img src=”″ alt=”Miracles Crowley” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Miracles_Crowley.jpg” data-image-name=”Miracles Crowley.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    In Do You Believe In Miracles?, Crowley is relaxed and being treated to by one of his subordinate female demons, having resumed his post, but he is soon summoned by Dean who demands to know more about the Mark of Cain, which Crowley reveals is beginning to make him act like a demon. With Castiel and Sam absent tracking down a wounded Gadreel, who Dean almost killed from impulsive anger minutes earlier, Crowley and Dean team up to track down Metatron. Crowley eventually finds a lead on him but once Sam catches up with Dean, he is told to get lost and does so sardonically. After Metatron manages to kill Dean, Sam works a ritual to summon Crowley but he shows up next to Dean’s corpse and shows signs of slight regret for Dean taking the mark, revealing that Cain also accepted death but that the mark brought him back as a demon. Crowley then places the First Blade in Dean’s hands and encourages him to feel its power as he awakens as a demon…

    Season 10Edit

    “Who do you think you’re talking to here? Does the Tin Man have a sheet-metal willy? Of course I lied.”
    Crowley to Dean
    in Black
    Crowley-walks-in-on-dean<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley-walks-in-on-dean” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley-walks-in-on-dean.jpg” data-image-name=”Crowley-walks-in-on-dean.jpg” width=”234″ height=”156″ >

    Crowley after walking in on Dean and Ann Marie

    In Black, Crowley is with the “demon Dean” at a bar called The Black Spur. After Dean has sex with a waitress named Ann Marie, Crowley walks in on the two of them in his bed, and is upset with them for soiling his room. Later, Dean and Crowley play foosball with two people at the bar. When Dean almost kills a man that was harassing Ann Marie outside the bar, Crowley is seen watching the whole fight silently. When looking through the phone of an Abaddon loyalist by the name of Neely, Sam discovers a text that had alerted the demon of Dean’s presence and whereabouts. When Sam calls the number, Crowley answers, revealing that he has been sending the “Abaddon loyalists” after Dean the whole time. Sam promises Crowley that he will save his brother or die trying. Crowley tells  Crowley | Supernatural Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia <img src=”″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” />
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    Sam that he is jealous of the fact that Crowley and Dean are “best friends” now, and that his brother is a demon, his soul has been twisted into a demon by the Mark of Cain. Sam tracks Crowley using the phone number in the text message, which Crowley had anticipated. Back at the Black Spur, Crowley tells Dean about Sam and that they have to leave immediately, but Dean doesn’t agree. Crowley urges Dean to be his second-in-command, and tells him that they could rule Hell together and be unstoppable. When Dean still refuses, he tells Dean the truth, admitting that the “Abaddon loyalists” were sent by Crowley. He knew Dean would make quick work of them, and that Dean needed to “feed” the Mark of Cain by fulfilling his new-found lust for killing. Crowley then tells Dean that he must decide if he really wants to rule Hell with him or not.

    In Soul Survivor, Crowley has returned to his court in Hell and presides over the punishment of demons that have committed offenses, particularly ones that worked for Abaddon. After learning of Castiel’s bad state and a dissatisfied demon committing suicide with Holy Fire, Crowley steals the angel Adina‘s grace and gives it to Castiel to save him so that he will stop Dean one way or another, either through the cure or death as demon Dean is proving to be too much of a disruption to his rule of Hell.

    In Girls, Girls, Girls, Crowley learns from Gerald that he and Raul had set up a brothel as a cover for soul collecting. Crowley disapproved, labeling the scheme “tacky”. Gerald defended that he and Raul attempted to pitch the idea to Crowley but he was “busy”. He then revealed that witch killed Raul and destroyed their operation, so he smoked out and grabbed the nearest meatsuit to report to Crowley, believing he deserved to know of the affront to his authority. Crowley sent two teams after the witch. Alpha team was killed due to the interference of the Winchesters, but Beta team managed to capture her. Gerald later told Crowley that they had the witch locked up and tortured and offered to finish the job. An exasperated Crowley asked if he wanted a medal or to clean up the mess he and Raul caused in the first place. He then entered the cell and was shocked to see that the witch was his own mother, Rowena.

    Sup1010 0056<img src=”″ alt=”Sup1010 0056″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sup1010_0056.jpg” data-image-name=”Sup1010 0056.jpg” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    Crowley and his mother, Rowena.

    In The Executioner’s Song, Crowley oversees his court and decides to cut a Crossroad Demon in half as per Rowena’s suggestion. However, he knows she is trying to manipulate him when she attempts to get him to help her take out her rival Olivette. Despite this, Crowley agrees to help her kill Olivette and as they make plans, Dean calls him telling him that Cain is killing again and they need the First Blade to stop him. While Crowley is initially reluctant, Dean convinces him by lying that Crowley is on the list of people that Cain wants dead. Rowena is disgusted with this, telling Crowley that the Winchesters are not his friends and he can’t go to them every time they call, but he ignores her.

    Unwilling to part with the First Blade until they have Cain trapped, Crowley helps lure him into a devil’s trap with an Illusion Spell he got from Rowena. Once Cain is trapped, he reluctantly gives Dean the First Blade on the promise that Dean will return it to him afterwards if he is still in his right mind. Once Dean has killed Cain, Crowley demands the First Blade back and is shocked when Dean breaks his word to him and gives it to Castiel instead. He is stunned to silence when Dean further reveals he lied about Cain being after him and Crowley disappears without a word. Returning to Hell, Crowley finds Rowena packing up to leave and she berates him, telling him that he is “not a king anymore but the Winchester’s bitch.”

    Season 11Edit

    Crowley possessing Marnie 2<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley possessing Marnie 2″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_possessing_Marnie_2.PNG” data-image-name=”Crowley possessing Marnie 2.PNG” width=”241″ height=”119″ >

    Crowley possessing Marnie

    In Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, Crowley is shown to have smoked out of his vessel and thus survived the attempt on his life. He goes to possess a woman named Marnie. When he enters her house, he is confronted by her husband who explains that he and their neighbors plan to participate in an orgy for her birthday. Crowley agrees. After the orgy, Crowley kills the husband and neighbors and calls for two demon minions. They inform him that they’ve secured his vessel. When one questions why he waited until after the orgy to call for help, Crowley tells him that he is sorry “for nothing”.

    Crowley later smokes back into his original vessel, and is greeted by Jervis and the other demon. They tell him of a rumor in Hell about The Darkness being released, but Crowley doesn’t believe in this story, saying that The Darkness was just a tale. The demon then adds that there was an uproar from the Cage, and some suspect either Lucifer or Michael are trying to warn them about The Darkness.

    In Our Little World, Crowley discovers from Jervis that Amara has been eating his demon staff, so he confronts Amara about it. At this point, Amara has grown into a teenager, due to also consuming human souls from outside. To ensure she doesn’t overeat, Crowley has Jervis guard the door to her room and offers her food whenever he chooses. This annoys Amara, but she doesn’t retaliate, knowing Crowley to be stronger. Crowley bemoans their lack of bonding despite all that he’s done. Amara reminds him that he only wants the powers she will soon have, and once she’s fully developed, she will no longer need him.

    Sam and Dean infiltrate his palace shortly after. Dean manages to break into Amara’s room, intent on killing her. Crowley appears soon after and attacks Dean, this time hoping to once and for all rid himself of the Winchesters. However, Amara angrily pins Crowley to the wall and orders Dean a safe passage out of the place, to which a suffocated and bloodied Crowley complies. Amara then orders Crowley to leave. 

    Crowley meets Lucifer in Limbo<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley meets Lucifer in Limbo” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_meets_Lucifer_in_Limbo.PNG” data-image-name=”Crowley meets Lucifer in Limbo.PNG” width=”240″ height=”118″ >

    Crowley meets Lucifer in Limbo.

    In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Dean and Sam approach Crowley in search for a way to contact Lucifer safely. They reveal to the demon that Amara was God’s sister, which shocks Crowley. The trio come to the conclusion that they need the Book of the Damned to find the answer, so Crowley has his demons capture his mother, Rowena, to get her to read from the Book. Once they have the instructions, Sam, Crowley and Rowena travel to Hell and into its deepest parts, where they intend to summon Lucifer into a warded cage. Crowley is the one to greet the Devil once he is summoned. As Sam and Lucifer talk, Crowley watches from a distance with his mother. He becomes shocked and agitated when suddenly, the wardings fail, but Rowena calmly tells him to follow her, which he does.Rowena reveals to Crowley in The Devil in the Details that she had been in fact working for Lucifer. Crowley becomes furious, but is unable to make her do anything. He then calls Dean to inform him of Sam’s status, revealing to the distressed hunter that his brother is trapped with Lucifer. Dean arrives in Hell shortly after, bringing with him a witchcatcher given to him by Billie for Crowley. Prior to this, Crowley had poisoned Rowena’s tea, causing her to cough and choke and give Dean the chance to place the witchcatcher on her. Crowley demonstrates his ability to command his mother, by telling her to hop on one foot, which she unwillingly does.

    Crowley orders Rowena to cast the spell that will send Lucifer back to the Cage. He watches from his chair as Rowena obeys his command. With Lucifer seemingly gone, Crowley goes to meet Sam, Dean and Castiel and demands they all leave Hell, while he keeps Rowena with him. As Rowena gives him a massage, Crowley asks why she hates him. She reveals that his eyes remind her of who she once was, a weak little girl, abandoned by his rich and married father. Crowley listens on quietly until “Castiel” appears. When Castiel tells him to guess again who it is, Crowley is bewildered to find that Lucifer had gained possession of the angel and is now out of his Cage. When he tries to get up, Lucifer flings him against a wall and promptly snaps Rowena’s neck, once he’s confirmed only she can put him back into his Cage. Lucifer then sits across from the demon and tells him that they need to have a chat.

    Crowley in his kennel<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley in his kennel” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_in_his_kennel.PNG” data-image-name=”Crowley in his kennel.PNG” width=”236″ height=”114″ >

    Crowley as Lucifer’s “dog”.

    Crowley’s fate is revealed in The Vessel. Lucifer has reclaimed control over Hell and has tortured Crowley into becoming his “dog”. Crowley is forced to wear casual clothes and is periodically kept inside a kennel. However, Crowley isn’t completely broken, something Lucifer notices. Crowley correctly deduces that Lucifer, in contrast to what he told Sam and Castiel, is unable to defeat Amara alone and Lucifer does in fact require a team to win.

    One day, the demon Simmons comes to his kennel and offers her assistance. Crowley manages to fight past two demon guards as they make their way out of the lair. Once free, Crowley dons a black suit and takes Simmons to his secret lockup, where he keeps valuable personal belongings. Crowley reveals to Simmons that he possesses the Rod of Aaron. He admits to finding out only recently that it was in fact a Hand of God. Before he can open the chest however, Lucifer appears at the entrance of the lockup, and reveals that Simmons was only pretending to switch sides. Lucifer wanted to rid Crowley of his last inch of defiance by making Crowley believe he could escape. Lucifer opens the chest, but discovers it empty since Crowley had the rod stashed elsewhere. Crowley hits Lucifer with the rod and absorbs all of its God-given powers. He tries to kill Lucifer with a blast of energy, but Simmons steps in the way and gets killed herself. With the weapon depleted, Lucifer attacks Crowley. Luckily, Crowley manages to escape after tumbling over a pile of books.

    In Hell’s Angel, Crowley visits a sick man named Noel and obtains the Horn of Joshua from him. Although the deal was that Crowley would tear up his contract, Crowley snaps Noel’s neck and kills Noel’s subordinates by having them fire their guns at each other. While trying to hide from demons looking for him, Crowley contacts Dean to talk about the Hand of God he now has. At a secret location, Crowley tells the boys his desire to use the weapon against Lucifer, in revenge for how he was treated. The brothers decline to take out Lucifer until they get Lucifer out of Castiel and defeat Amara first.

    Crowley and Castiel inside Cas's head<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley and Castiel inside Cas's head” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_and_Castiel_inside_Cas%27s_head.PNG” data-image-name=”Crowley and Castiel inside Cas's head.PNG” width=”286″ height=”141″ >

    The trio soon receive a massage from Rowena telling them she’s alive. Rowena helps them set up a trap for Lucifer in order to bind him while they try to get Castiel to expel him. When the angel suppressing sigil fails, Crowley enters Castiel’s vessel, where he discovers that Castiel is tightly under Lucifer’s control. Lucifer, in the form of his former vessel Nick, proceeds to beat up Crowley. Crowley burns a massage onto the forehead of his own vessel to request assistance from the boys, writing “HELP ME”. Sam and Dean work to exorcise Crowley, sparing him from death at the hands of the archangel. Crowley soon after flees the scene. After this encounter, Crowley makes a move to reclaim Hell and the throne, since Lucifer has been gone for sometime. Unfortunately, the demons do not wish to obey him, noting that he only makes “hollow promises”. They all walk away when it becomes clear Crowley has no means to defeat The Darkness. Sulking, Crowley begins to drink heavily until Dean forces him to quit and accept a part in a battle against the Darkness, led by God. Crowley later meets up with Sam and Dean at a warehouse, where he encounters Lucifer, God and Rowena. The trio argue over who is better between angels, witches and demons, with Rowena accusing Crowley of looking down on witches. When Amara finally arrives at their location, Rowena is the one to greet her and launch the first attack. The angels in Heaven blast Amara with a combined smiting, and the demons (in smoke form) gather around and attack Amara. Crowley exits the warehouse and joins the fight, plunging Amara into a nearby car in his smoke form.

    Crowley in the bar<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley in the bar” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_in_the_bar.PNG” data-image-name=”Crowley in the bar.PNG” width=”254″ height=”118″ >

    He goes back inside following the aftermath of the battle, to find that they had lost, and calls it a “dog’s breakfast”. Rowena takes them outside to show them that the sun is dying, as a result of God’s own condition. Crowley begins drinking inside the Bunker and shows no enthusiasm in trying to fight. When the team come up with the idea of using a soul bomb, Crowley goes to Hell to grab his stash of souls only to find that the demons had raided it in his absence. Fortunately, the reaper Billie comes to their aide and provides them with a large number of souls. Crowley shares flirtatious glances with Billie, much to the discomfort of his mother. The team decides to turn Dean into the bomb. Believing this to be his last moments, he bids everyone farewell, leaving them to go to a bar while he confronts the Darkness.Inside the bar, Crowley watches the news on television but turns it off once he grows tired of it. Sitting next to Rowena, he quietly eats nuts. He and the team are later made aware of the sun’s restoration and they all go outside to check. They thus deem Dean’s mission a success, and Dean himself dead.

    Season 12Edit

    Crowley seeks to reclaim the throne of Hell, but he is unhappy to discover that Lucifer is still alive and the demons are choosing their creator over Crowley. He tracks the archangel down for most of Keep Calm and Carry On, before seeking out his mother’s help. He threatens to expose her true identity to her boyfriend Ben if she does not comply.

    Mother and son then await for Lucifer, who arrives inside his new vessel in Mamma Mia. Taking Lucifer by surprise, Rowena uses magic to paralyze Lucifer’s vessel while Crowley weakens it with acid. Lucifer burns in agony but he soon recovers. With his plan unsuccessful, Crowley flees the scene.

    In The Foundry, Crowley meets up with Castiel to join forces in tracking down Lucifer. Having searched Vince Vincente’s apartment, Crowley discovered the location of Vince’s sister Wendy. The demon and angel go to pay her a visit, but she is uncooperative, leading Crowley to threaten to steal her mobility, which was recently restored by Lucifer. Castiel insists on talking nicely, which helps them find out Lucifer’s current whereabouts. However, Castiel is both shocked and disturbed when Wendy mentions Rowena.

    Crowley and Castiel find Rowena (12x03)<img src=”×03%29.PNG/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/243?cb=20161029160759″ alt=”Crowley and Castiel find Rowena (12×03)” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley_and_Castiel_find_Rowena_%2812×03%29.PNG” data-image-name=”Crowley and Castiel find Rowena (12×03).PNG” width=”243″ height=”118″ >

    Crowley and Castiel find Rowena.

    Crowley explains to the angel how dangerous it is for Rowena to be by Lucifer’s side, since he suspects she will give her services up in exchange for her life, like she always does. The two track Rowena and Lucifer to a cabin in the woods, where they only find Rowena, enjoying tea and the scenery. As the three leave, Rowena admits her hatred for Lucifer, which is why she will help them re-seal the archangel should they manage to corner him. Crowley and Castiel then resume their search for the archangel.

    In Rock Never Dies, Crowley joins Castiel and the Winchesters in pursuit of Lucifer who has gone to Los Angeles to stage a concert in order to murder his vessel’s fans. Once they have the location, Crowley and Castiel personally confront Lucifer backstage while Sam and Dean try to lure the fans away. Lucifer manages to gain the upper hand and severely beats Crowley with a guitar, giving him a black eye. Lucifer ultimately escapes, his vessel dead and the gang forced to pursue him again.

    In LOTUS, Crowley continues to work with Castiel in tracking down Lucifer’s next vessel. The four discover that Lucifer has taken the president as his latest vessel. While Sam, Dean and Castiel travel to the president’s location, Crowley goes to retrieve his mother, only to find her arguing with her latest fiance, Louis. Crowley makes quick work of him and kills him instantly, and is a bit taken aback when Rowena says this is the nicest thing he has ever done for her. Mother and son share a smile.

    With Rowena at his side, Crowley travels to the president’s location and joins the other three in luring Lucifer into a trap so they can expel him from Jefferson and have Rowena cast a spell to banish him back into his prison. The plan is a success. Crowley then departs with Rowena, leaving the Winchesters at the mercy of the Secret Service.

    In First Blood, Castiel informs Crowley that Sam and Dean have been imprisoned by the Secret Service. He implores Crowley to get his minions who work in the government to help free the brothers, but Crowley reveals that none of them are aware of the brothers’ location. Much to Castiel’s horror, Crowley chooses not to get involved since he knows Sam and Dean will find a way out like they always do.

    In Stuck in the Middle (With You), Crowley sends two demons to stop the Winchesters, Castiel and Wally from attacking the Prince of Hell Ramiel, worried about the implications. While Crowley’s demons kill Wally, they are in turn killed by the Winchesters. As the Winchesters and Castiel regroup in a barn, Crowley appears to warn them of what they have unleashed upon themselves by attacking Ramiel. Crowley realizes that Castiel has been stabbed with the Lance of Michael and warns that there is no cure. At Dean’s urging and seeing the Winchesters as useful allies, Crowley attempts to talk Ramiel down to no luck and is thrown through the barn door with great force, knocking Crowley unconscious. After Sam kills Ramiel with the Lance of Michael, Crowley examines the Lance and realizes that its power comes from its craftsmanship. Crowley then breaks the Lance, saving Castiel’s life.

    Returning to his palace, Crowley panics over the theft of the Colt from Ramiel’s house and is taunted by Lucifer who is now Crowley’s prisoner in the same “dog cage” he once held Crowley in.

    In Family Feud, Crowley talks with Lucifer over the latter’s fate. Lucifer doubts things will go well for Crowley. When he mentions Kelly Kline, Crowley tells him that Kelly aborted his child, but Lucifer reveals his child is still alive, confirmed by the fact that he still can sense him. Crowley is angered, and when Dean calls him and asks to speak to Gavin, Crowley angrily refers to the brothers as “morons” for letting Kelly go. He also doesn’t allow them access to his son.

    Nevertheless, Gavin does meet with the Winchesters due to Rowena’s help. When Gavin is informed that his fiancee is currently terrorizing various teachers as a vengeful spirit because she suffered torment while on board Gavin’s ship (which Gavin failed to get on), Gavin decides to return to the past. He calls Crowley in order to bid him farewell, but Crowley is unwilling to let his son return to his death. Rowena paralyzes him with magic, forcing him to watch Gavin walk away, never to be seen again.

    Crowley believes Rowena intervened for a dark reason, and Rowena explains that by allowing Gavin to die, she has paid Crowley back for the death of Oskar. She has forced Crowley to experience the loss of one’s own child. Crowley is displeased to learn this, but also heart broken about losing Gavin.


    What’s the line? ‘Saving people, hunting things. The family business.’ Well, I think, the people you save, they’re how you justify your pathetic little lives. The alcoholism, the collateral damage, the pain you’ve caused…The one thing that allows you to sleep at night- the one thing is knowing these folks are out there. Still out there. Happy and healthy because of you. You great, big bloody heroes! They’re your life’s work and I’m going to rip it apart. Piece by piece. Because I can. Because you can’t stop me. Because when they’re all gone, what will you have left?
    — -Crowley threatening Sam and Dean
    in Clip Show
    Crowley-Goodbye Stranger<img src=”″ alt=”Crowley-Goodbye Stranger” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Crowley-Goodbye_Stranger.jpg” data-image-name=”Crowley-Goodbye Stranger.jpg” width=”190″ height=”285″ >

    Crowley with an Angel Blade.

    Crowley is suave, but he loves to use insults, sass and banter. He uses smooth, gratuitous sexual innuendo in an effort to make people uncomfortable and therefore give himself an advantage. Crowley is an efficient business man and while he prides himself on integrity, he will use any loopholes given to him to turn the situation to his benefit, proving the saying ‘be careful what you wish for’ to be more than true. This was more than evident in his dealings with Bobby; although he gave the Winchesters, Bobby, and Castiel the location of the Horsemen Death, Crowley willingly gave Bobby the use of his legs back but kept a hold of his soul, knowing that he would need it as leverage later. Crowley is incredibly narcissistic, believing that few, if any, are his equals. Crowley is also skilled in deceiving unsuspecting victims by appearing charismatic and alluring, as he was able to quickly entice Jody Mills during their encounter and almost every member of a family he planned to deal with described him as “charming”. Crowley has also called himself an altruist and a developer.Crowley’s main goal is self-preservation, and he is willing to sacrifice anything else for it. He is a survivor at heart, and will use any means to accomplish this goal. In fact, he tends to only lose his temper when his personal safety is threatened or when dealing with what he considers overwhelming stupidity. Crowley at times appears incredibly volatile under his smooth and charming personality, as when he has screamed at multiple people, including Dean and Castiel, when appearing calm only seconds before. As Dean described it, when dealing with Crowley, “he will always find a way to bone you”. A good example would be the finale of Season 7, in which he orchestrated the death and/or imprisonment of most of those he held a grudge against and also captured a prophet. He is not above making deals or alliances with his enemies when he feels it is beneficial for him. He is extremely opportunistic and his goal seems to be to expand the grasp of his power as he’s gone from “punk-ass crossroads demon” to King of Hell, and in Season 6 he was looking for Purgatory, as he called himself a developer, saying the monsters in Purgatory would help him.

    Demon-Eyed Crowley Crop<img src=”″ alt=”Demon-Eyed Crowley Crop” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Demon-Eyed_Crowley_Crop.png” data-image-name=”Demon-Eyed Crowley Crop.png” width=”250″ height=”140″ >

    Crowley rarely reveals his demonic eyes.

    Crowley is cunning, devious, and highly skilled at manipulating others. This is best demonstrated when he tricks Dean into impressing and getting the First Blade from Cain, successfully manipulating not just Dean but a large number of demons who he led to the slaughter. Despite his arrogance, he does not dismiss possible threats like the Winchesters as other demons do, but seeks to eliminate said threats, however at times he does let his arrogance get the better of him, especially if he feels certain he will win. He was also the only demon to realize that Lucifer must hate demons as much as he hates humans (which demons originally were). He leaves once he realizes that a situation is too dangerous for him to risk, but resolves himself when he knows that escape isn’t an option (such as derailing the Apocalypse once his betrayal was revealed to Hell and “accepting” death in “Meet The New Boss“). He thought up new ideas for how Hell ought to be run and tried to implement new ideas when he became its king; when other demons resisted this, he called them “evil, lying prats” and “stupid,” expressing the desire to kill them all at times. He is also seemingly sentimental as he is rather dismayed when Sam kills his pet hellhound. Crowley was also intelligent enough to work out where Castiel had hidden the Angel Tablet, even when Naomi and her garrison couldn’t. As the former King of the Crossroads, he is also extremely skilled at drawing up contracts and creating hidden agendas to trick his enemies. He was also clever enough to make sure it was Sam, not Dean, who signed his deal in “Sacrifice”.

    Beneath Crowley’s affable facade, he is cruel, sadistic, and merciless. He appears to be quite vengeful: he wants utter annihilation of the Leviathans when their leader insults him and also implies that he would like to see all demons destroyed; he kept secret the ramifications of using a Bone Of Righteous Mortal Washed In the Three Bloods of Fallen so that Dean and Castiel would be imprisoned in Purgatory; he killed Kevin‘s girlfriend in front of him; he threatened Linda Tran when she slapped him and later apparently tormented her so badly during her brief possession by him that she went catatonic. Crowley also has no problem killing children as he is willing to slaughter a nursery of infant shapeshifters to find Purgatory’s location and later bakes baby uvula muffins simply to get on Dick Roman’s good side. He was also willing to let a hunter, Tara, die in order to trick Dean and retrieve the First Blade, dismissing her as eggs that need to be cracked to make an omelette. Crowley has also shown to at times be extremely ruthless and wrathful to other demons. After both Lucifer and Abaddon were defeated, Crowley’s first course of action was to round up and kill all the demons who had supported his enemy.

    Crowley is shown to be a tough task master and inspires fear in many demons. A captured crossroads demon preferred death from the Winchesters than the alternative of facing Crowley. Even when Abaddon told demons of his “death,” some still feared him and refused to join until they witnessed proof of his demise. Crowley is also perhaps masochistic as he laughed at the idea of Sam and Dean torturing him and seemed to eagerly provoke Kevin to “beat” him in order to manipulate him.

    In Sacrifice, as Sam cured Crowley of his demonic nature, he seemingly starts to reveal that he wants to be loved. It’s possible, based on his reaction to his own confession, that this is true and his time being tortured in Hell twisted his desire to an megalomaniac need for power and respect. He also displayed some regret for his actions, asking Sam where he could even begin to ask for forgiveness while discussing Sam’s own confession to purify his blood. The ritual has been shown to have some lingering affects on Crowley, though he hid it. He developed a craving for human blood and still retained at least a few human emotions, such as enough affection for his son who he’d previously claimed to loathe to stop him from being sent back to his time to die, even though it could seriously effect history.

    Crowley is an accomplished tinkerer and innovator. He innovated various methods or techniques on harming his opponents, such as the case when he was torturing the Alpha Shapeshifter. He also possesses knowledge of how to produce more ammunition for the Colt. He also had the ingenuity to melt angel blades into bullets as a form of deadly weapon against angels. Crowley is a very capable strategist, a skill he has used and demonstrated multiple times to achieve survival or dominance. He has outplayed or outwitted many of his opponents, even those more powerful than him. In Devil May Care, it has been said by a crossroad demon that a lot of them still fear Crowley, despite him missing in action. The said demon was extremely loyal to her king, and showed no hesitation to voice out her reluctance to support Abaddon, who was planning to usurp the crown from Crowley.

    Following the attempt to cure him and their alliance to stop Abaddon, Crowley seems to have developed something of a trust in the Winchesters, coming when they call and trusting Dean’s word that he will return the First Blade to him. He also seemed genuinely fond of demon Dean and the idea of him ruling Hell at his side and was shown to be nostalgic about their time together. Rowena suggests that he has a fondness for the Winchesters bordering on seeing them as friends, not enemies anymore given all that he does for them. However, this trust seems to have been broken by Dean’s revelations in The Executioner’s Song that he lied to him at a time when Crowley clearly was taking him at his word.

    Notably, Crowley is also very resilient to torture and does not submit easily to whoever wishes to take control of him. He has withstood numerous beatings and comes out in the end appearing either proud or completely unfazed. Lucifer, a master torturer, is unable to completely break the demon despite going so far as the imprison Crowley and force him to wear anything but his beloved suit, which Crowley has admitted to being deeply fond of. However, if he truly feels like his life is threatened, he will succumb to his torturer’s wishes, as with the case of Amara, who demanded him to free Dean.

    Overall, Crowley retains his self-serving and self-preservation personality traits. He will force anyone to do as they are told on pain of death or that of their loved ones. He will also abandon anyone to save himself, as in the case with Rowena. His main goal as of yet is to become the King of Hell again, and to this end he wants Lucifer out of the picture.

    Physical Appearance Edit

    Crowley’s human appearance has so far only been shown in a portrait of him as a child. Here, he is shown to have fair skin and dark hair. He was said to have been a handsome individual, with “very athletic calves”. Upon his death and transformation into a demon, Crowley’s true form became red smoke, a unique color unseen by any other demon. Whenever he takes a vessel, his true eyes are red.

    Crowley’s primary vessel is a man of average height, slightly round with dark hair and light skin. He grew a beard post-season 6. Crowley prefers to wear expensive, dry-cleaned suits of dark colors. Except during the time he possessed Linda Tran and when Crowley wore disguises, Crowley is rarely seen wearing anything else by choice. When Lucifer took him prisoner, he forced Crowley to wear bright-colored clothing as an insult.

    Powers and AbilitiesEdit

    As the King of the Crossroads and later the King of Hell, Crowley is a very powerful demon, among one of the most powerful demons to appear in the series. This is perhaps best demonstrated by his single-handed slaughter of a nest of other demons off-screen in The Devil You Know (although he purposefully allowed one to escape). He ranks high in the hierarchy of Hell, at first presiding over other crossroad demons and serving as Lilith‘s right-hand man as the King of the Crossroads, then later becoming King of Hell. This title grants him much more power than he had previously.

    • Immortality – Crowley has an infinite lifespan and has the potential to live forever. He is not subject to disease or old age. He is over 354 years old
    • Supernatural Perception – Like all demons, Crowley can perceive Ghosts, Reapers, other Demons, and even Angels while humans cannot.
    • Super Strength – Being the King of the Crossroads Demons and then later the King of Hell, Crowley is endowed with incredible superhuman strength. He can press at least two tons and is stronger than humans, monsters, and average black-eyed demons; literally once taking on a hive of them simultaneously. Crowley also beat a demon on the head with a crowbar, whose head was in a bag that had a painting of a devil’s trap. He also effortlessly and brutally beat Meg, a middle level demon. He also broke a steel door down with virtually no effort and then proceeded to lift Kevin Tran off the ground by the throat and would have strangled him to death if Metatron had not intervened.
    • Invulnerability – Crowley cannot be harmed or killed by conventional means. In “Caged Heat“, he was hit over the head by Sam with a wrench and soon after Meg tortured Crowley by damaging his vessel’s insides and making him cough up blood, but Crowley quickly recovered both times and he has not shown any signs of lingering pain or damage from either attack since.
    • Super Senses – Crowley was able to smell that Castiel had been in Dean’s Impala and taste that the blood he and Raphael had been using was dog’s blood.
    • Super Stamina – Crowley stated while torturing Samandriel that he can remain physically active infinitely. He has also stated that he does not need to eat or sleep.
    • Possession – Like all demons, Crowley requires a human host, living or deceased, to manifest himself on Earth. He has been known to possess five people besides Castiel: his usual vessel, Linda Tran, Sam Winchester, Andre Devlin and Marnie.
    • Teleportation – Even before becoming King of Hell, Crowley could teleport himself and others over great distances with ease. He has proven to be quite proficient at this, as he was able to dodge Sam’s knife attacks by teleporting rapidly. He can teleport between Earth and Hell with no difficulty at all. He can change his clothes in seconds, as shown when he teleports from a massage to Dean.
    • Apporting – He once caused an angel blade to teleport into his hand and teleported Delta and Kevin Tran to another location by snapping his fingers.
    • Advanced Telekinesis – As a demon, Crowley can move objects with his mind. He is shown to be very efficient at this, and has telekinetically pinned, thrown, and trapped humans. He was able to destroy a street light by pointing at it. He also broke a girl‘s neck without touching her and lifted another to a considerable height before using molecular combustion to bloodily obliterate her. Furthermore, he was able to throw Deputy Jenna Nickerson against a ceiling with enough force to kill her. Crowley also was able to thrust Amara across a room. Doing such a feat to the Darkness further displays his mastery of this power.
    • Electrokinesis – He switched off a television by snapping his fingers in “Weekend At Bobby’s“.
    • Pyrokinesis – Crowley can create and manipulate fire. He conjured a blazing fire in the fireplace in “The Devil You Know” by pointing at said fireplace, and conjured flames to burn a message into a table in “There Will Be Blood” before they extinguished themselves. He was also capable of engulfing himself in fire and create the illusion that he was burnt to ashes. He was also able to extinguish a ring of holy fire by snapping his fingers and burn his mother’s hex bag.
    • Thermokinesis – Crowley made a painful burn on Sam‘s hand with a touch in “All Dogs Go To Heaven“. He also made Ruby‘s knife burn red-hot with a snap of his fingers in “We Need To Talk About Kevin” to make Dean drop it. In “Hell’s Angel“, Crowley was able to remotely scorch the words “Help Me” into the forehead of his vessel while fighting Lucifer inside of Castiel to get the Winchesters to save him. The effect didn’t last long and by the time Crowley returned to his vessel, the words were gone.
    • Reality Warping (by deals) – As King of the Crossroads, Crowley is able to warp reality in the form of a deal to a greater extent than other crossroad demons and can even undo contracts made by other crossroad demons.
    • Resurrection (probably by deals) – Crowley has the power to resurrect the dead if a deal is made, as he promised to bring Mary back for Samuel if Samuel helped him find Purgatory. Contrary to Azazel‘s claims in “All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 2“, Crowley may also have the power to resurrect the dead without a deal due to being King of Hell, as he claimed in “Family Matters” that he was the one who brought Samuel and Sam back to life; although his supposed resurrection of Sam was proven untrue, it was implied in “The Man Who Would Be King” that he did indeed bring Samuel back. However, Crowley has never resurrected anyone on-screen, leaving the potential and the limitations of this power unknown.
    • Invisibility – He rendered himself unseen and unheard by Dean in the flashback of “The Man Who Would Be King” while he talked to Castiel in Dean’s presence.
    • Voice Mimicry – He taunted the Winchesters by briefly imitating his usual vessel’s voice while possessing Linda Tran.
    • Spell Casting – Being the son of a witch, Crowley has stated his mother had taught him a “few tricks”. He has proved himself adept at Enochian warding magic. He also placed a spell that prevented creatures from escaping their vessels on an entire building in “Caged Heat“. He also learned the spell to bind Death in “Meet The New Boss“, which he passed onto Bobby and the Winchesters. He was also able to disguise his demons as Sam and Dean to fool Kevin Tran. In “Clip Show” he cast a spell to kill Sarah Blake with a hex bag hidden in Dean’s cell phone and previously caused Tommy Collins’ head to explode using a spell. He also used this in an attempt to kill Jodie Mills. He also used a spell to create an illusion that was powerful enough to trick Cain.
    • Biokinesis – He was able to cause a man to cough up blood.
    • Molecular Combustion – Caused Krista to explode into a shower of blood.
    • Terrakinesis (possibly) – Crowley may have the power to create tremors at a particular location. When he and his demons arrived at the church Kevin and the Winchesters were at in “We Need To Talk About Kevin“, one of them caused the grounds to shake to announce their arrival.
    • Memory Manipulation – Crowley states that he “scrubbed” Kevin’s short term memory, but noted that it was risky and didn’t want to have to perform it again.
    • Torturing – Crowley is shown to be skilled in torturing an individual, as seen when he tortured various monsters for the location of Purgatory or when he forced the names of the future prophets from the angel Samandriel. He is also skilled enough to break into an angel’s factory settings.
    • Immunity – Crowley can walk on hallowed ground. Although he finds being shot with rocksalt painful, he is not significantly affected by it, indicating that he may be resistant to salt. He was also able to resist and destroy one of Rowena’s Defigere et Depurgare hex bags.
    • Regeneration – Despite being shot by Dean Winchster, Bobby Singer and Abaddon, Crowley seems to have healed his wounds as there is no sign of them in his other appearances. He was stabbed by Meg with an angel blade and while his shoulder was briefly injured, the wound easily healed after a short while. Also, while Metatron severely burned his host’s skin with a burst of white light, Crowley’s vessel healed completely. Oddly, when Crowley vacates his host, his burn injuries do not seem to reappear.
    • Mental Manipulation – Crowley was able to implant every word of the English language into his son, Gavin’s, mind.
    • Animal Communication – Crowley is able to understand and talk to animals.
    • Sedation – When Crowley went to confront and capture Oskar for the spell to remove the Mark of Cain, he was able to render every other person in the diner unconscious in the blink of an eye.


    While Crowley is a powerful demon, he does possess a few weaknesses that are common to most demons.

    • Devil’s traps – Crowley can be caught in a Devil’s Trap and rendered powerless while inside. He can also be restrained by demonic handcuffs and chains. He is also vulnerable to Devil’s Trap bullets as both Abaddon and Sam have used one to restrain him. However, on both occasions, Crowley was able to eventually dig the bullet out of his flesh and free himself.
    • Holy water – Crowley can be burned with holy water and it causes him pain.  However, he does recover from it faster than the vast majority of demons.
    • The Colt – Like other demons, Crowley can be killed by the Colt.
    • Angel Blade – Crowley can be harmed and killed by an angel blade. Meg managed to hurt him by stabbing him in the shoulder with one, although he later described it as “merely a flesh wound.” Dean later stabbed him through his hand with an angel blade and it caused him pain, temporarily incapacitating him. Crowley managed to escape, however, leaving the angel blade stuck in the wall.
    • Demon-Killing Knife – Crowley has avoided this blade, and the Winchesters as well as Meg have once planned to use it to kill him. In The Prisoner, Crowey says that he isn’t afraid of “that tooth pick.” However, when Dean approaches him with the weapon after incapacitating him, Crowley is shown to be nervous indicating that it is effective against him.
    • Angels – Angels can overpower and kill Crowley. Crowley is vulnerable to their powers as he was burnt by Metatron‘s white light when Metatron saved Kevin. Also he admitted that Castiel could smite him. However, the reaper Ajay, was afraid of Crowley which implies that he is stronger than low level angels.
    • Higher Demons – Cain, a Knight of Hell, could render him powerless. Abaddon, another Knight of Hell, believed that she would be more than a match for him, though this is unconfirmed as they never fought directly and she had to take steps to prevent him from aiding Dean in their final battle.
    • The First Blade – Like all demons, Crowley can be killed by the First Blade.
    • Demon Curing Ritual – Following Sam’s attempt at curing Crowley with purified blood, Crowley once developed an addiction to human blood. While in his system, Crowley displays a great deal more humanity and sentiment, to the point where he seems almost human. The blood does not appear to physically effect him as he still possesses his powers and can overpower demons such as Lola. However, after having “sobriety” forced on him by the Winchesters, Crowley claims that he has embraced his addiction while maintaining a firm grasp on the situation.
    • Leviathans – As creatures that can kill angels, Crowley himself admits that the Leviathans would be able to kill him.
    • Magic – Powerful witches like Rowena was able to restrain Crowley’s movements. A team of demons and a witch had to remove the spell for him to be able to move in that vessel again.
    • Primordial Entities – God, DeathArchangels and the Darkness can effortlessly kill Crowley.
    • Exorcism – Crowley can be exorcised as seen when Sam exorcised him from Jimmy Novak. However, Crowley was able to return to his usual vessel afterwards rather than being sent back to Hell. However, this may be as Sam was using a more abbreviated version of the exorcism rather than the full one and had only exorcised Crowley to get him out of Jimmy’s body and save his life.

    Relationships Edit

    As the most recurring demon in the series, Crowley has developed many relationships.

    • Sam and Crowley – Sam and Crowley work with each other on and off. Sam has a tendency to try and kill Crowley whenever they’re enemies.


    • “Hello, boys.” (Crowley’s iconic phrase)
    • “So the Hardy boys finally tracked me down. Took you long enough.”
    • “Two months under a rock, like a bloody salamander! Every demon on hell and earth’s got his eyes out for me! And yet… here I am… last place I should be… in the road, talking to Sam and Dean Winchester, under a friggin’ spotlight!”
    • “Please. I’ve sold sin to saints for centuries. You think I can’t close one little demon?”
    • “That’s what you get, working with a demon.”
    • “Also might have given said toad the impression that you left your post last night because you and I are…wait for it…Lovers In League Against Satan. Hello, darling.”
    • “Let’s just say when they’re getting their Grammys, they shouldn’t all be thanking God.”
    • “Look, you’re right to be suspicious, but I’m your ally. The enemy of my enemy and all that. I need the Devil back in his stock. In fact, my delicate arse depends on it.”
    • “Paragraph 18, subsection B, which is on your naughty bits.”
    • “I thought that, when I got the corner office, it was all gonna be rainbows and two-headed puppies. But if I’m honest, it’s been Hell.”
    • “Evil, lying prats, the whole lot of ’em. And stupid! Try to show them a new way, a better way, and what do you get? Bugger all! You know, there are days that I think Lucifer’s whole spike anything with black eyes plan wasn’t half bad.”
    • “You don’t know torture, you little insect!”
    • “Really, Cass, this is getting ridiculous. How many times am I gonna have to clean up your messes?”
    • “The big lie, the Winchesters still buy it. The good Cass, the righteous Cass. As long as they get to believe it, you get to believe it. Well, I’ve got news for you, kitten: a whore is a whore is a whore.”
    • “I’m talking about happy endings for all of us, with all possible entendres intended.”
    • “Submit or die? What are you, French? How about resist!”
    • “Don’t worry about them? What, like Lucifer didn’t worry? Or Michael? Or Lilith, or Alastair, or Azazel didn’t worry? Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn’t underestimate those denim wrapped nightmares?!”
    • “It’s always your friends, isn’t it, in the end? We try to change, we try to improve ourselves. It’s always our friends who have to claw into our sides and hold us back. But you know what I see here? The new God and the new Devil working together.”
    • “You know what the difference is between you and me? I know what I am. What are you, Castiel? What exactly are you willing to do?”
    • “Never underestimate the King of Hell, darling. I know a lot of swell tricks.”
    • “I have one rule: make a deal, keep it.”
    • “This isn’t Wall Street, this is Hell! We have a little something called integrity.”
    • “You got what you wanted: Dick’s dead, save the world. So I want one little Prophet. Sorry, Moose. Wish I could help. You’ve certainly got a lot on your plate right now. Looks like you are well and truly on your own.”
    • “Well, if you’re going to make an omelet, sometimes you have to break some spines.”
    • “I know we’re not mates, Kevin, but one word of advice: run. Run far and run fast. ‘Cause the Winchesters…well, they have a habit of using people and watching them die bloody.”
    • “It’s all very West Side Story, but let’s be logical. You look like Hell, and I should know. You’re not up for this.”
    • “What on earth could you possibly need now, Viggo? I’ve given you every torture instrument known to man – short of a Neil Diamond album.”
    • “Just to be clear: you can’t find a hole in the ground, your co-workers have met an untimely demise… and you’ve lost my favorite chew toy? Brilliant. What’s that old expression? If you want something done right… blah, blah, blah.”
    • “Easy, love. If you remember our time in Mesopotamia the way I do, you remember: I’m a lover, not a fighter.”
    • “As you may recall: patience isn’t one of my virtues…well, I don’t have any virtues… but if I did I’m sure patience wouldn’t be one of them.”
    • “What you people never seem to understand is that you are nothing! Fleeting blips of light. I am forever!”
    • “I was born to direct.”
    • “You know why I always defeat you? It’s your humanity. It’s a built-in handicap. You always put emotion ahead of good, old-fashioned common sense.”
    • “Girls! You’re my Marnie, Moose. And Hannah. She just- she needs to be loved. She deserves it. Don’t we all? You? Me? We deserve to be loved! I deserve to be loved! I just want to be loved.”
    • “Would it be possible, Moose…I’d like…to ask a-a favor, Sam. Earlier, when you were confessing back there…what did you say? I only ask because, given my history…it raises the question…where do I start…to even look…for forgiveness?”
    • “Torture? Brilliant. Can’t wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier, really putting the S-A-M into S&M. Honestly, boys. What are you gonna do to me that I don’t do to myself just for kicks every Friday night?”
    • “I torture all my friends. It’s how I show love.”
    • “What’s the matter, darling? Cowardly lion got your tongue?”
    • “You ganky, putrescent skanger! It may look like bean counting to you, may lack a certain adolescent flare, but my way works! You think you can control Hell with chaos alone? Without the support of those who are still loyal to me?!”
    • “Your way will back fire. You will burn!”
    • “It’s a campaign. Hearts and minds, that’s what’s important. See, the demons have a choice: take orders from the world’s angriest ginger, and that’s saying something, or join my team where everyone gets a say, a virgin and all the entrails they can eat. So think on this, lads. Spread the word: vote Crowley!”
    • “Yes, yes, you’ll kill me. I love you too!”
    • “You’re good… but I’m Crowley.”
    • “I mean, I’ve been inside your brother… We are practically family.”
    • “You try to play me? I play the tune! Everyone else dances to it!”
    • “So difficult. Brilliant, ahead of your time, despised for it. Trust me, I know.”
    • “You’re lying to Sam like he’s your wife. Which kind of makes me your mistress.”
    • “So here’s the thing, boys and girls: we have a crisis. Admittedly a crisis of my own making. In my extended absence, where I handled sensitive matters of state, Abaddon made inroads into my following, creating chaos. So I look to you, my trusted advisers, to restore confidence, to soothe those jangled nerves. Spread the word: the King is back, and the kingdom is once again on sound footing. So, all those with me, say “yo!”
    • “You betrayed me?! No one in the history of torture has been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with!”
    • “To be clear, I’ll not be joining you ever! Except at your death scene, where I shall burst into song.”
    • “I mean I beat you, starved you, came home drunk, beat you some more, woke up hung over and…well, yeah, beat you. In all fairness, I didn’t really have any role models. My mother was a witch!”
    • “You’re negotiating with me? That’s my boy!”
    • “I’ll cheer the day when the last bit of humanity leaves me… Feelings!”
    • “You’ll be fine. Just avoid cheap whiskey and cheap hookers… Look at me, getting all fatherly.”
    • “So this is what you and Moose do, eh? Crisscross the country searching for evil, order your nitrates, partake of the local attraction? And you never get tired of the rat race? Never get the urge to just bugger off and howl at the moon? Never ask yourself, is this it? Is this all there is?
    • “Your brother, bless his soul, is summoning me as I speak. Make a deal, bring you back. It’s exactly what I was talking about, isn’t it? It’s all become so…expected. You have to believe me. When I suggested you take on the Mark of Cain, I didn’t know this was going to happen. Not really. I mean, I might not have told you the entire truth. But I never lied. I never lied, Dean. That’s important. It’s fundamental. But…there is one story about Cain that I might have…forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he, too, was willing to accept death, rather than becoming the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me…no, it wasn’t truly until you left that cheese burger uneaten…that I began to let myself believe. Maybe miracles do come true. Listen to me, Dean Winchester, what you’re feeling right now – – it’s not death. It’s life – – a new kind of life. Open your eyes, Dean. See what I see. Feel what I feel. And let’s go take a howl at that moon.”
    • “My pet? He’s my best friend, my partner in crime. They’ll write songs about us, graphic novels – ‘The Misadventures of Growley and Squirrel’. Dean Winchester completes me, and that’s what makes you lose your chickens.”
    • “Kids. Am I right? My day we respected our elders. Of course, anyone over thirty back then was ancient. Now forty-year olds are still living with mommy, lying on OKCupid and taking pictures of their-“
    • “Face it, darling, you’re an addict. Death is your drug. And you’re going to spend the rest of your life chasing that dragon.”
    • “You’re guilty of…something…which I won’t tolerate…whatever it was.”
    • “Why can’t you people just sit on clouds and play harps like you’re supposed to?”
    • “Gerald…a bordello? You opened a whorehouse in my name? […] I am evil, now that’s just tacky.”
    • “Wipe that ridiculous smile off your face. You want a medal? A ‘thank you’ for cleaning up the mess YOU MADE?”
    • “She was a horrible mother. Did I tell you the time that she almost traded me for three pigs? Three! I was an attractive child, I could juggle. I was worth five pigs at least. […] Don’t even get me started on the name, Fergus. Sounds like a venereal disease, and not the fun kind.”
    • “Mummy! Bored, suicidal, both?”
    • “I can. I’m bloody Crowley! I’m the King of Hell! I do what I want, when I want, and I don’t take orders from you.”
    • “You’re right. I am a monster and I’ve done bad. I’ve done things you can’t even imagine. Horrible, evil, messy things. And I’ve loved every damn minute! So, thank you, Sam. For reminding me who I really am.”
    • “The Quince cost me a major IOU with a Palestinian warlock. The gold from the calf – well, let’s just say I’ll be hanged under certain sexual-deviancy laws if I ever show my face in Jordan again.”
    • “The Darkness? Please. Myth. It’s a bedtime story. Something that daddy demons threaten toddler demons with to get them to eat their vegetables. Even if it was true, what’s the concern? Darkness, King of Hell — natural allies.”
    • “Oh, Dean. Adorable little Dean. I want that child, and I get what I want. You and Sam don’t understand, I’m not your bloody sidekick! We’ve had some good times, so I’m going to give you one chance, just one, to walk out that door, or I’m going to take you apart, atom by atom. Do you understand?”



    • Crowley may have died in a ditch surrounded by his own vomit. In The Things We Left Behind, it’s stated that Rowena always said he’d die like that and when asked about how he did actually die, Crowley quickly changes the subject.
    • Crowley is the longest surviving and most recurring antagonist in the series, with his appearances rivaling that of Azazel‘s, Ruby‘s, and even Meg‘s.
    • Crowley was among the multiple main antagonists of Season 6, the others being Raphael, Eve, and Castiel. He is also the main antagonist of Season 8. He served as an antagonist in Season 11 episode “Our Little World“, after which he became an ally.
    • Crowley’s name, as well as his initial characterization as a snarky British demon trying to derail the Apocalypse, is similar to one of the main characters of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch (called Anthony Crowley, who is coincidentally also a demon).
    • Mark A. Sheppard, who portrays Crowley in Supernatural, suggested in an interview that Crowley may not even be a demon, although this was disproved in the eighth season when Crowley’s red demonic cloud form and red eyes (when he possessed Linda Tran) were finally shown on-screen. And recently in season 10 his eyes were shown again via his original vessel.
    • Crowley is the longest running antagonist for five seasons (two of which he is the main antagonist). However, he is notably the “weakest” main antagonist, as despite being the King of Hell, he is still a crossroads demon. Though, despite this, Crowley seems to not be easily killed and has obtained multiple means of killing angels, such as numerous angel blades and even angel bullets for guns, which arguably puts him on par with a regular angel now.
    • Crowley is the most recurring demon in Supernatural, stealing the distinction from Ruby.
    CrowleySmokeForm<img src=”″ alt=”CrowleySmokeForm” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”CrowleySmokeForm.gif” data-image-name=”CrowleySmokeForm.gif” width=”245″ height=”245″ >

    Crowley in smoke form.

    • Unusually, his true form’s color is a dark red cloud rather than black like other demons, as shown in What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?, Road Trip, Blade Runners and We Happy Few. This matches his eyes as his eyes are red due to being a King of the Crossroads previously. However, other demons with different eye colors do not match their true form, as shown with Azazel and Lilith.
    • Crowley has assigned nicknames for Sam and Dean (which often reference Sam’s height). For Sam these include: Giraffe, Gigantor, Jolly Green and (most commonly) Moose. He has also given Dean the nickname: Squirrel, and the name “Not Moose” in his contact list on his phone. Their respective “Squirrel” and “Moose” nicknames are a reference to Rocky and Bullwinkle, who are called “Moose and Squirrel” by their antagonists. In the episode “Inside Man” Dean combats this by replying “Boris. Where’s Natasha?” referring to Rocky and Bullwinkle’s nemesis: Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatele.
    • He is the third character to be the main antagonist for two seasons, the first being Azazel and the second being Lilith; however, he is the first one to have a break (seventh season) between those two seasons in which he is not the main threat and to survive even after the second season that he was the primary villain.
    • He is the second demon whose past as a human has been revealed (the first being Ruby).
    • In Weekend At Bobby’s, he reveals that his favorite alcoholic drink is Craig scotch, aged at least thirty years.
    • It is implied that Crowley and the angel Naomi had a sexual relationship in Mesopotamia.
    • Crowley also claims he owns “the real Mona Lisa” and to some extent Alaska.
    • When Crowley calls the brothers, the number 666 flashes on the phone’s screen. 666 is usually a number associated with the Devil. He also uses a devil emoticon while texting Sam.
    • Crowley’s ringtone is Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-lot.
    • Crowley has been shown to be very good with obscure or difficult languages: he is fluent in Enochian and knows Elamite Cuneiform.
    • Crowley, along with Azazel (who possessed Tessa), is the only known demon to possess someone at the same time as an angel.
    • Crowley has stated that the host he uses most frequently is a “moderately successful” literary agent from New York.
    • Crowley seems to have an affinity for Adolf Hitler and/or the Nazi Party. In Abandon All Hope he is seen watching Nazi silent films in his mansion and in the Man Who Would Be King a Hitler-esque portrait of Crowley in a Nazi uniform (with a Devil’s Trident in place on his wrist band in place of a swastika) was visible in Crowley’s new and improved Hell. He also showed The Darkness Hitler speeches to “educate” her.
    • Crowley has so far possessed six individuals: A “moderately successful” literary agent from New York (his most common vessel), Linda Tran, Sam Winchester, Andre Devlin, Marnie and Castiel. However, he only possessed Linda to get the demon tablet and Kevin, possessed Sam to warn him about Gadreel, possessed Andre only to get information, possessed Marnie to get in contact with his minions so they could secure his first vessel and break Rowena’s immobilization spell on it, and posessed Castiel to try and bring him to expell Lucifer from his vessel.
    • Crowley, self-admittedly evil, states he has no virtues, but this is not strictly true. He has exhibited Ambition (striving to ascend to becoming the King of Hell), Diligence (delegating a lot of duties to his underlings and taking up tasks himself frequently), Honesty (while he enjoys loopholes, he demands that all demons honor their deals and maintain “consumer confidence” as well as integrity), Loyalty (he is not prone to betraying those with whom he makes alliances, something he calls out Castiel for doing) and Responsibility (commanding Hell’s forces and fighting for the interests of all demons at heart as well as his own). However, Crowley has not truly exhibited patience.
    • His name may be a reference to Aleister Crowley, an English Occultist, creator and self proclaimed prophet of the religion Thelema who was born in 1875. He was denounced in the popular press as “the wickedest man in the world” and sometimes labelled a Satanist.
    • His name also links to the crow, the bird of death, though this is unlikely connected to his character name and merely an amusing observation.
    • When Gavin learned that his father had become a demon, Crowley quipped, “A lot can change in 291 years,”[7] implying that he had died as a human that many years ago. Assuming that the episode (“King of the Damned“) in which this information was revealed took place around the same time as its air-date (May 6, 2014), that would mean that Crowley died around the year 1723 and at around the age of 62, as he was born in 1661.
    • Crowley displayed a possible fondness for Kevin Tran: when informed of his death, Crowley told Dean he warned Kevin it would happen if he didn’t leave.
    • While it is not known if his vessel was ever alive or was dead the entire time, after the events of Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, his vessel is dead for sure as Castiel stabbed it with an angel blade after Crowley vacated it. Despite this, Crowley was still able to return to his vessel, so it may have been dead the entire time.
    • Like Meg and Abaddon, Crowley displays a fondness for a particular vessel, always returning to his usual form even after vacating the body for various reasons. Even after he was forced to flee his body in Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, Crowley had his demons remove the spell immobilizing his form rather than find a new vessel.
    • When talking to Lucifer face-to-face, Crowley defined himself as “a mere acolyte, carrying Lucifer’s torch”, possibly indicating that Crowley holds some admiration for Lucifer’s disturbed ideology and ways. However, this suspect gesture of humbleness may be just a product of Crowley’s fear of the Devil, which makes pretty much sense, given that Crowley displayed to fear even the much weaker (than Lucifer) demon Cain very much..

    Castiel (Supernatural)









    Castiel (Supernatural)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Supernatural character
    Castiel (supernatural).jpg

    Castiel portrayed by Misha Collins in the TV series Supernatural
    First appearance Lazarus Rising
    (episode 4.01)
    Created by Eric Kripke
    Portrayed by Misha Collins
    Nickname(s) Cas
    Species Angel

    Castiel /ˌkæstiˈɛl/ is a fictional character portrayed by Misha Collins on the CW Television Network‘s American television series Supernatural. An Angel of the Lord, he first appears in the fourth season, and is used to introduce the theme of Christian theology to the series. In the series, Castiel brings Dean Winchester back from Hell and frequently helps him and his brother Sam in their battles with various demons and angels along the way. During his travels with the Winchesters, Castiel develops friendships with both men. As an angel, he possesses a number of supernatural abilities, including the ability to kill demons.[1] Initially, the character demonstrates complete devotion to God and little emotion. However, his interactions and experiences with Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester, as well as certain revelations about God and his fellow angels, have a humanizing effect on him. This, despite the stress and harm it causes his character, allows him to develop an independent will as the series progresses and helps the show address topics related to free will.

    Unlike the stereotypical portrayal of television angels, Castiel does not always help people, and is willing to kill innocents if needed. Collins originally read for the part of a demon, as series creator Eric Kripke did not want fans to find out that angels were being introduced to the series. Collins prepared for the role by reading the Book of Revelation, and based his portrayal on his younger brother. Critics and fans have responded highly favorably to the character. In response, the show’s creators expanded his role in the series, upgrading him to a main cast member in the fifth and sixth seasons. After being a special guest star in the seventh and eighth seasons, Collins was upgraded once again to regular cast member status for the ninth, tenth and eleventh seasons.


    Arrival on Earth

    At the end of the third season of Supernatural, main character Dean Winchester is in Hell after being killed by the hellhounds of the demonic antagonist Lilith. In the season four premiere “Lazarus Rising”, the angel Castiel is introduced as the one who brought Dean back from Hell and resurrected him. Because merely perceiving his actual form typically results in blindness,[2] he takes a human host – James “Jimmy” Novak,[3] a “devout man” who prayed for it – to communicate with Dean, and tells him that he has been brought back because God has work for him.[2] Lilith is breaking the 66 seals in order to free Lucifer, and Dean must stop her.[4]

    Castiel continues to appear throughout the season, at one point sending Dean back in time and later tasking him and his brother Sam with stopping witches from breaking another seal.[5][6] He returns with fellow angel Uriel at the end of the episode “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, seeking to kill Anna Milton, a fallen angel with the ability to “hear” the communications between angels.[7] In the following episode, “Heaven and Hell”, Anna uses an ancient Enochian sigil to send the angels away, though they manage to track them down later. Once there, Castiel expresses regret at having to kill Anna. Before they can carry out their duty, however, they are confronted by the demon Alastair and two of his minions. A fight ensues, and Castiel is nearly defeated in the battle by Alastair. He is saved by Dean, and they in turn are rescued when Anna regains her powers. Although Uriel nearly vents his frustration on Dean, Castiel stops him, and the two leave.[8] Castiel later becomes suspicious of Uriel and confronts him in “On the Head of a Pin”. Uriel admits he and certain other angels are now working together to free Lucifer, having grown weary of never hearing from God and jealous of His favoritism for humanity. He asks Castiel to join him, but Castiel refuses and attacks him. Uriel eventually overpowers Castiel, but is killed by Anna before he can strike the finishing blow. During this time, the orders he is getting from Heaven of questionable morality and the influence of Anna cause him to start to have doubts about Heaven’s plans.[9] He later returns in “The Monster At the End of This Book” to explain Chuck’s role as a Prophet and later when Dean calls him to help save Sam. Castiel informs Dean he can’t interfere due to how important Prophets are, but he impresses upon Dean how the archangel protecting a Prophet will intervene if said Prophet is in trouble to secretly let him know a way to save Sam.

    Jimmy Novak alone

    In “The Rapture”, Castiel enters Dean’s dreams and arranges a meeting to tell him something important. However, when Sam and Dean go to meet him, they instead find Jimmy, Castiel’s vessel, who claims to have little memory of his life as a vessel. Anna theorizes Castiel must have angered his superiors, prompting him to be taken back to Heaven. When Jimmy is shot at the end of the episode trying to save his family from demons, Castiel returns, taking Jimmy’s daughter as his new vessel. After the demons are killed, a dying Jimmy begs Castiel to take him back as a host so his daughter will not have to go through what he did, and the angel acquiesces. Dean then asks him what he needed to tell him, but Castiel coldly replies his loyalty is to Heaven, not to mankind or to him.[3]

    Servant of Heaven

    In “When the Levee Breaks”, Castiel has Dean take the oath of allegiance to God and His angels, to which Dean agrees under the impression it will keep Sam safe. Later in the episode, Castiel releases Sam, who is on detox from Ruby‘s demon blood, from Bobby’s Panic Room. When Anna confronts him about his actions, other angels appear and capture her.

    With Sam closing in on Lilith, Castiel and Zachariah imprison Dean within an idyllic waiting room, where he will be made comfortable until the time comes for him to play his role in stopping the Apocalypse. Dean refuses to remain idle, and continually requests to be able to see Sam, which is denied. Once Dean discovers the angels are allowing the Apocalypse to happen, he implores for Castiel to help him stop the final seal from being broken. Though Castiel refuses at first, he returns ready to help not long after. He takes Dean to see the prophet Chuck for information on Sam. Their presence does not fall in line with Chuck’s Gospel, so the Archangel Raphael begins to descend. Castiel sends Dean to Sam, remaining behind to hold back the archangel and any others who might come.[10] He is subsequently killed, with his host’s body being blown to pieces.[11]

    Fall to Earth

    However, Castiel later returns – still in Jimmy Novak’s body – in the fifth season premiere, “Sympathy for the Devil”, killing two fellow angels in order to save Sam and Dean. He is uncertain as to how he was resurrected, but alludes to Zachariah it may have been God’s doing. After ordering Zachariah away, Castiel carves Enochian sigils into Sam and Dean’s ribs to hide them from all angels, including Lucifer.[11] Castiel later returns to the brothers in “Good God Y’All!”, and reveals his plans to find God. He borrows Dean’s amulet, as it burns hot in God’s presence, and departs. He has also been completely cut off from Heaven as a result of his rebellion and has lost some of his powers as a result, including his ability to heal injuries.[12] He remains on Earth hunting for God, although acquires a cellphone so that the Winchesters can call for his aid when dealing with particularly challenging cases, such as their discovery of the Antichrist or their latest confrontation with the Trickster (who is revealed to be the lost archangel Gabriel).

    In “Abandon All Hope…”, Castiel helps the Winchesters retrieve the Colt, and joins them on their hunt for Lucifer. However, he ventures off after discovering hundreds of Reapers are already in the town, hoping to discover what has called them there. He soon becomes imprisoned by Lucifer, who tries to tempt Castiel into joining him, pointing out they are both targets of Heaven, but Castiel refuses. He later manages to free himself, but finds he no longer has the power to kill demons. After Sam and Dean fail in their attempt to kill the Devil, Castiel teleports them to safety.[13] After exhausting most of his remaining power to take Sam and Dean back in time to save their parents from renegade angel Anna,[14] Castiel aids the Winchesters in their battle with Famine, the Horseman of the Apocalypse – the brothers having already defeated War – but his weakened powers render him susceptible to Famine’s influence, Famine attacking Jimmy’s hunger for red meat to make Castiel more interested in eating burgers than actually fighting.[15] When the brothers are killed by vengeful hunters in “Dark Side of the Moon”, Castiel – unable to return to Heaven – briefly communicates with them. He tasks them with finding the angel Joshua, who communicates directly with God. Although Joshua reveals God is alive, he claims He is apathetic to the Apocalypse; having saved the brothers and Castiel, God feels He has done enough. When relayed to Castiel, his hopes and faith are shattered,[16] leading him to drink heavily in the subsequent episode “99 Problems” when Sam summons him for answers about the actions of the people in a town. Castiel reveals that they are dealing with the Whore of Babylon and provides the stake that can kill her, but as he is no longer a true servant of Heaven, is unable to do it himself. He gets Pastor Gideon so they can have him do it and tries to hold the Whore in place so the Pastor can stab her. However, she casts a spell that causes him great pain and knocks him out of the fight. In the end, Dean stabs her with the stake, identifying himself as a true servant of heaven.[17]


    In “Point of No Return”, Castiel helps Sam to keep Dean from becoming Michael’s vessel. He leaves after hearing a signal from the angels, and finds a resurrected Adam Milligan – Sam and Dean’s half-brother who had been previously killed by ghouls. When Dean escapes and tries to contact the angels, Castiel finds him, and angrily attacks him for making Castiel’s rebelling against Heaven worthless. Later, he carves a banishing sigil into his own chest and activates it in the presence of multiple angels in order to clear the way for Sam and Dean to attack Zachariah and save Adam. The effects of the sigil send him onto a fishing boat, now completely human. Despite his lack of power, he is able to defeat the Horseman Pestilence using what appears to be what little is left of his angelic strength, and assists Bobby and Sam in preventing nationwide distribution of the Croatoan virus.[18] In the fifth season finale, “Swan Song”, Castiel loses faith after Sam fails to overpower Lucifer when he possesses him and suggests they get drunk and wait for the end to come. When Dean refuses to give up, Castiel and Bobby follow him and Castiel uses a Molotov cocktail of Holy Fire to temporarily banish Michael to buy Dean time to try to reach Sam. Angry that Castiel attacked his brother, Lucifer obliterates Castiel with a snap of his fingers. After Sam and Dean avert the Apocalypse, Castiel is resurrected once more by God, now more powerful than ever. He heals Dean’s injuries and resurrects Bobby and reminds Dean that he got what he wanted: no Apocalypse, no Paradise, just more of the same. Castiel then heads back to Heaven to restore order and become its new leader, believing it to be in chaos as Sam trapped Michael in Lucifer’s Cage as well.

    Post-Apocalyptic alliances

    A year after the Apocalypse, Castiel returns to Earth in “The Third Man” to get Sam and Dean’s help to find the Staff of Moses, which, along with many other weapons of Heaven, has been stolen during the war. They soon discover that the angel Balthazar has stolen it and sold pieces of it to people in exchange for their souls. They confront Balthazar, but are interrupted by Raphael. Before Raphael is able to get his revenge against Castiel, Balthazar destroys Raphael’s vessel and sends him back to Heaven. After trapping Balthazar within a ring of ignited holy oil and forcing him to restore the souls he has taken, Castiel sets him free, claiming his debt has been paid off.[19]

    In “Family Matters”, Castiel returns to “diagnose” Sam by asking him several questions. Sam, still dizzy and unsure of what is going on after being knocked unconscious by Dean, reveals that he no longer sleeps and has become a better hunter. Castiel has an idea of what’s wrong and decides to read Sam’s soul by reaching inside him, and the truth is finally revealed: that Sam has no soul, and it was locked in the cage with Lucifer. Both Dean and Castiel are unsure whether Sam is still Sam without his soul, but they let Sam go and Castiel heals his wounds from being beaten by Dean.[20]

    In “Caged Heat”,[21] Sam tries to trick Castiel into coming to Earth to help the brothers get Sam’s soul back. When he comes, Sam threatens Castiel saying that if he does not help, then he will hunt him down and kill him. Despite knowing Sam never could, he helps them. Later, while Sam and Dean are doing research, Castiel discovers porn on TV; when Dean asks why he was watching porn, he replies, “It was there.”

    Castiel later discovers Sam and Dean are working with a demon named Meg, whom he refers to as an abomination. When Crowley admits that he cannot get Sam’s soul back, Castiel burns Crowley’s human remains.

    At the end of the episode Castiel explains to Sam and Dean that the celestial war is not going well for him and he would rather be on Earth with them, but leaves anyway to continue fighting, but promises to take care of Crowley’s captured monsters first. After acquiring the holy weapons from Balthazar in “The French Mistake”,[22] Castiel suggests that he now has a military advantage in the war. Unfortunately, this advantage seems limited; he orders Balthazar in “My Heart Will Go On”[23] to save the Titanic, spawning 50,000 new souls to empower his side. However, Fate works to undo the impossible births and begins killing them. Once the brothers encounter the string of odd deaths Fate takes this opportunity to eliminate them due to their part of undoing the destined Apocalypse. This forces Castiel to concede the loss and re-sink the Titanic.

    In “Frontierland”, Sam and Dean call for Castiel to send them back in time as they have learned that the ashes of a Phoenix can kill Eve and that Samuel Colt killed one in the past with The Colt. Rachel, Castiel’s lieutenant comes instead and berates the boys for only calling for him when they need something of him, but Castiel arrives himself and sends Rachel away. Castiel is able to send Dean and Sam back in time, but warns them that he has to retrieve them in 24 hours or they’ll be stuck in the past forever and tells Bobby to pray for him when the time comes. While waiting, Rachel approaches him about his plans and attacks him. Castiel kills her, but is left weakened by a stab wound she managed to inflict on him first. Castiel manages to teleport to Bobby’s and draws a sigil to hide himself from the other angels before passing out. He wakes in time to retrieve the Winchesters, but his weakened state prevents this so he is forced to draw power from Bobby’s soul. While Dean killed the Phoenix, Castiel brought them back before they could gather the ashes so it all appears for nothing and he lacks the power to send them back. Luckily, Samuel Colt collected the ashes and sent a package with them to be delivered to Bobby’s after the boys return.

    In “Mommy Dearest”, it is discovered that there is a possibility Crowley may have faked his death and might still be alive; suggesting that perhaps Castiel had burned the wrong bones by mistake. Eve reveals this to Sam and Dean when they try to hunt her down. During the hunt, Eve is able to suppress Castiel’s powers as she is older than him. After Dean kills Eve, Castiel’s powers return and he kills all of her monsters with a blast of white light before transporting the group to the home of the uncle of two young boys who were turned into monsters. There, they find them dead, having been killed by demons, and Castiel promises to look into Crowley’s possible survival to find out for sure if he’s dead or not. However, Castiel is instead seen with a very alive Crowley who states that he is “tired of cleaning up after [Castiel’s] messes”, implying that Castiel had full knowledge of burning the wrong bones and that both he and Crowley have some sort of agreement between them and/or may be working together as partners.

    In “The Man Who Would Be King”, it is revealed that Castiel was the one who partially raised Sam from Hell, though due to the complication of the cage it was impossible to retrieve his soul, and that he has made a deal with Crowley in a desperate attempt to win the war. Sam and Dean also learn of his partnership with Crowley when he slips up and reveals he is spying on them.

    In “Let it Bleed”, Castiel is enraged to learn that Lisa and Ben Braeden have been kidnapped by Crowley and tries to get him to reveal where they are to no avail. Castiel saves Dean from a demon and tries and fails to convince him to back off. Later, after Lisa is mortally wounded by a demon possessing her in an attempt to force Dean not to exorcise her, Castiel arrives at the hospital and without being asked, heals her wounds and at Dean’s request, erases all of her and her son Ben’s memories of Dean. He does this as a final act of friendship towards Dean though both admit it doesn’t change the fact that they are now enemies. Castiel also spends the episode one step ahead of Bobby investigating H.P. Lovecraft’s opening of Purgatory in an attempt to find a way to open it himself.


    In “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, Castiel tricks Crowley and Raphael, eventually absorbing the souls from Purgatory. He demonstrates his new power by killing Raphael with a simple snap of his fingers. While talking to Dean, who unsuccessfully begs him to give up the power, Sam sneaks up behind them and attempts to kill him with an angelic blade by stabbing Castiel in the back, but it has no effect. Castiel removes the blade, explains that he is no longer an angel, declaring himself their new God. He then glances at the three hunters before delivering an ultimatum: to profess their own loyalty and love unto him, or be destroyed.

    In “Meet the New Boss”, Castiel begins exacting his new supremacy over the planet, working miracles and punishing religious hypocrites alike. However, when Castiel’s vessel begins to become damaged and he begins to lose control of his power, Death reveals that he also absorbed creatures known as Leviathans from Purgatory. The Leviathans will destroy him if they are not released. Castiel seeks out the Winchesters’ help, and reopens the portal with Death’s assistance. Although the souls are returned, the Leviathans evade reentering Purgatory and take control of Castiel’s vessel. In “Hello, Cruel World”, the vessel begins to quickly break down. The Leviathans are forced to leave, dispersing into the local water supply nearby and leaving behind only Castiel’s trench coat.

    Return to madness

    In “The Born-Again Identity”, it’s revealed that Castiel survived. After the Leviathans left him, he made his way out of the river, naked, and ran into his future wife Daphne. However, the experience renders Castiel amnesic, but with his angelic powers intact. Going by the name “Emanuel”, Castiel used his powers to heal people, though he didn’t know where that ability and his power to see demon’s true faces came from. After Sam is committed to a mental hospital as a result of the hallucinations of Lucifer he is suffering due to Castiel breaking his “mental wall”, Dean searches for “Emanuel” and kills a demon that is holding his wife hostage. Castiel agrees to help Dean who doesn’t tell him who he really is, but mentions what “Cas” had done to Sam. The two are joined by Meg, but upon reaching the hospital, find demons surrounding the entrance. As Castiel is the only one who can take them all down, Dean is forced to tell him the truth about who he really is and insists he has the power to kill the demons. Castiel manages to summon his power to kill demons and kills all of them, but doing so restores his memories. Castiel shows remorse for his previous actions and initially wants to leave, but Dean is able to convince him to help by giving him back his trench coat. Castiel finds Sam in time to save him from a demon torturing him to death with electro-shock therapy and tries to restore his mental wall, but can’t as it’s completely gone. Feeling sorry for what he had done, Castiel transfers the problem to himself and is haunted by visions of Lucifer like Sam was. Castiel is committed to the mental hospital, but is safe from the demons as only Meg knows he’s alive and she takes a job at the hospital, presumably to look after him. In “Party On, Garth”, Dean calls Meg and she reveals that Castiel’s in the same condition, which Sam feels guilty about.

    In “Reading is Fundamental”, Castiel is awakened when the Word of God – a tablet with information inscribed by an angel as dictated by God – is found by Sam and Dean. Although his torment has driven him insane, he explains that taking on Sam’s pain has helped relieve some of his past burdens. He then explains what the Word of God is, but is unable to read it. Two angels from his former garrison arrive in pursuit of Kevin, a prophet who was awakened by the Word of God and drawn to it. The angel Hester tries to kill Castiel out of anger for his past actions, but she is instead killed by Meg. The other angel offers Castiel the chance to return to Heaven with him, but Castiel declines, explaining that he feels he no longer belongs there. The other angel then leaves, taking Kevin away to safety. Castiel comments to the Winchesters that he finds it amazing that he does not know what he is going to do next, and teleports away after giving them his blood.

    In “Survival of the Fittest”, after finding his garrison wiped out, Castiel has Meg take him to the Winchesters where he explains what he has discovered. Crowley arrives and is furious to see him, but Castiel no longer has a wish to fight and when Crowley realizes he’s insane, he decides to put off his feud with Castiel for a time when he’s sane again. Crowley, after giving them his blood, disappears but tells them Castiel can help them kill Dick. Castiel refuses to help as he doesn’t want to fight and after he disappears to retrieve a board game, Meg explains that since Castiel had the Leviathans within him, he is able to tell them apart even in their human forms and can pick out the real Dick Roman. Castiel watches as Sam and Dean burn Bobby’s flask and put him at rest and later takes Dean to where he has stored the Impala and agrees to help. Castiel, Sam and Dean infiltrate Sucrocorp thanks to a distraction from Meg and he and Dean confront Dick Roman in the labs. Dick throws Castiel across the room when he tries to attack, but after Dean fails to kill Dick, Castiel holds his head in place from behind allowing Dean to stab Dick through the neck with the weapon, killing him. As a result of this, Castiel and Dean are sucked into Purgatory with Dick’s soul and after letting Dean know this and that they are more likely to die than get out, Castiel disappears, leaving Dean alone.

    Out of Purgatory

    In “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, Dean escapes Purgatory with the help of the vampire Benny, but Castiel is not with him. He later tells Sam that things got hairy near the end and that Castiel didn’t make it, that he “let go”. While Dean doesn’t elaborate, he is clearly affected by this. In a flashback scene, Dean is shown looking for Castiel in Purgatory, interrogating a vampire for his location. As a result, he meets Benny and only agrees to Benny’s deal to get out if they find Castiel first and help him escape too. Castiel appears in flashbacks in the following episode, where he reveals that he fled Dean to keep him safe from the Leviathans and other monsters that are angry at Castiel, but Dean refuses to leave Purgatory without Castiel. When talking with another angel at an auction for the second Word of God tablet, Dean again states that Castiel did not make it out of Purgatory. He later escapes with the aid of an army of angels sent to rescue him – having initially remained behind as penance for his actions to stop a duo of Leviathans that were trying to attack Dean and Benny as they left Purgatory – but the other angels not only erase his memory that they were responsible for his escape, but also erase his memory of their subsequent ‘check-ins’ to discuss the Winchesters’ actions, with Castiel forced to tell them about the Winchesters’ progress in the search for the tablet. Apparently back to full power, Castiel helps the Winchesters save Kevin from Crowley – who has been abducting future Prophets to try to find another means of reading the Word of God tablet – and destroy the tablet to prevent Crowley using it, retaining half of the tablet while Crowley flees with the other half. Afterwards, in “Hunteri Heroici”, Castiel cuts off his ability to listen into the other angels and decides to become a full-time hunter to avoid facing the other angels about what he has done. Castiel proves instrumental in solving the case, using his abilities to enter the mind of a man with reality warping powers, allowing Sam to bring him back to reality with a speech about not running from it. Later, at the request of the man, Fred, Castiel strips him of his powers so he is no longer a danger to anyone though it leaves him mentally damaged. Castiel, having listened to Sam’s speech about running from reality as well as Fred, decides to return to Heaven to try to make up for what he did, but is forbidden by Naomi, the angel who ordered his rescue. Instead, Castiel stays to watch out for Fred for a while, but accepts that he can no longer run from what he has done.

    In “Torn and Frayed”, as his penance, Castiel has turned back on his “angel radio” and travels around helping people who have need of help or healing. He demonstrates this by healing a sick infant that won’t stop crying. After getting a distress call from Samandriel, Naomi summons Castiel to rescue the angel. Castiel enlists Dean’s help and repeatedly wonders where Sam is, unaware that Sam and Dean are currently not getting along. After getting the ingredients for a “demon bomb”, Castiel gets Sam as they will need all the help they can get to rescue Samandriel and yells at Sam and Dean for their behavior. At the warehouse, Castiel tells Sam and Dean what symbols to neutralize and where so he can enter and gives Sam his sword so he has a weapon against demons. After Sam and Dean clear the way, Castiel enters, but is weakened by the other sigils in the building. Samandriel’s screams cause him to remember being tied down by Naomi who approaches his eye with a mysterious instrument and is unable to help Sam and Dean in breaking into the room where Samandriel is. After they get in, Castiel frees Samandriel while Sam and Dean deal with the demons guarding him and takes the other angel outside. There, Samandriel begs for Castiel not to return him to Heaven and tries to warn him that “they” are controlling him. Before Samandriel can explain, Naomi forces Castiel to kill him for being a “traitor”. Castiel is horrified by this, but Naomi reveals that Samandriel telling Crowley about the angel Word of God tablet puts all in angels in danger and Castiel is a hero. Under her orders, he claims to Sam and Dean that he was forced to kill Samandriel in self-defense and that he is taking him back to Heaven to put him to rest (in reality so Naomi can determine just how much he broke), but his weird behavior and the fact that his eye starts bleeding arouses Sam and Dean’s suspicions that he is being controlled.

    On the run from Heaven

    In “Goodbye Stranger”, Castiel has been completely brainwashed by Naomi and has killed thousands of copies of Dean ruthlessly. Castiel is sent to find the angel tablet and tortures and kills the demons also looking for it, drawing Sam and Dean’s attention. Sam and Dean track down someone who knows the location of one of Lucifer’s Crypts where the angel tablet is and in ensuing scuffle, Sam ends up in trouble. Castiel saves Sam and captures one of the demons, claiming under Naomi’s orders that he is searching for the second half of the demon tablet and that the demons are searching for a parchment that will allow them to translate it without a Prophet. Castiel tortures the demon who tells them where to find Meg, but kills her before she can reveal the truth to Sam and Dean. Castiel heads off alone and rescues Meg who explains what the demons really want. While Naomi initially wants her killed to prevent that, Castiel is able to make a case to keep her alive. The group then go to the warehouse where the crypt is and before heading inside with Dean, Castiel reveals that Sam is damaged by his trials on a level that even Castiel can’t fix. Castiel and Dean locate the angel tablet and Castiel has to have Dean get it as it is warded against angels. However, Naomi orders Castiel to kill Dean and though he fights it, he has no control over his actions. As he is about to kill him, Dean manages to break through to Castiel’s heart and he breaks free of Naomi’s influence. He picks up the angel tablet which completely severs Naomi’s connection to and control over him. Castiel heals Dean and explains what happened, but senses that he must now protect the tablet from everyone, even Dean. Castiel is later seen traveling on a bus to an unknown destination with the tablet. Despite losing the tablet, Naomi is somewhat satisfied as according to her, Castiel is doing what he is supposed to be doing. Naomi later comes to Dean. In an attempt to gain his trust, presumably because she knows Castiel is one of his weak spots, she lies to Dean about Castiel and claims that he misinterpreted everything she has done and is still insane. Dean, of course, doesn’t believe her. Despite this, Castiel is eventually captured by Naomi’s forces, but the angel tablet is claimed by Crowley after one of Naomi’s angels betrays their location, although this gives Castiel time to escape and reunite with the Winchesters after killing the angel guarding him.

    Metatron’s betrayal

    With Heaven in chaos, Metatron (the Scribe of God, recently rediscovered) convinces Castiel that they must seal the gates of Heaven to force the angels together to make peace. The first trial is to cut out the heart of a nephilim, the child of a human and an angel, which Castiel is forced to kill when the selected target attacks him. They manage to complete the second trial (retrieving the bow of a cupid), but Metatron subsequently reveals that his true intentions are to exile all the angels from Heaven for forcing him to leave Heaven ages ago. He takes Castiel’s grace from him as the third ingredient for this spell, leaving Castiel human and banished to Earth before the other angels begin to fall as well.

    Back to humanity

    With the angels expelled from Heaven, many of them begin searching for Castiel, whom they believe is responsible. Castiel decides he wants to help his fallen brethren find “direction” when he encounters an angel named Hale who requests his guidance. When Castiel contacts the Winchesters, however, Dean tells him to leave Hale and make his way the Men of Letters bunker where he will be safe from the angels hunting him. Following this, Castiel attempts to leave Hale behind but is captured by her instead whereby she reveals her plans to possess him. Castiel escapes and kills Hale then continues to make his way to the bunker, abandoning his usual attire along the way. Castiel is nearly caught several times by the angels searching for him and gets a tattoo that will ward him against angels. In response, the angels send freelance Reapers after him and he is eventually caught by one of them. The Reaper tortures Castiel and kills him when the Winchesters show up to rescue him. Dean has the angel secretly possessing Sam heal Castiel and takes him back to the bunker but later asks him to leave when Ezekiel, the angel inside Sam, requests it.

    Castiel gets a job at a gas station and attempts to adjust to his new life as a human. He helps Dean hunt a rogue angel that is killing people in emotional pain, but later prays for help when Dean sends him away for the second time on Ezekiel’s orders. Castiel is found by the neutral angel Muriel who heard his prayer. Muriel agrees to provide information but the two are captured by angels that have been trailing Muriel. Castiel and Muriel are taken to the anarchist angel Malachi, the leader of one side of the angel civil war (the other side being headed by the angel Bartholomew), and tortured for information on Metatron. Muriel is killed in the process.

    Stolen Grace

    Eventually, Malachi leaves Castiel with the angel Theo who tells Castiel he wants to defect to Metatron’s side. Castiel tricks Theo into releasing him and steals his Grace, transforming Castiel into an angel once more and at least restoring his powers. Castiel calls Dean and tells him that while he was held captive by Malachi he learned that the angel Ezekiel is dead and so the angel possessing Sam must be an impostor.

    After being contacted by Dean, Castiel, now wearing a new suit and trenchcoat and driving a stolen car as he can no longer teleport, returns to the bunker where he comes up with the plan to have Crowley help expel Gadreel from Sam. Castiel knocks Gadreel out and comforts Dean when the torture they have Crowley perform to bring forth Sam’s mind proves too much for Dean. Castiel is furious to learn that it is Gadreel, blaming him for all the evil in the universe, but Dean calms him down. When Gadreel proves resistant to their efforts to expel him, Dean tries to have Castiel possess Sam to let him know of the situation but he can’t without Sam’s permission. Crowley agrees to do it instead in exchange for his freedom and though Castiel is reluctant, he removes Sam’s anti-possession tattoo. The plan works and Sam expels Gadreel. After leaving Crowley to deal with Abaddon, Castiel heals Sam’s injuries from the torture and informs him he can finish his healing from the Trials over time as Gadreel did most of the job. He remains behind with Sam as Dean leaves on his own.

    Facing Metatron

    With his angelic powers partially restored, Castiel sets out to try and stop the angelic civil war. Having killed Bartholomew in self-defence, Castiel takes command of most of the Earth-bound angels, but finds himself opposed by Metatron, who is rallying angels to his side with the intention of painting Castiel as the villain of the piece. Although Castiel learns that his stolen grace will kill him eventually, he refuses Metatron’s offer to side with him, eventually convincing Gadreel to ally with him in opposing Metatron’s attempt to stage a coup of Heaven even as Metatron tricks the other angels into follow him by presenting Castiel as a despot willing to destroy everything to win the war, convincing angels to ‘suicide bomb’ themselves and claim that Castiel told them to do it. Having gained access to Heaven’s ‘back door’ after Gadreel sacrifices himself, Castiel defeats Metatron and throws him into Heaven’s prison.

    Lack of Grace

    Despite his defeat of Metatron and access to Heaven having been restored, Castiel continues to face challenges on a personal and large scale, as some angels prefer to remain on Earth and his stolen Grace continues to consume him. Although Metatron has hinted that he may be able to help Castiel with a remaining fragment of his original Grace, Castiel has rejected the option of making a deal with Metatron to save his own life. Sam and Dean remain ignorant of Castiel’s fate, although Crowley is aware of Castiel’s condition, at one point killing another angel to transfer her Grace to Castiel so that Castiel could help Sam cure the now-demonic Dean after he was transformed by the Mark of Cain.

    When Hannah decides to return to Heaven to give her vessel a chance at returning to her life, Castiel is prompted to look up Jimmy’s daughter Claire, revealing that Jimmy has been ‘dead’ and in Heaven ever since Jimmy’s body was destroyed during his first confrontation with Raphael. Although Claire initially resents Castiel’s return to her life, she comes to accept him and the Winchesters after they save her from being sold as a prostitute by a man she believed had been helping her.

    Grace restored

    Seeking to help Dean find a cure for the Mark of Cain, Castiel breaks Metatron out of Heaven and removes his Grace so that the Winchesters can interrogate him. Although he fails to provide any new information, Metatron is able to lead Castiel to the library where he hid the remaining fragments of Castiel’s Grace. With his powers restored, Castiel helps Claire find her long-lost mother, but although Amelia sacrifices herself to save Claire, Claire accepts that the Winchesters and Castiel meant well, even speculating that she will become a Hunter herself. When Rowena – Crowley’s long-lost mother – casts a spell to remove the Mark, she also casts a spell that causes Castiel to attack Crowley while she escapes, leaving Castiel driven by a greater rage to the point that he kills two angels until Rowena is forced to cure him.

    Lucifer’s Vessel

    Faced with the threat of the Darkness – revealed over the course of the series to be God’s ‘sister’, sacrificed to create the world – Castiel agrees to act as Lucifer’s vessel when Lucifer claims to be the only one with the power to defeat the Darkness, since God is absent and all other archangels are dead or insane. After killing Rowena, apparently the only person capable of re-opening the Cage, Lucifer spends some time re-establishing his power base in Hell while acting as Castiel to interact with the Winchesters and follow their research into Amara, but his true identity is revealed after the Winchesters attempt to travel back in time to recover a Hand of God from a submarine before it sank in 1943. Castiel is able to regain control long enough to explain the situation to Sam and stop himself killing his friend, Dean subsequently banishing Lucifer and vowing to find a way to free Castiel from his control. Crowley, forced to act as Lucifer’s slave, is forced on the run after he fails to kill Lucifer with another salvaged Hand of God. The Winchesters manage to get through to Castiel when preparing for a new confrontation with Amara, but Castiel resolves to remain as Lucifer’s Vessel until her defeat, only for the Hand of God to fail against Amara’s power. With Castiel/Lucifer now Amara’s prisoner, she decides to torture an archangel to try and lure God out, leaving the Winchesters to speculate that Lucifer couldn’t use the Hand of God due to the fact that he is a fallen archangel. Lucifer is eventually rescued when God returns – revealed to be Chuck, the author who wrote the Winchester Gospels – with God/Chuck healing Lucifer and apologising for his past actions. Although Lucifer is apparently killed in the later confrontation with Amara, Castiel is healed and returned to control of his body, although he is then banished when a member of the London branch of the Men of Letters attacks the bunker to punish Sam’s past actions.

    Quest for Lucifer

    Castiel is able to collect himself in time to return to the bunker and help Dean and the resurrected Mary Winchester find and rescue Sam. However, upon learning that Lucifer has escaped destruction, now jumping through vessels that rapidly burn out due to his weakened state making it harder for him to maintain them, Castiel sets out to find Lucifer, accompanied by Crowley, although their first attempt simply sees Rowena banish Lucifer’s new vessel to the bottom of the ocean without actually managing to kill him.


    Castiel typically displays very little emotion and always exhibits an extremely somber disposition. Although it has been suggested angels possibly do not possess the ability to truly feel emotion, Castiel frequently exhibits affection towards Dean.[8] This attachment and growing ability to feel even causes him to be “demoted”, as his superiors fear emotions are clouding his judgment.[9] Throughout his appearances in the fourth season, he also seems to, at the very least, come close to expressing regret, hesitance, and anger several times, and has once quietly laughed at a joke Dean made in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”. Actor Misha Collins feels, through Dean, “[Castiel is] learning a little bit about humanity and re-learning something about [his] own humanity from that exposure. So…there’s a humanizing of Castiel going on.”[24] Castiel begins having an internal struggle between what is right and what is wrong, and whether or not to obey orders from Heaven. Collins feels this is because interactions with Sam and Dean have made the angel “uncertain” and “more fragile”. Collins believes Castiel envies Dean’s decisiveness and desires to emulate him.[25] Having lost his connection to Heaven in the fifth season, Castiel’s humanization seems to have quickened by the episode “Free to Be You and Me”, as he appears extremely anxious while in a whorehouse, is visibly distraught when asking Dean for help, and refers to the Archangel Raphael as “my little bitch”.[26] Despite becoming very arrogant when he becomes the “new God”, Castiel still shows his caring side and ultimately returns the souls to Purgatory and shows remorse for his actions, promising to Dean to find a way to redeem himself in Dean’s eyes, showing that he cares about how Dean views him. After losing his memory, Castiel is more human than ever, but still displays some of his emotionless side. After his memory returns, he shows real regret when he can’t undo the damage he did to Sam and essentially sacrifices himself to save him out of remorse for his actions. After Castiel wakes up from his catatonic state, he is now depicted as insane with tendencies to ramble about random topics. However, parts of Castiel’s original personality are still shown with him still being happy to help Sam and Dean out and still knowledgeable about various supernatural things, but not willing to actually fight anymore even when his life is threatened. Castiel describes himself as “bad luck” and doesn’t believe he should be around the Winchesters as a result. After traveling to Purgatory, Castiel regained his sanity, but still carries a lot of guilt about his previous actions. He is also now less distant from Sam and Dean and more appreciative of human things such as television.

    Contrary to depictions of angels in popular culture, Castiel and his peers are not out helping people in need. Contrary to his angel siblings he has a conscience and cares about humanity’s welfare—he finds humans to be “works of art”.[6] Speaking of his character, actor Misha Collins stated, “I think that these angels are at least loosely derived from some Biblical angel stories, and those angels are [very tough]. They just destroy. I picked up Revelations, and they destroy, they destroy, they destroy. There’s no mention of cherubs and harps or any of that.”[24]


    Collins at the 2009 Supernatural Comic Con International panel in San Diego

    The character was created for the fourth season to introduce Christian mythology to the series.[27] With series creator Eric Kripke wanting to keep the introduction of an angel a secret, the character was described as a demon during auditions.[28] Once Collins got the part, the main direction Kripke gave him of the character was there is “an otherworldly quality to the character, and that he hasn’t been up close with human beings. He’s been watching human beings from a great distance for the last two thousand years, so angels haven’t been on Earth mingling with human beings for the last two thousand years. So when [he is] interacting with human beings, there’s a naive curiosity about their behavior. It’s as if [he is] inspecting some sort of alien beings.” As well, director Kim Manners wanted to see a “piousness” to Castiel.[28] Kripke based Castiel’s appearance on the comic book character John Constantine.[29]

    To prepare for the role, Collins read the Book of Revelation.[28] As well, Collins has said he somewhat based his character around his younger brother, who has something “angelic about him”, as he “has this way of, very calmly, just staring into someone’s eyes” making one feel “like he can get into your soul.”[30] To avoid the biblically toned dialogue from sounding too “campy”, Collins does his best to “play it as real as possible”.[31] Because Castiel’s true voice shattered windows in his premiere episode, Collins decided to use a “gruff, resonant voice” for the character.[32] However, when portraying the angel’s host Jimmy Novak, he tried to create a distinction between the two characters, providing different physical and personality traits,[33] as well as using a “more boyish kind of sound” for Jimmy’s voice.[32]

    Speaking of the fifth season and Castiel’s more frequent interactions with humans, Collins commented, “Obviously the big joke is that he doesn’t understand human beings and how they behave. And there is something inherently funny in that, especially if he’s the straight man.” The actor noted he was a little hesitant at making the character into “the funny guy”, and was apprehensive about some moments in the early episodes of the season. However, he believes the writers have found “the line”, allowing for the jokes to be “more subtle” and “a little more believable”.[34]


    Critical response to the character has been extremely favorable. Castiel ranked ninth on‘s top ten list of best new supporting characters of 2008.[35] The staff and voters of TelevisionWithoutPity both agreed Castiel was the 2008–2009 Most Welcome New Character on television,[36] and BuddyTV‘s John Kubicek listed him as one of the ten “TV Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Offs”.[37] TV Squad ranked him as the top reason to watch the series, noting the “slightly awkward, frighteningly precise angel… has done an amazing job of selling the underlying menace and vengefulness of God’s most heavenly creatures.”[38]

    Karla Peterson of The San Diego Union-Tribune described the concept of Castiel as “genius” and the actor Collins as “fabulous”.[39] Deeming Castiel to be a “fascinating new element”, Diana Steenbergen of IGN ranked Castiel fourth in her list of the “Ten Things We Love About Supernatural”. She posited that Collins plays the role with “somber intensity”, and “brings a sense of curiosity about humans to the character”. The angel’s interactions with Dean were “one of the highlights of the [fourth] season”.[40] She especially praised Collins for his dual role as Castiel and the angel’s host Jimmy Novak in the episode “The Rapture”, and wrote, “It is a tribute to Collins’s acting that the audience knows immediately that the person we are seeing is not Castiel.”[41]

    Fan response to the character has also been positive.[31][42][43] Collins believed that the character would end up being just another role for him, and never expected such a reaction from the fans.[44] According to him, “The enthusiasm that I’ve been met with is something new and not something I’m really prepared for.”[42] The character was originally intended for only a six-episode story arc,[43] but his role was rewritten to continue throughout the rest of the season.[30] Upon Supernatural‘s renewal for a fifth season, Collins was promoted to a series regular, something he believes to be mainly due to fan support.[44]












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    I’ve been tortured by the Devil himself. So you, you’re just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?”
    — Sam, speaking to Lady Toni Bevell
    in Keep Calm and Carry On

    Samuel “Sam” Winchester (born May 2, 1983) is a hunter as well as a Man of Letters, along with his older brother Dean. He is one of the main protagonists of Supernatural. Both Sam and Dean are related to the Winchester and Campbell families – a Letters family and a Hunting family respectively. The pair also share a bloodline with Cain and Abel. Because of this, Sam was predestined to be the true vessel of the fallen archangel Lucifer (whilst Dean was Michael‘s). Sam is friends with angel Castiel, Prophet Kevin Tran, the demon Meg and former lover turned enemy of demon Ruby. He is also the occasional reluctant ally of demon Crowley and for a time was forced to be an unknowing and unwilling vessel for the angel Gadreel (before expelling him).

    After the demon Azazel killed their mother, both Sam and Dean were raised in the hunting life by their father John. Sam left the Hunting life to pursue a career in law, and most likely would have married his college sweetheart Jessica Moore. At the series’ start, Sam was reluctant to start hunting again. When Jessica was killed, he was pushed back into the hunting life. However, he has been repeatedly known to try and back out of Hunting in the hope of finally having a normal life as he wanted.

    Sam is very mentally strong, evidenced by his ability to overpower possession by Lucifer. It has been argued that he is the smarter or more intelligent of the Winchester brothers, although Sam himself would disagree.

    Over time, Sam has resigned himself to the hunting lifestyle and has repeatedly sacrificed himself for the greater good, highlighting his selfless nature.




    Early Life

    Samuel “Sam” Winchester was born on May 2, 1983, to John and Mary Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas. He is the couple’s second child, four years younger than his older brother Dean. When Sam was exactly six months old, on November 2, 1983, his mother, Mary, was killed in his nursery by the Yellow-Eyed demon, Azazel. Mary walked into Sam’s nursery while Azazel was feeding the infant demon blood attempting to turn him into one of the special children. He has developed slight mental trauma due to this day and doesn’t like Halloween.

    Supernatural101 057

    John hands infant Sam to Dean before telling him to run outside to safety.

    Infant Sam is saved from the ensuing fire when his father takes him out of his crib and gives him to a four year old Dean, who then carries him outside. John unsuccessfully tries to rescue Mary and becomes somewhat emotionally unstable.Sam and Dean spent their childhood moving from town to town while their father hunted the supernatural being that had killed their mother. He trains his sons in Hunting and kills anything supernatural he comes across. As soon as able, Sam was left in the care of Dean. However, when Dean grew old enough to go on hunts with John, Sam was left alone.

    Sometime in the late 1980s, John was hunting a Shtriga in Fort Douglas, Wisconsin and left Sam and Dean alone in a hotel room. While watching a TV show as Sam slept, Dean got bored and went out. But when he came back, he found the Shtriga feeding on Sam. John arrived quickly, providing the suspicion that he used his children as bait.

    Until he turned 8 years old, Sam believed his mother had died in a car accident and his father was a traveling salesman. When he found his father’s journal, he demanded that Dean explain. Dean confirmed the existence of the paranormal. When Sam was nine years old, Sam created an imaginary friend named Sully, who unknown to him was a Zanna sent to guide him. Sully was there for Sam when he wasn’t allowed on hunts. He attempted to encourage Sam to run away and live his own life, but when John changed his mind and permitted Sam to accompany him and Dean, Sam rejected Sully as a fake, causing his imaginary friend to leave. When Sam was eleven he spent his Thanksgiving with another family. He remembers it fondly as it was (according to Sam) his first actual Thanksgiving; for the other Thanksgivings he and Dean would have a bucket of extra crispy chicken while their dad would pass out on a couch. Sam loved this memory so much that it actually appeared on his road to Heaven, which shows only the happiest and most loved memories of a person’s life. Sam started hunting alongside his brother and father around the age of twelve. However, he began to crave a normal life without monsters when a teacher of his, unaware of the whole story, encouraged him to seek alternatives to “the family business.” On the 4th of July 1996 Sam and Dean snuck out to a field with fireworks where, according to Dean, they had burned the field down – this is one of Dean’s Heaven-Road memories, and, as they share a heaven, also one of Sam’s.

    Dean frequently left Sam at Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie before going to hang out with girls, which is possibly a cause for Sam’s fear of clowns. When Sam was about 15, John and Dean left Sam alone to hunt a kitsune while Sam compiled the research for them so they could kill it properly[1]. This is where he met Amy, who, unbeknownst to Sam, was the daughter of the kitsune that John and Dean were hunting. Sam eventually learned his friend was a kitsune but decided to let her go when she had killed her own mother to save his life. Later on, Dean killed her, betraying Sam’s wishes and request for him to leave her alone.

    At some point Sam ran away to Flagstaff, Arizona while Dean was watching him. He stayed there for 2 weeks and while he was there he took in a dog and called it Bones. Sam eventually went to Stanford University, but was unable to return to his family, as John had forbade him from returning. While there, he had a long-term relationship with Jess. A year after that, their father got closer in looking for the thing that killed their mom, and left Dean to hunt solo. A few years later, John went missing, so Dean fetched Sam from Stanford and they both go looking for him. This is when the series starts.

    Season 1


    Sam: “I swore I was done hunting for good.”
    Dean: “Come on, it wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that bad.”
    Sam: “Yeah? When I told Dad I was scared of the thing in my closet, he gave me a .45.”
    Dean: “Well, what was he supposed to do?”
    Sam: “I was nine years old! He was supposed to say, ‘Don’t be afraid of the dark.’
    Dean: “Don’t be afraid of the dark? What, are you kidding me? Of course you should be afraid of the dark! You know what’s out there!”
    Sam and Dean
    in Pilot
    101 221 0001

    Sam witnesses Jessica’s death on the ceiling of his bedroom.

    In much of Season 1, the Winchester brothers hunt down mystical creatures and urban legends like the Wendigo, folklore’s Bloody Mary, and Shapeshifters. Generally, each episode revolves around a relatively uniform structure: the brothers find a case and solve it.

    Although Sam’s brother, Dean, has been mainly responsible for gathering hunting leads at this point, Sam’s episodes of precognition and telekinesis soon direct them to where several of their hunts take place.

    At the start of the series, Sam is a senior at Stanford University who is applying for law school. Sam also has a girlfriend, Jessica Moore, with whom he lives and is secretly planning to marry. One night, Dean comes to Sam’s apartment to seek his help after their father goes missing; although reluctant at first, Sam eventually accompanies his brother. After defeating the Woman in White and discovering a trail to find their father, Sam returns to Stanford. Upon his return, Sam witnesses Jessica’s murder in the same style of his mother’s, prompting him to embark on a journey with his brother to find their father and kill the demon responsible. Sam does not get over Jess’ death quickly, but by the end of season 2, she is almost never mentioned.

    One of the first instances when Sam experiences precognition is in Home: he awakens from a vision of a woman screaming from the second story window of the Winchesters’ old house. Afterwards, Sam insists they find out what’s going on. When Dean refuses until Sam gives him good reason, Sam eventually confesses that he “has these nightmares” during which he can foresee terrible events. This is also when Sam tells Dean that he had nightmares about Jessica’s death days before it had occurred. Dean initially dismisses his brother’s abilities as coincidence and is overwhelmed with the idea of going home. In contrast, this is one of the many moments when Sam’s desire to know the truth outweighs his emotions.

    In Scarecrow, the tension between Sam and his father becomes clear when John calls Sam to tell him important information regarding a separate hunt. When Sam asks to know where John is, John insists that Sam “just does his job” and takes down some information, also saying that Sam and Dean are not allowed to help him in the fight against Azazel. Sam also displays increasing resentment towards Dean for unquestioningly playing the role of a dutiful son to their father’s requests. Once on the road, they begin discussing the hunt their father has asked them to go on and Sam confronts Dean about his loyalty to John.

    While Dean is persistent in learning more about the new hunt, Sam decides to go look for their father in Sacramento, California. During his journey, Sam runs into another lone traveler by the name of Meg Masters, a spunky blonde who takes an immediate interest in Sam. Although acquaintances, the two soon begin to develop a kinship due to their similar feelings of resentment towards their families. Later in the episode, it is revealed that Meg is in fact, a demon. Later, Sam and Dean reconcile when, to Sam’s surprise, Dean praises his brother’s ability to stand up to their father. When Sam tries to call Dean the next day, he tries for three hours unsuccessfully until he decides to go looking for him. Throughout this episode and especially during this moment, Sam displays a loyalty to his family unlike what is seen in Dean; while Dean is keen on following orders from John regardless of where he lands, Sam is more likely to go wherever he believes his family needs him, despite what anyone (family included) has to say.

    Samnightmare<img src=”″ alt=”Samnightmare” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Samnightmare.jpg” data-image-name=”Samnightmare.jpg” width=”250″ height=”160″ >

    Sam seeks confirmation for his vision of a man’s murder.

    Sam has another premonition in Nightmare when a man’s murder is staged to look like a suicide. Dean is still reluctant to believe Sam’s ability though this becomes another hunt that is determined by yet another one of Sam’s visions. When the brothers arrive at the scene of the man’s murder in Michigan, Sam becomes more perplexed with his ability and Dean begins to place more trust in Sam’s premonitions. Throughout the rest of the episode, Sam continues to successfully predict the murders of innocent people. Later, the brothers learn that the murders have been at the hands of a troubled young man by the name of Max Miller. Here, Sam has a waking vision, a first at this point, of Max confronting his stepmother with a kitchen knife that will undoubtedly end in her murder. After learning of the man’s troubled past, Sam’s first impulse is to try and talk Max out of murdering his stepmother, insisting that they both share similar qualities. During their conversation, Sam learns that Max’s real mother was killed years ago in his nursery while he was sleeping, which becomes the first time Sam has heard of another sharing his experience. Sam begins to wonder if there is a connection between his abilities and his own mother’s death for the first time. This is also the first episode when Sam’s ability to move objects is revealed when Max almost kills Dean.

    In Shadow the brothers learn the real identity of Sam’s old acquaintance friend, Meg Masters, when she plots to use the boys as bait for their father, John. This episode is also a good example of the contrast between Dean’s “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality and Sam’s more methodical approach to think things through; Upon learning the true identity of Meg, Dean insists they interrogate her right away when Sam suggests they learn who she’s been having private meetings with first. Sam also expresses his desire to live a normal life “when this is all over”, much to Dean’s disappointment. “Dean, when this is all over, you’re going to have to let me go my own way.” (Sam to Dean in “Shadow” 1.14)

    Dean: “I don’t want you to leave the second this thing’s over, Sam.”
    Sam: Dude, what’s your problem?”
    Dean: “Why do you think I drag you everywhere, huh? I mean, why do you think I came and got you at Stanford in the first place?”
    Sam: ” ‘Cause Dad was in trouble. ‘Cause you wanted to find the thing that killed Mom.”
    Dean: “Yes, that, but it’s more than that, man! You and me and Dad … I mean, I want us to be together again. I want us to be a family again.”
    Sam: “Dean, we are a family. I’d do anything for you. But things will never be the way they were before.”
    Dean: “Could be.”
    Sam: “I don’t want them to be. I’m not gonna live this life forever. Dean, when this is all over, you’re gonna have to let me go my own way.”
    — Sam and Dean arguing about the future
    in Shadow
    Samlaughs<img src=”″ alt=”Samlaughs” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Samlaughs.jpg” data-image-name=”Samlaughs.jpg” width=”200″ height=”185″ >

    Sam cracks a smile during one of the many pranks he pulls on Dean.

    Sam and Dean bust out with a bit of comic relief as they pull pranks on each other throughout Hell House. Otherwise methodical and often serious, Sam unleashes his more humorous side with antics like leaving Dean to start his Impala with the radio set to what sounds like Latin music on full blast and putting super-glue on Dean’s beer. Dean, in turn, puts itching powder in Sam’s underwear. Sam also enjoys mocking the Ghostfacers (who make their first appearance in this episode) during their random encounters.

    In Something Wicked, the audience sees their first peek into Sam’s childhood, before he knew anything about “the family business”. The viewer also begins to see a glimpse of the bond that exists between Sam and Dean as brothers. As young children, it seems that Sam looked up to Dean a lot more than he ever looked up to John; most likely because John was almost never around. It becomes clear that Sam is the more pure and innocent of the two when he refuses Dean’s suggestion to “dangle a kid like meat on a hook” in order to kill a witch. In the end, they decide to go through with the plan. It is learned during this episode that Sam was once almost killed by the very same witch they are hunting.

    For the first time since Jessica’s death, Sam finds romance with Sarah Blake, an art dealer’s daughter, in Provenance. The brothers come across a murder in which a mysterious painting is the culprit and they must find out how to stop it from happening. Unwilling at first, Sam decides to take Sarah out for dinner as a means of gaining information about the painting. During their conversations, Sam takes a liking to Sarah despite his conflicting feelings of guilt. Later, Sarah becomes one of the first few women in Sam’s life who learns about Sam and Dean’s real line of work.

    SamandJohn<img src=”″ alt=”SamandJohn” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SamandJohn.jpg” data-image-name=”SamandJohn.jpg” width=”250″ height=”145″ >

    Sam confronts John.

    The brothers are reunited with their father in episode 20, Dead Man’s Blood. John claims that a man named Samuel Elkins taught him everything he knows about hunting and that he needs his gun, the Colt, for some unknown purpose. The tension between Sam and John becomes increasingly clear when John insists they go after a nest of vampires in search of the Colt. En route to the vampires nest, Sam pulls to the side of the road and initiates an altercation with John, demanding to know where they’re headed and why. An enraged argument ensues until Dean is able to separate the two. Later, Sam and John reconcile and resume their search for the Colt. After Sam and Dean prove their strength as hunters, John agrees to let the brothers help him in his fight against Azazel.

    With every reason to believe they have a lead on Azazel and now armed with the legendary Colt, the three Winchesters head out to Salvation, Iowa in Salvation. When he learns more about his past and Azazel’s habits from John, Sam begins to feel overwhelming guilt for the murder of his mother, Jessica, and the seemingly random families that Azazel is targeting. Sam has another waking vision of a family being attacked in the same fashion Mary and Jessica were killed, presumably because he was within walking distance of the home in which it is set to take place. Around the same time, Sam also tells John for the first time about his visions and nightmares.

    Shortly thereafter, Sam receives a call from Meg asking to speak to John. They discover that she is the one responsible for killing John’s friends and says she won’t stop until she gets the Colt. From there, John leaves the brothers once again to pass off a fake Colt to Meg in hopes that she will cease the murders.

    As Sam and Dean wait outside the home of the family who is about to be attacked, Sam makes sure to tell Dean “thank you for always being there. . . just in case.” This shows that Sam truly values his relationship with his brother and the realness of their mortality when up against Azazel. This is also the first moment Sam outwardly expresses his appreciation for Dean as his older brother.

    It'sStillInThere<img src=”″ alt=”It'sStillInThere” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”It%27sStillInThere.jpg” data-image-name=”It'sStillInThere.jpg” width=”250″ height=”232″ >

    Sam looks on at the flaming house to see Azazel’s silhouette still inside.

    They end up saving the family, although they fail to confront Azazel as they watch his silhouette in the second story window of the burning home. Afterwards, Sam expresses immense guilt for not stopping the demon and anger towards Dean for not allowing him to run inside the house. At this point in the series, Sam has become more invested in the hunt for Azazel, showing more conviction than even John or Dean at times. When Dean tries to convince Sam there was nothing they could do to stop the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Sam goes into a rage and throws Dean against the wall. Dean pleads with Sam, saying that the three of them is all he has and that he refuses to let Sam die. Sam immediately realizes that John hasn’t responded to their calls and demands they go looking for him again.

    Dean: “I mean it. If hunting this thing means getting yourself killed, then I hope we never find the damn thing.”
    Sam: “That thing killed Jess. That thing killed Mom.
    Dean: “You said it yourself once. No matter what we do, they’re gone and they’re never coming back.”
    Sam: (shoves him against the wall) “DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT! Not you! Not after all this!”
    — Sam’s obsession in killing Yellow Eyes
    in Salvation

    Devil’s Trap begins where the last episode left off when Dean calls John only to hear Meg’s voice on the other end. At this point in the season, Sam’s regard for logic and reason seems to have gone out the window as he’s become more careless in his thoughts and actions, and more obsessed with avenging the deaths of his mother, Jessica, and possibly his father’s. However, Sam still struggles noticeably with the idea of exorcising Meg knowing that once he does, she will die from her wounds. Once she is exorcised and passes away, Sam once again assumes the role of astute researcher, looking for ways to outsmart their enemies on their trek to rescue their father.

    When they meet up with John, Dean realizes that John is possessed by Azazel and is ready to fire the Colt when he and Sam are thrown against the wall. When Azazel challenges Sam to make the gun float to him, Sam is unable to use his ability unlike previously seen in Nightmare. However, it is during this episode when Sam begins to learn more about Azazel’s plans for him “and all the other children” like him.

    Once John is able to regain control of his body for a fleeting moment, the hold on the brothers is released. Dean is in bad shape when Sam grabs the Colt and shoots Azazel’s vessel in the leg. Sam is soon thrown into a terrible dilemma when John yells for him to shoot while Azazel is still occupying his body. In the end, Sam is unable to kill his father and shoots him in the leg causing Azazel to leave John’s injured body and escape once more. The conflict that takes place in Sam’s mind is evidence that despite his and John’s past misunderstandings, his loyalty and love for his family is a bond not about to break, even if it means ending the hunt for the Yellow-Eyed Demon. On the contrary, John expresses his frustration with Sam for not shooting him when he had the chance.

    The season finale concludes with Sam, Dean, and John leaving Salvation, Iowa when they become the victims of a horrific crash; While a very injured Sam is driving the Winchesters to the hospital, a semi-truck crashes into them, causing massive damage to Dean’s Impala with the Winchesters inside. At this point in time, their fate is uncertain at best.

    Season 2


    Dean: “I thought that once the demon was dead and the fat lady sings, you were going to take off. Head back to Wussy State.”
    Sam: “I’m having second thoughts. [..] I think Dad would’ve wanted me to stick to the job.”
    Dean: “Since when do you give a damn what Dad wanted? You spent half your life doing exactly what he didn’t want, Sam.”
    Sam: “Since he died, okay? Do you have a problem with that?”
    — Sam’s change of heart
    in Everybody Loves a Clown
    2013-10-06 2342<img src=”″ alt=”2013-10-06 2342″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”2013-10-06_2342.png” data-image-name=”2013-10-06 2342.png” width=”250″ height=”246″ >

    Sam in Season 2.

    In the first episode of this season, In My Time of Dying, Sam confronts the demon-possessed man who is responsible for the collision that occurred at the end of Season 1. The demon backs down and exits the man’s body before the Winchesters are airlifted to a hospital in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In desperation, Sam unsuccessfully checks to see if John or Dean are even alive. Later, John wakes and despite his wounds, Sam is able to move about the hospital. He is in pieces when he learns that Dean’s injuries are life-threatening.

    SamAngry<img src=”″ alt=”SamAngry” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SamAngry.jpg” data-image-name=”SamAngry.jpg” width=”250″ height=”158″ >

    Tensions between Sam and John rise again in “In My Time of Dying” (2.1)

    When Sam visits his father, John sends him off with a list of items he needs from Bobby. Although he is unsure of what John is planning to do, he soon finds out from Bobby that John is planning to summon a demon. Outraged, Sam confronts John about his seeming lack of concern for the welfare of his family. During the altercation, a glass of water crashes to the floor which causes them to believe it could be Dean in an attempt to contact them from ‘the other side’. Afterwards, Sam promptly falls into research mode and acquires a Ouija board in an attempt to confirm their suspicions.Here, a part of Sam’s personality is revealed to have more faith in peculiar methods of communicating with the dead and therefore appears to be more open-minded to certain devices that Dean might consider cliche. In addition, once Sam learns that a reaper is after his brother.

    In the end, it is John’s sacrifice that saves Dean rather than Sam’s ingenuity. During the conversation between John and the Yellow-Eyed Demon, it is revealed that John knows “about Sam and the other children” like him.

    Sam demands to know where John has been when Dean wakes up from his coma, to which John replies he was “out taking care of some things.” Sam is ready to argue when John calmly insists he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Puzzled at his father’s sudden agreeableness, Sam leaves to get John a cup of coffee only to return to his father’s body lying on the floor of John’s hospital room. The final scene cements the looming and painful guilt Sam experiences for reacting defensively during his last moments with John.

    Everybody Loves a Clown takes place roughly a week after their father’s death. Sam shows his expertise with cracking codes for the first time in the series by gaining access to John’s voicemail and tracing a message from a woman named Ellen. The brothers soon learn that Ellen Harvelle and husband William were once friends of John. They soon embark on a hunt involving murderous clowns who are possessed by demons. Sam’s intense fear of clowns is first revealed in this episode.

    Tensions between Sam and Dean beginning with this case when Dean questions Sam’s quickness to jump on the case. Dean experiences resentment towards Sam, who now seems more willing to do what he thinks their father would have wanted him to do. At the end, Sam admits that what he is doing is too little too late.

    I miss him, man. And I feel guilty as hell. And I’m not alright. Not at all. . . but neither are you.
    — Sam speaks about their father to Dean
    in Everybody Loves a Clown

    In Bloodlust, Sam is put off when they meet a hunter by the name of Gordon Walker. Said hunter is Sam’s diametrical opposite, seeing no shades of gray when it comes to hunting. This contrast is illustrated when Sam is kidnapped and then set free by a vampire named Lenore. When Gordon finds the vampires, he is ready to kill when Sam insists they are harmless to humans.

    Sam delves deeper into the role of researcher and finds many of the brothers’ leads. Sam begins to search for psychic children like him to find out Azazel‘s plan of which they are a part. After meeting Andrew Gallagher and his psychotic twin Ansem Weems, other “special children”, Sam begins to fear every one of them are meant to become murderers, himself included. Eventually Sam learns from Dean that before their father’s death, John told Dean that Azazel is planning to turn Sam evil and that Dean must save him but if he cannot Dean must kill him. Although angered at his father and brother upon learning this revelation, Sam concludes to save as many people as possible so that he can change his destiny and forces Dean to promise to kill him just like their father asked if he went evil.

    The more people I save, the more I can change. […] You have to watch out for me, alright? And if I turn into something I’m not … you have to kill me. […] Who knows what I might become? Even now, everyone around me dies!
    — Sam to Dean
    in Playthings
    Born-Under-A-Bad-Sign-Sam-Winchester-PicSpam-sam-winchester-4191437-1024-577<img src=”″ alt=”Born-Under-A-Bad-Sign-Sam-Winchester-PicSpam-sam-winchester-4191437-1024-577″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Born-Under-A-Bad-Sign-Sam-Winchester-PicSpam-sam-winchester-4191437-1024-577.jpg” data-image-name=”Born-Under-A-Bad-Sign-Sam-Winchester-PicSpam-sam-winchester-4191437-1024-577.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    A possessed Sam holds Jo captive

    In Born Under a Bad Sign, Sam is possessed by the same demon responsible for Meg‘s possession in Season 1. It is also hinted at that this is also the same demon that led to the death of Ellen‘s husband. It becomes clear that if the time comes for Dean to shoot his brother, Dean would not be able to do so. In this episode Sam (while still possessed) also kills another hunter. Sam is somewhat disturbed by Dean’s inability to kill if he needed to, but Dean reassures him there’s still hope for Sam.

    Over the course of the season, Sam and Dean get in trouble with authorities, particularly during hunting cases in Baltimore and Milwaukee. While Sam is at first merely a “suspect” and Dean classified as a wanted criminal, misunderstandings from the cops charges both him and Dean as felons. FBI agent Special Agent Henriksen begins to obsessively hunt them down, believing them to be a threat to society and forces both brothers to continuously cover their tracks. Sam and Dean allow themselves to be arrested only once while doing a case for an old friend of John’s, but soon break out of prison.

    In the episode What Is And What Should Never Be, Sam and Dean are not close in the alternate reality created by a djinn . Neither Sam nor Dean had ever hunted, and Jessica is Sam’s fiancee. As in reverse to reality, their mother is alive. In real life, after Dean breaks out of the alternate reality and helps destroy the djinn, Dean confesses to Sam how tempting staying in that world was because of how much hunting cost them. Sam, however, denies his negativity and declares no matter how horrible their life is, saving people was worth it.

    Dean: “I wanted to stay. I wanted to stay so bad. Ever since Dad … all I can think about is how much this job ‘s cost us. We’ve lost so much. We’ve … sacrificed so much.”
    Sam: “But people are alive because of you. It’s worth it, Dean. It is. It’s not fair … and y’know, sometimes it hurts like hell … but’s it worth it.”

    In All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 1, Sam is transported to an abandoned town along with Azazel’s other chosen children. There Sam finds other children like him and tries to protect them without knowing what is coming next. One by one each are killed, including Ava who had been there for five months killing special children to survive. In a dream, Sam is visited by Azazel and learns the demon’s plans all along: he and the other children will kill one another and the last one surviving will lead a demon army. Sam also discovers the reasons behind both Jessica and his mother’s deaths; Jessica was killed because her death would lead Sam back into hunting. As for Sam’s mother, it is revealed Mary interrupted Azazel during the process of feeding Sam demon blood, and was thus killed. Sam is horrified to know he has demon blood in him and adamantly refuses to follow through on Azazel’s plans.

    Only him and Jake Talley are left at this point, but unlike him Jake doesn’t trust Sam and decides to kill him to survive, then kill the Yellow-Eyed demon. Reluctantly Sam fights him and, though injured, wins through skill. Sam is tempted to kill him, but instead leaves him unconscious.

    Sam-and-dean-2l77<img src=”″ alt=”Sam-and-dean-2l77″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam-and-dean-2l77.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam-and-dean-2l77.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Sam lives his last moments in the arms of his older brother, Dean in “All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 2” (2.22)

    As Sam leaves and sees Dean, Jake suddenly comes up and stabs him in his spine, leaving him dying in Dean’s arms.In All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 2, Sam’s body is now at Bobby’s, a broken Dean stands watching over him. Dean doesn’t want to bury Sam despite Bobby trying to convince that it’s for the best. Desperate and depressed, Dean speeds off in the Impala to the crossroads where he sells his soul to a Crossroads Demon in return for Sam’s resurrection. Sam wakes up at Bobby’s confused as to what has happened. In pain, Sam looks in the mirror at the marks on his back before Dean returns and bundles him into a hug. Sam is determined to track down Jake straight away, but Dean convinces him to take it slow. While they are eating, Sam and Dean discuss the events that took place. Sam states that he only remembers seeing Dean running towards him then a white hot pain in his back. With the help of fellow hunters Bobby Singer and Ellen Harvelle, Sam and Dean track down Jake, but are unable to stop him from opening a gateway to Hell on Azazel’s orders. However, Sam shoots Jake and kills him in cold blood, showing uncharacteristic cruelty which shocks both Dean and Bobby. Azazel alludes that Dean might not have brought back “pure Sam”.

    After the gateway is closed and Azazel is finally killed by Dean, with assistance from John who escaped from Hell, Sam realizes he died and Dean sold his soul to bring him back. He has only one year to live before he goes to Hell. Sam is angry and hurt to know his brother’s incoming fate, but promises Dean he will save him no matter what it takes.

    Sam: “You shouldn’t have done that. How could you do that?”
    Dean: “Don’t get mad at me. Don’t you do that. I had to. I had to look out for you. That’s my job.”
    Sam: “And what do you think my job is? You’ve saved my life over and over. I mean, you sacrifice everything for me. Don’t you think I’d do the same for you? You’re my big brother. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. And I don’t care what it takes, I’m gonna get you out of this. Guess I gotta save your ass for a change.”
    — Sam after finding out Dean’s deal
    in All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 2

    Season 3


    You know what, Dean? Go screw yourself […] I don’t want an apology from you. And by the way, I’m a big boy. I can take care of myself. So will you please quit worrying about me? I mean, that’s the whole problem in the first place! I don’t want you to worry about me, Dean. I want you to worry about you! I want you to give a crap that you’re dying!
    — Sam
    in Red Sky at Morning
    Supernatural775269<img src=”″ alt=”Supernatural775269″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Supernatural775269.jpg” data-image-name=”Supernatural775269.jpg” width=”200″ height=”137″ >

    Sam obsessively looks into anything he can to stop Dean from going to Hell, but Dean believes there’s no way out of it and has seemingly already accepted his fate. Instead, he lives life to the fullest and insists that Sam stops looking. Sam resents his brother for making the deal, telling it had been selfish and hypocritical for putting this burden on him, but Dean doesn’t care. Against his brother’s wishes, Sam continues looking into ways to break the deal.

    During this time, Sam is followed by a mysterious female demon named Ruby. She saved him from other demons and he learns from her that the Yellow-eyed Demon killed off his mother’s friends who were connected to his nursery fire. Ruby insists she only wants to help him. Sam doesn’t trust her, but begins to have doubts when Ruby tells him she can stop Dean from going to Hell.

    While doing a case in Ohio, Dean is trapped with a lustful demon, causing Sam to come to his rescue. As a race unfolds, the demon calls forth help. Sam is well aware of this too. As the seductive demon breaks free due to help, Sam is forced to kill one of them with the refurbished Colt (which Ruby helped make). As Sam is about to pull the trigger on the Casey, Dean pleads for him to stop. Too late, Sam fires, killing her. Sam is guilty about this, knowing he not only killed demons but humans too, but Ruby tells him collateral damage is necessary in the coming war. Sam distrusts her and is tempted to shoot her with the Colt, but Ruby reminds him if he does, he’ll never be able to save Dean. Sam agrees to their alliance and reluctantly accepts he’ll have to do things he doesn’t want to.

    Sam: “Y’know what? You keep dangling that, but last time I checked, Dean’s still going to Hell!”
    Ruby: Everything in it’s own time, Sam. Here’s a quick pro quo here. We’re in a war.”
    Sam: “Right, but some reason you’re fighting on our team. […] Maybe I’ll just use it on you.”
    Ruby: “Go ahead, if it makes you happy. It’s not gonna do much for Dean though. (Sam slowly lowers the gun) That’s my boy. You’re gonna have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours. There’ll be collateral damage … but it has to be done.”
    Sam: “Well, I don’t have to like it.”
    Ruby: “No. You wouldn’t be Sam if you did. On the bright side, I’ll be with you. That little fallen angel on your shoulder.”
    — Ruby’s early manipulations of Sam
    in Sin City
    48758<img src=”″ alt=”48758″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”48758.jpeg” data-image-name=”48758.jpeg” width=”200″ height=”133″ >

    Sam grows increasingly frustrated with Dean’s refusal to destroy his deal, who doesn’t want to risk Sam dying as a result. Desperate and angry, Sam even summons Dean’s crossroad demon in hopes of forcing her to let him out of his deal. The Demon explains it’s not in her power and her death wouldn’t break it, revealing she has a boss and is just a “saleswoman”. At point-blank range, Sam kills the demon anyway with the Colt – and the young woman possessed by her.

    Tensions mount between brother once again when Dean finds out he killed the crossroad’s demon. Dean is angry at his impulsiveness and risking his life, but Sam replies that he will not apologize for just trying to save him. At Dean’s continued apathy about his deal, Sam’s anger bursts. He doesn’t care that Dean feels bad for him and just wants him to care that he’s dying.

    NDVD 391<img src=”″ alt=”NDVD 391″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”NDVD_391.jpg” data-image-name=”NDVD 391.jpg” width=”200″ height=”113″ >

    Sam killing Vampire-Turned Gordon.

    Soon after, Sam is again “hunted” by Gordon Walker, who just broke out of prison. In a surprising turn of events, Gordon himself is turned into a vampire and a “killer” but is still fixated on killing Sam before killing himself. Sam is pitted against Gordon, injured and without a weapon. Sam is forced to improvise and gruesomely strangles him with barb wire so tightly he ends up decapitating him. Dean is surprised at this action, but Sam shows no remorse.

    Sam continues to become more ruthless and is willing to kill anything demonic even if his prey is part human, as in human witches. He continues to insist on using Ruby and stops Dean from trying to kill her. Sam later reveals that he is trying to become more like Dean who is more willing to kill human enemies. This reasoning is Sam’s view that if he fails to save Dean’s soul he must be ready to face a world full of demons on his own.

    We have to start looking at the big picture, Dean. Start thinking in strategies and- and moves ahead.[…] Look, Dean. You’re leaving, right? And I gotta stay here in a craphole of a world alone. So the way I see it, if I’m gonna make it, if I’m gonna fight this war while you’re gone, then I gotta change.[…] Into you, Dean. I gotta be more like you.
    — Sam explaining his hardening personality
    in Malleus Maleficarum

    In Mystery Spot, Sam is set in a time loop by The Trickster where he is forced to watch Dean die over and over again while being powerless to stop it. Driven mad by desperation and fear, the two brothers catch The Trickster and force him to break the loop. Sam wakes up on a Wednesday–the next day–only to watch Dean die again, this time, more permanently. For six months Sam is hardened by grief and loneliness, hardly contacting Bobby and obsessing over finding The Trickster. Sam is even willing to kill an innocent girl just to summon the monster.

    At last when The Trickster appears, instead of revenge, Sam simply pleads to undo it and bring his brother back. The Trickster explains he did all this to teach him a lesson- that this is how life without Dean will be like and sacrificing himself over and over for him will bring nothing but more pain and blood. Sam doesn’t care and just wants Dean back. Reluctantly The Trickster undoes it and takes Sam back to Wednesday six months before, but not before alluding to a dark future for Sam. Sam is left permanently changed by the experience, realizing truly for the first time he will not be able to save Dean.

    Gabriel: “Sam, there’s a lesson here that I’ve been trying to drill into that freakish Cro-Magnon skull of yours.[…] This obsession to save Dean? The way you two keep sacrificing yourselves for each other? Nothing good comes out of it. Just blood and pain. Dean’s your weakness. And the bad guys know it too. It’s gonna be the death of you Sam. Sometimes you just gotta let people go.”
    Sam: “He’s my brother.”
    Gabriel: “Yup. And like it or not, this is what life is going to be like without him.”
    — Gabriel’s advice to Sam
    in Mystery Spot

    After the Colt is stolen by Bela, Sam and Dean track her. However, Bela outsmarts them and gets them arrested by Agent Henriksen. The brothers are jailed once more, but trouble brews when the town is overrun by demons. After convincing Henriksen of the threat, the brothers and everyone inside shut themselves inside the building and give them protection. It’s also revealed that both Sam and Dean have a pentagram tattoo on the left side of their chest to prevent them from being possessed. He must have had this tattoo done between Season 2’s Born Under a Bad Sign and Jus In Bello.

    During the shut-in, Ruby appears and reveals a spell to expel all surrounding demons from their bodies, but to be done they must sacrifice a virgin. Dean refuses this, but Sam considers it and justifies it sacrificing one person to save everyone else. This showed Sam’s dark side was intensifying. In the end, Sam goes along with Dean’s plan – to fight and exorcise them all through a recording. The group makes it through the night, but after the brothers leave all are wiped out by Lilith, a powerful demon who is leading the army while out to kill Sam since she sees him as her rival. She is also revealed to hold Dean’s contract to his soul.

    In the season finale, Dean is down to 30 hours and Sam suggests they summon Ruby. Dean is furious at this, reiterating all Ruby does is lie and tells him not to summon her, but Sam does anyway. Sam is angry Ruby lied to him about being able to save Dean, but still has hope. In the end neither fully trust her and they take her knife before heading for Indiana where they find out Lilith is located. Their plan is to kill her and stop Dean from going to Hell. Their attempts end in vain and Dean discovers too late that Lilith has taken Ruby’s vessel. She unleashes the hellhounds on him. A crying Sam pleads with Lilith to stop it as he watches the hellhounds maul his brother’s body.

    After Dean is dead, Lilith shoots a “burning white light” at Sam. Sam is unharmed, proving he’s immune. Lilith becomes scared of him and Sam takes the opportunity to stab her with Ruby’s knife. Lilith escapes however, leaving Sam with Dean’s body and Ruby’s vessel. Devastated by his brother’s death, Sam holds his body and cries over him.

    Sam: “Don’t, Dean! I’m not gonna let you go to Hell!”
    Dean: “YES, YOU ARE! Yes, you are. I’m sorry. I mean, this is all my fault. But what you’re doing, it’s not gonna save me. It’s only gonna kill you.”
    Sam: (tearful) “Then what am I supposed to do?”
    Dean: “Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. Sam, remember what Dad taught you … okay? And remember what I taught you.”
    — Dean and Sam
    in No Rest for the Wicked

    Season 4


    You want to know why I’ve been lying to you, Dean? Because of crap like this. […] The way you talk to me, the way you look at me like I’m a freak! Like I can’t tell the difference between right or wrong![…] I’ve got demon blood in me, Dean! This disease pumping through my veins and I can’t ever rip it out or scrub clean! I’m a whole new level of freak! And I’m just trying to take this … this curse and making something good out of it. Because I have to!
    — Sam
    in Metamorphosis
    SSCom S04EP01 214<img src=”″ alt=”SSCom S04EP01 214″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SSCom_S04EP01_214.jpg” data-image-name=”SSCom S04EP01 214.jpg” width=”200″ height=”111″ >

    Dean and Sam re-unite after Dean escapes Hell.

    After Dean’s death, Sam has cut off all contact with Bobby. Even still, he tries several methods on trying to bring Dean back including making a deal with the crossroads demon. Still looking for a way to revive his brother, he lodges in Illinois, close to where his brother is buried. After a resurrected Dean reunites with Bobby, the two go to visit Sam. They find him with a girl, enjoying his “wild side.” The girl is actually Ruby, a fact Sam immediately hides from Dean. Now trying to find information on who saved Dean, their search leads them to a diner where they meet demons who claim they know who broke Dean out. Dean, obviously knowing it’s a bluff, slaps a demon twice in the face, gets up and nonchalantly leaves. Sam, however, tells Dean that they are demons and they need to die or other people will. Dean protests against this. Later, Sam returns to the diner to confront the demons. As he enters, he is attacked but realizes that the demons have had their eyes burned out. He calls for Ruby to see if she has found anything. As the two discuss, Sam shows that his powers have developed and he is able to exorcise demons using his powers. Sam hides Ruby’s involvement as well as his psychic powers from Dean, going so far as to deliberately lie and deceive him to keep Dean from finding out what he’s up to. Sam admits he doesn’t know if he trusts Ruby or if he’s doing the right thing, but he wants to keep using his powers because he feels like he’s “helping” people.

    Sam helps Dean and Bobby defeat the spirits of Agent Henriksen and Meg Masters in Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester. Despite Sam’s good intentions, Sam’s abuse of his psychic ability is concerning the angels, casting foresight on him going down a “dangerous” road. Castiel declares to Dean he must stop Sam, or the angels will kill Sam themselves.

    Sam’s powers rapidly develop, with guidance from Ruby in Metamorphosis, but Dean finds out Sam is using them and furiously yells at him. Sam stands by his choice, believing he could control his darker side and that he was helping people. He soon blows up against Dean’s judgmental attitude and admits he lied because Dean couldn’t understand how he feels. Nonetheless, after seeing Jack succumb to his darker rugaru side, Sam sees Dean was right and decides to stop using his powers.

    Sam using his powers<img src=”″ alt=”Sam using his powers” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_using_his_powers.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam using his powers.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam using his powers.

    In It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, Sam and Dean work to stop the rise of a powerful demon called Samhain, whose rise would signal another broken seal. Sam finally meets Castiel as well as Uriel, but becomes dillusioned by their cold, methodical approach to things, including sacrificing a whole town just to stop a broken seal. When the brothers fail and the seal is broken, Sam sets out against the demon by himself. Despite his promise to Dean, Sam exorcises the demon psychically and sends him back to Hell. Unbeknownst to him, Dean saw it.In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Dean finally gets an explanation of what happened to Sam and Ruby in the four months he was gone. Shortly after Dean’s death, Sam had summoned a Crossroads Demon, hoping to switch places with Dean, but was promptly rebuffed. Ruby returned shortly after and, “betraying” Lilith, saved Sam. The pair had sex at least once, and Ruby began focusing against Lilith and helping Sam develop his powers, eventually going so far as to convince him to drink her blood to strengthen him. In the present day, Sam, along with Dean and Ruby, protect Anna Milton, a fallen angel when Castiel and Uriel arrive and demand the girl be turned over to them to be killed.

    Sam and Dean continue to protect her in Heaven and Hell, helping her track down her grace only to find it stolen. Sam develops a plan to bring the demons and angels together in hopes they’ll take each other out, but Dean was forced to give up their location to Uriel in a dream when they threatened Sam’s life. Sam’s plan, however, worked and distracted their enemies just long enough for Anna to get her grace back and become an angel again, disappearing in a flash of white light. Sam soon after learns about Dean’s experience in Hell and that he tortured souls for at least “ten years”.

    Dean and Sam continue hunting, but eventually Ruby finds Sam again by Criss Angel Is A Douchebag and pressures him to indulge his psychic power. He promptly refuses, but gets second thoughts when she reminds him how close they are to an apocalypse and how strengthening his powers would help put a stop to it. Sam envisions a future again where he’s no longer hunting and believes if he puts a stop to Lucifer, then he would stop evil at its source. Sam ultimately reconsiders and decides to take Ruby up on her offer.

    Sam continues his secret chats and meetings with Ruby, steadily strengthening his psychic power. However, he hides this from Dean, which his brother quickly catches on. In Sex and Violence, manipulated by a siren’s spell, Sam claims he’s been lying to Dean because he sees himself as a better hunter and believes he can fix this all on his own. When the spell wore off, Sam apologizes and tells him that had been the spell, not him, but tension between them is obvious.

    In Death Takes A Holiday, Sam and Dean arrive at a town where no one is dying and discover another seal by Alastair is about to be broken by killing two reapers. During this time, Sam’s powers have strengthened significantly to the point Alastair’s powers have no affect on him. They astral project to a spirit world to save the reapers and manage to save Tessa, saving the seal but at the cost of their psychic friend Pamela Barnes‘ life. In Pamela’s dying moments, she tells Sam she sensed how he killed the demon who killed her and that if he thinks he’s using his powers for good, he’s wrong. Sam is deeply unsettled by this.

    I know what you did to that demon, Sam. I can feel what’s inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again.
    — Pamela’s grim last words to Sam
    in Death Takes a Holiday

    In On The Head Of A Pin, after Dean is whisked away by the angels to torture Alastair, Sam wants him out of it and contacts Ruby. It’s revealed the reason Sam’s psychic powers were strengthening was because he had been drinking demon blood. Sam also states Dean isn’t strong enough to handle Alastair or the apocalypse, hinting his words under the siren in Sex and Violence hadn’t been entirely a lie. Sam makes it to the angels’ location and saves Castiel from a freed Alastair. Instead of exorcising him, Sam now has the ability to kill him psychically.

    In The Monster at the End of This Book, Sam and Dean meet a prophet named Chuck Shurley who wrote books about their lives. When Chuck has a vision of Lilith coming to town and sleeping with Sam, Dean and Sam do everything to prevent it. Sam, however, wants to draw Lilith out to kill her. Dean refuses, knowing they weren’t ready to fight her. During this time, Sam reveals he’s addicted to demon blood but only started to take the burden off Dean’s shoulders and stop the Apocalypse himself. Chuck wonders if he drinks for power and control rather than helping Dean, but Sam denies it. Sam does runs into Lilith, but she proposes a deal: she’d stop breaking seals if Sam and Dean both die. She wouldn’t survive to the Apocalypse so she wants to live. Sam rejects it, not trusting her, but Lilith claims it’s his own arrogance and desire for revenge that fuels him. Sam seems to agree to deal, then attacks her. When an archangel almost appears, Lilith flees. It’s revealed Sam never considered agreeing, reasoning Lilith was only lying. Dean, however, knows demons rarely break their contracts and is unnerved Sam might rather choose revenge than self-sacrifice.

    It is revealed in The Rapture that he is now addicted to demon blood, but continues to drink it in spite of this. His psychic powers fluctuate due to lack of demon blood, driving Sam to drink from a demon he fights in the midst of battle directly in front of Dean. Dean is strangely silent about it, but after receiving a call from Bobby, Sam is tricked by both of them and locked in Bobby’s panic room to detox him from the demon blood.

    Sam is subjected to a series of hallucinations during his detox, symbolizing his conflicting feelings of guilt (Young Sam) and self-loathing (Alastair/Dean) along with his desire for revenge and belief he’s doing the right thing (Mary Winchester). Unknowingly, Sam is freed by Castiel under the angels’ orders and goes to meet Ruby, who tells him the final seal can only be broken by Lilith. Dean eventually catches up with him, demanding Ruby dead and to stop with the demon blood, but Sam insists she’s going to help him kill Lilith. When Dean calls Sam a monster, Sam snaps and punches him, leading to a bitter brawl between the brothers. Sam dominates and nearly kills Dean, but stops at the last minute. Sam, fully powered with demon blood, goes to kill Lilith and leaves Dean with the cold words: “You don’t know me. You never did. And you never will.”

    Dean, I need her to help me kill Lilith. I know you can’t wrap your head around that, but maybe one day you’ll understand. I’m the only one who can do this, Dean. […] I’m being practical here. I’m doing what needs to be done.[…] Look. My whole life, you take the wheel, you call the shots, and I trust you because you are my brother. Now I’m asking you, for once, trust me.
    — Sam’s final appeal to his brother
    in When the Levee Breaks

    During Lucifer Rising, Sam struggles with the guilt of his last encounter with Dean and begins to wonder if he was right. However, Ruby pushes him, and Sam goes so far as to bleed and suck blood from innocent woman still possessed by a demon in her subconscious. It’s revealed that Sam had been manipulated by Ruby the entire time. Sam succeeded in destroying Lililth, but it brought him further from humanity than he had ever been before, indicated by his eyes briefly turning black. Lilith was revealed to be the final Seal and Lucifer was freed from his cage. Sam is devastated and broken at the plague he unleashed on Earth, scarcely responding to Ruby’s betrayal in his shame. Dean arrives too late, but kills Ruby. Sam, ashamed beyond words, can only apologize to Dean. The season ends with Sam and Dean watching as Lucifer rises from his cage and the Apocalypse begins.

    Dean … he’s coming.
    — Sam as they watch Lucifer rise
    in Lucifer Rising

    Season 5


    Lucifer: “Sam. My heart breaks for you. The weight on your shoulders, what you’ve done, what you still have to do. It’s more than anyone can bear. If there was some other way … but there isn’t. I will never lie to you. I will never trick you. But you will say yes to me.”
    Sam: “You’re wrong. […] Why me?”
    Lucifer: “Because it had to be you, Sammy. It always had to be you.”
    — Lucifer and Sam
    in Free To Be You and Me

    God teleported Sam and his brother onto a plane, saving them. In the direct aftermath of freeing Lucifer, Sam is stricken with guilt and takes full blame for the Apocalypse and all his mistakes. He tries desperately to redeem himself to stop the Devil’s plans, though his relationship with Dean is severely damaged to the point Dean no longer trusts him. Sam accepts this and works with him to think of ways to kill the devil.

    While Sam and Dean fight to save a town from War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Sam is tempted by his cravings for demon blood. Sam, however, avoids this. He is confronted by War who describes him as being his “poster boy” because of Sam’s desire for power and control. After defeating War, Sam realizes while he justifies his actions by drinking the blood for “the greater good”, all it truly was his own greed. Sam sees himself as too dangerous to be hunting and temporarily separates from Dean.

    From the minute I saw that blood, it was the only thought in head … and I tell myself it’s for the right reasons, my intentions are good, and that it feels true, y’know? But I think, underneath, … I just miss the feeling. I know how messed up that sounds, which means I know how messed up I am. Thing is, the problem’s not the demon blood. Not really. I mean I- what I did, I can’t blame the blood or Ruby or … anything. The problem’s me. How far I’ll go.
    — Sam’s epiphany
    in Good God, Y’all
    SPN 1048<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1048″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1048.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1048.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Lucifer tells Sam that he is his true vessel.

    Sam has another attempt at a normal life, but is strapped down by his guilt and natural hunter instincts. He is confronted by two hunters who discovered he started the apocalypse and force him to drink demon blood, though Sam’s willpower has strengthened and he spits it out. During this time, Sam is tormented by Lucifer, in the form of the deceased Jess, who tells him he can never change. Eventually, Lucifer appears in Nick‘s body and tells Sam that he is his true vessel, in conjunction with Dean being the archangel Michael‘s true vessel. Sam is horrified to be vessel of the Devil and says he’d kill himself first before he consents. Lucifer tells him he will agree – sooner or later – before disappearing, leaving Sam shaken.

    In The End, Sam calls Dean and wants to work with him again in effort for redemption and change his fate. Dean is surprisingly unfazed about Sam being Lucifer’s vessel and declines working with him again, reiterating they were only each other’s weaknesses. It’s implied that this choice is what motivated Sam to accept Lucifer in the post-apocalyptic future that Dean goes to, prompting Dean to call Sam back and decide they make their own destiny and “keep each other human”.

    Sam does his best to rebuild his relationship with his brother although they’re are no longer as close as they once were because of his betrayal and find it hard to reconnect. They appear to come some form of middle ground in Fallen Idols where Sam pushes Dean to treat him professionally and as an equal no matter what grudge he still holds against him. Sam also reveals Dean’s superiority and constant treatment of him as his “kid brother” partly pushed him to Ruby.

    In Changing Channels, Sam and Dean are thrown into an alternate universe by the Trickster where they’re in TV shows and have to “play their roles”. Eventually it’s revealed the Trickster they know has been the archangel all along and that his “lesson” was for them to “accept” their roles as Michael and Lucifer. It’s also revealed Sam’s rebellious relationship with John directly mirrored Lucifer’s with God and that’s why he was the “fated vessel”. Sam and Dean still refuse, though begin to wonder how they could stop the “inevitable”.

    Why do you think you two are the vessels? Think about it. Michael, the big brother, loyal to an absent father, and Lucifer, the little brother, rebellious of Daddy’s plan. You were born to this, boys! It’s your destiny! It was always you! As it is on Heaven, so must be on Earth. One brother must kill the other. […] Why do you think I’ve always taken such an interest in you? Because from the moment Dad flipped on the lights around here, we all knew it was gonna end with you. Always.
    — Gabriel to Sam and Dean
    in Changing Channels

    Sam and Dean learn that the Colt is in possession of a demon named Crowley, who hands it to them surprisingly amicably for “survival” against the devil. Sam and Dean spent their “last night on Earth” with Jo, Ellen, Bobby, and Castiel in Abandon All Hope only to set out to find and kill Lucifer the next day. Meg arrives and sicks hellhounds on them, one of which mortally wounds Jo in the clash. The team takes shelter in a hardware store surrounded with salt. Jo convinces them to built a bomb and she’ll use it to take out the hellhounds while they go and kill the devil. Ellen stays behind to let the hellhounds in and both die in the blast.

    Sam and Dean find Lucifer and face off against him, only to find the Colt has no effect. Lucifer talks to Sam about how they can relate to each other and one day, no matter what he does, he will say yes to be his vessel. Sam refuses, though is visibly shaken by the archangel’s confidence and their similar experiences. Lucifer applauds Sam’s rage, telling him one day he’ll need it. Afterwards, the brothers return to Bobby’s and grieve for their friends’ in the end pointless sacrifice.

    Sam and Dean soon check into a mental institution in Sam, Interrupted to help their old friend Martin hunt a wraith. Both brothers are driven crazy by the monster—literally—hindering their case. Sam hallucinates patients spewing hate and venom at him for starting the Apocalypse, calling him evil. He also nearly kills their shrink, mistaking him for the wraith. While they kill the monster, Sam is shaken by it playing on his inner rage and admits to Dean ashamedly he’s been angry all his life but he doesn’t know why.

    Most of the time I can hide it … but I am angry. I’m mad at everything. I used to be mad at you and Dad, then Lilith, now it’s Lucifer, and I make excuses. I blame Ruby or the demon blood, but it’s not their fault. It’s not them. It’s me. It’s inside me. I’m mad all the time … and I don’t know why.
    — Sam’s confession
    in Sam, Interrupted

    Sam is soon targeted by Anna to destroy Lucifer’s vessel and end the Apocalypse. Sam, Dean, and Castiel follow her into the year 1978 in “The Song Remains the Same” to stop her from killing their parents so either are never born. They manage to protect their parents, though Anna enlists past Uriel and catches up with them. Anna lands a fatal blow on Sam, but the archangel Michael appears in John’s body and smites while her restoring Sam and sending him back to his own time to complete their “destiny”. Sam, Dean, and Castiel all come home in one piece, though both brothers feel the weight of the destinies the angels have for them more than ever.

    In “My Bloody Valentine“, Sam still has a craving for demon blood. He is affected by the Horseman Famine‘s ability and he attacks and drinks from Famine’s henchmen. Sam, however, refuses to drink from Famine’s other henchmen when he comes to save Dean and exorcises all five of them with ease. With more effort, Sam manages to kill Famine by channeling the demons inside while Dean and Castiel look on. However, Sam is locked immediately in Bobby’s panic room by Castiel and Dean, detoxing the blood from his system once again.

    Sam and Dean’s distance was emphasized in “Dark Side of the Moon“, when Sam’s version of Heaven was completely devoid of his family and involved incidents that happened while he was away from the Winchesters, which causes Dean to discard the amulet Sam gave to him years prior. Dean is discouraged by Sam’s different views of what Heaven is. While in Heaven, after getting shot dead by hunters, Sam and Dean meet Joshua— an angel that “talks” to God. God’s message to them is to stop looking for him and he doesn’t see the Apocalypse as “his” problem. The brothers return to Earth. Sam is still resolved to think a way out of this, but Dean has already given up.

    In “Point of No Return“, Sam takes the information he learned from his experience in Heaven and puts all his trust and faith in Dean, who admits he doesn’t believe in Sam and is convinced Sam will say “yes” to Lucifer at some point. However, Sam is shown to still have faith and belief in Dean and it is this faith that stops Dean from saying “yes” to Michael.

    In “Hammer of the Gods“, when Sam and Dean are forced to work with other deities against Lucifer, they team up with Gabriel, who finally decided to support their side. They manage to lure Lucifer there and Gabriel stays behind in hopes of defeating him, but is killed in the process. Nonetheless, Gabriel offers them their first real chance of defeating Lucifer: find the four “keys” to Lucifer’s Cage, lure him there, and use it to seal him back inside his cage. The four “keys” are the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The brothers already have War’s and Famine’s so set out to get the other two.

    SPN 1056<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1056″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1056.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1056.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Brady taunts Sam.

    It is revealed in “The Devil You Know” that Sam’s good friend from Stanford, Brady, was possessed all that time and Sam has been manipulated by demons even back then. Brady taunts Sam that perhaps the reason he is so angry and so easily manipulated by demons is because of all the demon blood inside of him and because he is just like them. Sam does not deny this, but acknowledges this as an ‘interesting theory’. After discovering that Lucifer can be locked back into Hell using the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Sam considers allowing the Devil to possess him in order for Sam to push him back into Hell. He discusses it with Bobby, who is at first very irritated by the sudden plan, but comes around to his way of thinking by “Two Minutes to Midnight” when there is clearly no other choice. When Dean finds out, he argues with Sam that he cannot do it, but later gives in to his plan, as it seems to be the only option left. Sam makes Dean promise not to try and bring him back from the cage, as that is too risky.

    For the record … I agree with you. About me. You think I’m too weak to take on Lucifer. Well, so do I. Believe me, I know exactly how screwed up I am. You, Bobby, Cass … I’m the least of any of you. […] It’s true. It is. But … I’m also all we’ve got. If there was another way … but I don’t think there is. So I don’t know what else to do. Except just try to do what’s got to be done.
    — Sam justifying his decision to Dean
    in Two Minutes to Midnight
    SPN522 0636<img src=”″ alt=”SPN522 0636″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN522_0636.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN522 0636.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam fights for control over Lucifer.

    In “Swan Song“, Sam finally says yes to Lucifer, prior to which he consumes gallons of demon blood to strengthen his body. Lucifer appears to take full control of Sam and starts a number of natural disasters around the globe. He also gathers all the remaining minions of Azazel who have been keeping watch over Sam his entire life. Lucifer informs Sam that they were always meant to be this way, two parts of the same whole and that Lucifer is Sam’s true family. Sam strongly protests, and insists that he’s going to “rip him apart from the inside out”.

    SPN 1135<img src=”″ alt=”SPN 1135″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SPN_1135.jpg” data-image-name=”SPN 1135.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam (with Lucifer in his body) and Adam/Michael fall into Lucifer’s cage.

    Lucifer meets Michael in the chosen area for the final battle, during which he (in Sam’s body) kills both Castiel and Bobby and severely injures Dean. However, Dean tells Sam that he’s there for him and after glancing into the Impala, Sam’s memories return long enough for him to briefly take control of his body again. Sam opens the gate to Lucifer’s cage, and despite showing apprehension at jumping, he prepares to jump in, but is interrupted by Michael, who asks for Sam to stand back and let him fight Lucifer. Sam refuses and falls into the cage, pulling Michael in with him, effectively stopping the Apocalypse. Sometime later, Dean accepts Sam’s final request, to find Lisa Braeden and live a normal life, and sits down with them in their home. However, just outside the window, unseen by Dean or Lisa, Sam stands watching them.

    So you got to promise me something. […] You got to promise not to try to bring me back. […] Once the Cage is shut, you can’t go poking at it, Dean. It’s too risky […] You go find Lisa. You pray to God she’s dumb enough to take you in and you – you have barbeques and go to football games. You go live some normal, apple pie life, Dean. Promise me.
    — Sam’s last request for his brother
    in Swan Song

    Season 6


    I’m not your brother. I’m not Sam. […] I don’t even really care about you. Except that … I need your help. […] I’ve done a lot worse than you know. I’ve killed innocent people in the line of duty. But I’m pretty sure it’s not something the old me could’ve done. And maybe I should feel guilty. But I don’t. […] I don’t if how I am is better or worse. It’s different. You get the job done, and nothing really hurts. That’s not the worst thing. But I was thinking. And it was … it was kinda harder. But there are also things about it that I remember I … Let’s just say I think I should probably go back to being him.
    — Soulless Sam to Dean
    in All Dogs Go To Heaven
    601<img src=”″ alt=”601″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”601.jpg” data-image-name=”601.jpg” width=”180″ height=”138″ >

    Sam watches as Dean reunites with their Grandfather

    Castiel raised Sam from Lucifer’s Cage, but could not bring him up with his soul.

    Sam wakes up mysteriously out of the cage and tries to get answers from Castiel with no results and searches for weeks, even going to Bobby for help. He eventually goes back to hunting, choosing not to contact Dean. Sometime along the way, he encounters a group of hunters from his mother’s side of the family, including Samuel Campbell, who was thought to have been killed in 1973 by Azazel. Soon, Sam goes hunting for djinns and discovers that they’re going after Dean next. Sam gets involved when the djinns nearly kill Dean. This allows him to reunite him with his brother, and he’s forced to tell Dean that he’s been back nearly the entire time since he jumped in the cage and that he chose not to tell Dean because Dean would leave his “normal” life behind if he did. Dean gets angry at Sam (and later at Bobby, as he knew of Sam’s return as well). Then Sam introduces Dean to their third cousins and grandfather from their mom’s side, after whom Sam was named. Sam and Dean takeLisa andBen to safety at Bobby’s until they take care of the djinns. The djinns attacked the brothers, and they’re nearly killed but are saved by Samuel and the others. Later, Dean decides not to return with Sam and to stay with Lisa and Ben. He offers Sam the Impala, but Sam declines.

    Things get stranger between Sam and Dean, as Dean starts to notice that Sam has been acting differently ever since he came back into his life. Sam uses a baby shapeshifter as bait to draw in the Alpha, stands aside when Castiel tortures a kid for intel on the angel buying souls (Balthazar), he even lets Dean get turned by a vampire to get more information on the Alpha Vampire. When Dean confronts Sam about it, Sam, however, lies and says he “just froze”. When the brothers are held captive by the Goddess of Truth, Veritas, in You Can’t Handle The Truth, the goddess reveals that there is something wrong with Sam. Sam tells Dean that he’s still Sam, but he knows something’s wrong with him, and he admits at Dean’s urging that he might need help. Dean responds by beating Sam unconscious and calling Castiel for assistance.

    Upon inspection in Family Matters, Castiel determines Sam is physically healthy but his soul is missing. Dean plans to keep Sam tied up, but Sam sets himself free and convinces Dean to work with him. Later, Sam and Dean meet up with Samuel, who informs them that he’s got a lead on the Alpha vampire. But when Dean sees Sam walking the vampire into a van, he confronts Sam, and Sam states that Samuel needs to interrogate the Alpha. Sam helps Dean find out where Samuel is taking the creatures for interrogation and question the Alpha vampire about Purgatory. But when the Alpha breaks free and attacks Sam, Christian reveals himself as a demon and teleports the vampire away. Crowley then appears on the scene, and claims to be the one who raised Sam from Lucifer’s cage, and the one in possession of his soul. He tells them that if Sam ever wants it returned, he and Dean need to help Samuel capture creatures for him. Sam almost shoots Samuel in aftermath for selling them out, though Dean stops him. Sam convinces Dean they have to work for Crowley temporarily until they found another way to get his soul back but when they do, they’ll kill Crowley themselves.

    Sam’s behavior, however, shows that he is definitely conflicted over whether or not he actually wants his soul back. He tries to convince Dean that he is still the same Sam. He works Crowley’s cases without question and claims that his brain works better than ever. But his actions contradict this, as when dealing with a skinwalker case in All Dogs Go To Heaven, Sam orders Dean to take a shot at the pack leader, even when there is an innocent in the way. Sam later comes clean to Dean about himself. He admits that he’s not the old Sam and that he doesn’t even care that much about Dean, besides the fact that he needs his help. He also says he’s done a lot worse than Dean’s aware of, including killing innocent people when they get in his way. After some thought, Sam reluctantly tells Dean he should probably go back to being the old Sam and get his soul back. Dean acknowledges this.

    0050<img src=”″ alt=”0050″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”0050.png” data-image-name=”0050.png” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam quietly ponders over whether he wants his soul back.

    In Clap Your Hands If You Believe, Sam struggles with understanding emotions and is more openly rude and crass since Dean knows something’s wrong with him. He confronts a leprechaun, who offers a deal to lift Sam’s soul from the cage. Sam expresses curiosity, but banishes him and the other fairies. When asked by Dean why he refused, Sam suggests that deals have never lead them anywhere good. Dean then questions whether Sam is having second thoughts, which Sam denies with a simple “No.”Sam and Dean continue to work for Crowley in Caged Heat, despite Dean’s remarks about them not getting anywhere. The brothers are unexpectedly captured by Meg, who wants them to give her Crowley’s location. Sam makes a deal with her: they will give her Crowley if she promises to torture Crowley to get him to give Sam back his soul. He then calls Castiel to join the group for searching for Crowley. Samuel gives the party the location, but once inside Crowley’s prison, Sam and Dean are captured by Crowley’s demons, as the two have been sold out by Samuel. The two are put in separate cells, and while the demons take Dean away to have him killed by ghouls, Sam escapes his cell and saves Dean. The brothers confront Crowley and Sam demands his soul. When Crowley refuses, Castiel burns the demon’s bones. Sam overhears the negative side effects of what having his soul back in what do to him from both demons and Castiel, such as insanity, death, or paralysis. Sam’s soul had been tortured over a year by Michael and Lucifer in the cage do might possibly destroy. Sam’s second thoughts increase. Dean tries to reassure Sam, but Sam tells him that he does not think he wants his soul back after all.

    I heard Cass and Crowley when they said it’d either kill me or turn me to jello, Dean! I’ve heard enough! […] It’s my life! My soul! And it sure as hell ain’t gonna be your head that’s gonna explode when this whole scheme of yours go sideways!
    — Sam refusing to get his soul back
    in Appointment In Samarra
    Sam1<img src=”″ alt=”Sam1″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam1.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam1.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam, screaming in pain as his soul is restored.

    In Appointment In Samarra, Dean informs Sam and Bobby that he has made a deal with Death that could result in Sam getting his soul back. Death will put up a “wall” in Sam’s head to protect him from the memories of Hell. Bobby is given the job of watching Sam while Dean does Death’s job for a day. But Sam slips Bobby’s watch to summon Balthazar. He asks Balthazar for a way to keep his soul out of his body and Balthazar tells Sam that he has to make his body uninhabitable for his soul by committing patricide, so Sam resolves to kill Bobby. Bobby realizes what Sam is up to, however, and manages to drop Sam into the basement. Sam again finds a way to escape, and when Bobby goes outside to look for him, Sam knocks him out from behind. He ties Bobby to a chair and prepares to kill him, but Dean shows up in the nick of time and knocks Sam out. Sam wakes up chained to the bed in the panic room and Death shows up to restore Sam’s soul to his body, with the latter screaming in pain. Sam (his soul) spent approximately 180 years in Hell.

    Sam wakes up about a week later in Like A Virgin, with no apparent memory of Hell or even his year without a soul. He is emotional, sensitive, and full of life, much unlike “RoboSam.” He questions Dean on a number of occasions, as to how he got back, and if he even tried to live a normal life. But after a while, Sam starts to have feelings of deja vu. And when Dean and Bobby both remain tight-lipped, Sam tricks Castiel into filling in the blanks of his year being soulless. After getting rid of a couple of dragons, Sam apologizes to Dean about all he’s done, feeling guilty and expressing a will to set things right. He is apparently not angry, but grateful about Dean trying to protect him. However, he wants to know what he did while he was soulless. Dean does not divulge any details, knowing the risk of Death’s wall crumbling.

    I kind of feel like I got slipped the worst mickey of all time … and I woke up to find I burned the whole city town. And you can say it wasn’t me, but I was the one with the zippo in my pocket, y’know? So I’m not sure it’s that cut and dry. And look, I appreciate you trying to protect to me. I really do. But I gotta fix … what I gotta fix. So I need to know what I did.
    — Sam’s quest to redeem his missing year
    in Like A Virgin

    In Unforgiven, Sam tries to catch up on the year he was “gone.” He receives a mysterious text from an unknown number, giving coordinates to a small town where three women have disappeared in the last week. Upon arriving, Sam already begins to have flashbacks of his time there, and remembers that he used the sheriff as live bait to track down an Arachne. Upon finding the Arachne’s lair, he killed it, then shot all of the captive men (including the sheriff). But it turns out the sheriff didn’t die and is now an Arachne himself. Sam manages to decapitate him and, feeling guilty, agrees that they shouldn’t have come to town. As he wonders about what else he could have done, he collapses on the floor and has a flashback of himself burning in Lucifer’s Cage. He is out for a whole minute before waking up, but Sam tells Dean that it felt like a week had passed by.

    Later, Sam, Dean, and Bobby all track leads for the Mother of All Monsters, Eve. They team up with an old friend, Rufus Turner, and run into Gwen and Samuel. Samuel notices the difference in Sam, who he only knew when he was soulless.The team of hunters realize that what they are hunting is a Khan Worm that takes possession of a person’s body and kills anyone around them. It first possesses Dean, who shoots Gwen. Then possesses Samuel, who is shot by Sam. A possessed Bobby kills Rufus, and is later knocked out by Dean only to be interrogated and almost killed.

    In Frontierland, Sam remembers the Campbell Compound had a hidden library, where they might be able to find something about killing Eve. Dean finds Samuel Colt‘s journal, where he reads that Colt killed a phoenix. He suggests a plan to head back in time and bring back the ashes. Castiel sends them to 1861 and Sam finds Samuel Colt, who is retired, but gives him the Colt, which Dean uses to kill the phoenix. They return before they can grab the ashes, but a delivery was made to Sam from Colt himself, containing his broken cell phone and the ashes.

    In Mommy Dearest, Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel head to Eve with the ashes. They find out that Eve is currently populating the small town with new monsters. However, once the boys confront Eve (who has taken their mother’s form), she proposes an offer: to bring her Crowley, who is apparently alive, and she will let the group live. Dean protests that they don’t work for monsters and persuades Eve to bite him, and Eve is killed after discovering phoenix ashes in Dean’s bloodstream. Sam and Bobby suspect that Crowley faked his death, and that Castiel purposely meant to burn the wrong bones.

    Castiel-HolyFire-TMWWBK<img src=”″ alt=”Castiel-HolyFire-TMWWBK” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Castiel-HolyFire-TMWWBK.jpg” data-image-name=”Castiel-HolyFire-TMWWBK.jpg” width=”180″ height=”110″ >

    Sam, Dean, and Bobby trap Castiel.

    Dean tries to remain loyal in The Man Who Would Be King, and argues in favor of Castiel, but Sam and Bobby remain suspicious. Castiel gives himself away, however, and the three trap Castiel in holy fire to interrogate him. Not only does he confirm his alliance with Crowley, but he reveals to Sam that he was the one who freed Sam from Lucifer’s Cage, not Crowley.In Let It Bleed, Castiel arrives at Bobby’s place to try to explain himself and Bobby notices that he stole a journal that suggested that horror writer H.P. Lovecraft had attempted to open a door to Purgatory. Ben calls Dean to tell him that men are coming for him and his mom after killing her boyfriend. Crowley then takes the phone and gives him the warning to back off in order for Lisa and Ben to keep breathing. Sam and Dean summon Balthazar for help on finding Lisa and Ben, and they manage to rescue them from the demons. Once in the hospital, Dean asks Castiel to wipe their memories of him.

    0016<img src=”″ alt=”0016″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”0016.jpg” data-image-name=”0016.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam disapproves of Dean’s choice to have Castiel wipe Lisa and Ben’s memories of him.

    In the season finale, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Sam is stuck in his own head after Castiel brings down Death’s wall. He runs into the soulless version of himself and kills him, which gives him the memories of his soulless year. Sam then arrives at a grim facade of Bobby’s house, where he finds the version of himself from Hell. The Hell Sam pleads for him to remain unconscious and ignorant, but Sam insists on putting himself back together because he can’t leave his brother out there alone. He stabs and integrates with his other self, now remembering Hell.

    Sam: “What happened in the cage?”
    Tortured!Sam: “Trust me. You don’t wanna know.”
    Sam: “You’re right. But I still have to.”
    Tortured!Sam: “Sam, you can’t imagine. Stay here, go back, find that bartender, go find Jess, but don’t do this. I know you. You’re not strong enough.”
    Sam: “We’ll just have to see.”
    Tortured!Sam: “Why is this so important to you?”
    Sam: “You know me. You know why. I’m not leaving my brother alone out there.”
    — Sam’s resolve
    in The Man Who Knew Too Much

    Sam wakes up and continues on to Crowley’s headquarters, where he sees an overpowered Castiel return to destroy Raphael. Sam picks up an angelic blade and stabs him in the back. But Castiel simply pulls the weapon out and says the blade won’t work because he is not an angel anymore. He proclaims himself their new God, and gives them the choice to either venerate him or be killed.

    Season 7


    Sam: “Meat hooks … chains … you. It’s not real. It’s just my brain leaking memories from the cage ’cause of the wall breaking down. That’s all.”
    Lucifer: “Hmm. That’s very good, your little theory. It’s wrong. Sam, this isn’t you going guano. Everything else is. […] Everything … from the second you sprung out of that locked box.”
    Sam: “That’s impossible.”
    Lucifer “No. Escaping was impossible. I have to say, I think this is my best torture yet. Make you believe you’re free and then … yank the wool off of your eyes. You never left, Sam. You’re still in the cage … with me.”
    — Sam’s hallucinations
    in Meet the New Boss

    Soon after Castiel leaves, Sam begins to suffer from his memories of Hell, and passes out. He later awakens in Bobby’s house and helps Dean fix the Impala.

    Sam remembering hell<img src=”″ alt=”Sam remembering hell” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_remembering_hell.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam remembering hell.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam remembering Hell

    Although Sam is still plagued by the memories of Hell, he does not share this with Dean, intentionally withholding the information from him. They come up with a plan to bind Death to stop Castiel, but it fails when Castiel stymies them and unbinds Death. While helping Castiel get the souls back to Purgatory Sam begins having hallucinations of Lucifer telling him that Sam had never left the cage and his excursion into the real world was merely a form of torture created by Lucifer. Dean snaps Sam out of his hallucinations long enough for them to find the Leviathans which had guided Castiels’ vessel to water allowing the Leviathans to escape and contaminate the water supply.Soon after Sam tells Dean and Bobby about his flashbacks and hallucinations. Knowing he has a problem Sam decides to stay behind on hunts. He is soon tricked by Lucifer, and brought to a warehouse by him where he is manipulated into almost shooting Dean. Dean manages to snap Sam out it using the pain from his scar, and they return to Bobby’s. There they find it in ruins and Edgar waiting for them. Sam is knocked out, but Bobby manages to save him at the hospital.

    In The Girl Next Door, he notices a case that he worked when he was a teenager. He leaves Dean without giving him any information and takes the Impala to track down the clues. He eventually finds Amy again, and asks her why she’s killing. She tells Sam she has a son, and he needed the live meat after he fell sick. After she assures him that she will not kill again, he lets her live. Returning to the motel room, he meets with Dean again. He tells Dean about Amy and defends her despite being a monster, telling Dean to leave her be and just trust him.

    Look. I see the way you look at me, Dean. Like I’m a grenade and you’re waiting for me to go off. I’m not going off. Look, I might be a freak, but that’s not the same as dangerous. […] I spent a lot of my life trying to be normal, but come on. I’m not normal. Look at all the crap I’ve done. Look at me now. I’m a grade-A freak. But I’m managing it.
    — Sam
    in The Girl Next Door

    In Defending Your Life, Sam and Dean are hunting Osiris who is putting the guilty on trial. Sam puts his old pre-law skills to use in attempt to save Dean’s life. After managing to save Dean, Sam admits he no longer feels about his mistakes and sees himself as being fairly punished for it by his torture in Hell. Sam even goes as far to say he feels good and hopes someday he can fully move on from the past.

    I think I just … don’t feel guilty anymore. […] I just … y’know, I feel like I did a lot of stuff I should’ve felt bad for, and then I paid a lot of dues and came out the other side, y’know? […] I guess I just feel like … my past is past and I can finally move on with me life. You know, hopefully.
    — Sam admitting he doesn’t feel guilty anymore
    in Defending Your Life

    In Slash Fiction, Sam and Dean are put under the polices’ microscope yet again after Leviathan clones of them start a mass-killing spree, turning them into FBI’s most wanted. Bobby manages to discover Leviathans are weakened by cutting off their heads and using sodium borax. The brothers defeat their doppelgangers and convince a police officer to cover for them by declaring them dead. Sam, however, learns from Leviathan Dean that Dean killed Amy behind his back. Sam is furious and confronts Dean before storming off and separating from him.

    Sam is reunited with Dean a week later in Lily Dale. Sam is still angry with Dean, but grudgingly works on the case with him. They figure out that Jimmy Tomorrow has Marget Fox’s Bones. Sam tries to reason with Jimmy without any luck and is forced to shoot Jimmy. Sam burns the bones and later makes up with Dean and they hunt together again.

    Sam Becky<img src=”″ alt=”Sam Becky” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_Becky.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam Becky.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Sam and Becky at their wedding.

    In Season 7, Time For A Wedding, Sam is drugged with a love potion and marries Becky. When he comes back to his senses, Becky knocks him out and ties him to a bed. Sam convinces Becky to let him go and help them trap Guy. Sam is angry at Becky for drugging him and annuls the marriage, though reluctantly tells her to try to be hopeful and one day she’ll find someone right for her. Sam seems to be coping better at this point with his hallucinations of Lucifer in his own way, but Dean is still privately concerned about his stability.In How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters, Sam does a case with Bobby and Dean where burgers are changing people and eventually turning them either stoned or into a man-eating monster. Sam grows concerned over the apathy Dean is beginning to exhibit and worries he’s putting too much pressure on himself between Sam’s broken wall and losing Castiel. He, Dean, and Bobby find out that its a Leviathan plot and meet Dick Roman, the leader of the Leviathans who secured himself as a powerful business to spread across the country more rapidly. They all manage to narrowly escape his headquarters, but Bobby is fatally shot in the head as they escape.

    I don’t know, Bobby. Seeing Lucifer’s fine with me. […] Look, I’m not saying it’s fun. I mean, to be honest with you, I kind of see it as the best-case scenario. At least my crazy’s all under one umbrella, you know? I kind of know what I’m dealing with. A lot of people got it worse.
    — Sam’s apparent coping of his hallucinations
    in How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

    In Death’s Door, Sam and Dean rush Bobby to the ER. Sam is worried for Bobby, but readies himself for the worst. He still suffers from his hallucinations of Lucifer, which he holds at bay by pressing into the scar in his hand. Sam is worried for Bobby, but readies himself for the worst. Surprisingly, Bobby manages to wake up briefly and writes numbers on Sam’s hand before dying tragically.

    Weeks pass after Bobby’s death. Both brothers are still devastated by loss, though Sam copes with his more grief more productively than Dean and still tries to focus on helping people. Dean manages to discover the numbers Bobby gave them were coordinates to a subsidiary of Rick Roman, though they have no idea why it’s so important.

    Sam grows concerned and frustrated by Dean’s consuming obsession to kill Dick Roman and lack of interest in other cases that aren’t revolving around him. After strange activity leading to hints for their case, Dean starts to believe Bobby is haunting them and is linked to his flask. Sam refuses the idea and even gets angry, reminding him they had no proof. Dean unknowingly conceives a daughter named Emma with an Amazon, who ages rapidly and reaches teenage years in three days. The tribe are monsters and have a rite of passage for the daughters to kill their fathers. Dean hesitates to kill her, but Sam shoots her. Dean is clearly uncomfortable, causing Sam to lecture him and remind him he had to kill Emma just like Dean “had” to kill Amy. Sam confronts him about his behavior after losing Castiel and Bobby, but Dean shuts him out.

    In Repo Man, Sam allows Lucifer’s hallucination to help him find Jeffrey who had taken Dean hostage. After helping him however, Lucifer reappears. Sam tries to make him go away by causing pain to himself through his scar but to no avail. Lucifer tells him that by allowing Lucifer to help him, he had in turn given Lucifer a firmer grip on his mind.

    Sam hallucinations of Lucifer worsens every day, pressing into his scar to dispel him still not working. In Out With The Old, Sam starts to deprive himself of sleep due to the constant torment Lucifer gives him. Dean is concerned about his brother and while Sam admits Lucifer is stressing him more than usual, he tries to say he’s fine and continue working hunting jobs.

    In The Born-Again Identity, Sam is admitted into a psychiatric ward after he had a full blown psychotic episode with Lucifer. Sam is resigned to his condition, though Dean desperately looks into anything to heal his mind. Despite his insanity, Sam manages to help a fellow psychiatric patient named Marion by saving her from the ghost of her dead brother. Sam is unable to sleep and is on the verge of death as Dean stumbles upon Castiel who is reincarnated and using the name Emmanuel.

    Sam: “None of this is real.”
    Lucifer: “And yet … you know what really sucks? It doesn’t really matter. Because I won. Your madness won. I mean, look at you. It’s hard to believe you were the guy that saved the world once.”
    — Sam slipping deeper into insanity
    in The Born-Again Identity

    Dean, along with Meg, brings an amnesiac Castiel to Sam to heal him. As Castiel slowly regains his memories, Sam slips into complete insanity and can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. Castiel is unable to cure Sam, but is able to transfer his hallucinations to his own mind. Sam seems better than ever and gets his sanity back, but at the cost of Castiel’s.

    In Party On, Garth, it is revealed that Sam tried to use the ouija board to contact Bobby’s spirit. He didn’t tell Dean because he didn’t want to drag him in, and admits that he didn’t contact anything. After Dean’s sword is suddenly thrown up in his hand during a fight, Sam still doesn’t believe his brother that Bobby can still be around and tries to tell him he’s just confusing his grief.

    Soon enough, while working a case in Of Grave Importance surrounding ghosts who are in torment of another spirit, Sam and Dean discover Bobby’s spirit has been following them. He had been tied to Dean’s flask and at first couldn’t communicate with Sam for that reason. Sam and Dean are happy to see Bobby, but uncomfortable to know he hadn’t moved on and found peace. Bobby justifies this and just wants to help. Sam unsurely wonders if Bobby helping them as ghost could maybe work, but Dean is less convinced.

    Soon after, in The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Sam and Dean receive an automatic email from Frank, who had been recently killed by Leviathans. The message informs them a hacker of Dick’s at Roman Enterprises is hacking into Frank’s information about them. The hacker turned out to be Charlie Bradbury, who discovered the truth about Dick Roman and Leviathans after hacking it. It’s discovered that the Leviathan’s ultimate plan is to turn people into “perfect cattle” for their meals. Sam and Dean rush to location by GPS tracker on Frank’s hard drive, managing to get a reluctant Charlie to sneak in Dick Roman’s office and get his private information. Bobby, however, set on vengeance follows them despite Sam and Dean’s warnings.

    Charlie manages to get Dick Roman’s information and give the brothers a chance to steal a private package being transported to Dick, but is injured accidentally by Bobby who lost control seeing Dick. Sam and Dean narrowly escape, discovering the package to be an tablet. Charlie survives with a broken arm and departs, leaving the brothers with an unknown tablet and concerns of Bobby turning into a vengeful spirit.

    Sam and Dean crack up the angel tablet in Reading Is Fundamental, unknowingly calling Kevin Tran as the new prophet. Simultaneously Castiel awakens in the mental ward. The brothers rush over to a now insane Castiel who still manages to decipher the tablet as the Word of God. During this time, the tablet is stolen by Kevin. Sam and Meg pursue him, discovering his identity from angels who are after them. Sam, Dean, Meg, and Castiel take Kevin to their safehouse to ward them off. Sam is grateful towards Castiel for taking on his memories of Hell and swears to help him.

    I know you never did anything but try to help. I realize that, Cass, and I’m grateful. We’re all grateful. And we’re gonna help you get better, okay? No matter what it takes.
    — Sam’s promise to Castiel
    in Reading Is Fundamental

    After defeating the angels who found them, with help of Kevin’s translations decipher the tablet and discover how to kill Leviathans: a bone of a righteous mortal dipped in blood of the fallen. The brothers get blood from Castiel— a fallen angel— and set out to find the other too.

    Dick Roman’s power grows. By There Will Be Blood, Dean and Sam are resorted to eating organic food on a daily basis as all other foods are infected by Leviathans. The brothers discover the other blood types are from an alpha and Crowley. Crowley refuses to give his blood right away so Sam and Dean go after the Alpha Vampire. After discovering the Leviathans plan to exterminate not just humans but monsters, the alpha grudgingly gives them his blood. Sam and Dean’s plan is successful so until they go to the motel to find Bobby gone and the place ransacked. While Dean is unwilling to accept Bobby becoming vengeful, Sam is realistic and knows that soon Bobby will be no different than the ghosts they hunted.

    In Survival of the Fittest, Sam and Dean collect a bone from a dead nun and try to summon Crowley for his blood but he doesn’t show. This cause the brothers to doubt Crowley’s help but sure enough he appears later with a vial of his blood. He explains the deal Dick tried to make with him of giving them another demon’s blood, but has the “real deal”. Neither Sam or Dean trust Crowley, but know they have no other choice. During this time, Sam figures out Dick Roman had Leviathans clone themselves as him in his headquarters to make him harder to spot. Bobby, still possessing a maid, recklessly goes there. Bobby nearly kills Sam as he tries to stop him and the maid, but snaps out of it just in time.

    In the aftermath, Bobby appears and finally asks the boys to burn his flask. He was too close to being a vengeful spirit. Sam doesn’t blame Bobby for nearly killing him and both him and Dean are sad at losing their surrogate father yet again, but do the right thing and put him to rest. Castiel, who had initially refused to help them fight despite being able to identify which Leviathan is the real Dick, is convinced by Dean and set out to SucroCorp with him and Meg.

    The next day, Dean and Castiel go after Dick while Sam tries to find Kevin who had been kidnapped. Meanwhile, Meg distracts the Leviathans outside. Sam finds Kevin and Dean and Castiel successfully kill Dick together. Sam appears with Kevin just in time to watch Dick explode in black goo, Dean and Castiel disappearing along with him. Crowley appears to a startled Sam, kidnapping Meg and having known all along the weapon would have “side-effects” for the users. Crowley mocks Sam, then leaves with Kevin Tran. Sam is left alone in the building, looking lost and completely in the dark about where Dean is.

    Can’t help you, Sam. […] You got what you wanted. Dick’s dead, saved the world. So I want one little prophet. Sorry, Moose. Wish I could help. You certainly have a lot on your plate. It looks like you are well and truly … on your own.
    — Crowley’s ominous words to Sam
    in Survival of the Fittest

    Without Dean

    As far as I knew, what we do is the thing that got every single member of my family killed. I had no one. No one. And for the first time in my life, I was completely alone. And honestly, I-I didn’t exactly have a roadmap. So yeah, I fixed up the Impala … and just drove.
    — Sam recalling the aftermath of Dean’s disappearance
    in We Need To Talk About Kevin

    After Dean and Castiel disappeared, Sam was left alone with no leads and finds nothing on Kevin or Meg’s whereabouts. Without Dean, Sam develops a cynical perspective on the “family business” after losing so many people and retires from hunting. Sam didn’t know where Dean was or what happened to him, but didn’t try to look for him and assumed he was dead. Instead, Sam ditches his old phones for hunting and drove off with the Impala.

    Early in the year, Sam accidentally hits a stray dog. He takes it immediately to a veterinary clinic where he meets a vet named Amelia Richardson. Sam keeps the dog and takes care of it, at first just calling it “Dog”. Sam manages to get a job as a handyman at the motel he was staying in where he runs into Amelia there, who was staying there. Amelia at first distrusts him, but the two get closer and connect over having no one else to go to. Sam develops feelings for her.[2] Sam learns Amelia’s husband died in Afghanistan eight months before and Sam admits he recently lost his brother. While Amelia is at first hesitant to be with him because she doesn’t want pity, the two form an understanding and bond over their shared losses.[3]

    I don’t pity you. Okay? I don’t. You and I .. we’re a lot of things, but we’re not to be pitied. Look, I lost my brother Dean a few months ago. It felt like my world imploded and came raining down on me, and … I ran. Just like you.
    — Sam connecting to Amelia
    in Southern Comfort

    At some point, Sam moves in and enters in a relationship with Amelia and the name their dog Riot. Sam even has his birthday celebrated, something he rarely did hunting, and would later reflect on this as one of his fonder memories.[4] While still keeping tabs on the supernatural cases around town in the news, Sam ignored the cases and rationalized it as job for another hunter. He realizes it’s not his job to save everyone and just decides to move on with his life.[5]

    Eventually, Sam meets Amelia’s father Stan Thompson. He’s skeptical of Sam, who knows he’s running from something and believes he’s being with Amelia for the wrong reasons. Sam admits he recently lost his brother, who he still grieves for, but refuses he’s with Amelia wrongly. Stan warms up to him and they have a nice family dinner until Amelia gets a call, revealing her husband Don is still alive.[6]

    With Don home, Sam and Amelia get a rut. Sam respects her relationship with her husband, but still believes them together is right. Amelia agrees. Sam talks with Don who tells them to respect Amelia’s choice, whatever that is, if he really loves her. Sam feels bad and decides to leave Amelia, encouraging her to be with her husband.[7]

    I know that you and Don deserve a chance, okay? And … I think you know that too. Just give him a chance. Like you gave me. I mean, Amelia … you saved me.
    — Sam to Amelia as he leaves
    in Citizen Fang

    Season 8


    Sam: “People were okay, Dean. […] Look, I did what we promised we’d do. I moved on. I lived my life. […] Look, it wasn’t like I was just … oblivious. I mean, I read the paper every day. I saw the weird stories. The kind of stuff we used to chase.
    Dean: “And you said what? ‘Not my problem’?”
    Sam: ” Yes. And you know what? The world went on. […] People will always die, Dean. Or maybe another hunter took care of it. I don’t know, but the point is, for the first time, I realized it wasn’t only up to me to stop it.”
    — Sam’s new outlook
    in We Need To Talk About Kevin
    S08E01.We Need To Talk About Kevin<img src=”″ alt=”S08E01.We Need To Talk About Kevin” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”S08E01.We_Need_To_Talk_About_Kevin.jpg” data-image-name=”S08E01.We Need To Talk About Kevin.jpg” width=”280″ height=”158″ >

    Sam reunites with Dean, after Dean returns from Purgatory.

    After Dean returns from Purgatory with the help of a vampire named Benny, Sam reunites with his brother after a year. Sam tells Dean he had retired from hunting ever since Dean disappeared and had been in a relationship with a woman named Amelia. Sam admits he hadn’t looked for Dean because he had no one to help him and thought he was dead. Dean is betrayed by this and resents Sam’s decision to quit, especially after he goes through Sam’s old mobiles which were filled with messages from Kevin months old after he escaped from Crowley. Sam is guilty over this and agrees with Dean they need to go find him.

    As they look for Kevin, strain between Sam and Dean is obvious. Dean criticizes Sam’s quitting even after reading about supernatural cases in the news, which he admits he ignored. While Dean still believes it’s their responsibility to save people, Sam disagrees and admits in the last year he finally realized he didn’t have to save everyone. Eventually, Sam locates Kevin and the brothers find him in hiding, but alive. Kevin reveals Crowley made him read off another tablet about demons, which included ways to kill/banish them or close the gates of Hell forever. Dean is motivated by prospect of closing the gates of Hell forever, though Sam is more unsure for Kevin’s sake. Crowley and his demons appear for Kevin, but all three of them escape.

    Kevin … I owe you an apology. Look … when you disappeared and Dean disappeared… I needed to clear my head. And … I’m thinking maybe you were one of the pieces I should’ve picked up.
    — Sam apologizing for ignoring Kevin
    in We Need To Talk About Kevin

    In What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?, Sam officially returns to hunting with his brother. After Kevin’s request to see if his mother was still safe, they stake out her house and save her from demons. Despite Sam and Dean’s protests, Mrs. Tran wants to stay with them to help protect her son. After discovering the tablet had been stolen, they eventually track it down to a demonic auction and are put against Crowley for the tablet. When Kevin is auctioned as being a “pair” to the tablet, Ms. Tran offers up her own soul for him and the tablet. Crowley takes this opportunity to possess her and a fight breaks out. Crowley exits out of Ms. Tran to his original vessel and manages to leave with the tablet. Ms. Tran, however, is left traumatized by possession. In the aftermath, Kevin and his mother trick the Winchesters and disappear. Kevin leaves them a note saying not to find them and he wasn’t going to get killed being useless to them (as Crowley warned).

    Sam reluctantly continues to work cases, but it becomes clear in Heartache his heart just isn’t in it. He shows an appreciation for simpler things in life and even has applications to a university. Dean pushes Sam to accept hunting again, but his fresh purpose in the job only alienates Sam. He admits to Dean they want different things in life and after closing the gates of Hell he wants to give up hunting for a normal life.

    Dean, listen. When this is over, when we close up shop on Kevin and the tablet, I’m done. I mean that. […] Dean, the year that I took off, I had something I never had. A normal life. I mean, I got to see what that felt like. I want that. I had that.
    — Sam
    in Heartache

    After another failed attempt to locate Kevin in Blood Brother, Dean leaves after getting a call from Benny for help and doesn’t tell Sam where’s going. Sam is annoyed over his secretive attitude and angered further when he finds out Dean went to a vampire nest helping a “friend”. Eventually, Sam is made aware of the situation and meets up with them after the nest was destroyed. Sam officially meets Benny, though quickly realizes he’s a vampire. Sam and becomes extremely jealous of Benny’s relationship with Dean. He also feels hurt that Dean has a friendship with a vampire when he killed Sam’s friend Amy for being a monster just the year before.

    In Southern Comfort, Sam is angry for Dean for trusting a vampire and refuses to see what he sees in Benny, bringing up Amy that Dean had killed a year before just for a monster. The tension between them boils when Dean is possessed by a specter that forces people to kill the person they hold grudge against. Dean zeros in on Sam, who feels betrayed by him—more recently for not finding him in Purgatory—and reveals he never fully forgive him for his past mistakes. When the specter is defeated, Sam sees right through Dean’s attempts to brush it off and stands up to him, telling him to admit what bothers him on what he did and get over it or he’ll drive Sam away.

    Own up to your crap, Dean. I told you from the jump where I was coming from, why I didn’t look for you. But you? You had secrets. You had Benny. And you got on your high and mighty, and you’ve been kicking me ever since you got back. But that’s over. So move on. Or I will.
    — Sam stands up to Dean
    in Southern Comfort

    In A Little Slice of Kevin, Sam is astounded when Castiel mysteriously returns from Purgatory without any memory of how he got out. Afterwards, they discover Crowley is kidnapping future prophets to help him decipher the tablet without Kevin. Soon enough, Crowley does indeed kidnap Kevin again and the brothers receive a call from help from Mrs. Tran. Sam, Dean, and Castiel infiltrate Crowley’s hideout. Castiel manages to secure Kevin and distract Crowley, breaking the tablet in two before he can escape with it. Crowley gets away with one half, leaving the group with the other half of the tablet and Kevin. Kevin agrees to help them close the gates of Hell and they set out to find Crowley.

    In Citizen Fang, Sam’s distrust of Benny worsens when a trail of vampire kills leads right to where Benny has settled down in. It’s revealed Sam had Martin Creaser to keep tabs on him if any bodies appeared. At Dean’s behest, Sam agrees to give Benny the benefit of the doubt, but Martin is adamant Benny is responsible. Dean sends Sam a fake S.O.S. text from Amelia to get him out of the way. Sam rushes to the rescue, only to find Amelia with her husband and perfectly unharmed. Meanwhile, an innocent Benny is forced to kill Martin in self-defense. Sam figures out Dean tricked him and is angry over it, only for Amelia herself to appear to him.

    In Torn and Frayed, Sam and Amelia catch up. She admits to Sam that she still loves him, and will be with him if he wants to stay with her. Sam takes a few days to consider her offer, and helps Dean and Castiel rescue an angel named Samandriel from Crowley in the meantime. Dean tells Sam that he will give him his full blessing if he decides to stay with Amelia, but Sam admits he’s been having second thoughts about a normal life with everything going on with the tablets and Kevin. Amelia shows up at the rendezvous point, but Sam chooses to stay with Dean.

    She does make me happy, and she could be waiting for me if I went back. I’d be a very luck man if she was. But now … with everything staring down at us, with all that’s left to be done … I don’t know.
    — Sam’s second thoughts
    in Torn and Frayed

    In As Time Goes By, Sam and Dean meet their grandfather, Henry Winchester, and help him take down a demonic Knight of Hell named Abaddon. The brothers discover their ancestors on their father’s side were Men of Letters— chroniclers of the unknown and unexplained that had immense knowledge, which they usually passed to hunters worthy. Henry dies protecting the key. Sam and Dean give him a funeral with his other deceased Men Of Letters friends. They’re lead to the headquarters, and after further research and working a case with the Juda Society, Sam takes up the throne as the next “legacy” and becomes a Man of Letters.

    Kevin finally manages to decipher the demon tablet in Trial and Error, and using Kevin’s translation of the Word of God, Dean convinces Sam that he should be the one to attempt the trials to shut Hell’s gates. hey track a hellhound towards a farm were Crowley made multiple deals. Upon realizing Dean’s motivation to do the trials is a suicide mission, Sam argues with him. Dean tracks the hellhound and nearly killed, but Sam kills it instead, fulfilling the requirements for one of the trials.

    In the aftermath, Sam confronts Dean over his apathetic, low opinion of himself and expresses his complete faith and admiration in him. Sam tells him he knows he can do the trials instead, but wants Dean to believe in him too. Dean reluctantly lets Sam be chosen for the trials and the first ritual is complete.

    I want to slam the gates shut too, okay? But I want to survive it. I want to live and so should you. You friends up here. Family. […] You’re right, okay? I see the light at the end of this tunnel. And I’m sorry you don’t. I am. But it’s there. And if you come with me, I can take you to it. […] You’re not a grunt, Dean. You’re a genius. You’re the best damn hunter I’ve ever seen. Better than me, better than Dad. I believe in you, Dean. So please, please believe in me too.
    — Sam choosing to do the trials
    in Trial and Error

    In Man’s Best Friend With Benefits, Sam is frustrated by Dean who is still trying to convince him not to do the trials. Sam believes it’s because Dean’s unable to trust anyone but himself. Eventually, Dean clarifies he does trust him and by trusting him he should respect his choice to do the trials. Meanwhile, the effect resulting from the trial is revealed when Sam coughs up a spot of blood, but hides it from his brother even though he seems visibly shaken.

    While working on a case in Goodbye Stranger, they run into Castiel and discover that Crowley has been searching for Lucifer’s crypt, seeing as it contains the angel tablet. They also discover that Crowley has been torturing Meg for information, as she knows the true whereabouts of their location. They rescue Meg, who takes them there, but Dean insists that Sam stay outside while he and Castiel look for the tablet. Sam declares that he feels fine, but Castiel tells him that the effects of the trial have damaged Sam in ways that not even he can heal and that they’ve changed him on a “subatomic level”. Meg and Sam discuss the year he spent with Amelia, and Meg tells him that she understands his desire for a normal life and a relationship. She is then killed by Crowley while trying to protect them and Castiel. They escape from Crowley and Sam and Dean have a heart to heart, promising not to lie to each other.

    Bobby's Soul<img src=”″ alt=”Bobby's Soul” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Bobby%27s_Soul.PNG” data-image-name=”Bobby's Soul.PNG” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Sam helps Bobby’s soul rise to Heaven

    In Taxi Driver, Kevin translates the second trial as needing to “rescue an innocent soul from Hell”. After meeting up with a rogue reaper named Ajay, Sam and Dean discover that Crowley had secretly sent Bobby’s soul to Hell, and Sam goes with Ajay to try and rescue him. Sam reunites with Bobby and they take the portal through Purgatory. When Ajay doesn’t show, Sam and Bobby are forced to fight monsters and are trapped in there. They’re rescued by Benny, who agreed to let Dean kill him to help him save Sam from Purgatory with the plan to bring them both back.Benny leads them out of Purgatory, but chooses to stay behind, not able to fit in Earth. Sam and Dean send Bobby’s soul to Heaven, completing the second trial. Sam tells that he was wrong about Benny, and that he was a good person after all.

    Sam continues to get sicker and sicker from the trials, and becomes convinced that he won’t get better until he finishes them. Sam, however, starts to remember things and begins to feel like the trials are changing him: purifying him. Crowley captures Kevin in The Great Escapist, and leads Sam and Dean to believe that he is dead. They go off looking for a way to translate the third trial by themselves, and run into an angel named Metatron. Metatron reveals that he was the scribe of God and the original author of the tablets before he went into hiding on Earth. Sam and Dean convince him to rescue Kevin from Crowley, and he tells them that the third trial requires them to “cure a demon”.

    You know, I’ve been remembering things, little things, so clearly. […] You used to read to me when I was little. I mean, really little, from that— from that old … Classic Illustrated comic book. […] Knights of the Round table. Had all of King Arthur’s knights, and they were all on the quest for the Holy Grail. […] I remember thinking I could never go on a quest like that. Because I’m not clean. I mean, I was just a kid. You think maybe I knew? I mean, deep down, that … I had demon blood in me, and about the evil of it, and that I’m— wasn’t pure? […] It doesn’t matter anymore. Because these trials … they’re purifying me.
    — Sam on the effects of the trial
    in The Great Escapist
    Sam Sarah<img src=”″ alt=”Sam Sarah” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_Sarah.png” data-image-name=”Sam Sarah.png” width=”225″ height=”141″ >

    Sam with Sarah moments before her death

    In Clip Show, Sam and Dean watch a series of old exorcism videos in the Men of Letters files that detail how to cure a demon. The brothers dig up Abaddon and intend to cure her to finish the trials, but Crowley calls and reveals he’s killing off all the people they ever saved if they don’t surrender. Abaddon escapes. With no demon to cure, Sam and Dean go after Crowley, but Crowley threatens to kill Sam’s old fling Sarah Blake if they don’t give up the tablet. Sam and Dean do everything they can to protect her, but can’t manage to save her life in time. Sam, grieving, considers surrendering, but Dean tells him to push him on.

    In the season finale, Sacrifice, Crowley threatens to murder Jody Mills, and Sam and Dean agree to give up the trials in order to save her life. They arrive to make a deal with Crowley, but capture him with some of the bunker’s demon-proof handcuffs, revealing that they are planning on using him for the third trial. They lock Crowley down in a church and Sam begins the process of curing him, injecting him with Sam’s human blood which he blessed by confession once every few hours. Dean is called away to help Castiel in his attempt to shut the gates of Heaven, and Sam is left to finish the ritual alone. He notices that Crowley becomes more and more human as the night goes on, and Crowley finally admits to Sam that he just wants to be loved. Abaddon appears, planning on killing Crowley and taking over Hell, but Sam manages to set her meatsuit on fire, seemingly killing her. Dean arrives just in time to stop Sam from completing the trial, who learned completing it would result in his death. Sam doesn’t care and thinks closing the gates of Hell is worth it. He explains that he feels like all he does is let his brother down, and admits how hard it’s been for him to see Dean turn to Benny and Castiel instead of him. Dean tells Sam that he’d never put anything or anyone in front of him and that Sam is the person he cares about more than anyone else.

    Dean: “Think about it. Think about what we know, huh? Pulling souls from Hell, curing demons. Hell, ganking a hellhound! We have enough knowledge on our side to turn the tide here. But I can’t do it without you.”
    Sam: (distraught) “You can barely do it with me. I mean, you think I screw up everything I try. You think I need a chaperone, remember? […] You want to know what I confessed in there? What my greatest sin was? It was how many times I let you down. (tearfully) I can’t do that again. What happens when you decided I can’t be trusted again? I mean, who are you going to turn to next instead of me? Another angel? Another … another vampire?”
    — Sam’s confession to Dean
    in Sacrifice

    Dean asks Sam to stop the final trial, claiming that they can do more good as a team. Sam agrees, but the effect of the trials doesn’t subside and Sam cries out in pain. Dean helps Sam outside and they witness all the angels falling from Heaven.

    Season 9


    Honestly, I feel better than I have in a long time. I mean, I realize it’s crazy out there, and we have trouble coming for us, but I look around and I see friends, and family. I am happy with my life, for the first time in … forever. I am. I really am.
    — Sam to Dean
    in Devil May Care

    Sam is now in a coma as a result of the trials. In his mind, he is starting to give up and considers letting himself die. His desire to live and his desire to die manifest themselves as images of Dean and Bobby, respectively, and they fight among each other in his head. Sam finally agrees with Bobby and apologizes to the vision of Dean in his head, saying goodbye. He comes face to face with Death, who has come to collect him personally, and Sam asks him to make sure that his death is permanent this time. Meanwhile, in the real world Dean has asked an angel named “Ezekiel” to help him cure Sam. Ezekiel tells Dean that the only way he can save Sam’s life is if Sam allows him to possess his body. Dean realizes that Sam would never agree to such a thing, and in a moment of desperation agrees to help Ezekiel trick Sam into saying yes. Ezekiel shows up in Sam’s head, disguised as Dean, and begs Sam to live so they can stay together. Sam agrees, and Ezekiel possesses his body. He promises Dean that Sam will never know he’s hiding inside him, and that as soon as he’s healed Sam he’ll leave.

    Gadreel1<img src=”″ alt=”Gadreel1″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Gadreel1.jpg” data-image-name=”Gadreel1.jpg” width=”266″ height=”150″ >

    “Ezekiel” manifests himself through Sam.

    In Devil May Care, Sam is still unaware that he’s harboring an angel, and is surprised to find out that Dean left Crowley alive. Dean argues that Crowley can help them track down all the demons on Earth, and him and Sam lock him up in the bunker’s dungeon. They receive word that Abaddon is still alive and is kidnapping hunters, so go on a rescue mission. During the hunt, Sam is overpowered by three demons and Ezekiel takes over, destroying all of the demons and causing Abaddon to flee. Ezekiel stabs all three of the corpses with Ruby’s knife, so that he and Dean can maintain the illusion that there aren’t any angels involved. When Sam wakes up, Dean tells his brother that he was the one who defeated all the demons. Later on, Sam recovers at the bunker and reveals to a guilty Dean that he feels a lot better about his life now than he has in a long time.

    In I’m No Angel, Ezekiel takes over Sam halfway through a conversation to reveal to Dean that angels are chasing Castiel. Sam and Dean try to reach Castiel before the angels can get their hands on him, but run into a dead end. Worried for Castiel’s safety, Dean asks Ezekiel to locate him, and they manage to find him just as a rogue reaper stabs him through the chest. Dean kills the reaper, and Ezekiel uses his powers to bring Castiel back to life. Sam and Dean bring Castiel back to the bunker with them. Sam begins to question things, but Dean comes up with an excuse to pacify his brother’s curiosity. Ezekiel takes over and admits that he can’t stay in the same place as Castiel since he’s a target for dangerous angels. He tells Dean that if he doesn’t kick Castiel out of the bunker, he’ll have to leave and Sam will die. Dean is forced to send Castiel away in order to save his brother’s life.

    Dean continues to hide Ezekiel’s presence from Sam, coming up with cover stories to explain away the discrepancies that Sam is starting to notice more and more. Ezekiel also heals Sam a number of times, saving his life from fatal injuries and healing Dean’s friends whenever they are in danger. But after every use of his power, he tells Dean that each time means longer that he’ll have to stay inside of Sam to recharge.

    In Heaven Can’t Wait, Sam works with Dean and Kevin on figuring out how to send the angels back to Heaven. Dean is called away by Castiel for a case so Sam reluctantly stays behind to help Kevin research. After finding nothing, Sam decides to ask Crowley if he can translate the ancient language of the spell Metatron used. Crowley refuses until he’s allowed to get a “call” to Abaddon. Crowley reveals the Heaven spell is irreversible, leaving Earth plagued with dangerous and confused angels.

    Gadreel<img src=”″ alt=”Gadreel” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Gadreel.jpg” data-image-name=”Gadreel.jpg” width=”260″ height=”170″ >

    Ezekiel warns Dean.

    In Rock and a Hard Place, Sam is shown to be constantly tired and admits to Dean he feels he can’t recharge his batteries. In a fight against Vesta, she tells Sam that his organs are completely burned and that he’s nothing but “duct tape and safety pins inside.” Sam is worried by his and confides in Dean, telling him he’s feels like something’s wrong with him. Dean tries to pass the symptoms of Ezekiel’s presence off as a lingering effect of the trials, but Sam admits that he thinks something is just wrong with him and that he’ll never be normal. Dean can’t stand Sam thinking about himself that way, so he decides to tell him the truth. But Ezekiel takes over and warns Dean to not even try. Dean instead tells Sam’s it’s not him and to not worry. Sam begins to realize Dean’s lying to him.

    What if there’s something wrong with me? Something really wrong? […] Why does it have to be something else? It’s always something else. We’re always scraping to find some other explanation when maybe … it is just me. […] I’m a mess, Dean. You know it. And sometimes I feel like maybe I’m never gonna actually be alright.
    — Sam’s fears
    in Rock and a Hard Place

    In Holy Terror, Sam and Dean go on a case to investigate multiple angel slaughters. They meet Castiel, who is attempting to help his angel brethren, even as a human. After this encounter, Ezekiel takes over and reminds Dean that he can’t be near Castiel, so Dean sends Castiel away again. Ezekiel walks outside and runs into Metatron, who reveals that he knows that “Ezekiel” is actually Gadreel, the angel who let Lucifer into the Garden of Eden, and was locked up for thousands of years. Metatron offers him a role in the rebuilding of Heaven and Gadreel is so desperate to clear his name that he accepts, so Metatron gives him a piece of paper with an assassination target for him to take care of. Meanwhile, Dean starts to worry that “Ezekiel” hasn’t been telling him the truth. He and Kevin plan a spell that can knock the angel out of control so he can talk to Sam, but Gadreel overhears the conversation and changes the symbol, tricking Dean into believing he’s Sam and knocking him out. Gadreel kills Kevin (the assassination target) and steals Sam’s body, leaving Dean crying over Kevin’s corpse.

    Sam 9x09-112<img src=”″ alt=”Sam 9×09-112″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_9x09-112.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam 9×09-112.jpg” width=”250″ height=”141″ >

    Gadreel talks to Metatron.

    In Road Trip, Sam in a fantasy world inside his own head by Gadreel, where he believes he is working on cases with Dean. Dean, Castiel and Crowley capture Gadreel and attempt to separate his mind from Sam’s so that Sam can expel the rogue angel, but fail, so Crowley possesses Sam and explains the situation. Sam remembers everything during Gadreel’s possession—including Kevin’s death— fights Gadreel until expelling the angel from his body. Castiel heals some of the effects from the trials that Gadreel wasn’t able to and promises to stay and keep healing Sam until he’s better. Sam is furious at Dean’s deception over the last few months and stricken with guilt over Kevin’s death. When Dean decides to leave, Sam lets him.

    Sam: “You lied to me. Again. […] I was ready to die, Dean!”
    Dean: “I know, but I wouldn’t let you. Because that’s not in me.”
    Sam: “So, what? You decide to trick me into being possessed by some psycho angel? […] I was willing to die, Dean. And now … Kevin …!”
    Dean: “No. That is not on you. Kevin’s blood is on my hands, and that ain’t ever getting clean. I’ll burn for that. I will. But I’ll find Gadreel and I’ll end that son of a bitch. But I’ll do it alone. […] I won’t drag anyone through the muck with me. Not anymore.”
    Sam: “Go. I’m not gonna stop you.”
    — A furious Sam parts ways with Dean
    in Road Trip

    While Dean is off on his own in First Born, Castiel discovers that Sam still has some of Gadreel’s grace within him, and they try to use it to locate the angel. And even though Sam is willing to sacrifice himself for it to work, Castiel is not and he completely heals Sam, telling him that he wouldn’t want to lose him and eliminating the last of the grace.

    In Sharp Teeth, Sam and Dean reunite on a case while looking for Garth. And although the brothers work the job together, Sam tells Dean that he’s still angry and that they obviously aren’t on the same page anymore. He says that they can’t be brothers anymore, only hunting partners. In The Purge, after Dean refuses to apologize, Sam tells him that he wouldn’t have done the same thing if their situations were reversed.

    In Captives, Kevin’s spirit is revealed to be haunting the bunker and can’t move on due to the after-affect of Metatron shutting down Heaven. He asks the brothers to locate his mother, still kidnapped by Crowley. After saving Mrs. Tran and filling her in on Kevin’s death, she decides to take his spirit with her until he can move on. Sam and Dean make peace with Kevin and vow to find a way to send him to Heaven. Kevin encourages the brothers to get over the issues between them, but Sam is still unwilling to forgive.

    In Blade Runners, Sam, Dean and Crowley team up to locate The First Blade, the only weapon that can kill Abaddon. Working together, they locate former Man of Letters Cuthbert Sinclair who has the Blade. Revealing themselves to be Henry Winchester’s grandsons, Sam and Dean are able to get into Cuthbert, aka Magnus’s lair. However, when Magnus learns that Dean possesses the Mark of Cain, he teleports Sam outside as he plans to add Dean to his collection. With Crowley’s help, Sam gets back inside, but is captured by Magnus who plans to torture Sam to make Dean willing to do what he wants. Crowley frees Dean who decapitates Magnus with the First Blade and Sam has to talk him out of the uncontrollable rage he experiences as a result. In the aftermath, Sam suggests killing Crowley now that they have what they want, but Crowley steals the Blade from them, only intending to give it back once they’ve found Abaddon.

    In Mother’s Little Helper, Sam is forced to take a case by himself because Dean insists that he’s too focused on finding Abaddon. Sam travels to Milton, Illinois where normally good people suddenly become violent murderers. Sam stops one of the murders and finds out that the affected people are similar to what happened to him when he was soulless. Hearing Julia Wilkinson, an ex-nun, mention demons, Sam asks her what happened and learns that Henry and Josie Sands (Abaddon’s vessel) traveled to the town in 1958 to investigate similar happenings. Julia reveals that Henry and Josie exorcised two of the demons creating soulless soldiers for a demon army. But one was Abaddon who possessed Josie and had the other demon continue her work in secret. Sam travels to the convent and finds the demon and the victims’ souls captured in jars. Sam uses a recorded exorcism to distract the demon, then kills her and releases the souls back to their owners. After thanking Julia for her help, Sam returns to the bunker and tells Dean what he learned.

    Sam and Dean finally manage to capture Gadreel in Meta Fiction, but Sam chooses to return him to Metatron to trade for Castiel’s life. They plan on trapping Metatron at the exchange, but Metatron reveals that he’s been using the angel tablet to charge himself up, and now he has powers equal to God.

    The Winchesters help Castiel with an interrogation in King of the Damned and learn that Metatron has a secret door to Heaven. Crowley calls them with Abaddon’s whereabouts, so they travel to his location in order to kill her. Dean tells Sam that Crowley warned him about some demons in the basement of the hotel, so Sam goes down to check. But when the room is empty, Sam realizes that Dean lied to him in order to get him out of the way. He arrives just in time to see Dean kill Abaddon with the First Blade, but he won’t stop brutalizing the corpse and Sam struggles to get Dean to finally drop the blade. They spare Crowley’s life and tell him to return his son (that Abaddon plucked out of the time stream as a bargaining chip) to his proper time, but Crowley refuses and disappears. On the drive home, Sam tells Dean that he’s concerned about his worrisome attachment to the blade and asks that they get rid of it now that they don’t need it anymore. Dean refuses.

    Sam: “Look … I’m glad it worked out, okay? I am. And I’m glad the Blade gives you calm or whatever, but Dean, I gotta say … I’m starting to think the Blade is doing something else too […] Like something to you. Look, I’m thinking until we know for sure that we’re gonna kill off Crowley, why don’t we store the blade somewhere distant. Lock it up somewhere safe? Okay?”
    Dean: ” … No.”
    — Sam’s concerns on the Blade
    in King of the Damned

    In Stairway To Heaven, Sam continues to worry about Dean’s growing dependence on the First Blade. He asks Dean to leave it at the bunker while they go to help Castiel, and his brother agrees. They find that some of Castiel’s angel followers are attacking others in suicide bombings. Dean stays behind to interrogate the group while Sam and Castiel search for Metatron’s doorway to Heaven. They find a warehouse full of traps, but once they get past them, the whole thing turns out to be a fake. Sam and Castiel return to find that Dean lied about keeping the blade, and that he’s killed Tessa the reaper with it. Castiel’s army ask him to kill Dean for his crimes, but Castiel refuses and the rest of his angels leave. Sam tries to bring up the blade again, but Dean tells him that he’s the only one who can kill Metatron and that Sam doesn’t have a say in anything they do until that’s done. Gadreel shows up at the bunker, telling the three of them that he’s defecting from Metatron’s side after finding out that he secretly orchestrated all of the angel bombings. He asks for their forgiveness, but Dean attacks him with the First Blade.

    In the season finale, Do You Believe In Miracles?, Sam and Castiel try to restrain Dean from killing Gadreel and manage to lock him up in the bunker’s dungeon. They find Gadreel and (after some reluctance on Sam’s part) all decide that Dean is their best bet at defeating Metatron. They return to the bunker to find that Dean has escaped, and while Castiel and Gadreel try to sneak into Heaven, Sam goes after his brother. He finds Dean working with Crowley and tells him that they have to do this together, Dean agrees and they go after Metatron. Dean starts to apologize about letting Gadreel possess Sam and Sam forgives him, then Dean knocks Sam out, telling him that it isn’t his fight. Sam wakes up and goes after Dean, but arrives too late to stop Metatron from stabbing him through the heart. Metatron teleports back to Heaven and Sam tells Dean that he lied about being okay with killing Metatron no matter the consequences. Dean dies in his arms and he cries over his brother’s body. He takes Dean’s corpse back to the bunker and tries to summon Crowley for a demon deal in order to save Dean. Not knowing that Crowley shows up on his own to place the First Blade in Dean’s hands. Crowley places the First Blade into the apparently dead Dean’s hands, and Dean’ eyes open. They are all black, revealing him to have become a demon.

    Sam: “Shut up. Shut up. Just save up all your energy, alright? We’ll stop the bleeding. We’ll … we’ll get you a doctor or-or I’ll find a spell. You’re gonna be okay.”
    Dean: “Listen to me. It’s better this way. The Mark. It’s making me into something I don’t wanna be. […] What happened to you being okay with this?”
    Sam: “… I lied.”
    — Sam as Dean is dying
    in Do You Believe In Miracles?

    Season 10


    Dean: “Did you ever stop to think that if I wanted to be cured, I wouldn’t have bailed.”
    Sam: “That was Crowley.”
    Dean: “It really wasn’t.”
    Sam: “It doesn’t matter, alright? Because whatever happened, whatever went down, we will fix it.”
    Dean: “We will? Because right now I’m doing all I can not to come over there and rip your throat out … with my teeth. I’m giving you a chance, Sam. You should take it.”
    Sam: “I’m gonna have to pass.”
    Dean: “Well, I’m not walking out that door with you. I’m just not. So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna kill me?[…] You don’t know what I’ve done. I might have it coming.”
    Sam: “Well, I don’t care. Because you’re my brother and I’m here to take you home.”
    — Sam reuniting with his demon brother
    in Reichenbach

    In Black, Sam is shown to have been desperately searching for Dean for the past 6 weeks, and has a sling on his arm. Sam is torturing a demon to get information on Dean’s whereabouts to no success. It’s later revealed in Soul Survivor Sam manipulated a jilted man named Lester Morris into making a deal with a crossroads demon to information. He had failed to find any other demons and used his last resort. Sam had never intended for Lester to actually make the deal, but couldn’t stop him in time. Afterwards, Sam and Castiel have a conversation over the phone about Dean and Castiel reveals that Sam’s shoulder was injured by a demon.

    Sam discovers that Dean is a demon through video surveillance of a store. Sam calls a phone left be a demon and reaches Crowley, who tells Sam about what’s happened. Sam tries to track Crowley down, only to be kidnapped by Cole Trenton, who is looking for Dean in revenge. Sam tries to warn Cole about Dean and refuses to tell him where his brother is, compelling Cole to decide on torturing him. Cole calls Dean on Sam’s phone and threatens his brother’s life unless he shows, but Dean says that it’s Sam’s problem and abandons him.

    In Reichenbach, Sam is being tortured by Cole, but manages to escape. Sam is told by Crowley where Dean is and tracks his brother down. Once he finds Dean, Sam tries to reason with him, but Demon!Dean just mocks and threatens him. Sam says he doesn’t care what Dean has done, and is determined to turn his brother back to normal. Afterwards, Cole throws a smoke bomb in the bar, knocking out Sam as he goes to fight Dean. Once he’s conscious, Sam captures Dean with devil’s trap handcuffs. Crowley takes away the First Blade and hides it. Sam lets Crowley go, but promises to kill him next time he sees him.

    In Soul Survivor, Sam traps Dean and begins the curing ritual. Sam still tries to reason with his brother, but Dean is unaffected, mocking their mission in saving lives and calling Sam a monster just as him if not worse for letting Lester sell his soul. Sam is clearly guilty over the Lester incident, but pushes on in curing his brother. When Dean’s body starts to reject the treatment, Sam worries he’s killing him and calls Castiel for help.

    You don’t get to quit. We don’t get to quit in this family! This family is all we ever had! […] This is me pulling your lame ass out of the fire. You’re welcome.
    — Sam to Dean as he cures him
    in Soul Survivor

    When the curing ritual is almost complete, Dean is less demon enough to break out of the Devils Trap and tries to kill Sam with a hammer. Sam catches Dean with demon knife to his throat, but is unable to kill him. Castiel appears and detains Dean. Sam completes the rest of the demon-curing ritual and Dean is human again.

    In Paper Moon, Sam and Dean hunt werewolves, who turn out to be Kate and her sister.

    In Fan Fiction, the 200th episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean stumble across an all-girls school that is putting on a musical of the Supernatural books. Sam reveals that he was a theater kid, and it is all very jarring for the boys, but in the end, Sam kills the goddess behind the kidnappings. In the episode, the lead girl that plays Sam, hands Dean a makeshift Samulet, which Dean later hangs on the mirror of the Impala, after telling her ‘I don’t need a symbol to remind me how I feel about my brother’. The episode ends with the boys driving off into the sunset in the Impala.

    In Hibbing 911, Jody Mills calls Sam to tell the boys she found a case. Sam and Dean go to meet her and help with her on the case of werewolves. Sam and Jody are shown to have a close relationship in the episode, and ‘passing notes during class’. Sam confided in her about Dean becoming a demon. In the end, Dean tells Sam that killing the werewolves made him feel like himself again. The boys also cross paths with Sheriff Donna Hanscum.

    In The Things We Left Behind, Sam and Dean go help Castiel reach out to Claire Novak. At a scene at a bar, Sam and Dean talk about their father John Winchester and how he raised them right. The boys tell Castiel that it wasn’t always easy, but they loved their father. At the end of the episode, Dean gives in to the Mark and slaughters many people in a room which Sam then comes in to discover. Sam holds Dean’s face and begs him to tell him that he had to do it, very concerned for him.

    In The Hunter Games, Sam and Castiel work desperately to find a way to remove the Mark from Dean. Castiel takes Metatron out of prison briefly for the brothers to use him for information. Metatron tells him the blade is needed. Sam distrusts him and disagrees with Dean’s recklessness to get the blade, but knows they’re out of options. They enlist Crowley who takes the blade out of hiding, but naturally refuses to give it to them until needed. Sam and Castiel run in on Dean torturing Metatron for more information and stop him from killing him. Dean is disturbed by how easily he almost killed again, but Sam tells him he’ll just have the fight the Mark’s power harder the way Cain did.

    Cain still has the mark, right? And he lived with it. For years, he’s lived with it. So yeah, the mark is strong, but Dean … maybe there’s a part of you that wants to give him. And maybe you have to fight that, y’know? Maybe … part of that powerful force has to be you.
    — Sam encouraging his brother to fight
    in The Hunter Games

    Sam does his best to find a cure for the Mark of Cain and his supports Dean through his turmoil. By Halt & Catch Fire, Sam is hopeful that they can find a cure in Cain when Castiel is close to finding him. After saving college students from a vengeful spirit, Dean has given up on finding a cure from the Mark and can’t live anymore with false hope. Sam protests, determined there is a cure, but Dean has made up his mind. He’ll fight off the Mark of Cain as much as can until the day he can’t and he wants Sam to stop looking.

    Despite his brother’s wishes, Sam continues to look for cures for the Mark of Cain. In Inside Man, Sam lies to Dean and goes with Castiel to get Metatron back, hoping to get more answers about the Mark. They contact Bobby’s spirit in Heaven to be a decoy while Castiel gets Metatron out. Back on Earth, Castiel removes Metatron’s grace, making him human, and Sam shoots him in the leg. They find out Metatron lied and never really know how to remove the Mark. Castiel keeps him alive so he can find his original grace.

    When he gets back to the bunker, Sam doesn’t tell Dean what happened. He’s given a letter by Bobby from Castiel. In the letter, Bobby warns Sam to be careful of consequences while removing the Mark and to not keep lying to Dean. Sam doesn’t seem to know what to do.

    In Book of the Damned, Charlie comes to him and Dean with the Book of the Damned while being on the run from the Stynes family. It can break any curse and could get rid of Dean’s mark. It’s a dark magic book, but Sam doesn’t care and works unsuccessfully with Charlie to translate it. Sam talks to her about hunting and admits he embraces it now, but can’t do it without Dean. Aware of the dangers of the book, Dean orders them not to use it. Dean instructs Sam to burn it as the Stynes attack them. Sam instead burns a different book and lies to Dean. Sam, guilty but desperate to save his brother, conspires with Rowena in secret to translate the book.

    When Dean came to get me at school, I told myself … one last job, y’know? One more job. And then when–when … I lost Jess, I again told myself one more job. There’s always one more job, y’know? And one more job and one more job, and I was going to go back to law and–and my life. […] I guess I really understand now that … this is my life. I love it. But I can’t do it without my brother. I don’t want to do it without my brother.
    — Sam to Charlie about hunting
    in Book of the Damned

    In The Werther Project, Rowena agrees to help Sam translate the book as long as he helps her kill Crowley. Sam agrees. She gives him information about a codex from the Grand Coven that will help him translate the Book of the Damned. Sam goes to the address alone, only for Dean to follow. Sam manages to explain the backstory of the Werther Box without raising suspicion from Dean. Sam opens the book, triggering the people around to resort to suicide. This is done to Sam through his guilt using the book and then again by using his blood to stop the box’s work. Sam nearly kills himself, but Dean uses his own blood to shut it down and saves him. Dean has the Werther Box destroyed, but Sam is still lying to his brother.

    In Dark Dynasty, Sam enlists in the help of Castiel and Charlie as Rowena tries to translate the book. Both his friends are reluctant to lie to Dean, but agree to help save him. At the same time, Sam works with Dean on a case involving the Stynes and manage to capture one. The Styne escapes and targets Charlie, who is decrypting notes on the Book of the Damned in a motel. Dean finds out and is furious at Sam for lying to him and putting Charlie in danger. Sam and Dean rush to her rescue, but arrive to see Charlie dead.

    In The Prisoner, Sam is guilt-ridden by Charlie’s death and his part in it. Dean blames him completely and separates from him to go track down the Stynes in revenge. Sam decides to stop his work with the Book of the Damned, but receives an email from Charlie on how to translate the book, which she sent seconds before she died. Under his bargain with Rowena, Sam tries to kill Crowley, but fails and by default reminds Crowley of his evilness. Sam hears from Castiel the massacre Dean left behind at the Styne’s base and is horrified his brother is too far gone.

    In Brother’s Keeper, Sam and Castiel have lost track of Dean who doesn’t want to be found. Castiel worries about the consequences of having Rowena remove the Mark of Cain using the Book of the Damned, but Sam points out that they don’t know what those consequences are and there’s no alternative. Sam and Castiel visit Rowena to threaten her with death to do the spell to remove the Mark of Cain. Rowena stands defiant, knowing she is the only one that can perform the spell, and only agrees to perform under the condition that she gains her freedom and as well as Nadya’s Codex.

    Rowena tells Sam and Castiel about the three ingredients for the spell: the forbidden fruit, the golden calf, and a sacrifice of something that the spellcaster loves.Sam gets a phone call from Rudy, who tells him where Dean is and that ”he’s not playing well with others.” Sam leaves, asking Castiel to make sure the spell happens.

    Sam arrives at the cabin and finds out what happened, then he finds Dean’s motel room, Impala parked outside. Dean is gone, but he left his car keys and a note saying ”She’s all yours.” Dean asks Death to kill him because he can’t fight the Mark. Death says he won’t kill Dean, as it is impossible even for him.Dean refuses, so Death offers to relocate Dean with the Mark far away from Earth where he will no longer be a danger. Dean calls Sam and tells him he’s done, and to come to him so he can say his goodbyes.

    Sam arrives at the bar to find Dean and Death tells Sam he believes Sam will never rest until Dean is free of the Mark, and so he has to die for the greater good. Dean tells Sam that the world would be better without them in it, that they’re followed by evil. Sam objects that they’re not evil. Dean says he let Rudy die and Sam drove a man to sell his soul and bullied Charlie into getting herself killed. Sam argues that Dean is not an evil man, he’s a good man trying to find a solution by summoning Death and calling Sam. But Dean won’t budge. Sam punches him and they have a vicious fist fight which ends with Sam on the floor. Sam tells Dean that he, the real Dean, is nothing but good – but he’s right. Dean has to be stopped at all costs before he hurts anyone else. Looking up at Dean from where he’s kneeling on the floor, Sam says ”Do it.” Death hands his scythe to Dean. Sam shows Dean a couple of pictures that he brought – of Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean as children – as a guide to remind Dean, some day, what it was to be good and what it was like to love. Dean asks Sam to forgive him, then swings the scythe over his head and stabs Death, who crumbles into dust as Dean looks on in shock.

    Rowena, showing unusual emotion, hugs Oskar and then stabs him in the neck with a pen. She collects his blood and completes the spell. Lightning strikes Dean’s arm and removes the Mark of Cain. As Sam and Dean leave the restaurant, lightning strikes the ground in multiple places throughout the nearby field. In each place, black, roiling smoke erupts from holes in the earth and forms a cloud that grows to obliterate the sky. Sam and Dean get into the Impala and try to drive away, but hit a pothole. The car and everything around them are engulfed by the cloud of smoke.

    Season 11


    In Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, Sam is knocked out by the Darkness washing over the Impala and wakes up to find Dean gone. To Sam’s shock, he finds Dean a mile away in a field. Dean tells Sam that the Darkness saved him and has now taken the form of a woman. Leaving the area, they find a group of dead road workers and a live one who is now a monster Sam calls a Rabid. Having been infected by the Darkness, the man attacks them before being killed by Deputy Jenna Nickerson. Learning that the town of Superior, Nebraska has been infected by the Rabids, Sam debates with Dean about killing the people, letting them die when they burn out or searching for a cure.

    Sam finds out he's infected<img src=”″ alt=”Sam finds out he's infected” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_finds_out_he%27s_infected.PNG” data-image-name=”Sam finds out he's infected.PNG” width=”220″ height=”115″ >

    Sam finds out he’s infected.

    Eventually Sam has Dean bring Jenna and the baby Amara to safety, but stays behind to lure the Rabids away and to find a cure. Hiding in a closet, Sam fights an infected nurse and kills her, but gets splashed in the face by her blood. The Rabids break into the closet, but sensing that Sam is infected, leave him alone. Sam later looks in the mirror and realizes he is infected though he keeps this from Dean when he calls, stating simply that he will keep searching for a cure.

    In Form and Void, Sam creates a makeshift cattle prod and captures a Rabid who can still talk. Sam questions the man about the infection and begins his search for a cure with little luck. The Rabid eventually dies and Sam follows the sound of someone singing O Death to find a young woman who recognizes him. The woman, Billie, reveals herself to be a Reaper and tells Sam that the new Death intends to toss Sam and Dean into The Empty when they die so that they can’t ever come back. Billie informs Sam that he is “unclean in a biblical sense” and will die soon before leaving. Sam continues his search with no luck and eventually goes to pray to God for guidance. Sam receives no response, but moments later gets a vision of himself being tortured that he doesn’t understand. Near to being consumed by the infection, Sam remembers Billie telling him that he is “unclean in a biblical sense” and does a search for purifications from the Bible. Finding a reference to fire and holy oil, Sam uses a sponge doused in holy fire on himself and it cures him. Having found a cure, Sam uses music to lure a group of Rabid’s into the hospital chapel where he traps them in a circle of holy fire.

    The holy fire cures the Rabid’s and the group sets out to cure the surviving people in the town. Returning to the bunker afterwards, Sam is stunned to hear that the Darkness is actually a little girl and that Dean’s encounter with the Darkness in the form of a woman was apparently a vision. Following a groaning, the two find Castiel begging for help.

    For the following weeks during minor cases, Sam continues to have visions, from whom he presumes is God, though Dean is reluctant to even talk about it.

    In Our Little World, Sam and Dean infiltrate Crowley’s lair in order to kill Amara. While Dean bursts into Amara’s room, Sam fends off the coming demons. He gets into a difficult fight with two, but manages to defeat them both. He then goes to Amara’s room but finds the door locked, so he knocks and calls for Dean. Suddenly, he is plagued by memories and visions of the Cage, and falls to his knees.

    He and Dean later regroup at the Bunker and discover from Castiel that Amara is in fact God’s sister. Sam questions Dean as to why he couldn’t kill Amara, but Dean brushes it off implying it was beyond his capability. Sam walks away, and has a clear vision of the outside view of the Cage, which worries him.

    In Just My Imagination, Sam is reunited with his childhood friend Sully, who has come to Sam and Dean for help in solving the killings of fellow Zanna. As they investigate the deaths, Sam learns that Sully was left very upset when Sam abandoned him as a child. Sam later apologizes, and tells Sully about The Darkness. Sam and Sully get lured to a warehouse through a text sent from Dean’s cellphone. The culprit is revealed to be Reese, a woman who lost her sister thanks to Sully. Sam and Dean manage to talk Reese into letting go of her past and start over.

    In O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Sam is convinced he must seek out Lucifer since he believes it to be God’s wish. Despite Dean’s dislike in the idea, the brothers seek out Crowley for help. Crowley has Rowena captured so she can find a means to have Sam and Lucifer talk without Sam being in the line of danger. With the Book of the Damned and Nadia’s Codex, Rowena figures out a way to cast a spell that will summon Lucifer in Hell without opening the Cage. Sam, Crowley and Rowena travel to the deepest part of Hell, where they intend to meet Lucifer. After the Devil appears, stuck inside a cage with holy fire surrounding him, Sam approaches him and tells him about the Darkness and that God wants Sam to seek out Lucifer’s help.

    Lucifer agrees to help on the grounds that Sam becomes his vessel. Sam however, rejects this idea, and hopes there to be another way. Just then, the wards holding Lucifer as well as the holy fire are extinguished. Sam soon finds himself stuck inside the cage with Lucifer. He initially doesn’t express fear, but when Lucifer reveals his visions were from Lucifer and not God, Sam shows horror.

    Sam tells Lucifer that he still won’t say “yes” even under torture, going so far as to suggest he try and torture him like before. Lucifer refuses and instead takes Sam through three separate memories, with the hope that Sam will realize how weak he’s become and how much he needs Lucifer to win.

    Sam with Lucifer in one of his memories<img src=”″ alt=”Sam with Lucifer in one of his memories” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_with_Lucifer_in_one_of_his_memories.PNG” data-image-name=”Sam with Lucifer in one of his memories.PNG” width=”228″ height=”116″ >

    Sam and Lucifer inside one of Sam’s memories

    Lucifer first takes Sam to a time in his teenage years, where he’s studying with a girlfriend and proving himself heroic and smart to her. The second memory they go to is Stull Cemetery. Sam watches himself jump into the Cage with Michael in tow, and listens to Lucifer openly admire his bravery at the time. The third memory is from the time he was with Amelia.

    Once they’re back in the cage, Lucifer reveals to Sam that the other four participants in the war against The Darkness are useless or absent, and therefore Lucifer is Sam’s only hope. Sam bravely and determinedly tells the archangel that he would rather watch everyone he loves die than to become his “bitch”. Lucifer reacts by attacking him. Dean and Castiel arrive after hearing the commotion and are promptly teleported into the cage by Lucifer. Despite their combined efforts, the three are unable to defeat Lucifer. Dean promises they only have to last a few minutes. When a bright white light engulfs the archangel, both Sam and Dean presume Lucifer has been sent back to his Cage.

    A few days later, Sam and Dean get a case involving a banshee. Sam also gets attacked by a woman who takes him for the banshee. Through his ability to use sign language, Sam is able to communicate with this woman, and finds out that she is a legacy, like himself. With her help, Sam and Dean prepare a trap for the banshee, intending to use Mildred Baker as bait, but the banshee instead attacks Dean. Eileen is able to kill the banshee before it kills Dean. Sam is left wondering why the creature chose Dean, when it only attacks people it deems vulnerable. At the Bunker, Sam reveals that his time with Lucifer reminded him of his mistake, that he shouldn’t have left Dean in Purgatory without searching for him. Dean says he forgave him a long time ago, and Sam accepts.

    In Don’t You Forget About Me, Sam and Dean get a call from Claire Novak asking for their help. She reveals that she has been hunting monsters, but Jody, who she is currently living with, brushes her off, saying Claire is only causing trouble. Sam tries to tell Claire to be nicer to Jody, since she is giving Claire everything she needs. Sam and Dean later save Claire, Jody and Alex from a pair of vengeful vampires, thus proving Claire’s innocence.

    In Love Hurts, Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious death of a babysitter. When a victim’s wife provides them with a spell a witch gave her, Sam discovers it was a curse, passed on through a kiss. Dean decides to take the curse upon himself, causing him to get attacked by a qareen. Meanwhile, Sam confronts the witch responsible. When Melissa distracts the witch, Sam shoots her twice, killing her. He then stabs the qareen’s heart, killing it and saving Dean. Back at their motel room, Dean confesses to Sam about his attraction towards Amara, and his inability to withstand it. Sam reasons that it isn’t Dean’s fault and that he doesn’t blame his brother for it.

    Sam and Lucifer researching<img src=”″ alt=”Sam and Lucifer researching” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_and_Lucifer_researching.PNG” data-image-name=”Sam and Lucifer researching.PNG” width=”220″ height=”111″ >

    Sam and “Castiel” doing research.

    In The Vessel, Sam researches information on how to defeat The Darkness. He comes across information about a Hand of God. Dean offers to travel back in time with Castiel to retrieve this weapon. While Sam waits in the Bunker, Castiel returns soaked in sea water after having failed to enter the submarine, which contains a warding against angels. Sam looks up a way to break the warding so Castiel can rescue Dean, but the spell needed requires the power of an archangel. Sam offers his soul as a power boost since he believes Castiel is not strong enough, but the angel starts laughing and agrees to do it anyway, since Sam asked him nicely. Realization dawns on Sam that it is in fact Lucifer he is with.The archangel proceeds with penetrating Sam’s chest to use his soul and kill Sam in the process, but Castiel intervenes by taking back control of his body. Sam demands the angel to eject Lucifer but is informed that Castiel can neither get rid of Lucifer or travel back in time. They agree that Lucifer is their only hope in saving Dean. When Lucifer successfully retrieves Dean, Sam alerts him that the angel isn’t Castiel. Lucifer flings Dean across the table and takes the Hand of God, but discovers its power has been depleted. Before Lucifer can assault Dean over the loss, Sam draws a banishing sigil from his own blood and sends Lucifer away. Sam and Dean later agree with a plan to rescue Castiel.

    At Dean’s insistence, Sam and Dean go see a boxing match a week later where Sam also meets his first crush, Rio. The brothers later discover that Gunner Lawless is working with a crossroads demon. Dean manages to convince the boxer to do the right thing and the brothers are saved from death by him. Two weeks after, Sam and Dean get involved in a case Bobby dealt with years before. A case involving werewolves ends with Sam getting shot in the chest. He manages to survive, but while Dean is absent, one of the two victims they saved decides to suffocate Sam. He presumably dies, driving Dean to contact the reaper Billie. Sam recovers shortly after and tracks down the man responsible and kills him. Dean in turn is greatly relieved to find his brother alive.

    When Dean gets a call to meet up with Crowley, Sam joins him to the location, where they discover that Crowley has hidden a Hand of God and wants their help in ganking Lucifer, but Dean is determined to save Castiel first. With Rowena’s assistance, the trio agree to summon Lucifer into a trap and try to expel him from their friend’s vessel. Their plan fails, however, and Lucifer comes very close to suffocating the brothers. Amara arrives just in time and releases Sam and Dean from Lucifer’s clutches. She then takes her nephew away. Afterwards, Sam and Dean go back to dealing with regular cases until they can find one that links to Amara. They run into a pair of hunters dealing with a bisaan, and manage to help them defeat the creature.

    Sam caught in the fog<img src=”″ alt=”Sam caught in the fog” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_caught_in_the_fog.PNG” data-image-name=”Sam caught in the fog.PNG” width=”220″ height=”114″ >

    Sam caught by the fog.

    Sometime after that, Sam manages to find a case that reminds both him and Dean all too well of the Darkness. They arrive at a small town to find people infected with a new kind of rabid’s. Soon after their arrival, a giant fog overcomes the town, further infecting civilians and forcing the survivors, plus Sam and Dean, to run off and barricade themselves inside the police station, but their defenses fail to withhold the fog. Sam gets infected while Dean is immune, and though Sam urges his brother to run, Dean promises to stay behind no matter what. When all seems lost, the amulet Dean threw away begins glowing inside Sam’s pocket, and suddenly, the fog vanishes, the infected are cured, and the dead are resurrected. The brothers use the amulet to search for God, for its bright light tells of his presence. They soon find Chuck Shurley in the middle of the road, helping one of the victims to her feet, and to their surprise, the amulet glows intensely bright in Chuck’s presence — Chuck reveals himself to be God.God teleports them back to the Bunker where Sam and Dean meet Kevin for the first time in a long while. Kevin tells them to trust in God and to not be worried. God then sends Kevin’s spirit to Heaven, thus proving his identity. Sam and Dean take some time to let the news sink in, though Sam is rather enthusiastic about meeting God, whom he prayed to on countless occasions. However, when Sam and Dean bring up the topic about Lucifer (and Castiel) being trapped by Amara, they are brushed off and do not receive help.

    They meet up with the new prophet, Donatello, who is the only survivor of another town hit by Amara’s fog. They decide to take him back to their home. The brothers then receive a call from Metatron asking to meet with them. It is from the former Scribe that Sam and Dean realize God’s true plan – to sacrifice himself. With Donatello and Metatron at their side, the brothers organize a plan to retrieve Lucifer. While Dean distracts Amara, Sam takes the Impala and drives to the location, the address provided by Donatello. Once there, Metatron works to remove the bindings while Sam tells Lucifer to work with them or else remain there. Lucifer easily complies and once released, Sam demands Lucifer to teleport them away, only to realize Lucifer can’t.

    To buy them some time to drive away, Metatron stays behind as Sam carries Lucifer to the Impala. They are unfortunately encountered by Amara on the road a few miles away, and she intends to destroy all three of them. Before she can, God teleports the Impala to the inside of the Bunker. Now safe, Sam and Dean bid Donatello farewell and go buy groceries. They return to the Bunker to find Lucifer and God arguing, and when God does not tell Lucifer what he wants to hear, Lucifer locks himself in Sam’s room and refuses to come out. The brothers plead to God to apologize since they have no time for arguments. They manage to get the two to talk, and God and Lucifer eventually reconcile.

    The four plan for an attack, and agree to use witches, demons and angels as substitutes for the absent archangels. Sam goes to see Rowena and recruits her, along with Clea and a few other witches. Privately, Sam agrees with God to bear the Mark of Cain, since Dean has already been tainted. Sam gathers with everyone inside a warehouse, where they wait for the attacks to begin. The witches, angels and demons attack Amara in succession, and Amara stumbles in badly injured and further hurt by Lucifer’s spear. Although Dean is unhappy with Sam’s decision, God begins transferring the Mark to Sam’s arm. Unfortunately, Amara refuses to be imprisoned again and attacks both Lucifer and God. God is left dying on the floor. Once Amara has left, Sam goes to pick him up and carries him outside.

    Alongside Rowena, Crowley and Castiel, Sam witnesses the change in the sun, and realize the end is near, but unlike the rest of the gang, Sam refuses to give up, and together they manage to come up with the idea of using a Soul Bomb. Sam and Dean go to Waverly Hills Sanatorium to gather some ghosts, but the number proves not enough to harm Amara. Billie, having witnessed their actions, agrees to help and provides them with many more souls from the Veil. Dean is transformed into the bomb, for only he can get close enough to Amara. The gang arrive at Mary’s tombstone where the brothers bid her farewell and to each other. As Dean leaves on his mission, Sam and the rest gather at an empty bar to wait for the results. God suddenly disappears on them, and shortly after, the sun is restored. They all believe Dean is dead, and thus go their separate ways.

    Sam and Castiel return to the Bunker, where Castiel is hit by an angel banishing sigil by a blonde woman, who confronts Sam on his and Dean’s recent actions, claiming they have caused a lot of damage and that she wishes to take them back to her superiors, who belong to a branch of the Men of Letters. Sam tries to get her to put the gun down, but Toni refuses, and shoots Sam.

    Season 12


    Toni takes Sam to a doctor and pays him to treat Sam’s wound. Afterwards, she ties Sam up in a basement where she and her associate, Ms. Watt, tortures him for information. Sam is able to withstand the pain, and comes very close to escaping by faking his own death. Toni captures him in time and resumes her torturing. When physical pain proves ineffective, Toni decides to use a spell that tricks Sam into thinking he and Toni are lovers. The plan fails, however, since Sam can see through the ruse, forcing Toni to go back to using the original method.

    Sam is horrified and shocked when Toni’s next course of action is to bring in Dean, his brother whom he thought was dead. Toni attempts to torture Dean in front of Sam to get information, but they are interrupted by Mary Winchester, whom Sam is also surprised to see. Mother and son manage to subdue Toni, right before an associate of Toni, Mick Davies, arrives to take Toni away, revealing that Toni had gone too far. Sam returns to the Bunker with Dean, Mary and Castiel. There, he expresses his utmost joy in finally meeting his mother again.

    In The Foundry, Sam and Dean take on a case Mary found. The brothers initially believe they are dealing with a Myling, but thanks to Mary, they realize it is a vengeful spirit. Together they manage to defeat Hugo Moriarty and free the children he had murdered and trapped as spirits. Back at the Bunker however, Mary reveals that she is having difficulty coping with the present, having lost 33 years of her life and that she still remembers Sam as the baby he once was. Sam gives her a hug before she leaves, while Dean chooses not to.

    In American Nightmare, Sam and Dean investigate a case involving the deaths of two people and the possibility of a vengeful spirit. Dean reveals that Castiel and Crowley are working together in hunting down Lucifer, who has taken possession of rock star Vince Vincente. Sam reveals he actually likes Vince’s songs, much to Dean’s disgust. While searching for the spirit, Sam finds out after eavesdropping on a conversation between Abraham and Elijah Peterson that the daughter, Magda, is still alive.

    The two men capture Sam and show him Madga’s powers, believed to be the work of the Devil. Sam reveals to Magda that she is not the Devil, but a psychic. He relates to her through his time as a Special Child, and promises her that she can learn to control her powers and stop hurting people. When Gail decides to murder her entire family, Sam manages to convince Magda to spare her mother and allow the police to take her away. Sam then bids Magda farewell.

    In The One You’ve Been Waiting For, Sam and Dean discover the Thule Society‘s plan to resurrect Adolf Hitler. Although the brothers fail to stop the ritual, Dean manages to kill the Führer. Meanwhile, Sam tries to comfort the Führer’s descendant, Ellie Grant, who was forcibly used in the ritual to bring her ancestor back to life. Unfortunately, she does not believe in his story about freeing The Devil and being his vessel.

    In Rock Never Dies, Sam joins Dean, Castiel and Crowley in stopping a concert hosted by Lucifer in Los Angeles. Once they have the location, Sam and Dean try to remove the fans from the bar, and succeed when Dean scares everyone off with gun shots. As the fans run out, Sam fights to keep the door opened while Lucifer tries to close it. Sam wins and he, Dean and Castiel confront Lucifer who is on the stage. Sam questions Lucifer’s motive for trying to kill these people when he and God already reconciled. Sam is disturbed to hear that Lucifer does not accept God’s apology since God has once again abandoned him. In retaliation, Lucifer has decided to smash up God’s already broken toys and force the brothers to watch.

    Since Lucifer’s vessel is deteriorating, he departs it, leaving Vince Vincente dead. This leaves a bad feeling in Sam, who finds that they have lost the battle and are losing slowly, since people are dead and Lucifer without an actual plan is more dangerous than Lucifer with one.

    In LOTUS, Sam, Dean and Castiel track Lucifer to President Jefferson Rooney‘s location. They discover that Lucifer has conceived a child and Sam considers it the antichrist. They are surprised to receive help from British Man of Letters Arthur Ketch, who came in response to Sam’s call for help to Mick Davies, though Sam had hung up before Mick could answer, alerting him that the Winchesters might be in danger. Arthur Ketch offers the brothers a special weapon for expelling angels and demons from their vessels. Sam and Dean decide to use Lucifer’s lover as bait and expel him from the president with this device. Crowley brings Rowena and she personally banishes Lucifer back to his Cage. In their final confrontation, Sam orders Lucifer to go to Hell, and is relieved once he has been forcibly sent there.

    Sam’s happiness is short-lived, however, when the Secret Service discover the brothers towering over the unconscious president. Convinced by Lucifer that they had planned to kill Jefferson, Sam and Dean get arrested and by First Blood, they have been imprisoned at Site 94 for six weeks. Dean makes a deal with Billie to escape by having her kill them temporary. Sam and Dean are successful and manage to outsmart the Secret Service, who are ultimately killed by Arthur Ketch. The brothers are soon reunited with Mary and Castiel, and on their way home Billie confronts them on the road demanding they uphold their end of the deal; one Winchester must go to the Empty.

    Before either Dean, Sam or Mary can offers themselves up, Castiel stabs Billie to death and angrily tells the trio to realize how important the Winchesters are to the world, and to him. Sam watches in awe at Castiel’s declaration, before resuming their journey home.

    In the aftermath, Sam notes that Dean is both angry and worried about Castiel, who had done something very dangerous. Sam doesn’t blame nor criticize Castiel for this decision. In Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets, Sam discovers that a flight of angels Castiel once worked with is in danger and are being hunted down by a vengeful woman. Sam and Dean learn from Ishim that Lily had birthed a Nephilim with an angel and it was their flight that executed both the angel and the child. Sam and Dean try to protect Castiel and Ishim, but the woman, Lily Sunder, reveals to the brothers that her daughter May was not a Nephilim, but an ordinary human and that Ishim had committed the murder out of jealousy.

    Sam and Dean are convinced by her story and Dean passes it onto Castiel, who is currently tending to Ishim’s wounds. Under interrogation, Ishim becomes angry and assaults Dean and Castiel, intent on killing the former whom he views as a weakness to the latter. Nevertheless, Castiel manages to kill Ishim, thus avenging Lily’s husband and daughter, and allowing her to move on. Back at the Bunker, Sam learns from Castiel that he is now hesitant to murder Lucifer’s child despite the threat the unborn child poses.

    Physical Appearance

    Sam has shaggy brown hair that grows longer and smoother in later seasons; he had a fringe as a child as well as in the first two seasons. Over the course of the show, he grew the fringe out. His eye color seems to change; sometimes they appear light green, sometimes they appear brown, etc. He is noted by other characters to be handsome. Sam is very tall, 6’4″ having a muscular build with broad shoulders and a muscular chest. This is especially ironic considering that he used to be teased for being short and wiry as a teenager. Like Dean, Sam often wears multiple layers of clothing (namely plaid shirts) as well as jeans and boots. Recently in Season 8 of the series, Sam, who is known for always having a clean shaved face, has been sporting some facial stubble similar to Dean.

    A cut on the palm of his left hand was sustained during the episode Meet the New Boss. He was taught by Dean to use it as a way to discern hallucination from reality. Although the scar has healed by now, Sam still presses upon his left palm whenever things get too difficult to believe.

    In “The Benders“, a police file on Sam confirms his eyes are brown.


    Supernatural-season-9-episode-9-sam<img src=”″ alt=”Supernatural-season-9-episode-9-sam” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Supernatural-season-9-episode-9-sam.jpg” data-image-name=”Supernatural-season-9-episode-9-sam.jpg” width=”250″ height=”167″ >

    Sam is usually kind, empathetic, intelligent and independent. In the 200th episode, he is described as ‘sweet, brave, selfless Sam’. He is often the exasperated voice of reason in his relationship with Dean, who in turn sees him as a geek or prude, and teasingly calls him “bitch”. Dean has respect for Sam as a hunter and trusts Sam to “have his six”. Sam is repeatedly telling Dean that killing humans is wrong, and does not enjoy the job as much as Dean. He does not seem to drink alcohol as much as Dean does and has a much healthier diet than his brother (Dean scoffs at Sam’s diet and calls it “rabbit food”). According to Dean, Sam’s blood type is o negative as said in the episode “Red Meat”. Sam also has a phobia of clowns, due to his brother often leaving him at Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie when they were children. This is not helped by the fact that every time they have encountered a clown in the show, it has tried to kill them. Sam can become a very different person when Dean is dead, as evidenced by his change in Mystery Spot and what is shown in I Know What You Did Last Summer, becoming almost psychotically angry.

    Sam has phenomenal mental power. This is most evident in Swan Song, where he is able to mentally overpower possession by Satan himself to stop the apocalypse. Other incidences include My Bloody Valentine, in which Sam is able to resist Famine’s temptation and not drink more demon blood, exorcising the demons and killing Famine instead.

    Because of his intelligence, Sam is usually assigned the role of researching information for hunts; he is the “brain”, whilst Dean is the “muscle”. He normally remembers details that Dean overlooks and is prone to make connections quicker than his brother. He also knows a great deal of information that causes Dean to label him a “walking encyclopedia of weirdness”. In college, Sam scored a 174 out of 180 on his LSAT, which Jessica noted was “scary good” in the series pilot. In spite of their bickering, Sam has looked up to Dean since they were children and knows him better than anyone else. He tries to get Dean to open up about his emotions and problems, and encourages him to take care of himself; on several occasions, he has even been frustrated by his brother’s fixation on placing Sam’s well-being above his own. However, Sam shows similar protective tendencies towards Dean, particularly after Dean makes his deal and returns from Hell as a shadow of who he used to be, to the point that Sam’s memories of Dean allowed him to regain control of his body while possessed by Lucifer. Sam tends to be driven by feelings of anger and vengeance.

    As a teenager and even as a young man, he argued with his father constantly whenever they were together. Sam wanted to live a normal, “apple pie” life instead of continuing to hunt, which led to most of his arguments with John and his estrangement from his family at the beginning of the series. However, Dean once stated that despite his own best efforts to be like John; liking the same music, clothes and cars; being the good son, the soldier and the Hunter; Sam always has been and always will be more like John than Dean is. Sam and John clash and argue so much because they are so similar. Sam does not take this as a compliment, and it is clear that while Dean truly idolized his father, both boys are not always overly fond of their father due to his secrets, mysterious actions, and his strict treatment and upbringing of his sons.

    After Jessica’s death, Sam became fixated on vengeance, but still held out hope for eventually returning to Stanford. Early in Season 1, Sam was more focused on finding Jessica’s killer than he was on following John’s instructions on which hunts to take, something that often put him at odds with Dean. He was obsessed with revenge, and was even willing to sacrifice his life to kill Azazel, although he ultimately proved that he valued Dean’s life over the demon’s death in “Devil’s Trap“.

    After John’s death in In My Time of Dying, Sam focused all of his attention on hunting instead of returning to a normal life. He felt guilt for angrily confronting his father in his final moments and for not realizing that he had been planning on sacrificing himself. Sam put all of his energy into doing what he thought John would want him to and kept trying to get Dean to deal with their father’s death in a healthy way. After the reveal of John’s ultimatum to Dean and the discovery of the other “special children”, Sam became terrified that he would somehow turn evil. He made Dean promise to kill him if anything were to happen. Everything came to a head in All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 1, when Azazel placed all of the special children in a death match. Sam was killed (metaphorically and literally stabbed in the back) because he refused to murder another human being, but when Dean brought him back to life by selling his soul, Sam killed his murderer without hesitation. And after finding out Dean had made a demon deal, Sam declared that he would save his brother no matter what.

    In Season 3, Sam spent most of his time trying to save Dean from his deal. He became frantically obsessed with doing everything he could to stop Dean from going to Hell – even going so far as to try to convince Dean to turn them both into monsters and harvest organs for their survival in Time Is On My Side. Sam kept struggling to come up with some way to save his brother to the very end, but ultimately wasn’t able to. And he was forced to watch helplessly as hellhounds tore Dean apart.

    Following Dean’s death and condemnation to Hell, Sam became so fixated on avenging his brother and killing Lilith that he almost turned himself into a monster. Due to his grief at Dean’s death, the demon Ruby was able to manipulate Sam into a sexual relationship and convinced him to start drinking demon blood, claiming it was the only way he would be able to avenge his brother. Sam drank so much that he became an addict; showing the same symptoms and going through an immensely torturous detox (at the start of season 5, Sam’s addiction is gone, but later he has to drink a great deal in order to house Lucifer in his body). Even after Dean returned, Sam was unwilling to let the desire for vengeance go and he continued the affair in secret. Sam was repeatedly warned by Dean and Castiel that he was making mistakes, but he disregarded their advice, believing that he was the only one who could stop Lilith from releasing Lucifer.

    After Zachariah manipulated a fake voicemail message from Dean, saying that he didn’t love Sam anymore and was planning on killing him, Sam decided to take Lilith down on his own in a possible suicide mission. Sam was able to defeat Lilith with his powers, but didn’t realize that Ruby had lied to him and that Lilith was actually the final seal to unlock Lucifer’s Cage. And as a result of his arrogance, Sam ended up being the one to release Lucifer from Hell and begin the apocalypse.

    Sam felt extremely guilty over his role in freeing Lucifer throughout the majority of Season 5, and spent a large portion of his time trying to make amends. He also took responsibility in his part of starting the apocalypse. In Sam, Interrupted, Sam confessed that he always felt angry and he didn’t know why; as well as the fact that he tended to blame other people for his anger, instead of accepting it as a personal flaw. In Swap Meat, when he temporarily switched bodies with a teenaged boy and was forced to lead said teenager’s life, he told Dean that the boy’s ordinary life “sucked”, and seemed to decide to forgo normal life in favor of being a hunter. In Swan Song, Sam’s desire to set things right finally culminated in him sacrificing himself to save the rest of the world, throwing himself into the Cage with Lucifer and Michael in order to protect his brother. It was thought that Sam would be trapped in the Cage forever, but the final show of season 5 reveals that Sam is not in the Cage at all, but on Earth, alive.

    At the start of season 6 (one year later), Sam reveals himself to Dean, and they begin hunting again. However, something about Sam is strange; he lets Dean get turned into a vampire in order to find a nest. It is later revealed that, whilst his body and mind are not in the Cage, his soul is. During the time that Sam was soulless in Season 6, he lacked empathy and behaved like a sociopath. Without any emotions or sense of morality, he was often willing to overlook the deaths of civilians as collateral damage, which was an extreme departure from Sam’s normal desire to help people and protect the innocent. Without his soul, Sam also felt nothing for any of his loved ones, telling Dean point blank that he didn’t care about him, and he even tried to murder Bobby in an attempt to prevent his soul from being returned to his body. After his soul was replaced, Sam again felt great remorse for his actions and spent the rest of the season struggling to make up for what his soulless self had done.

    In Season 7, after Castiel brought down the wall in Sam’s head, Sam began to lose his sanity as a result of the damage done to his soul in Hell. He started to see hallucinations of Lucifer tormenting him, and had a hard time determining what was real and what was a flashback of his torture in the Cage. Dean managed to help Sam distinguish between the two, and Sam was able to block out the worst of the hallucinations. However, in Repo Man, Dean was captured by a serial killer and Sam became desperate enough to save his brother’s life that he turned to Lucifer for help. He was able to save Dean, but the reliance on his hallucination meant that he could no longer turn them off, and his visions became so severe that Sam almost died due to fatal insomnia. Dean became determined to save his brother’s life in The Born-Again Identity and, luckily, came across Castiel. Sam’s mental stability returned when Castiel absorbed Sam’s insanity into himself to atone for his actions.

    After Dean and Castiel’s disappearance in Survival of the Fittest, Sam spent a year thinking that his brother was dead (which he technically was). He “spiraled” out of control for a while, but eventually found some semblance of normality with Amelia. It was at this point that Sam started to re-imagine the possibilities of a normal life. After Dean’s reappearance, Sam immediately returned to his side, but Dean was hurt when he found out that Sam hadn’t looked for him while he was in Purgatory. Sam defended his choices of quitting hunting and grew jealous of Dean’s close relationship with Benny, which led to a growing strain between the brothers. After bumping into Amelia once more, Sam realized that he wanted to stay by Dean’s side and chose his brother over his ex-girlfriend. Sam became determined not to let Dean down again and took on the weight of the trials to prove himself. They took an extreme toll on his health, and as Sam got sicker, he became ever more defensive of Dean’s attempts to mother him. He eventually got to the point where he was so ashamed of letting his brother down that he was willing to commit suicide in order to finish the trials. Dean managed to talk him back from the edge, but they weren’t able to cure Sam before he succumbed to the effects.

    Sam started Season 9 in a coma, dying from what the trials had done to his body. He remained somewhat suicidal, deciding to go with Death if he could promise that no one would be able to get hurt by bringing him back. But Dean managed to trick Sam into allowing the angel Gadreel to possess him, and for the first half of the season, Sam seemed to be in a much healthier place emotionally. However, once Sam found out that Dean had lied to him, he became furious. He told Dean they couldn’t have a brotherly trust anymore and their relationship remained tense until the end of the season. Eventually, Sam’s worries over Dean’s reliance on the First Blade took precedence over Sam’s anger, and when Dean attempted an apology, Sam forgave him. But they made up just in time for Sam to see his brother die in his arms, and Sam’s grief at Dean’s death propelled him to try and make another demon deal.

    Following the release of The Darkness, Sam is at a complete loss on what to do. He decides to pray to God – something he has never done before – and asks for guidance. When struck by visions of the Cage and of his dead father, Sam becomes heavily determined to seek Lucifer out, against Dean’s better judgement. He even goes to Hell without waiting for Dean to join him. Sam briefly expresses horror when Lucifer reveals that he was the origin of the visions, not God. Lucifer goes so far to point out that from the time they fought at Stull Cemetery, Sam has grown increasingly weak, citing his decision not to seek Dean out when the latter was trapped in Purgatory. Sam later admits to Dean that he agrees how he should have searched for him. Although despite his weakness, Sam is able to brush aside Lucifer’s various lies and not say “yes”, proving Sam to be smart and still brave enough to stand against the archangel.

    As of Season 12, Sam is shown to be a strong and resilient person, able to withstand various torture methods imposed on him by Lady Toni Bevell. He is also more forgiving, as he accepts Mary’s decision to take a break from her grown up sons. He continues to show compassion too, as he gives Magda Peterson support in learning to control her psychic powers which she formerly believed were bad, and again, when he tries to comfort Ellie Grant. Sam does not express any unhappiness or distress until he discovers Lucifer’s new goal of killing humans out of contempt. He finds this situation bad and expresses low hopes of solving it. Throughout the season, Sam’s ultimate goal seems to be fighting against his past fears, namely Lucifer, and in their latest confrontation, he bravely tells the archangel to “go to Hell”. His constant mention of his past ties with Lucifer heavily imply that Sam wishes to be rid of the archangel once and for all, presumably considering his entire existence as a bane in his own life.


    In Season 1, Sam owns a laptop, which he uses to gather information for hunts. In Season 2, he finds it in the wrecked Impala, busted. Sam soon replaces it but in Season 7 this other laptop is smashed by Frank Deveraux on the basis that it is not safe and the Leviathans may be tracking it, forcing Sam to once more replace it. For the first three episodes of Season 6 Sam owns a black Dodge Charger with the license plates I4Z 0892 which Sam has customized for hunting. It is destroyed in Castiel’s fight with another angel in “The Third Man“, something that Dean was pleased to see. In terms of laptops in Season 1, he owns what appears to be a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, which he uses to gather information for hunts. The first time Sam uses the laptop is in the second episode “Wendigo“, where he plays a video message. In terms of cellphones in Season 1, Sam uses a Palm Treo cellphone. By season 2, Sam appears to own a Verizon-branded Motorola Q which has on at least one occasion (in “Hollywood Babylon“) been used to visually track unseen ghosts. This phone however was destroyed in the third season episode “Fresh Blood.” In the fourth season, namely “Sex and Violence“, Sam is seen using the BlackBerry 8800. Sam has used the Blackberry Bold 9000, as first seen in the season 4 finale, “Lucifer Rising“. Sam is seen using the HTC One in season 10.


    It is a common misconception that Sam uses a chromed Beretta 92FS loaded with silver rounds. However, it has been officially stated by Christopher Cooper that it is a Taurus Model 99 (though it appears in most shots to be a Model 92, which is a bit thicker around the trigger guard than the Beretta) with mother-of-pearl grips. It is a standard 9mm with a 10-round magazine. When he was soulless, Sam utilized a Heckler & Koch Mark 23 Model 0. The boys do own a blue steel Beretta 92, but it is predominantly used by Dean in the series. Sam also uses a pistol grip 4-shelled 12 gauge shotgun loaded with rock salt. Sam often uses close range weapons while Dean seems to prefer the longer range weapons. Sam also uses Ruby’s demon-killing knife, after taking it from her. During the latter seasons, both he and Dean start to employ angel blades, taken from dead angels when they turn against the Host of Heaven.

    Powers and Abilities

    Due to his training as a hunter by his father, Sam is skilled with firearms and melee weapons. Like Dean, he is skilled in criminal acts, such as lock picking, computer hacking, and car jacking. Both Winchester brothers are excellent shots, and are very skilled at both armed and unarmed combat. It is revealed that John started training the boys when they were quite young, as Sam, at 14 years old, manages to beat a boy twice his size to the ground without much effort. In the first two seasons he is often hesitant about using these skills because of his desire to be a ‘normal’ citizen, however this lessens over time. On two separate occasions, Dean has warned the powerful vampire Benny not to underestimate Sam, as he could and would kill him given the chance. He is proficient in hand-to-hand combat and possesses remarkable physical strength for a human, being able to hold his own and even overpower certain supernatural creatures such as certain types of monsters and lower-level demons. The most recent example being him overpowering a Hellhound and killing it single-handedly. His strength has limits, as he was also overpowered and badly beaten by a teenaged Djinn, however at that time he was weakened from the trials and not at full strength. He is also well-versed in weapons use, from blades to firearms and can kill any creature that is affected by this type of weaponry..

    Sam has vast knowledge of the supernatural and is considered an “encyclopedia of weirdness” by Dean. Both of them have some knowledge of pop culture, as they frequently make references – such as Dean calling Sam “Dumbledork”. He is skilled in reading, speaking and memorizes text and spells in foreign languages (usually Latin) and is often stuck with doing the research for their latest hunt. Having learned how to make hex bags from Ruby, Sam also possesses the ability to hide from demons. In season 5, Castiel carved sigils into Sam and Dean’s ribcages, which hides them from angels. Sam is also quick to think on his feet; succeeding in preventing a demon from escaping his vessel by reciting an exorcism chant backwards. He is also shown to have an adequate knowledge of Spanish. Sam is perceptive to body language and can easily pick up on unconscious gestures to read their “poker face” – he is very good at poker. He is an expert tactician, able to fight or diplomatically steer his way out of many complicated situations, and generally prefers to use words instead of brute strength. He also has a great sense of direction and time, at one point being able to find a vampire’s nest while blindfolded by keeping track of the time, the number of turns the car took and the sounds he heard during the journey. Also, soulless Sam was able to simply maneuver himself out of a knotted rope.

    Sam has an in-depth knowledge on the workings of various law organizations (FBI, CDC, Police, etc.) enough to pose as one if the situation requires it. Sam is also the technology expert of the duo, as he’s the one doing research and technology-based jobs.

    Sam has also demonstrated that he possesses great willpower. Upon seeing something from his past in the Impala, he was able to use his memories to briefly overpower Lucifer’s possession of him and regain control of his body. Even Death himself believed Sam was the only one who could overcome Lucifer, and even thought of it as an honor when he was going to reap him, and all this is saying something. He later replicated this feat with the less powerful Gadreel, though in that scenario he seemed to use his anger as well as his will.

    One of his greatest traits is his physical and mental endurance. After his revival and having his soul restored, Sam managed to cope with the mental hallucinations caused by being tortured by Lucifer for several months – at one point staying awake for about four days straight – while remaining a functional hunter, before ultimately starting to cave in. The next year, when undertaking the trials to close the gates of Hell, despite the extreme physical damage and resulting weakness it caused him, Sam still managed to perform some respectable feats, such as knocking Dean unconscious with two punches. While being tortured by Ms. Watt, an expert torturer, Sam didn’t break, stating that after being tortured by Lucifer, there’s nothing they can do to break him. Ms. Watt was impressed and shocked by this, stating that no one could take the amount of pain Sam did and not break. He was also tortured mentally by Lady Toni Bevell and was not only able to see through it, but fake his reaction to it to trick her and attempt an escape.

    Sam also expelled Gadreel from his body, but that is a skill all humans possess, as angels need a human’s consent before occupying their bodies.

    During Dream a Little Dream of Me, Sam temporarily gained the ability of Dream Walking through African Dream Root which allowed him to enter Dean’s dreams and battle Jeremy Frost. Sam was able to shape the dream similar to Jeremy’s ability to distract and kill him. Bobby suggested that his psychic abilities may have had something to do with this, but Sam didn’t think so.

    During the first half of Season 9, he had Superhuman Strength, Angelic Photokinesis and Accelerated Healing Abilities, due to the presence of Gadreel inside his body. However, Gadreel had to take control in order to use his Angelic powers. This was seen when the Shaman cut Sam’s throat, Gadreel instantly took control & regenerated the damaged tissue within a few seconds, before handing Sam back his bodily control. Even without Gadreel in control, Sam’s extensively damaged physiology was able to operate at peak efficiency. Vesta managed to scan Sam’s body and pointed out that his body cannot possibly be alive, as it is nothing but “ducktape and safety pins inside”. This was due to Gadreel’s presence inside him, slowly healing the damage done to his body as well as healing himself.

    When the shapeshifter was fighting Sam in “Skin,” it was luminously obvious that he was trying when fighting him, even though he had super strength. After taking a semi rough beating from Jake in “All Hell Breaks Loose – Part 1,” Sam was able to kick him around with just one foot, and also later into the fight, with just one arm. When two ghouls tore into him in “Jump the Shark,” Sam lost a ton of blood but he was able to retain consciousness and it didn’t do any permanent damage. Sam was able to outwit a nine-hundred year old witch in poker in “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester,” when Dean and even Bobby couldn’t. In “…And Then There Were None,” Sam spotted a tripwire when Rufus, Bobby and Dean didn’t see it.

    Abilities granted by spells

    Sam has displayed the following powerful abilities through magic:

    • Dream Walking – Through the use of African Dream Root, Sam gains the ability to enter the dreams of others. He is able to manipulate the dreamscape he is within which Bobby Singer suggests may be due to his own psychic abilities, but not necessarily as Jeremy Frost showed an even greater level of control without being psychic.
    • Astral Projection – With the help of a spell cast by psychic Pamela Barnes, Sam was able to astral project. He later astral projected with the help of witch James Frampton.
      • Invisibility – While astral projecting, Sam was invisible to those around him though high-level demons such as Alastair could see him.
      • Super Strength – While astral projecting for the first time and having been turned into a ghost as a result, Sam had greater than normal strength after learning how to use his ghostly powers.
      • Telekinesis – As a ghost through astral projection, Sam was telekinetic but required Dean’s aid to muster the strength to drop a chandelier from the celling.
      • Teleportation – While a ghost through astral projection, Sam could teleport.
    • Summoning and Banishing – Through various rituals, Sam has been able to summon demons, angels and pagan gods. He is also moderately proficient at banishing, occasionally banishing angels and once banishing malevolent fairies. He is not as proficient as Dean at banishing however.
    • Hex Bag Creation – Sam is able to create hex bags after learning the skill from the demon Ruby.
    • Supernatural Concealment – Sam is able to conceal himself and his brother from demonic detection through hex bags he creates.
    • Warding – Over time, Sam has become proficient at warding locations from threats such as demons and angels.
    • Molecular Combustion – Through the witch-killing spell, Sam can cause witches to combust as Spencer Wallis did when Sam and Dean used the spell upon him.
    • Soul Absorption – Using a ritual, Sam has been able to store a soul in his arm.
    • Soul Deliverance – Using a spell, Sam was able to send a soul he rescued from Hell to Heaven.
    • Resurrection – Sam intended to use a ritual to resurrect Benny Lafitte but was prevented when Benny stayed behind in Purgatory.
    • Hell Gates Closing – By completing the Trials of God, Sam would’ve been able to close the Gates of Hell had he not stopped at the last minute.
    • Demon Curing – Using the Demon Curing Ritual, Sam has been able to cure one demon and nearly another one before he stopped.
    • Unplottable Place Accessing – Using a spell from the Men of Letters files, Sam was able to access Cuthbert Sinclair‘s magically hidden mansion.
    • Ground Consecration – Sam is able to use a ritual to consecrate ground.
    • Ward Breaking (attempted) – Using the Cabirian Invocation, Sam attempted to break the deadly wards protecting the Werther Box. However, due to Suzie‘s interruption, the spell fizzled out and Sam’s attempt failed.
    • Demon Killing – Using a spell provided to him by Rowena, Sam was capable of killing lower-level demons, but couldn’t kill Crowley who was the spell’s intended target and was able to overcome it.
    • Sigil Magic – Sam has proven proficient at using sigil magic to his advantage, such as killing a Soul Eater and severely weakening Lucifer.
    • Spell Adaptation – Sam has shown the ability to adapt spells to his benefit such as when he adapted the witch-killing spell into bullets which are also highly effective on witches.
    • Monster Curing – Sam has shown slight talent in curing monsters that can be reverted to humans. Using the cure developed by the Campbell Family, Sam has been able to cure vampires who have not yet fully turned. He was also able to create a cure for the Rabid infection.
    • Chronokinesis – Using the Blood Sigil as modified by Rowena MacLeod, Sam was able to return Gavin MacLeod to 1723.
    • Colt Bullet Creation – Using a ritual taught to him by Bobby Singer, Sam can create bullets for the legendary Colt which is capable of killing all but five beings in existence.

    Special Child Abilities

    Sam and Ruby<img src=”″ alt=”Sam and Ruby” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Sam_and_Ruby.jpg” data-image-name=”Sam and Ruby.jpg” width=”250″ height=”167″ >

    A demon blood-fueled Sam and his demon accomplice, Ruby

    As a result of being fed demon blood as a baby by Azazel and thus being branded as one of the Special Children, Sam has exhibited over the course of the series various supernatural powers and an immunity to demon powers and diseases. Initially his powers were weak and fluctuating due his inexperience and later hesitation of using said powers. At the start of the fourth season, Sam has begun drinking demon blood under Ruby’s tutelage in order to become stronger, eventually manifesting the ability to exorcise demons with his mind. By consuming ever greater amounts of demon blood (which became an addiction to him), his powers continued to grow to the point where he could exorcise and destroy white-eyed demons such as Alastair and ultimately Lilith. In Lucifer Rising, it is revealed that Sam only needed to drink Demon Blood as a child, therefore his body naturally has these abilities. The reason Sam was fed and compelled to feed on demon blood, was to strengthen his physiology and prepare him as the perfect vessel for Lucifer. However, even though he naturally has supernatural powers, the demon blood does give them a temporary increase in his power’s potency. When having consumed several gallons of demon blood, Sam destroyed Lucifer’s demon bodyguards with a minor thought. Sam would lose his powers and craving for the blood on two occasions: first when Lucifer was released and God took him and Dean away from Lucifer and cleared Sam from the blood, the second, when he was resurrected and released from Lucifer’s Cage. Sam’s powers included:

    Original<img src=”″ alt=”Original” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Original.jpg” data-image-name=”Original.jpg” width=”220″ height=”124″ >

    Sam at full power due to demon blood, resulting in him gaining demonic pitch black eyes

    • Precognition – Sam possessed the power to see into the future and even have visions of people in danger.
    • Clairsentience – Initially, Sam’s powers manifested solely as a form of heightened senses allowing him to sense the presence of supernatural. Sam is able to sense supernatural presences in the old Winchester family home and was able to sense Dean’s spirit during a time of great stress.
    • Telekinesis – When under extreme situations, Sam displayed minor feats of telekinesis. His power grew considerably the more demon blood he consumed to the point where he could throw around and restrain top-level demons such as Alastair and Lilith by using his mind with the wave of a hand.
    • Super strength – The demon blood also increased Sam’s physical strength, allowing him to overpower low-level demons and humans, including his brother Dean.
    • Immunity – Sam was completely immune to a variety of demonic powers and of those of other Special Children. Even before he started to consume demon blood, he was unaffected by Andrew Gallagher and Ansem WeemsMind Control powers, the Croatoan Virus, and Lilith and Samhain‘s White Light. Although Lilith was initially able to use telekinesis to incapacitate Sam, he became immune to her powers (including her telekinesis) after she tried to kill him with White Light. As he continued to drink demon blood, he even became immune to other demons’ powers, such as Alastair‘s telekinesis. However, after he stopped drinking demon blood, he lost his immunity to other demons’ powers.
    • Exorcism – Under Ruby’s tutelage, Sam learned how to use his powers to exorcise demons with his mind. Initially he had extreme difficulty with controlling and maintaining this power due to his initial hesitation of drinking demon blood. Though he was able to exorcise Samhain with a minimal consumption of demon blood, he was unable to do more than make Alastair choke and later on had no effect whatsoever on Lilith. However once he committed himself to drink the blood and destroy Lilith, his powers grew to the point where he could exorcise virtually any demon.
    • Demon Detection – Under severe craving for demon blood due to Famine‘s power, Sam could detect demons within a short proximity[8].
    • Demon Torture – Sam also was able to cause demons extreme levels of pain which he used to torture them for information. He was so skilled at this ability that Alastair (who had a very strong will and withstood hours of torture from Dean and the angels) broke within seconds and another demon begged for death.
    • Demon Destruction – After drinking more blood than usual from Ruby and having been honing his powers for months, Sam was able to kill a demon as powerful as Alastair. By drinking an even larger amount of blood from both Ruby and another demon, Sam managed to kill the firstborn demon, Lilith, though it still required extreme concentration and difficulty and left him greatly drained of his stamina. When preparing to say “yes” to Lucifer, Sam drank several gallons of demon blood, which allowed him to kill Lucifer’s demon bodyguards with minimal mental effort and without moving.


    Throughout the course of the series, Sam has died multiple times. He has died as many times as Dean, excluding Mystery Spot. His resurrection seems to have been the catalyst for Sam’s increasingly cold nature and it has been insinuated by Azazel that when he was resurrected, he did not come back “100% pure Sam”.

    • Sam was struck by lightning and briefly died in “Wishful Thinking” when Hope wished him dead. However, this was quickly reversed.
    • During the episode “The Song Remains the Same“, Sam was killed by Anna to prevent him saying yes to Lucifer. Michael brought him back, however.
    • Both Sam and Dean were killed in the episode, “Dark Side of the Moon” by two angry hunters for starting the apocalypse, but were resurrected by Joshua.
    • During the Season 5 finale, “Swan Song“, Sam sacrificed himself by leaping into Lucifer’s Cage, dragging Michael, Adam, and Lucifer down with him. His body is later brought back by Castiel. Death would later retrieve Sam’s soul from the Cage.
    • In the Season 12 episode First Blood, Sam and Dean make a deal with the Reaper Billie where she temporarily kills them by stopping their hearts then brings them back later to give them a chance to escape Site 94. In return, the Winchesters agree that a Winchester will die permanently at midnight. Before this part of the deal can be carried out, Billie is killed by Castiel.



  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships and brother-brother relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring
    • denotes the deceased



    • Samuel (sometimes spelled Samual) is a male given name of Hebrew origin meaning either “name of God” or “God has heard”.
    • Sam was named after his and Dean’s maternal grandfather, Samuel Campbell.
    • He only allows those closest to him, such as Dean and John, to call him “Sammy”, as Gordon Walker learned the hard way in “Bloodlust“. However Lucifer, Azazel, Crowley, Ruby, and Meg also called him Sammy a few times.
    • Sam once mentioned that he didn’t like being called “Samuel” either, not even by Dean.


    • “So get this…”
    • “Wow. I must be the star of this thing.”
    • “Dean, did you service Oberon, King of the Fairies?”
    • “Sam: So, now ah, what’s the deal with all this TV crap?”
      “Dean: Yeah, amen Padaleski.”
      “Sam: Padalecki.”
      “Dean: What?
      “Sam: -Lecki, I’m pretty sure.”
    • “Dean: Seriously. Why? Why would anybody want to watch our lives?’
      “Sam: Well, according to the interviewer, not very many people do.”
    • “Dean: They’re after me!”
      “Sam: Third kind, already? You better run, man. I think the fourth kind is the butt thing.”
    • ‘Why shack up with a family? Is it a kinky thing? Do you like to play with your food? Roll over, Lucky. Speak.”
      “Lucky: Go to hell.”
      “Sam: Already been. Didn’t agree with me.”
    • “Ever since I came back, I am a better hunter then I’ve ever been! Nothing scares me anymore, because I can’t feel it.”
    • “You’ve got a whole Dr. Huxtable vibe coming off you. You’re like… father material.”
    • “Why? Because Crowley said so? Because we trust him now? Like I trusted Ruby? Or like I trusted Brady back at school?”
    • “No drinking, no gambling, no pre-marital sex. Dean, they basically just outlawed 90% of your personality.”
    • “Unleash the Kraken. See you tomorrow morning.”
    • “Oh, hey, Chuck, look. If you really want to publish more books, I guess that’s okay with us.”
      “Chuck: Wow. Really?”
      “Sam: No, not really. We have guns and we will find you.”
    • (to Gabriel) “So which one are you? Grumpy, Sleepy, or Douchy?”
    • “It’s like Mission: Pathetic.”
    • “Dude, you just got whaled on by Paris Hilton.”
    •  “Umm… Becky, can you… quit touching me?”
    • “You don’t know me. You never did, and you never will.”
    • (about Adam) “He’s a Winchester. He’s already cursed.”
    • “You got something against magic?”
    • “It’s not food anymore, Dean, it’s Darwinism!”
    • “I lost my shoe.”
    • “I win. So I win.”
    • “Dude, you’re not going to poke her with a stick.”
    • “Be my brother again, cause, just cause.”
    • “Jerk”
    • “He’s… He’s… He’s… stealing candy.”
    • “Dean, what are you doing!”
    • “I’m here for you, you brave little soldier.”
    • “Too precious for this world.”
    • Dean: “Can I shoot her?”
    • Sam: “Not in Public
    • “Wait, there’s no such things as unicorns?”
    • “Dude, I’m not using this ID. Because it says ‘Bikini Inspector’ on it.”
    • “And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!”
    • “You’re bossy, and short”
    • “Yesterday was Tuesday right? But today is Tuesday too!”
    • “What kind of house doesn’t have salt? Low sodium FREAKS.”
    • “Sammy is a chubby 12 year old, It’s Sam, ok?”
    • “Boop”
    • “You peed yourself”
    • “You confusing reality with porn again”
    • “It doesnt matter who you are, it only matters what you do”
    • “You’re Jensen Ackles and I’m something called a Jared Padalecki”
    • “It was how many time I let you down”
    • “I have Genital Herpes”
    • “I’m doing all I can to slightly lessen the spread.. of.. of genital herpes”
    • “It was night and now its day”
    • “if there’s a key, there has to be a lock”
    • “and that’s a good thing?”
    • “Dude, when have I ever forgotten the pie?”
    • “Get out of me”
    • “I’ve got demon blood in me, Dean”
    • “Dean!”
    • “DEAN!”
    • “No. No you don’t. You don’t get to quit in this family. This family is all we’ve ever had.”


    • Sam has killed one major antagonist; Lilith at the end of season 4. He’s also killed three secondary antagonists; Jake Talley, Gordon Walker and Alastair. In season 5 Sam defeated main antagonist Lucifer and secondary antagonist Michael by sending them to Hell. In season 12 he would defeat and seal Lucifer once again.
    • Soulless Sam served as the secondary antagonist of season 6.
    • Sam’s birthday is May 2nd, which means his zodiac sign is Taurus.
    • Sam’s aliases include Agent Hamill, Robert Singer, Mr. Berkowitz, Detective McCreedy, Father Frehley, Dr. Jerry Kaplan, Deputy Marshal Frank Beard, Detective Dante, Police Chief Phil Jones, Agent Page, Detective Bachman, and Special Agent Gabriel.
    • Sam’s character was influenced by Luke Skywalker of Star Wars.
    • According to Eric Kripke, Sam was originally the main protagonist of the series and the story was centered around him.
    • At age 18 in college, Sam smoked some marijuana, though he said it might have been oregano.[9]
    • Sam suffers from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.
    • Sam had a magician phase, mentioned in Criss Angel Is A Douchebag.
    • Sam displayed more powers in Supernatural The Animation. In “Rising Son”, it’s shown that he made a stag-like monster implode when he was 7 years old. In Part 1 of “All Hell Breaks Loose” he knocks an on-rushing Jake back with some kind of energy and in Part 2 uses it to sever Jake’s arm. He then beats Jake to death, possibly with super strength.
    • Sam is one of three characters shown to have been possessed by both an angel and a demon, the other being his father. However, unlike John, Sam has been possessed by an angel and a demon at the same time. The third is Castiel.
    • Many of the characters Sam is romantically or sexually connected to end up either dying, being revealed as a supernatural being, or both; exceptions include (to the best of our knowledge) Lori Sorensen (Hook Man), Dr. Cara Roberts (Sex and Violence), Lindsey (Free to Be You and Me), and Amelia Richardson (Season 8). Dean referenced this trend in-show in the episodes Sex and Violence and Season 7, Time For A Wedding. Sam himself brings it up in Rock and a Hard Place, saying that most of his relationships don’t end well while at a chastity group with Dean whole-heartedly agreeing.
      • Sam’s deceased lovers include Jessica Moore, Madison, Sarah Blake, Ruby, Amy Pond and Annie Hawkins.
      • Sam’s other lovers who did not die include Sparrow Jennings, Lana, Becky Rosen and Piper.
    • Sam is the only Winchester to not have successfully made a deal with a demon, as both Mary and John made deals with Azazel whereas Dean made a deal with a female Crossroads Demon.
    • Sam, like several other members of ‘Team Free Will‘, has been to Hell, Purgatory, Heaven and Limbo.
    • Sam has twice been able to seize control of his body after being possessed by an angel. His father and Bobby Singer had previously managed to seize back control from demons, but for shorter periods of time than Sam and against foes much weaker than Lucifer or Gadreel.
    • Sam is the only being on the show to be possessed by five different beings: Meg, Lucifer, Gadreel, The Wicked Witch and Crowley.
    • Despite being briefly possessed by him, Crowley never actually did anything to control Sam’s body, a first for someone being possessed.
    • Soulless Sam was similar to the concept of a philosophical zombie, a creature in a thought experiment that has no soul/mind/internal experience but acts exactly as if it does, e.g. exactly like a person.
    • When Sam had no soul, he used a different gun than that of the normal Sam uses. This was seen prominently when Soulless Sam and normal Sam confronted each other: each used the gun they preferred to use while in control of Sam’s body.
    • Sam has attempted the Demon Curing Ritual twice and used it successfully once: to cure his own brother.
    • Even though he’s had a stronger connection to demons, Sam is the only Winchester to become possessed by an angel twice. Once by the archangel Lucifer and second time by Gadreel.
    • Sam likes to drink red-eyes.[10][11]
    • In Mother’s Little Helper, while Dean was able to single-handedly fight and kill three demons while hunting the First Blade, Sam struggles to defeat a single minor demon on his own, relying on a recorded exorcism when unarmed while Dean fought the demons hand-to-hand until he retrieved his weapon. However, Sam was shown able to knock down Jervis in Our Little World.
    • Sam’s music preference seems to veer towards ’80s hair metal, given that he is a fan of Bon Jovi and Vince Vincente. This is in contrast with Dean and John’s classic hard rock and heavy metal tastes.


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    “Keep grinding. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, you got to keep grinding. And that’s how we’re gonna win. And we’re gonna win. We’re gonna save Cass, we’re gonna ice the Devil, and we’re gonna shank the Darkness. And anyone that gets in our way, well, God help them.”
    — Dean
    in Beyond the Mat

    Dean Winchester (born January 24, 1979) is a human and hunter as well as a member of the Men of Letters with his younger brother Sam. He and his brother are members of the Winchester and Campbell families, and Dean is also the destined vessel of the archangel Michael[1]. He and Sam are also the surrogate sons of Bobby Singer. Dean is best friends with the angel Castiel, close friend to the late prophet Kevin Tran, and reluctant ally of Crowley. Dean has an ex-girlfriend, Lisa Braeden who he lived with for a year when he thought Sam was in Hell. She has a child named Ben, who Dean acted as a father for during that year. Dean is also the former apprentice of Alastair.

    Both Dean and Sam were raised in the hunting life by their father, after the demon Azazel killed their mother. Dean’s main role in the series is being the self-appointed guardian of Sam and often going to extreme lengths to protect him regardless of personal cost. Often in these occurrences Dean finds himself the center of a much larger picture.

    When he was killed by Metatron whilst using the Mark of Cain, Dean returned as a demon and a Knight of Hell loyal only to himself. He was then cured by his brother using purified blood. Eventually, the Mark was removed, but the price was that the Darkness has now been released into the world, something Dean tried to avoid.




    Early Life

    Supernatural101 067

    Dean holding infant Sam

    Dean Winchester was born on January 24, 1979 in Lawrence, Kansas. He was the eldest child of John and Mary Winchester.

    Dean lived in relative peace for the first four years of his life. When his parents had an argument when he was about three, Dean comforted his mother, promising her that John still loved her. Dean was soon joined by a brother, Sam. Six months later, Azazel visited the house to feed Sam demon blood. Mary tried to stop him, leading Azazel to set the nursery on fire with Mary pinned to the ceiling.

    John came rushing in and took Sam from his crib and handed him to Dean. He then instructed his son to get out of the house as fast as he could. Dean ran out and watched as the flames destroyed his home, his childhood, and his mother. John left Lawrence with Dean and Sam before Dean’s fifth birthday[2].

    When Dean was 6 or 7, John took Dean out shooting for the first time, using bottles as target practice. According to Dean, he bulls-eyed every one of them. Dean has cited this story as one of his fonder memories of his father.

    Supernatural118 494

    Dean holding a trench gun

    On an occasion when John was hunting a Shtriga in Wisconsin and left Sam and Dean alone in a hotel room, Dean got bored and went out. When he came back, he found the Shtriga feeding on Sam. John returned in time to scare the Shtriga off. For a long time Dean was haunted by his failure to defend his brother[3]. In 1991, when Dean was in sixth grade, he made his first sawed-off shotgun[4].

    Young Dean and Sam celebrating Christmas<img src=”″ alt=”Young Dean and Sam celebrating Christmas” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Young_Dean_and_Sam_celebrating_Christmas.png” data-image-name=”Young Dean and Sam celebrating Christmas.png” width=”170″ height=”95″ >

    Dean and Sam celebrating Christmas together

    Once when 12 year-old Dean was left to babysit Sam (8 years old) while John was on a hunt, Sam began to interrogate Dean about what it was that their dad actually did. Dean responded with “You know that. He sells stuff.” When Sam moved on to ask about their mother, Dean got angry and stormed out after yelling, “Shut up! Don’t you ever talk about mom! Ever!” Upon his return, Sam revealed to Dean that he had found and read their dad’s journal, and demanded to know if monsters are real. Dean finally resigned himself to telling Sam the truth[5].

    Dean: “I swear, if you ever tell dad I told you any of this, I will end you.”
    Sam: “Promise.”
    Dean: “First thing you have to know is…we have the coolest dad in the world. He’s a superhero.”
    Sam: “He is?”
    Dean: “Yeah. Monsters are real. Dad fights em. He’s fighting them right now.”
    — Dean and Sam
    in A Very Supernatural Christmas

    Dean continually excused his father’s flaws while the tension between Sam and John was clearly starting to take root. Disappointed with John’s lying and absence, Sam gave Dean a Christmas present intended for his father: an amulet. Dean wears the amulet from this time on.

    In 1995, Dean lost all of his and Sam’s food money in a poker game and was caught stealing food. As a result, he was sent to a reform school run by a man named Sonny who is an ex-con that turned his life around and eventually got the charges against Dean dropped. While living at the home, Dean flourished.

    Dean at 16<img src=”″ alt=”Dean at 16″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Dean_at_16.jpg” data-image-name=”Dean at 16.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Dean as a 16 year old.

    He became a high school wrestling champion, made friends and was doing well in school. Dean met a girl named Robin who was Dean’s first love interest. She shared Dean’s desire not to go into the “family business”. Dean’s dreams at the time was to become a rockstar or a mechanic and he was supposed to go to a dance with Robin, but his father returned the night of the dance to pick him up and refused to delay even for one night. Sonny offered Dean the chance to stay permanently, but Dean reluctantly left because he couldn’t leave Sam.[6].In New York, Dean, Sam and John were working on a haunting in Long Island when Dean and Sam asked John to let them go out into the city and enjoy the sights. After convincing John, they all go out, see the sights, ride on the subway, eat a lot of pizza, etc. Then one night at midnight, when Sam and John are tuckered out and sleeping, Dean snuck away from them and went to CBGB where he gets completely drunk for the first time, despite being “way underage at the time“, according to Sam. Dean snuck in to the bar, and he describes it as “nuts.” He saw people drinking, smoking, etc. Dean says he saw a “500-pound guy on stage with a mohawk just screamin’.” Dean’s mind was blown and was not sure of what to do. Then a woman walks to Dean and asks him to join her and her friends at a table, which Dean immediately agreed to. Though they get him drunk, Dean says it wasn’t “fun drunk.” He wasn’t sure what was in the drink, but after drinking, he saw that the room started spinning and he even felt like he was gonna throw-up, forever. But at that same moment, John then shows up, and when he says “Dean Winchester”, everyone around Dean is suddenly afraid of him, nobody was even looking at him. Dean was freaked out because John was just standing there not saying anything. Even a boy with a safety pin through his nose and a “Kill Everything” tattoo says to John, “Sorry, Sir”. So after getting him out of there, Dean yelled at him for embarrassing him and tells John he hates him. But John stopped, turn to Dean, and responds, “Son, you don’t like me? That’s fine. It’s not my job to be liked. It’s my job to raise you right.

    Sometime later in 1995, Dean goes on a hunt with his father and burns the monster they were hunting in the nearby woods. As it burns, Dean thinks to himself he’s only sixteen and he’s seeing things normal teenagers would never even know of. From that point, Dean chooses to forget being regular and embraces the hunting life. [7]

    Sammy’s waiting in the car and me and my dad take the thing into the woods, burn it to a crisp. I’m sitting there and looking into the fire and thinking to myself, ‘I’m sixteen-years old. Most kids my age are worried about pimples, prom dates. I’m seeing things they’ll never even know. Never even dream of’.
    — Dean on when he embraced the hunting life
    in Bloodlust
    SN413 283<img src=”″ alt=”SN413 283″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SN413_283.jpg” data-image-name=”SN413 283.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >

    Dean and his girlfriend

    During the summer of 1997 John, Dean, and Sam were hunting a werewolf. In November 1997, John “parked” the kids in a small town in Indiana where they attended Truman High School. While Sam was having trouble with a bully named Dirk, Dean got a girlfriend, Amanda. He became uncomfortable when she asked him to meet her parents. When she caught Dean cheating on her with another girl, she challenged him, charging that his “cool”, persona was just a cover for his pathetically sad loneliness.

    SN413 736<img src=”″ alt=”SN413 736″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”SN413_736.jpg” data-image-name=”SN413 736.jpg” width=”180″ height=”101″ >
    Amanda: “I thought maybe … under your whole “I could give a crap”, bad boy thing that there was something more going on. Like the way you are with you brother. But I was wrong. You spent so much time trying to convince people that you’re cool, but it’s just an act. We both know that you’re just a sad, lonely little kid and I feel sorry for you, Dean.”
    Dean: “You feel sorry for me, huh? Don’t feel sorry for me. You don’t know anything about me. I save lives. I’m a hero. A hero!”

    Dean never graduated high school, but did manage to get his GED. [8] Around 1998, Dean and John left Sam alone to go hunt a Kitsune. At this time, Dean also gave Sam advice over the phone on how to talk to girls.

    In 1998 or 1999, Dean went on a road trip that was supposed to be “5 states, 5 days” while Sam was “in Orlando with dad, wrapping up that banshee thing”. However, he spent most of his time in Lisa Braeden‘s loft.

    Sometime between 2001-2005, Sam left for Stanford. While there, he became estranged from Dean and his father and didn’t speak to them for at least a couple of years. During this time, Dean met Cassie Robinson while he and John were in Athens, Ohio, for a hunt. She and Dean dated for a couple of weeks. Before Dean left, he told Cassie the ‘big family secret’ about hunting. It was then that Cassie promptly called him ‘nuts’ and dumped him. Dean hunted a Vetala by himself during this period.

    On June 21, 2003 in Nyac, New York, Dean hunted Edward Trenton, a man who had become an unknown species of monster that ate livers. Dean never encountered Edward’s race of monster before or since but was able to kill him by slitting Edward’s throat with a silver-coated steel knife. After killing Edward, Dean was found by his 13 year old son Cole who believed Dean had murdered his father.

    Season 1


    Dean is recruiting Sam<img src=”″ alt=”Dean is recruiting Sam” class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Dean_is_recruiting_Sam.png” data-image-name=”Dean is recruiting Sam.png” width=”200″ height=”108″ >

    Dean asks Sam if he will hunt with him

    I think he wants us to pick up where he left off. Saving people, hunting things, the family business.
    — Dean to Sam after John goes missing
    in Pilot

    When Dean was four years old, his mother Mary was killed in his younger brother Sam’s bedroom. Twenty-two years later, the demon responsible for their mother’s death kills Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica Moore. Together, Dean and Sam go on a road trip to fend off supernatural creatures and search for their father, John, who occasionally leaves new missions for them to complete.

    Spn2<img src=”″ alt=”Spn2″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Spn2.jpg” data-image-name=”Spn2.jpg” width=”200″ height=”113″ >

    Early in the season (Skin), Dean and Sam battle a shapeshifter responsible for a string of brutal murders in the St. Louis, MO area. During the course of the episode, the shape-shifter assumes Dean’s form, causing police to believe that Dean is responsible for the murders. The shapeshifter also gains insight on Dean’s inner conflict, partially revealing his secret self-loathing and resentment of his father being gone and Sam leaving them to go off to college. However, Dean kills the shape-shifter while it is still in his form, and the authorities officially declare him dead.

    He’s sure got issues with you. You got to go to college. He had to stay home. I mean, I had to stay home. With Dad. You don’t think I had dreams of my own? But Dad needed me. Where the hell where you? […] See, deep down, I’m just jealous. You got friends. You could have a life. Me? I know I’m a freak. And sooner or later, everybody’s gonna leave me.
    Shapeshifter channeling Dean’s hidden insecurities and frustration
    in Skin

    In Home, Dean first becomes aware of Sam’s psychic abilities when Sam has a vision of trouble at their old home in Lawrence, Kansas. In Asylum, while influenced by the spirit of Doctor Ellicott, Sam tries to shoot Dean in a spirit-induced rage over Dean’s insistence in obeying John’s orders rather than going to California to find their father. In the following episode, Sam actually does leave Dean, insisting he and John are both selfish because all they care about is revenge. Later, Dean tells Sam he was always proud of how he pursued what he wanted. Sam eventually goes looking for Dean when he can’t reach his brother on his cell phone.

    01x12-faith075 640x360<img src=”×12-faith075_640x360.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/200?cb=20110509102740″ alt=”01×12-faith075 640×360″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”01×12-faith075_640x360.jpg” data-image-name=”01×12-faith075 640×360.jpg” width=”200″ height=”113″ >

    In Faith, Dean acquires a fatal heart condition when he is electrocuted during a hunt. Later, he is saved by a faith healer, Roy Le Grange, whose wife is controlling a Reaper. When Dean asks why he was saved, Roy Le Grange says he looked into Dean’s heart and saw “A young man with an important purpose. A job to do. And it isn’t finished.”

    -1-16-Shadow-supernatural-viewing-party-7296982-1280-720<img src=”″ alt=”-1-16-Shadow-supernatural-viewing-party-7296982-1280-720″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”-1-16-Shadow-supernatural-viewing-party-7296982-1280-720.jpg” data-image-name=”-1-16-Shadow-supernatural-viewing-party-7296982-1280-720.jpg” width=”200″ height=”113″ >

    In Shadow, as they prepare to battle Meg, Sam confesses to Dean that he will return to Stanford after they kill Azazel, the demon who killed their mother and Sam’s girlfriend, Jessica Moore. Dean becomes upset with Sam and insists that they keep fighting together.

    Don’t say just in case something happens to you, I don’t want to hear that freaking speech, man. Nobody’s dying tonight, not us, not that family, nobody. Except that demon. That evil son of a bitch ain’t getting any older than tonight, understand me?
    — Dean
    in Salvation
    Dt1<img src=”″ alt=”Dt1″ class=”thumbimage ” data-image-key=”Dt1.jpg” data-image-name=”Dt1.jpg” width=”200″ height=”133″ >

    Dean confronts Azazel possessing John.

    In the last episode of Season One, Azazel possesses Dean’s father in an attempt to get The Colt for his own. After Dean realizes this, The Yellow-Eyed Demon pins him and Sam to a wall and reveals that John favors Sam over Dean. The demon also tells Dean that he was responsible for sending the demon’s children back to Hell. After Dean makes a sarcastic remark about the situation, the demon tortures him and Dean pleads for his father’s help before losing consciousness.

    DevilsTrap02<img src=”″ alt=”DevilsTrap02″ class=”thumbimage ” dat