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Anthony L. Fisher wrote concerning Big Slop David Ortiz:

“The man behind the myth is less appealing. David Ortiz is a thin-skinned, self-promoting narcissist, prone to violent tantrums and playing fast and loose with the truth, possessing a persecution complex that would make Richard Nixon blush.”

“Ortiz’s bat-flips aren’t impromptu celebrations, they’re thoroughly choreographed affairs, punctuated by record-setting slow home run trots, and a ceremonial pointing to the heavens. This isn’t in-the-moment happiness, it’s phony marketing.”

“When Ortiz’s name was one of seven leaked at different times throughout 2009, the media pitchforks stayed patiently at bay while he stonewalled them for more than a week, saying he was “blindsided” to learn he had failed a drug test but promised to “get to the bottom of this” and tell the whole story when the time was right. When that time finally arrived, Ortiz sat next to the late Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) president Michael Weiner and let the union leader do most of the talking. Weiner — in carefully orchestrated legalese and armed with a fallback excuse that the list contained eight players who tested positive for substances not yet banned by MLB — was at least more candid than the mealy-mouthed Ortiz.”


Fisher gets it.