Born in Birmingham, England, Hazel Court carried on a love affair with the world of movies and make-believe that made her a leading student at her hometown’s School of Drama and later helped her land a contract with the J. Arthur Rank Organisation. Graduating from bits to supporting roles to leads, Court worked in English films from the mid-’40s …
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Actress (73 credits)
 1981 The Final Conflict
Champagne Woman At Hunt (uncredited)
 1975 Mobile One (TV Series)
Joan Tate

The Middle Man (1975) … Joan Tate
 1972 McMillan & Wife (TV Series)
Frances Mayerling

The Face of Murder (1972) … Frances Mayerling
 1970 The Name of the Game (TV Series)
Miss Playfair

Island of Gold and Precious Stones (1970) … Miss Playfair
 1968 Mannix (TV Series)
Barbara Montford

A View of Nowhere (1968) … Barbara Montford
 1967 Mission: Impossible (TV Series)
Catherine Hagar

Sweet Charity (1967) … Catherine Hagar
 1966 Iron Horse (TV Series)
Elizabeth Conner

Big Deal (1966) … Elizabeth Conner
 1966 The Wild Wild West (TV Series)
Elizabeth Carter

The Night of the Returning Dead (1966) … Elizabeth Carter
 1966 Gidget (TV Series)

In and Out with the In-Laws (1966) … Laura
 1965 The Wackiest Ship in the Army (TV Series)
Beautiful Woman

The Lady and the Luluai (1965) … Beautiful Woman
 1965 Dr. Kildare (TV Series)
Norma Hobart

Aftermath (1965) … Norma Hobart
Hour of Decision (1965) … Norma Hobart
Wives and Losers (1965) … Norma Hobart
Toast the Golden Couple (1965) … Norma Hobart
The Life Machine (1965) … Norma Hobart
 1964-1965 Burke’s Law (TV Series)
Goodigan ‘Goody’ Handy / Constance Dexter

Who Killed the Card? (1965) … Goodigan ‘Goody’ Handy
 1964-1965 12 O’Clock High (TV Series)
Liz Woodruff

Mutiny at Ten Thousand Feet (1965) … Liz Woodruff
In Search of My Enemy (1965) … Liz Woodruff
Appointment at Liege (1964) … Liz Woodruff
The Men and the Boys (1964) … Liz Woodruff
 1964 The Farmer’s Daughter (TV Series)
Lydia Adams

Speak for Yourself John Katy (1964) … Lydia Adams
 1964 The Twilight Zone (TV Series)
Charlotte Scott

The Fear (1964) … Charlotte Scott
 1964 Rawhide (TV Series)
Kathleen Dundee

Incident of the Dowery Dundee (1964) … Kathleen Dundee
 1963 The Raven
Lenore Craven
 1962 Sam Benedict (TV Series)
Deborah Bowman

So Various, So Beautiful (1962) … Deborah Bowman
 1961-1962 The Dick Powell Theatre (TV Series)
Pamela Carter / Hillary Wade

Borderline (1962) … Pamela Carter
A Swiss Affair (1961) … Hillary Wade
 1962 Premature Burial
Emily Gault
 1961 Ghost Squad (TV Series)

Death from a Distance (1961) … Jackie
 1961 Top Secret (TV Series)
Mary Fielding

Stranger in Cantabria (1961) … Mary Fielding
 1961 Mary Had a Little…
Laurel Clive
 1961 Kraft Mystery Theater (TV Series)
Rita Arkwright

Breakout (1961) … Rita Arkwright
 1961 Thriller (TV Series)
Leonie Vicek

The Terror in Teakwood (1961) … Leonie Vicek
 1958-1961 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series)
Charlotte Jameson Rutherford / Helen Brathwaite / Lady Gwendolyn Avon / …

The Pearl Necklace (1961) … Charlotte Jameson Rutherford
Arthur (1959) … Helen Brathwaite
The Avon Emeralds (1959) … Lady Gwendolyn Avon
The Crocodile Case (1958) … Phyllis Chaundry
 1960-1961 Danger Man (TV Series)
Francesca / Noelle Laurence

The Contessa (1961) … Francesca
The Lonely Chair (1960) … Noelle Laurence
 1961 Doctor Blood’s Coffin
Nurse Linda Parker
 1961 Stagecoach West (TV Series)
Sybil Allison

Finn McCool (1961) … Sybil Allison
 1960 The Man Who Was Nobody
Marjorie Stedman
 1960 General Electric Theater (TV Series)
Victoria ‘Vicky’ Phillips

Hot Footage (1960) … Victoria ‘Vicky’ Phillips
 1960 Interpol Calling (TV Series)
Carol LeDuc

Dressed to Kill (1960) … Carol LeDuc
 1959-1960 Adventures in Paradise (TV Series)
Laura Leish / Laura McLeish

The Violent Journey (1960) … Laura Leish
The Pit of Silence (1959) … Laura McLeish
 1960 Bonanza (TV Series)
Lady Beatrice Dunsford

The Last Trophy (1960) … Lady Beatrice Dunsford
 1960 Alcoa Theatre (TV Series)

The Tweed Hat (1960) … Holly
 1960 Goodyear Theatre (TV Series)

The Tweed Hat (1960) … Holly
 1960 The Shakedown
Mildred Eyde
 1959 Markham (TV Series)
Diana Fitzgerald / Miss Mastello

Double Negative (1959) … Diana Fitzgerald / Miss Mastello
 1959 The Invisible Man (TV Series)
Penny Page

The Mink Coat (1959) … Penny Page
 1959 The Man Who Could Cheat Death
Janine Du Bois
 1959 Breakout
Rita Arkwright
 1959 The Third Man (TV Series)
Lady Simms

The Angry Young Man (1959) … Lady Simms
 1959 Model for Murder
Sally Meadows
 1958 Playhouse 90 (TV Series)
Mary Jarvis

Bomber’s Moon (1958) … Mary Jarvis
 1958 A Woman of Mystery
Joy Grant
 1957-1958 Dick and the Duchess (TV Series)
Jane Starrett

The Candlesticks (1958) … Jane Starrett
Bank Robbery (1958) … Jane Starrett
The Courtroom (1958) … Jane Starrett
The Convention (1958) … Jane Starrett
Aunt Winifred (1958) … Jane Starrett
 1957 The Gay Cavalier (TV Series)
Mary Claydon

The Lost Is Found (1957) … Mary Claydon
 1957 The Curse of Frankenstein
 1957 Hour of Decision
Peggy Sanders
 1957 The Gentle Killers (TV Series)
Stella Manning
 1956 The Buccaneers (TV Series)
Anne Bonney / Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack and the Lady (1956) … Anne Bonney / Gentleman Jack
 1956 Adventure Theater (TV Series)

The Wedding Gift (1956) … Trude
 1956 Behind the Headlines
 1956 The Narrowing Circle
Rosemary Speed
 1954 Tale of Three Women
Trude (segment “Wedding Gift’ story)
 1954 The Scarlet Web
Susan Honeywell
 1954 Present for a Bride (Short)
 1953 Undercover Agent
Clare Manning
 1952 Ghost Ship
Margaret Thornton
 1949 Forbidden
Jane Thompson
 1948 Bond Street
Julia Chester-Barrett
 1948 My Sister and I
Helena Forsythe
 1947 Holiday Camp
Joan Huggett
 1947 Dear Murderer
Avis Fenton
 1947 Meet Me at Dawn
Gabrielle Vermorel
 1947 The Root of All Evil
 1947 Hungry Hill
Undetermined Minor Role (uncredited)
 1946 Carnival
May Raeburn
 1946 Showtime
Elizabeth Brown
 1944 Dreaming
Miss Grey / Wren / Avalah
 1944 Champagne Charlie
Tipsy Champagne Drinker (uncredited)

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