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Moon Princess Kaguya Moonizen Luna-Hana Makiko Shabuya Grim Cabaret Sophie Pinebox Productions Luke Palmer Sinbad the Sailor Princess Nahia-Shazal Pocket Sandwich Theatre Daniel Baugh Anything to Declare Adelaide Dupont Emerson Stage Benny Ambush Won’t Stay Silent Ensamble Emerson College Erin Schwall Two Hot Summers Nitzah, Co-Fight Captain Emerson College Dani Berkowitz Limitless Bend and Snap Paramount Stage Kayla Bryan Five We Run the Night Paramount Stage Anne Whitehead Brontosaurus Assistant Emerson College Ryan Defoe Stage Directions Ruby Emerson College Jeff Mitchell Eurydice Little Stone/A Nasty Interesting Man Emerson College Amy Dockendorf When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet Cleopatra Emerson College Cat O’Grady Starla Elizabeth Emerson College Ian Stewart
Hamlet Horatio Emerson College Uncle Vanya Sonia Emerson College Ivanov Sasha Emerson College Streetcar Named Desire Stella Emerson College
Paladino News Anchor Independent Film Chasen Parker Learned Ladies A Notary Emerson College Dr. Regge Life Michael Jordane Mrs. Jordane BA Film Daniel Turkiewicz The Dating Ritual Dominica Capstone BA Film Thaddeus Bouska Bjorn (post-production) Angelle Independent Film Ted Cormey Punchline (un-credited) Jingles Warlords Productions Jackson Birnbaum

The Shining Wendy Emerson College Tommy Carver Portlandia Toni Emerson College Adam Silverstrim


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