Karen Valentine was born on a chicken farm in northern California and made her professional debut, at the age of 16, on The Ed Sullivan Show (1948) (aka “The Ed Sullivan Show”). After performing as a contestant on a live national broadcast of “The Miss Teenage America Pageant”, Ed Sullivan phoned during the ceremonies and invited her to appear on …
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Actress (51 credits)
 2004 Wedding Daze (TV Movie)
Audrey Landry
 2000 Family Law (TV Series)
Karen Anderson Bell

Affairs of the State (2000) … Karen Anderson Bell
 1996 Cybill (TV Series)

Three Women and a Dummy (1996) … Wanda
 1995 The Power Within (Video)
Clyda Dryer
 1994 The Untouchables (TV Series)
Pascualina Petucci

Til Death Do Us Part (1994) … Pascualina Petucci
 1991 CBS Schoolbreak Special (TV Series)
Donna Stern

The Emancipation of Lizzie Stern (1991) … Donna Stern
 1990 Monsters (TV Series)

The Young and the Headless (1990) … Victoria
 1990 Hurricane Sam (TV Movie)
Jeanie Kelvin
 1989 The Twilight Zone (TV Series)
Claire Hendricks

Many, Many Monkeys (1989) … Claire Hendricks
 1988 Perfect People (TV Movie)
 1988 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
Ellen Cosgrove

Murder Through the Looking Glass (1988) … Ellen Cosgrove
 1988 She’s the Sheriff (TV Series)

Hair (1988) … Rosalind
 1987 Hotel (TV Series)
Rebecca Lloyd

Second Thoughts (1987) … Rebecca Lloyd
 1987 The New Mike Hammer (TV Series)
Sister Amelia

Who Killed Sister Lorna? (1987) … Sister Amelia
 1986 Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (TV Series)
Meg Taylor

A Fighting Choice (1986) … Meg Taylor
 1984 He’s Fired, She’s Hired (TV Movie)
Annabelle Grier
 1984 Children in the Crossfire (TV Movie)
Pam Chandler
 1983 Adams House (TV Movie)
Chris Bennett
 1983 Jane Doe (TV Movie)
Victoria Schaffer
 1983 Illusions (TV Movie)
Linda Dobbins
 1982 Skeezer (TV Movie)
Carrie Jessup
 1982 Money on the Side (TV Movie)
Janice Vernon
 1982 Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever (TV Movie)
Paula McFadden
 1982 Muggable Mary, Street Cop (TV Movie)
Mary Glatzle
 1981 A Girl’s Life (TV Movie)
Gay Brooks
 1979 Eischied (TV Series)
Margaret Manning

Only the Pretty Girls Die: Part 2 (1979) … Margaret Manning
Only the Pretty Girls Die: Part 1 (1979) … Margaret Manning
 1979 America 2100 (TV Movie)
Dr. Karen Hartland
 1978 Go West, Young Girl (TV Movie)
Netty Booth
 1978 The Love Boat (TV Series)
Taffy Martino

 1978 Fantasy Island (TV Series)
Janet Fleming

Return to Fantasy Island (1978) … Janet Fleming
 1977 Starsky and Hutch (TV Series)
Diana Harmon

Fatal Charm (1977) … Diana Harmon
 1977 Murder at the World Series (TV Movie)
Lois Marshall
 1977 McMillan & Wife (TV Series)
Sgt. Maureen Rupert

Dark Sunrise (1977) … Sgt. Maureen Rupert
 1976 Having Babies (TV Movie)
Beth Paterno
 1976 The Love Boat (TV Movie)
Ellen Carmichael
 1975 Baretta (TV Series)

A Bite of the Apple (1975) … Holly
 1975 Karen (TV Series)
Karen Angelo

Dena Might (1975) … Karen Angelo
The Karen Report (1975) … Karen Angelo
A Day in the Life (1975) … Karen Angelo
Capitol Capers (1975) … Karen Angelo
What Are Friends For? (1975) … Karen Angelo
 1975 e’Lollipop
Carol Anne
 1969-1974 Room 222 (TV Series)
Alice Johnson

Jason and Big Mo (1974) … Alice Johnson
Cry Uncle (1974) … Alice Johnson
I Didn’t Raise My Girl to Be a Soldier (1974) … Alice Johnson
MPG (1973) … Alice Johnson
El Greco to Jason (1973) … Alice Johnson
 1974 The Girl Who Came Gift-Wrapped (TV Movie)
Sandy Brown / Sandy Benson
 1973 Coffee, Tea or Me? (TV Movie)
Carol Burnham / Carol Burns
 1972 The Daughters of Joshua Cabe (TV Movie)
 1972 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (TV Series)
Donna Cohen

Murder in the Abstract (1972) … Donna Cohen
 1970-1972 Love, American Style (TV Series) (segment “Love and the Scroungers”) / Alice Graff (segment “Love and the Four-Sided Triangle”) / Jane (segment “Love and the Elopement”) / …

Love and the Plane Truth/Love and the Scroungers/Love and the Small Wedding (1972) … (segment “Love and the Scroungers”)
Love and the Awakening/Love and the Bashful Groom/Love and the Four-Sided Triangle/Love and the Naked Stranger (1971) … Alice Graff (segment “Love and the Four-Sided Triangle”)
Love and the Elopement/Love and the Visitor (1970) … Jane (segment “Love and the Elopement”)
Love and the Coed Dorm/Love and the Optimist/Love and the Teacher (1970) … Pat Stark (segment “Love and the Coed Dorm”)
 1971 Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In (TV Series)
Guest Performer

Episode #5.4 (1971) … Guest Performer
 1971 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors (TV Series)
Gayle Ritter

Tender Predator (1971) … Gayle Ritter
 1969 Gidget Grows Up (TV Movie)
Gidget Lawrence
 1969 My Friend Tony (TV Series)

 1967 It’s About Time (TV Series)
2nd Singer

The Cave Family Swingers (1967) … 2nd Singer

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