Hazal Kaya

Hazal Kaya

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Hazal Kaya
Born Leyla Hazal Kaya
(1990-10-01) 1 October 1990 (age 28)
Istanbul, Turkey
Residence Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Education Liceo Italiano di Istanbul
Alma mater Istanbul Bilgi University
  • Actress
Years active 2006–present
Website hazalkaya.com.tr

Leyla Hazal Kaya (born 1 October 1990)[1] is a Turkish actress.

Personal life[edit]

Kaya was born in Istanbul, Turkey.[1] She attended Gaziosmanpaşa elementary school and she graduated in 2009 from the Liceo Italiano di Istanbul.[1] She went to Istanbul Bilgi University for her university.[2] She is currently continuing her studies in Istanbul.[2] Her parents who are both lawyers divorced when she was 7 years old.[2] She was introduced to the art and acting world at a very young age, as a child she took ballet and violin lessons for 7 years.[2] Kaya speaks Italian, and English fluently in addition to her native language Turkish.[2] She was also said to be learning her fourth language German.[2]


Kaya started her acting career in 2007 with TV series Genco.[3] She played Özge (Gülay Erkaya).[4] In 2008, Kaya played Nihal Ziyagil in a modern-day adaptation of the novel Aşk-ı Memnu written by Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil.[4] She had her first cinematic debut in Selçuk Aydemir’s movie Çalgı Çengi in 2011. At the same time she took lessons from Ayla Algan in drama. She then joined Ümit Çırak Modern Acting Techniques Workshop and took acting lessons from Ümit Çırak himself.[5]

Kaya played in the first two seasons of TV series titled Adını Feriha Koydum as Feriha Yılmaz Sarrafoğlu (2011). She played the role of a porter’s daughter trapped between two lives that falls in love with the most popular student at her university, a rich and handsome boy “Emir Sarrafoğlu” (Çağatay Ulusoy). The series had one of the highest TV ratings in Turkey.[6] Later, together with her mother Ayşegül Kaya, she appeared in the commercials for Bingo.[7][8] In late 2012, she left the cast of Adını Feriha Koydum and starred in a new series called Son Yaz Balkanlar 1912, portraying the character Emine.[9] However, the series ended after a few episodes due to low ratings. She later appeared in the 2013 series A.Ş.K and played the character of Azra Özak, a tennis coach.[10] That series also ended after 13 episodes. In 2015 she appeared in Maral: En Güzel Hikayem opposite Aras Bulut İynemli. She played the leading character Maral Erdem.[11] Her latest TV show is Bizim Hikaye (in English: Our Story) which is the Turkish version of American TV series Shameless. In this TV show Kaya plays Filiz, opposite the Turkish TV actor Burak Deniz.

Kaya is one of Turkey’s highest-paid actresses.[12][13] Ichaps, having chosen the most important names of 2014 in many categories, included Hazal Kaya among the “most influential names in the world” and granted her the medal of international excellence in the category of artists.[14] According to the results of a survey conducted on the United Arab Emirates-based MBC channels which ranked Turkish series and special programs, she ranked 4th on the list of most admired Turkish women artists.[15] At the same time, official surveys covering the August 2010 – August 2015 period, taken in 35 different countries, placed her 6th on the list of 10 most popular actresses.[16] She was also the only Turkish recipient of the “Lebanon Awards 2015” award.[17] According to the results obtained from 35 different countries between May 2011 and May 2016, Kaya was the 6th most popular actress.[18] In May 2016, she rose to number five on the list.[19] The website World’s Most Beautifuls ranked her fifth on the list of 10 most beautiful women of 2016.[20]



Year Title Role Notes
2011 Çalgı Çengi Young girl at the warehouse Special guest appearance
2011 Behzat Ç. Seni Kalbime Gömdüm Berna Ç. Special guest appearance
2011 Ay Büyürken Uyuyamam Hülya Leading role
2012 Bu Son Olsun Lale Leading role
2013 Mavi Dalga Arzu Special guest appearance
2014 İtirazım Var Zeynep Bulut Leading role
2016 Kırık Kalpler Bankası Aslım Leading role


Year Title Role Notes
2006–2007 Acemi Cadı Pelin Guest appearance
2006 Taşların Sırrı Bengü Guest appearance
2006–2008 Sıla Berrin Guest appearance
2007–2008 Genco Özge (Gülay Erkaya) Leading role
2008-2010 Aşk-ı Memnu Nihal Ziyagil Supporting role
2011–2012 Adını Feriha Koydum Feriha Yılmaz Sarrafoğlu Leading role
2012 Son Yaz-Balkanlar 1912 Emine Leading role
2013 A.Ş.K. Azra Özak Leading role
2015 Maral Maral Erdem Leading role
2017–present Bizim Hikaye Filiz Leading role

Advertising films[edit]

Year Advertising Films
2006 Tofita
2007 Nescafé
2007 Molped
2007 Turkcell
2008 Eti Burçak
2010 Penti
2012 Bingo
2014 Lux Arabia

Starring music videos[edit]

Year Music Videos
2008 Aslı Güngör – “İzmir Bilir Ya”[21]
2011 Selçuk Balcı – “Deniz Üstünde Fener”[22]


Awards and Nominations
Year Award Category Result
2010 Kavram Olympic Awards Best Young Actress[23] Won
2011 Ayaklıgazete.com Awards The Most Beautiful Actress[24] Won
2011 Dizifilm.com Oscars Best Drama Actress[25] Won
2011 Gecce.com Best Actress[26] Won
2012 Ayaklıgazete.com Awards Best Actress in History Series[27] Nominated
2012 Televizyondizisi.com Awards Most Popular Actress[28] Nominated
2012 Sosyalmedya.cc Awards Best Actress[29] Won
2012 Eniyiyisec.com Awards Best Actress[30] Won
2012 Bakmoda.com Awards Best Actress[31] Won
2013 Sayidaty Arab Journal Best Turkish Female Star[32] Won
2013 2.Crystal Mouse Media Awards Best Actress[33] Nominated
2013 Gecce.com Best Communicating Celebrity with Fans[34] Won
2013 MagaziMedya.com Turkey’s Most Beautiful Screen Face[35] Nominated
2013 Gazete5.com Best Actress[36] Nominated
2013 Sizcene.com Awards The Most Beautiful TV Actress in Turkey[37] Won
2013 Magazincity.com Awards Best Actress on TV[38] Won
2013 Politics Magazine Awards TV Actress of the Year[39] Nominated
2013 YılınFenomeni.com Phenomenon Actress of the Year[40] Nominated
2013 OMÜ 3. Media Awards Best Actress[41] Nominated
2014 Ayaklıgazete.com Awards Best Drama Actress[27] Nominated
2014 2.Düzce University Media Awards Best Actress[42] Nominated
2014 5.KTÜ Media Awards The Most Admired Actress[43] Nominated
2014 Bilgisefi.com The Most Beautiful Actress in Turkey[44] Nominated
2014 Gecce.com The Most Beautiful Actress[45] Nominated
2014 Felsebiyat Journal Cinema Nominees The Actress of the Year[46] Nominated
2014 The Medal of Excellence for the Most Influential Figures in the World Awards Medal of Excellence[47] Won
2014 Top 33 Of The Most Beautiful Women On TV Awards The Breathtaking Women[48] Won
2015 Gecce.com The Most Beautiful Girl in series[49] Nominated
2015 Lebanon Awards Best Actress[50] Won
2015 TelevizyonDizisi.com Awards Best Actress[51] Nominated
2015 Marie Claire Turkey The Most Favorite Actress[52] Nominated
2015 Eurasia Best Awards Best Actress[53] Nominated
2016 7.KTÜ Media Awards The Most Admired Actress[54] Nominated
2017 Turkey Youth Awards Best TV Actress[55] Nominated

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