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Brenda Scott
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Scott in 1969
Born Brenda J. Smith
(1943-03-15) March 15, 1943 (age 75)
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1961-2005
Spouse(s) Andrew Prine
(1965-1966; divorced)
(1968-1969; divorced)
(1973-1978; divorced)

Brenda Scott (born March 15, 1943 as Brenda J Smith) is an American film and television actress. Her stage name comes from an F. Scott Fitzgerald character.[1]

She appeared in films such as The Hanged Man (1964), Johnny Tiger (1966), Journey to Shiloh (1968)[1] and Simon, King of the Witches (1971).[2] Her television credits include Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Alias Smith and Jones, Hawaii Five O,Mannix, Ironside, Window on Main Street, Mr. Novak, Bonanza, Leave It to Beaver, Run for Your Life, Wagon Train, 77 Sunset Strip, Dragnet 1967, The Fugitive, Simon & Simon, The Virginian, Lancer, Cade’s County, Temple Houston, Here Come the Brides, and The Road West.[3] Scott said, “I started out playing neurotic types because they decided I had a waif-like face.”[4]

Scott was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.[1] Scott shared that she had always wanted to act since she was a child and that during her teen years, she believed in palmistry and astrology.[5] She was married to fellow actor Andrew Prine, who played her brother in The Savage Land.[1] Scott and Prine started living separately after only being married for four months.[6] Prine and Scott were divorced in 1969.[7] They would marry and divorce three times over the course of their lives.[1] Later in her life, after retiring from acting, she ran an antiques shop on Ventura Boulevard.

Actress (68 credits)
 2005 The Problem with Fiber Optics (Short)
Fountain shop patron
 1998 Oscar Phitkin: A Vendor’s Tale
Talking Jukebox (voice, uncredited)
 1983 Simon & Simon (TV Series)

 1979 Sword of Justice (TV Series)
Janice Lombardi

Blackjack (1979) … Janice Lombardi
 1979 Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color (TV Series)
Charity Pringle / Charity

Donovan’s Kid: Part 2 (1979) … Charity Pringle
Donovan’s Kid: Part 1 (1979) … Charity
 1977 Quincy M.E. (TV Series)
Mrs. Holloway

A Question of Time (1977) … Mrs. Holloway
 1976 McCoy (TV Series)

New Dollar Day (1976) … Teller
 1976 Bronk (TV Series)

Next of Kin (1976) … Eva
 1975 Petrocelli (TV Series)
Bonnie Wakely

Vengeance in White (1975) … Bonnie Wakely
 1975 Adams of Eagle Lake (TV Series)

Treasure Chest Murder (1975) … Debbie
Home Is the Coward (1975) … Debbie
 1975 Get Christie Love! (TV Series)
Joan Norton

The Deadly Sport (1975) … Joan Norton
 1973 Chase (TV Series)

Pilot (1973)
 1973 Chase (TV Movie)
Nora Devlin
 1973 The Delphi Bureau (TV Series)

The Day of Justice Project (1973) … Stick
 1973 Jigsaw (TV Series)

Girl on the Run (1973)
 1971-1973 Medical Center (TV Series)
Lyla Tillberg / Ellen Beeker

Question of Guilt (1973) … Lyla Tillberg
Pitfall (1971) … Ellen Beeker
 1972 Alias Smith and Jones (TV Series)
Cybele Snively

Witness to a Lynching (1972) … Cybele Snively
 1969-1972 Mod Squad (TV Series)
Sassy Alexander / Diane Halloway / Diane Henry

The Wild Weekend (1972) … Sassy Alexander
Ride the Man Down (1969) … Diane Halloway / Diane Henry
 1971 Cade’s County (TV Series)
Ilona Wallach

The Mustangers (1971) … Ilona Wallach
 1971 Sweet, Sweet Rachel (TV Movie)
Nora Piper
 1971 Simon, King of the Witches
Linda Rackum
 1971 The Young Lawyers (TV Series)
Jennie Stevens

False Witness (1971) … Jennie Stevens
 1968-1970 Mannix (TV Series)
Kathy Warren / Sandy

Deja Vu (1970) … Kathy Warren
Eight to Five, It’s a Miracle (1968) … Sandy
 1970 The Name of the Game (TV Series)
Angela Dean / Suzie Murdock

Aquarius Descending (1970) … Angela Dean
The Garden (1970) … Suzie Murdock
 1970 Matt Lincoln (TV Series)
Sandy Baker

Steve (1970) … Sandy Baker
 1968-1970 Lancer (TV Series)
Violet / Glory

The Buscaderos (1970) … Violet
Glory (1968) … Glory
 1969 The New People (TV Series)
Christine Miller

Lifeline (1969) … Christine Miller
 1969 Here Come the Brides (TV Series)
Bridget Cunningham

A Wild Colonial Boy (1969) … Bridget Cunningham
 1969 Insight (TV Series)

A Thousand Red Flowers (1969) … Emma
 1969 This Savage Land (TV Movie)
Margaret ‘Midge’ Pride
 1964-1969 The Virginian (TV Series)
Claire Garson / Abby Keefer / Gina Larsen / …

The Girl in the Shadows (1969) … Claire Garson
Jed (1968) … Abby Keefer
Men with Guns (1966) … Gina Larsen
Dark Destiny (1964) … Billy Jo Conrad
 1969 Hawaii Five-O (TV Series)

Up Tight (1969) … Donna
 1968 The Outsider (TV Series)

A Time to Run (1968) … Della
 1968 Ironside (TV Series)
Carol Dillon / Peggy Fortune

Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 2 (1968) … Carol Dillon
Split Second to an Epitaph: Part 1 (1968) … Carol Dillon
Perfect Crime (1968) … Peggy Fortune
 1968 Journey to Shiloh
Gabrielle DuPrey
 1967 Dragnet 1967 (TV Series)
Jean Shipley

The Big High (1967) … Jean Shipley
 1966-1967 The Road West (TV Series)
Midge Pride

Elizabeth’s Odyssey (1967) … Midge Pride
The Agreement (1967) … Midge Pride
A War for the Gravediggers (1967) … Midge Pride
The Eighty-Seven Dollar Bride (1967) … Midge Pride
Charade of Justice (1967) … Midge Pride
 1966 Johnny Tiger
Barbara Dean
 1964-1966 The Fugitive (TV Series)
Sarah Tucker / Carla

A Taste of Tomorrow (1966) … Sarah Tucker
The Cage (1964) … Carla
 1965 The Long, Hot Summer (TV Series)
Vicki Sue Dane

The Desperate Innocent (1965) … Vicki Sue Dane
 1965 Run for Your Life (TV Series)
Kathy Sloan

Never Pick Up a Stranger (1965) … Kathy Sloan
 1965 Bonanza (TV Series)
Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Melviney

The Far, Far Better Thing (1965) … Lucinda ‘Lucy’ Melviney
 1964 The Hanged Man (TV Movie)
 1964 Rawhide (TV Series)
Dolly Grant

The Enormous Fist (1964) … Dolly Grant
 1964 Mr. Novak (TV Series)
Sue Johnson

Fear Is a Handful of Dust (1964) … Sue Johnson
 1962-1964 Dr. Kildare (TV Series)
Abby Thompson / Suzy Walker / Nurse Francine Bell

To Walk in Grace (1964) … Abby Thompson
The Oracle (1963) … Suzy Walker
Gravida One (1962) … Nurse Francine Bell
 1964 Kraft Suspense Theatre (TV Series)
Mystery Girl

Who Is Jennifer? (1964) … Mystery Girl
 1963 77 Sunset Strip (TV Series)
Sharin Patterson

Don’t Wait for Me (1963) … Sharin Patterson
 1962-1963 My Three Sons (TV Series)
Joanie / Linda Evans

Dear Robbie (1963) … Joanie
Casanova Trouble (1962) … Linda Evans
 1963 Temple Houston (TV Series)

Letter of the Law (1963) … Ruth
 1963 Breaking Point (TV Series)

 1963 Wagon Train (TV Series)
Martha Kincaid / Ellen Howard

The Molly Kincaid Story (1963) … Martha Kincaid
The Tom O’Neal Story (1963) … Ellen Howard
 1963 The Eleventh Hour (TV Series)
Olga Taylor

Pressure Breakdown (1963) … Olga Taylor
 1963 I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster (TV Series)
Princess Mara

King Archibald, the First (1963) … Princess Mara
 1963 General Hospital (TV Series)
Dr. Gina Dante Lansing #2 (1978)
 1963 This Is the Life (TV Series)

Side by Side (1963) … Janie
 1963 Alcoa Premiere (TV Series)
Jeeney Ray

Jenny Ray (1963) … Jeeney Ray
 1963 Gunsmoke (TV Series)

Anybody Can Kill a Marshal (1963) … Betsy
 1963 The Donna Reed Show (TV Series)
Marcia Haversham

Just a Little Wedding (1963) … Marcia Haversham
 1962 Route 66 (TV Series)

 1962 The Law and Mr. Jones (TV Series)
Mary Donner

My Worthy Colleague (1962) … Mary Donner
 1962 Leave It to Beaver (TV Series)

Un-Togetherness (1962) … Lori-Ann
 1962 Hazel (TV Series)
Linda Blake

Hazel the Matchmaker (1962) … Linda Blake
Hazel’s Pajama Party (1962) … Linda Blake
 1962 Shannon (TV Series)
Helen Sergio

The Deadly Homecoming (1962) … Helen Sergio
 1962 13 West Street
Girl (uncredited)
 1962 The Detectives (TV Series)
Irene Shackfield

Crossed Wires (1962) … Irene Shackfield
 1962 Ben Casey (TV Series)

Imagine a Long Bright Corridor (1962) … Pearl
 1961 Window on Main Street (TV Series)
Evelyn Ramsey

The Dollar Nineteen Cent Thief (1961) … Evelyn Ramsey
The Editor’s Daughter (1961) … Evelyn Ramsey

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