Caitlynne Medrek was born on November 19, 1989 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is an actress and director, known for Fargo (2014), The Detour (2016) and Dragon Ball GT (1996).
Actress (38 credits)
  Hands that Bind (pre-production)
Trina Longridge
 2019 1000: The Sword in the Stone (pre-production)
Willa of Tuscia (rumored)
 2018/I Memento Mori (Short) (post-production)
 2018 Moja Mama (Short)
 2018 The Detour (TV Series)
Fertility Clinic Nurse

The Goal (2018) … Fertility Clinic Nurse
The Run (2018) … Fertility Clinic Nurse
 2017 Everfall
Wall of Champions
 2017 Future Card Buddyfight (TV Series)
Ku Teito

Nirvana? Gehenna? Guru Bubbuku and Giant Tanuki! (2017) … Ku Teito (English version, voice)
Time Limit! The Day That Gao Stops Existing! (2017) … Ku Teito (English version, voice)
Gao in Tasuku! A Two-in-One X Tempest Buster!! (2017) … Ku Teito (English version, voice)
Terror from the Toilet! Aibo Academy Is Full of Ghosts! (2017) … Ku Teito (English version, voice)
After the Raging Battle… Gao Perishes! (2017) … Ku Teito (English version, voice)
 2017 Wynonna Earp (TV Series)

No Future in the Past (2017) … Schoolteacher
 2015-2017 Cardfight!! Vanguard (TV Series)
Rin Hashima

Overcoming Heaven’s Decree (2017) … Rin Hashima (English version, voice)
Fukuhara High Vanguard Club VS Team Diffrider (2017) … Rin Hashima (English version, voice)
Oath of Striders (2017) … Rin Hashima (English version, voice)
Beacon of Revival (2017) … Rin Hashima (English version, voice)
Beyond the Sky (2017) … Rin Hashima (English version, voice)
 2017 Fargo (TV Series)
Grace Stussy

Somebody to Love (2017) … Grace Stussy
The House of Special Purpose (2017) … Grace Stussy
The Narrow Escape Problem (2017) … Grace Stussy
The Law of Vacant Places (2017) … Grace Stussy
 2011-2016 Out with Dad (TV Series)
Claire Daniels / Claire Daniels (FB chatting) / Claire Daniels (aka Girl in the washroom)

Without Regrets? (2016) … Claire Daniels
Reconciling with Claire (2016) … Claire Daniels
Day Drinking with Alicia and Rose (2016) … Claire Daniels
Elephants in the Room with Alicia (2015) … Claire Daniels
With Family and Friends (2014) … Claire Daniels
 2016 Hell on Wheels (TV Series)
New Whore

61 Degrees (2016) … New Whore
 2016 Kiznaiver (TV Mini-Series)
Chidori Takashiro

Episode #1.12 (2016) … Chidori Takashiro (English version, voice)
Sometimes, a Bond Can Bloom from the First Day Eye Contact Is Made (2016) … Chidori Takashiro (English version, voice)
 2015-2016 Gintama (TV Series)
Soyo Tokugawa

Farewell, Buddy (2016) … Soyo Tokugawa (English version, voice)
Ninja Village (2015) … Soyo Tokugawa (English version, voice)
Shoguns of Light and Shadow (2015) … Soyo Tokugawa (English version, voice)
Keep Your Farewells Short (2015) … Soyo Tokugawa (English version, voice)
A Sizzle Summer/A Nothing Summer, 2015 (2015) … Soyo Tokugawa (English version, voice)
 2015 Arthur (TV Series)
Kaylie Lamont

Shelter from the Storm: Part 1 and Part 2 (2015) … Kaylie Lamont (voice)
 2012-2013 Clutch (TV Series)

Traffick Jam (2013) … Lex
Digging Your Own Grave (2013) … Lex
Peripeteia (2012) … Lex
Catsup (2012) … Lex
La Malinche (2012) … Lex
 2013 Home Away (Short)
Girl #1
 2012 Trudy (Short)
 2011-2012 Total Drama (TV Series)

Finders Creepers (2012) … Dawn (voice)
Ice Ice Baby (2012) … Dawn (voice)
Truth or Laser Shark (2012) … Dawn (voice)
Backstabbers Ahoy! (2011) … Dawn (voice)
Bigger. Badder. Brutal-er! (2011) … Dawn (voice)
 2010 Skatoony (TV Series)

Out to Sea … Dawn (voice)
 2008 Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (Video Game)
Elpeo Puru (English version, voice)
 2007 Dynasty Warriors Gundam (Video Game)
Elpeo Puru (English version, voice)
 2007 Resurrecting the Champ
Amber (scenes deleted)
 2005-2006 Mai otome (TV Series)

Sôten no otome (2006) … Mikoto (English version, voice)
Dream wing: Yume no arika (2006) … Mikoto (English version, voice)
Anata no tame ni… (2006) … Mikoto (English version, voice)
Fushigi no tani no arika (2006) … Mikoto (English version, voice)
Horobi no uta (2006) … Mikoto (English version, voice)
 2005 Strawberry Marshmallow (TV Series)
Miu Matsuoka

Soine (2005) … Miu Matsuoka (English version, voice)
Sodachi zakari (2005) … Miu Matsuoka (English version, voice)
Purezento (2005) … Miu Matsuoka (English version, voice)
Omatsuri (2005) … Miu Matsuoka (English version, voice)
Manatsubi (2005) … Miu Matsuoka (English version, voice)
 2005 DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises (Video Game)
Puffy Angel / Additional Voices (voice)
 2004-2005 Mai-HiME (TV Series)
Mikoto Minagi

Shining Days (2005) … Mikoto Minagi (English version, voice)
Unmei no koku he (2005) … Mikoto Minagi (English version, voice)
Koi ha tatakai (2005) … Mikoto Minagi (English version, voice)
Aijo to yujo, hijo (2005) … Mikoto Minagi (English version, voice)
Kuzureyuku… (2005) … Mikoto Minagi (English version, voice)
 2005 D.I.C.E. (TV Series)
Puffy Angel

The Monster of Lupis Sea (2005) … Puffy Angel (English version, voice)
Countdown to Impact (2005) … Puffy Angel (English version, voice)
Race Through the Plasma Blizzard (2005) … Puffy Angel (English version, voice)
The Pirate Planet (2005) … Puffy Angel (English version, voice)
S.O.S. from Planet Saffaron (2005) … Puffy Angel (English version, voice)
 2004 Battle Assault 3 Featuring Gundam Seed (Video Game)
Lacus Clyne (voice, uncredited)
 2004 Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam (Video Game)
Additional Voices (English version, voice)
 2004 Mega Man X Command Mission (Video Game)
Cinnamon / Additional Voices (English version, voice)
 2004 Doki Doki School Hours (TV Series)
Chinatsu Nakayama / Girl On Train / Soccer Ball

Natsu shônan sayonara ha iwanaide no maki (2004) … Chinatsu Nakayama (English version, voice)
Kyôfu taiken, manatasu no yagai katsudô! No maki (2004) … Soccer Ball (English version, voice)
Ame nochi hare, tokoro ni yori kyôiku jisshû no maki (2004) … Chinatsu Nakayama (English version, voice)
Okitsu kyôto seito shissô jiken! Aizô uzumaku koto no tabi no maki (2004) … Chinatsu Nakayama (English version, voice)
Namida, namida no sotsugyô shiki nomaki (2004) … Girl On Train / Chinatsu Nakayama (English version, voice)
 2003 Second Coming in the 2nd Grade (Short)
 1995-2002 Dragon Ball (TV Series)
Kid (Blue Water dub) / Tan-Men (Blue Water dub) / Pocawatha (Blue Water dub)

Which Way to Papaya Island? (2002) … Kid (Blue Water dub) (English version, voice)
The Rampage of InoShikaCho (2002) … Tan-Men (Blue Water dub) (English version, voice)
Oolong the Terrible (1995) … Pocawatha (Blue Water dub) (English version, voice)
 1997-1998 Flame of Recca (TV Series)
Ganko Morikawa / Young Fuko

Shito!! Inochimo e tsukiru made!! (1998) … Ganko Morikawa (English version, voice)
Taiketsu futatabi!! Recca to Kurei!! (1998) … Ganko Morikawa (English version, voice)
Akujo no wana!! Ikari no Fujin!! (1998) … Ganko Morikawa (English version, voice)
Mikagami shito!! Kesshi no Hyomon Ken!! (1998) … Ganko Morikawa (English version, voice)
Kyofu!! Yomigaetta shisha no nikutai!! (1998) … Ganko Morikawa (English version, voice)
 1996-1997 Dragon Ball GT (TV Series)
Pan (Blue Water Dub) / Pan

Saraba Gokuu… Mata Au Hi made (1997) … Pan (Blue Water Dub) (Canadian version, voice, as Caitlyn Medrek)
Kiseki no Gyakuten Shouri!! Uchuu o Sukutta Gokuu (1997) … Pan (Blue Water Dub) (voice, as Caitlyn Medrek)
Gokuu o Sukue! Saigo no Mikata Toujou (1997) … Pan (Blue Water Dub) (voice, as Caitlyn Medrek)
Zettai Katsu zo! Sixingqiu o Kutta Gokuu (1997) … Pan (Blue Water Dub) (voice, as Caitlyn Medrek)
Fusion!! Kyuukyoku no Super Gogeta (1997) … Pan (Blue Water Dub) (voice, as Caitlyn Medrek)
 1985-1986 Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (TV Series)
Qum / Cheimin Noa

Riders in the Skies (1986) … Qum (English version, voice)
Casualties of War (1986) … Qum (English version, voice)
A Descent into the Maelstrom (1986) … Qum (English version, voice)
Haman’s Victory (1986) … Qum (English version, voice)
Goodbye, Rosammy (1985) … Qum (English version, voice)

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