Image result for kimberly rose dooley

Image result for kimberly rose dooley

Image result for kimberly  dooley


Snoop Dogg (Live at The Box)  2018, 2014                                            Dancer

Big House (feature film)                                                                           Dancer

Billboard Music Awards 2011, Beyonce                                                   Dancer

“Surprise, Oprah! Farewell Spectacular,” Beyonce                                  Dancer

United Colors of Benetton (commercial, India)                        Featured Dancer

The Knocks “Dancing With Myself” Music Video                                     Dancer

Rags and Ribbons “Rubikon” Music Video                               Featured Dancer

Electric Zoo Official Recap Video  2013                                                  Dancer


Lululemon                                                                                                  Model

Dear Kate Lingerie                                                                                     Model

Levi’s                                                                                             Model/Dancer

Journelle Lingerie                                                                          Model/Dancer

Great Soles Socks                                                                                     Model

Cleanly                                                                                                       Model


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