Melinda Casey was born on May 13, 1941 in Abilene, Texas, USA as Melinda Ann Plowman. She is known for her work on The Wild Wild West (1965), Carrie (1952) and The Outer Limits (1963).
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Actress (59 credits)
 1982 Wrong Is Right
W.T.N. News Staff (as Melinda Ann Casey)
 1969 Hot Wheels (TV Series)
Janet Martin (voice)
 1969 Skyhawks (TV Series)
Little Cindy (voice)
 1967-1968 The Felony Squad (TV Series)
Mylene Bruce / Suellen Taubs

Matched for Murder (1968) … Mylene Bruce
My Mommy Got Lost (1967) … Suellen Taubs (as Melinda Plowman)
 1968 The Wild Wild West (TV Series)
Lorna Crane

The Night of the Doomsday Formula (1968) … Lorna Crane (as Melinda Plowman)
 1967 Judd for the Defense (TV Series)

Conspiracy (1967) … Girl (as Melinda Plowman)
 1967 Gomer Pyle: USMC (TV Series)
Girl Marine

Corporal Carol (1967) … Girl Marine (as Melinda Plowman)
 1966-1967 Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (TV Series)
Terry / Secretary

None So Righteous (1967) … Terry (as Melinda Plowman)
Of Haunted Houses, Little Boys, and a Ghost Named Malcolm (1966) … Terry (as Melinda Plowman)
Who’s Walking Under the Bed? (1966) … Terry (as Melinda Plowman)
My Good Friend, Whatsisname (1966) … Secretary (as Melinda Plowman)
 1963-1967 The Fugitive (TV Series)
Ellen Tolan / Teenager

The Other Side of the Coin (1967) … Ellen Tolan (as Melinda Plowman)
See Hollywood and Die (1963) … Teenager (as Melinda Plowman)
 1966 Bonanza (TV Series)
Heather Lowell

Four Sisters from Boston (1966) … Heather Lowell (as Melinda Plowman)
 1966 Petticoat Junction (TV Series)
Mary Jane Burris

The All-Night Party (1966) … Mary Jane Burris (as Melinda Plowman)
 1966 The F.B.I. (TV Series)

The Bomb That Walked Like a Man (1966) … Ruth (as Melinda Plowman)
 1966 My Three Sons (TV Series)

The Wrong Robbie (1966) … Julie (as Melinda Plowman)
 1966 Billy the Kid Versus Dracula
Elizabeth (Betty) Bentley (as Melinda Plowman)
 1964-1966 Peyton Place (TV Series)
Abby Chapman / Police Stenographer

Episode #2.70 (1966) … Police Stenographer (uncredited)
Episode #1.74 (1965) … Abby Chapman (uncredited)
Episode #1.43 (1965) … Abby Chapman (uncredited)
Episode #1.5 (1964) … Abby Chapman (uncredited)
 1963-1965 The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (TV Series)
Girl / Melinda / Linda / …

Wally, the Author (1965) … Sean’s Girl (as Melinda Plowman)
Painting from the Past (1965) … Sue Bailey (as Melinda Plowman)
Rick Grows a Beard (1965) … Girl (as Melinda Plowman)
Kris Goes to College (1964) … Melinda (as Melinda Plowman)
Rick and Kris Go to the Mountains (1964) … Linda (as Melinda Plowman)
 1965 My Favorite Martian (TV Series)

We Love You, Miss Pringle (1965) … Sally (as Melinda Plowman)
 1964 The Outer Limits (TV Series)
Vivia Balfour Hayden

Don’t Open Till Doomsday (1964) … Vivia Balfour Hayden (as Melinda Plowman)
 1963 The Virginian (TV Series)
Karen Osterling

A Time Remembered (1963) … Karen Osterling (as Melinda Plowman)
 1962 Perry Mason (TV Series)
Maureen Thomas

The Case of the Polka Dot Pony (1962) … Maureen Thomas (as Melinda Plowman)
 1962 Going My Way (TV Series)
Jane Everett

Like My Own Brother (1962) … Jane Everett (as Melinda Plowman)
 1961 General Electric Theater (TV Series)
Charlotte Dunn

My Darling Judge (1961) … Charlotte Dunn (as Melinda Plowman)
 1961 My Darling Judge (TV Movie) (as Melinda Plowman)
 1961 Wanted: Dead or Alive (TV Series)
Patience Fairweather

Detour (1961) … Patience Fairweather (as Melinda Plowman)
 1959-1961 Wagon Train (TV Series)
Penelope Huntington / Eileen / Priscilla Walker

Path of the Serpent (1961) … Penelope Huntington (as Melinda Plowman)
Trial for Murder: Part 1 (1960) … Eileen (as Melinda Plowman)
The Danny Benedict Story (1959) … Priscilla Walker (as Melinda Plowman)
 1961 National Velvet (TV Series)
Sally Grimes

Teddy’s Exam (1961) … Sally Grimes (as Melinda Plowman)
 1960 Happy (TV Series)

The Honeymoon (1960) … (as Melinda Plowman)
 1960 Make Room for Daddy (TV Series)
Mary Lou

The Singing Delinquent (1960) … Mary Lou (as Melinda Plowman)
 1960 Bachelor Father (TV Series)
Agnes Weston

Bentley and the Majorette (1960) … Agnes Weston (as Melinda Plowman)
 1959 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (TV Series)
Central High Girl

The Sweet Singer of Central High (1959) … Central High Girl (as Melinda Plowman)
 1959 The DuPont Show with June Allyson (TV Series)

The Opening Door (1959) … Nancy (as Melinda Plowman)
 1959 The Donna Reed Show (TV Series)
Babs Keppler / Sue

Advice to Young Lovers (1959) … Babs Keppler (as Melinda Plowman)
The Parting of the Ways (1959) … Babs Keppler (as Melinda Plowman)
April Fool (1959) … Sue (as Melinda Plowman)
 1957 The Green-Eyed Blonde
Betsy Abel (as Linda Plowman) (as Melinda Plowman)
 1956 Further Adventures of Spin and Marty (TV Series)
Peggy (as Melinda Plowman)
 1956 Cavalcade of America (TV Series)
Vi as a teenager

The Hobo Kid (1956) … Vi as a teenager (as Melinda Plowman)
 1956 Science Fiction Theatre (TV Series)

Brain Unlimited (1956) … Alice (as Melinda Plowman)
 1956 Celebrity Playhouse (TV Series)

The Twelve Year Secret (1956) … (as Melinda Plowman)
 1955-1956 Matinee Theatre (TV Series)

All the Trees in the Field (1956) … Granddaughter (as Melinda Plowman)
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1955) … (as Melinda Plowman)
 1955 The Adventures of Champion (TV Series)
Lorna Brighton / Sally Custer

Canyon of Wanted Men (1955) … Lorna Brighton (as Melinda Plowman)
Salted Ground (1955) … Sally Custer (as Melinda Plowman)
 1955 The Cisco Kid (TV Series)
Carol Cartright

Witness (1955) … Carol Cartright (as Melinda Plowman)
 1955 Wiretapper
Helen Park – Kid Sister (as Melinda Plowman)
 1954-1955 Annie Oakley (TV Series)
Jill Turner / Penny

Diablo Doctor (1955) … Jill Turner (as Melinda Plowman)
The Tomboy (1954) … Penny (as Melinda Plowman)
 1955 The Ford Television Theatre (TV Series)
Little Girl

Magic Formula (1955) … Little Girl (as Melinda Plowman)
 1954 Rocky Jones, Space Ranger (TV Series)

The Trial of Rocky Jones: Chapter I (1954) … Jonica (as Melinda Plowman)
 1954 The Gene Autry Show (TV Series)
Betsy Simmons

Outlaw Warning (1954) … Betsy Simmons (as Melinda Plowman)
 1953 Pack Train
Judy (uncredited)
 1952-1953 Big Town (TV Series)

Yesterday’s Hero (1953) … Kathy (as Melinda Plowman)
Baby Sitter (1952) … (as Melinda Plowman)
 1953 Chevron Theatre (TV Series)

Man Across the Street (1953) … (as Melinda Plowman)
 1952 Monkey Business
Girl (uncredited)
 1952 Carrie
Little Girl (as Melinda Plowman)
 1951-1952 The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show (TV Series)
Linda Kelly

The Speech Writer (1952) … Linda Kelly (as Linda Plowman)
Christmas with Mamie Kelly (1951) … Linda Kelly (as Melinda Plowman)
Space Patrol Kids Visit (1951) … Linda Kelly (as Linda Plowman)
Mamie Kelly Gets Stuck (1951) … Linda Kelly (as Melinda Plowman)
 1951 Chicago Calling
Nancy Cannon (as Melinda Plowman)
 1951 Home Town Story
Katie Washburn (as Melinda Plowman)
 1950 Again… Pioneers
Rebecca Ashby (as Melinda Plowman)
 1950 My Blue Heaven
Pringle Girl (uncredited)
 1950 Three Came Home
English Girl (uncredited)
 1949 Holiday Affair
Girl (uncredited)
 1949 Ma and Pa Kettle
Susie Kettle (uncredited)
 1949 Little Women
Hummel Child (uncredited)

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