Ed: Hi Yankees fans.  Now that the 2018 Yankees Season is officially over, it is time to rate the team.  I would like to welcome my guest…


George Steinbrenner

Ed: Hi George.  Welcome back to EDB ON Sports.
George:  Ed, it is indeed a pleasure to be back.  I was ganted a furlough by
Image result for satan gifs
Ed: Terrific.  Are you ready to get to work?
George:  Yes indeed, Ed
Ed: Let’s start with the managing partner

Image result for hal steinbrenner  gifs  First, Ed, as I have previously mentioned, my son is a xxxxfxxxin moron.  He has

Image result for no balls  He will issue a weak ass statement and go on the New York Stations like the wimp that he is and try to convince Yankees fans, that he is upset that The Red Sox Kicked our ass.
Ed: Next
Image result for best facts about brian cashman The GM
George:  This mother XXXXXin jerk is running wild.  He cannot develop a starting pitcher or bring one in.  He put together a holes in their bats lineup.
Most of the players lack guts.  I ask myself

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