bobrauschenberbergamerica           Bob’s Mom (principal)       Eastern Michigan University

Bench Seat                                          Girl (lead)               Blackbird Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI

Nora/Julie                                            Miss Julie                       Eastern Michigan University

Born Yesterday                                   Bellhop, Manicurist       PTD Productions, Ypsilanti, MI

…And Then There Were None           Emily Brent                   PTD Productions, Ypsilanti, MI

The Butler Did It, Again!                     Linda Hayes                  PTD Productions, Ypsilanti, MI


Untitled Project   (Summer 2014)

Last Call   Jane Doe     Christopher J. Crupi, dir.

Chances Are   Chelsea      Brian Mullins, dir.

Lot 464    Rave Chick    Jeremy Olstyn, dir.



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