Malaya Rivera Drew was born and raised in a very urban neighborhood in Washington D.C. Her parents, both activist lawyers, sent her to public schools with her two brothers. She then attended Middlebury College, where she studied English Literature and Theater. After graduating college, she moved to London and attended the London Academy of
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Actress (21 credits)
  Crypto (post-production)
 2014 Galyntine (TV Movie)
 2014 Married (TV Series)

Halloween (2014) … Eva
 2014 Audrey
 2013 The Originals (TV Series)
Jane-Anne Deveraux

Sinners and Saints (2013) … Jane-Anne Deveraux
Always and Forever (2013) … Jane-Anne Deveraux
 2013 The Glades (TV Series)
Jojo Cabrillo

Shot Girls (2013) … Jojo Cabrillo
 2013 The Vampire Diaries (TV Series)
Jane-Anne Deveraux

The Originals (2013) … Jane-Anne Deveraux
 2011 American Horror Story (TV Series)
Detective Barrios

Afterbirth (2011) … Detective Barrios
Smoldering Children (2011) … Detective Barrios
 2010 True Blue (TV Movie)
Mia Sherman
 2009 Life (TV Series)

Evil… and His Brother Ziggy (2009) … Anna
 2008 The L Word (TV Series)
Adele Channing

Loyal and True (2008) … Adele Channing
Lunar Cycle (2008) … Adele Channing
Lifecycle (2008) … Adele Channing
Liquid Heat (2008) … Adele Channing
Lay Down the Law (2008) … Adele Channing
 2006-2007 ER (TV Series)
Katey Alvaro

Gravity (2007) … Katey Alvaro
The Honeymoon Is Over (2007) … Katey Alvaro
Sea Change (2007) … Katey Alvaro
Lights Out (2007) … Katey Alvaro
City of Mercy (2006) … Katey Alvaro
 2006-2007 Las Vegas (TV Series)

Shrink Rap (2007) … Shannon
Heroes (2007) … Shannon
Wagers of Sin (2007) … Shannon
Died in Plain Sight (2006) … Shannon
 2006 The Inside (TV Series)
Angelica Sandavol

Gem (2006) … Angelica Sandavol
 2005 Entourage (TV Series)

The Abyss (2005) … Carla
The Boys Are Back in Town (2005) … Carla
 2004 CSI: Miami (TV Series)
Colleen Mendoza

Pirated (2004) … Colleen Mendoza
 2003 Midnight Club II (Video Game)
Julie (voice)
 2003 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)
Suzie Fleckner

Privilege (2003) … Suzie Fleckner

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