Fiona Dourif was born on October 30, 1981 in Woodstock, New York, USA. She is known for her work on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (2016) and When We Rise (2017). See full bio »
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Actress (40 credits)
 2018 The Purge (TV Series)
Good Leader Travis / Good Leader Tavis

Rise Up (2018)
Take What’s Yours (2018) … Good Leader Travis
What Is America? (2018) … Good Leader Tavis
 2018 The Blacklist (TV Series)
Lillian Roth

Sutton Ross (No. 17) (2018) … Lillian Roth
Nicholas T. Moore (No. 110) (2018) … Lillian Roth
Ian Garvey (No. 13): Conclusion (2018) … Lillian Roth
Zarak Mosadek (No. 23) (2018) … Lillian Roth
 2018 Shameless (TV Series)
Tabitha Youens

Church of Gay Jesus (2018) … Tabitha Youens
 2016-2017 Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (TV Series)
Bart Curlish

Nice Jacket (2017) … Bart Curlish
Trouble Is Bad (2017) … Bart Curlish
Girl Power (2017) … Bart Curlish
Shapes and Colors (2017) … Bart Curlish
The House Within a House (2017) … Bart Curlish
 2017 Cult of Chucky
Nica Pierce
 2017/I Safe
 2017 When We Rise (TV Mini-Series)
Young Diane Jones

Night III: Parts IV and V (2017) … Young Diane Jones
Night II: Parts II and III (2017) … Young Diane Jones
Night IV: Part VI and VII (2017) … Young Diane Jones
Night I: Part I (2017) … Young Diane Jones
 2016 Late Bloomers (The Chloe & Sage Chronicles) (TV Movie)
Clementine Callaghan
 2016 Her Last Will
Iona Cotton
 2016 Blood Is Blood
 2016 Arbor Demon
 2016 Chasing Gold
 2016 Mafiosa
Samantha Hunter
 2015 Manhattan (TV Series)
Jean Tatlock

Overlord (2015) … Jean Tatlock
The Threshold (2015) … Jean Tatlock (voice)
 2015 The Player (TV Series)
Chloe Steele

L.A. Takedown (2015) … Chloe Steele
 2015 Rizzoli & Isles (TV Series)
Helen Barnes’ Daughter

Face Value (2015) … Helen Barnes’ Daughter
 2015/IV Quarantine (Short)
Dr. White
 2014 Fear Clinic
 2014 Gutshot Straight
 2014/I She (Short)
 2013 Curse of Chucky
 2012 This Is Caroline (Short)
Fiona (voice)
 2012 The Master
 2012 Cold Living (Short)
 2011 The Protector (TV Series)
Tamara O’Neil

Safe (2011) … Tamara O’Neil
 2011 True Blood (TV Series)

Soul of Fire (2011) … Casey
Burning Down the House (2011) … Casey
Let’s Get Out of Here (2011) … Casey
Spellbound (2011) … Casey
Cold Grey Light of Dawn (2011) … Casey
 2010 After the Fall (TV Movie)
Annie Tolgen
 2010 Athena (Short)
 2009 Bored to Death (TV Series)
Lisa Klein

Stockholm Syndrome (2009) … Lisa Klein
 2009/I The Messenger
Returning Soldier’s Wife
 2009 Frank the Rat
 2008 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV Series)
Detective Nikki Breslin

Swing (2008) … Detective Nikki Breslin
 2008 Garden Party
 2007 The Lucky One (Short)
 2006 Little Chenier
Jo Jo
 2006 Thief (TV Mini-Series)

In the Wind (2006) … Alice
No Direction Home (2006) … Alice
 2005 Deadwood (TV Series)
Chez Ami Whore

Something Very Expensive (2005) … Chez Ami Whore
New Money (2005) … Chez Ami Whore
A Lie Agreed Upon: Part II (2005) … Chez Ami Whore

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