Classy, graceful, & intelligent, Salli Elise Richardson was born November 23, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois. Salli’s acting career was first nurtured in the theater and, ever since, she has been on a non-stop journey to success. Her first feature performance was in 1991 as “Denise” in Up Against the Wall (1991). However, her breakthrough role was in …
Actress (63 credits)
 2015-2017 Stitchers (TV Series)
Maggie / Maggie Baptiste

Maternis (2017) … Maggie
Kill It Forward (2017) … Maggie
Dreamland (2017) … Maggie
Just the Two of Us (2017) … Maggie
The Gremlin and the Fixer (2017) … Maggie
 2016 Rosewood (TV Series)
Dr. Aubrey Joseph

Wooberite & the Women of Rosewood (2016) … Dr. Aubrey Joseph
 2013-2015 NCIS (TV Series)
Carrie Clark

Day in Court (2015) … Carrie Clark
Semper Fortis (2014) … Carrie Clark
Alibi (2013) … Carrie Clark
 2015 The Sin Seer
 2015 Being Mary Jane (TV Series)

Signing Off (2015) … Valerie (voice)
Primetime (2015) … Valerie
Line in the Sand (2015) … Valerie
Let’s Go Crazy (2015) … Valerie
Pulling the Trigger (2015) … Valerie
 2014 Castle (TV Series)
U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Weston

The Greater Good (2014) … U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Weston
 2014 House of Lies (TV Series)
Sandra Joy

Power(less) (2014) … Sandra Joy
 2013 Teachers (TV Movie)
 2012-2013 The Newsroom (TV Series)
Jane Barrow

Election Night: Part II (2013) … Jane Barrow
Election Night: Part I (2013) … Jane Barrow
5/1 (2012) … Jane Barrow
 2013 Playin’ for Love
Talisa McCoy
 2012 The Secret Lives of Wives (TV Movie)
 2006-2012 Eureka (TV Series)
Allison Blake

Just Another Day… (2012) … Allison Blake
Double Take (2012) … Allison Blake
Mirror, Mirror (2012) … Allison Blake
The Honeymooners (2012) … Allison Blake
Smarter Carter (2012) … Allison Blake
 2012 The Finder (TV Series)
Athena Brookes

Life After Death (2012) … Athena Brookes
 2012 We the Party
Principal Reynolds
 2010 I Will Follow
 2009 Criminal Minds (TV Series)
Tamara Barnes

The Eyes Have It (2009) … Tamara Barnes
Hopeless (2009) … Tamara Barnes
 2009 Pastor Brown
Jessica ‘Jesse’ Brown (as Salli Richardson)
 2009 Black Dynamite
 2007 I Am Legend
Zoe Neville (as Salli Richardson)
 2006 Bones (TV Series)
Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Kurland

Aliens in a Spaceship (2006) … Assistant U.S. Attorney Kim Kurland
 2006 Eureka: Hide and Seek (TV Mini-Series)
Allison Blake

Part Four (2006) … Allison Blake (as Salli Richardson)
Part Three (2006) … Allison Blake (as Salli Richardson)
Part One (2006) … Allison Blake (as Salli Richardson)
 2005 The War at Home (TV Series)

Guess Who’s Coming to the Barbecue (2005) … Vanessa (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
 2005 1-800-Missing (TV Series)

Sisterhood (2005) … Kelly (as Salli Richardson)
 2005 House (TV Series)

Sports Medicine (2005) … Sharon
 2004 NYPD Blue (TV Series)
Bobbi Kingston

I Like Ike (2004) … Bobbi Kingston (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
My Dinner with Andy (2004) … Bobbi Kingston (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
 2004 Second Time Around (TV Series)

Coupling Up (2004) … Amanda (as Salli Richardson)
 2004 Line of Fire (TV Series)
Erica Logan

The Senator (2004) … Erica Logan
 2003 CSI: Miami (TV Series)

Double Cap (2003) … Laura (uncredited)
Dispo Day (2003) … Laura (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
Evidence of Things Unseen (2003) … Laura (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
Forced Entry (2003) … Laura (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
Bunk (2003) … Laura (as Salli Richardson Whitfield)
 2003 Biker Boyz
Half & Half
 2002 Baby of the Family
Nelli McPherson (as Salli Richardson)
 2002 Antwone Fisher
Berta Davenport (as Salli Richardson)
 1999-2002 Family Law (TV Series)
Viveca Foster

Alienation of Affection (2002) … Viveca Foster
Ties That Bind (2002) … Viveca Foster
Admissions (2002) … Viveca Foster
Once Removed (2002) … Viveca Foster
Big Brother (2002) … Viveca Foster
 2002 Book of Love: The Definitive Reason Why Men Are Dogs
Karen (as Salli Richardson)
 2000-2001 Rude Awakening (TV Series)
Nancy Adams

Altar Ego (2001) … Nancy Adams (as Salli Richardson)
Blessings and Dead Guys (2001) … Nancy Adams (as Salli Richardson)
Duck (2001) … Nancy Adams (as Salli Richardson)
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss… (2001) … Nancy Adams (as Salli Richardson)
The Casting Ouch (2000) … Nancy Adams (as Salli Richardson)
 2000 Secret Agent Man (TV Series)

WhupSumAss (2000) … Rachel (as Salli Richardson)
 1999 Lillie
Lillie (as Salli Richardson)
 1999 The Jamie Foxx Show (TV Series)
Camille Turner

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire (1999) … Camille Turner (as Salli Richardson)
 1998-1999 Mercy Point (TV Series)
Kim / Lt. Salisaw

C.J. (1999) … Lt. Salisaw (as Salli Richardson)
Persistence of Vision (1999) … Kim (as Salli Richardson)
Battle Scars (1999) … Kim (as Salli Richardson)
Second Chances (1999) … Kim (as Salli Richardson)
No Mercy (1999) … Kim (as Salli Richardson)
 1998 Butter
Blusette Ford (as Salli Richardson)
 1998 The Pretender (TV Series)
Cynthia Sloan

Gigolo Jarod (1998) … Cynthia Sloan (as Salli Richardson)
 1997 Between Brothers (TV Series)

The Player (1997) … Vanessa (as Salli Richardson)
 1997 Stargate SG-1 (TV Series)

Bloodlines (1997) … Drey’auc (as Salli Richardson)
 1997 True Women (TV Movie)
Martha (as Salli Richardson)
 1996-1997 Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles (TV Series)
Elisa Maza / Delilah

Angels in the Night (1997) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
Seeing Isn’t Believing (1996) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
To Serve Mankind (1996) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
For It May Come True (1996) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
Genesis Undone (1996) … Elisa Maza / Delilah (voice)
 1994-1996 Gargoyles (TV Series)
Elisa Maza / Delilah / Salli

Hunter’s Moon: Part 3 (1996) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
Hunter’s Moon: Part 2 (1996) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
Hunter’s Moon: Part One (1996) … Elisa Maza (voice, as Salli Richardson)
The Reckoning (1996) … Elisa Maza / Delilah (voice, as Salli Richardson)
Turf (1996) … Elisa Maza / Salli (voice, as Salli Richardson)
 1996 The Great White Hype
Bambi (as Salli Richardson)
 1996 Soul of the Game (TV Movie)
Lahoma (as Salli Richardson)
 1995 Once Upon a Time… When We Were Colored
Miss Alice (as Salli Richardson)
 1994 Lily in Winter (TV Movie)
Ada Covington (as Salli Richardson)
 1994 New York Undercover (TV Series)
Tammy Barrett

Eyewitness Blues (1994) … Tammy Barrett (as Salli Richardson)
 1994 A Low Down Dirty Shame
Angela (as Salli Richardson)
 1994 Sioux City
Jolene Buckley (as Salli Richardson)
 1994 Roc (TV Series)
Diane Hubbard

The Last Temptation of Roc (1994) … Diane Hubbard (as Salli Richardson)
 1994 I Spy Returns (TV Movie)
Nicole Scott (as Salli Richardson)
 1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series)
Fenna / Nidell

Second Sight (1993) … Fenna / Nidell (as Salli Elise Richardson)
 1993 Posse
Lana (as Salli Richardson)
 1993 Space Rangers (TV Series)

Fort Hope (1993) … (as Sally Elise Richardson)
 1992 Silk Stalkings (TV Series)

Wild Card (1992) … Shelley (as Salli Richardson)
 1992 How U Like Me Now
Valerie (as Salli Richardson)
 1992 Mo’ Money
Pretty Customer (as Salli Richardson)
 1992 Prelude to a Kiss
Bridesmaid #2 (as Salli Richardson)
 1991 Up Against the Wall
Denise (as Salli Richardson)

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