Griselda Siciliani

Griselda Siciliani

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Griselda Siciliani
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Born (1978-04-02) April 2, 1978 (age 40)
Nationality Argentina
Occupation Actress, singer, dancer.
Awards 2005 Martín Fierro Awards as new artist

Griselda Siciliani is an Argentine actress, singer and dancer.


Griselda Siciliani began her career in musical comedy, and took part in the theater play “Revista Nacional”. She met American-born actor and producer Adrián Suar, who took her to play a secretary in Sin Código, a satirical police sitcom where Suar was the main actor. Her character was named “Flor”, a nerd that fell in love with her boss, who did not even notice. Griselda won the Clarín Award[1] and Martín Fierro Award[2] as best female revelation for this role. She posed for the Argentine edition of Playboy magazine, but she was not satisfied with the production.[3]

She worked the following year in the Sos mi vida telenovela, and in the musical Sweet Charity.[4][5] Debbie, her character in Sos mi vida, a shallow woman with many clichés, became more popular than her previous one.[3] During that program she became friends with fellow actress Carla Peterson, and although they did not work together again in the same TV production, they arranged a joint theater play in 2009, “Corazón Idiota“.[6]

Her first leading role was in 2007, in the teen drama Patito Feo. Her character “Carmen” was the mother of the main character, and the main adult character.[7] The telenovela included musicals and an international tour by the end of the year, so she also had to sing and dance.[7] The success of Patito Feo allowed for a second season in 2008.[7] Siciliani had a relationship with Adrian Suar from 2008 to 2016. They have a daughter, Margarita Kirzner, born in 2013.[8]

She worked in Para vestir santos, and later at the superhero live-action television series Los únicos. Siciliani is the main actress, along with Mariano Martínez and Nicolás Cabré.[9] Although Nicolás Cabré plays his former character of “Axel Etcheverry” from the Sin Código 2005 telenovela, the character of Siciliani is unrelated to her former character of “Flor”. This time, she plays “María Soledad Marini”, a stealth agent with superhuman strength.[4]



Year Program Character
2005 Sin código Flor
2006 Sos mi vida Debbie Quesada
2007–2008 Patito feo Carmen
2009 Tratame bien Denise
2010 Para vestir santos Virginia San Juan
2011 Los únicos María Soledad Marini
2013 Farsantes Gabriela Soria
2014 Viudas e hijos del Rock and Roll Susana
2016 Educando a Nina Nina/Mara

Theater plays[edit]

  • Corazón Idiota
  • La Forma de Las Cosas
  • Sweet Charity
  • Quiero Llenarme de Ti
  • El Rebenque Show
  • La Revista Nacional
  • Los Reyes
  • Tan Modositas
  • Hermosura
  • De Protesta
  • La Danza Cansa
  • Los Muvis
  • La Vuelta Manzana
  • Sputza
  • Sugar



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