Well Yankees Fans, the latest news…

Image result for jonathan loaisga
Jonathan Loaisiga, designated to start one of the two games on Monday, is out indefinitely with a sore shoulder.  He is on his way to be examined by The Yankees Team Doctor.  Instead, we get
Image result for luis cessa yankees  Luis Cessa and possibly two or three innings and bullpen burnout.
Image result for sonny gray yankees  We also get
Sonny again.  It is now a loss, no matter who Sonny Boy pitches against.
Image result for aaron boone  We get “We like his stuff.”  He has been  a winner  and we have to help him.”  “On The Yankees .241 BA with RISP, we have to create traffic.”  My reply:  On Gray, if this is coming from the organization on not you, give up the manager’s job and look into

Image result for acting gifs  On the awful hitting with RISP, you need to speak to Judge and Stanton, regarding swinging at the low outside pitch.  You need to stop allowing free swingers like Stanton, to swing 3-0.  You need to try a little harder to manufacture runs.  Stand up to
Image result for brian cashman  The Genius.  Is, despite the Yankees record is a PROBLEM!  I understand Clint Frazier is not playing against the lefty.  If this is true, why not?  EDB

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