Alexa Ellesse PenaVega née Vega; born August 27, 1988 is an American actress and singer. She is known for her role as Carmen Cortez in the Spy Kids film series and Shilo Wallace in the film Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008). In 2009, she starred as the title character Ruby Gallagher in the ABC Family series Ruby & The Rockits. See full bio »
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Actress (89 credits)
 2018 Love at Sea (post-production)
Olivia Grayham
 2018 Sleep Away (post-production)
 2017-2018 The Loud House (TV Series)
Carlota Casagrande

City Slickers/Fool Me Twice (2018) … Carlota Casagrande (voice)
The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos (2017) … Carlota Casagrande (voice, as Alex PenaVega)
 2017 Enchanted Christmas (TV Movie)
Laura Trudeau
 2017 Destination Wedding (TV Movie)
Ellie Hamilton
 2017 Carlos PenaVega: Bésame (Short)
 2016 Elephant Kingdom
Melody (voice)
 2016 Ms. Matched (TV Movie)
Libby Boland
 2014-2015 Muertoons (TV Series)

The Tree of Life (2015) … Rosita (voice)
Tio Rico (2015) … Rosita (voice)
Haunted Tree (2015) … Rosita (voice)
Betty La Muerta (2015) … Rosita (voice)
Moving In (2014) … Rosita (voice)
 2015 The Murder Pact
 2015 Pixies
Michelle Meyers (voice, as Alexa Vega)
 2015 Roommate Wanted (Video)
Janie (as Alexa Vega)
 2014-2015 Nashville (TV Series)
Kiley Brenner

Before You Go Make Sure You Know (2015) … Kiley Brenner
Is the Better Part Over (2015) … Kiley Brenner
Time Changes Things (2015) … Kiley Brenner
I’m Coming Home to You (2014) … Kiley Brenner
Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy (2014) … Kiley Brenner
 2015 Do You Believe?
 2015 The Mentalist (TV Series)
Lily Stoppard

The Whites of His Eyes (2015) … Lily Stoppard
 2015/I Spare Parts
 2014 Courtside (TV Series)

Alexa Vega … Alexa
 2014 23 Blast
Ashley (as Alexa Vega)
 2014/I The Remaining
Skylar (as Alexa Vega)
 2014 Dorothy Ice Bucket Fail (Short)
Dorothy Gale
 2014 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Gilda (as Alexa Vega)
 2014 The Tomorrow People (TV Series)
Hillary Cole

Kill Switch (2014) … Hillary Cole (as Alexa Vega)
A Sort of Homecoming (2014) … Hillary Cole (as Alexa Vega)
Modus Vivendi (2014) … Hillary Cole (as Alexa Vega)
Smoke and Mirrors (2014) … Hillary Cole (as Alexa Vega)
Superhero (2014) … Hillary Cole (as Alexa Vega)
 2014 Code Academy (Short)
 2014 Wicked Blood (Video)
Amber Dawn Baker (as Alexa Vega)
 2014 The Clockwork Girl
Tesla (voice, as Alexa Vega)
 2013 The Hunters (TV Movie)
Dylan Savini (as Alexa Vega)
 2013 Machete Kills
KillJoy (as Alexa Vega)
 2013 Big Time Rush (TV Series)
Alexa Vega

Big Time Dreams (2013) … Alexa Vega (as Alexa Vega)
 2013 Bounty Killer
Stewardess (as Alexa Vega)
 2012 The Mine
Sharon (as Alexa Vega)
 2012 Aerosmith: Legendary Child (Video short)
Girl on Roller Skates
 2012 Royal Pains (TV Series)

Imperfect Storm (2012) … Hollister (as Alexa Vega)
 2012 The Devil’s Carnival
Wick (as Alexa Vega)
 2012 Unsupervised (TV Series)

Jesse Judge Lawncare Incorporated (2012) … Christina (voice, as Alexa Vega)
Rich Girl (2012) … Christina (voice, as Alexa Vega)
Pilot (2012) … Christina (voice, as Alexa Vega)
 2012 The Pregnancy Project (TV Movie)
Gaby Rodriguez (as Alexa Vega)
 2011 Summer Song
Ellie (as Alexa Vega)
 2011/II Café
Sally (as Alexa Vega)
 2011 Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World
Carmen Cortez (as Alexa Vega)
 2011 From Prada to Nada
Mary Dominguez (as Alexa Vega)
 2010/I Mother’s Day
Jenna – Party Girl (as Alexa Vega)
 2010 The Middle (TV Series)
Morgan Edwards

Worry Duty (2010) … Morgan Edwards (as Alexa Vega)
The Break-Up (2010) … Morgan Edwards (as Alexa Vega)
 2010 Innocent
Ashley (as Alexa Vega)
 2009 Ruby & the Rockits (TV Series)
Ruby Gallagher

Smells Like Teen Drama (2009) … Ruby Gallagher (as Alexa Vega)
50 Ways to Heave Your Mother (2009) … Ruby Gallagher (as Alexa Vega)
We Aren’t the Champions (2009) … Ruby Gallagher (as Alexa Vega)
We Are Family? (2009) … Ruby Gallagher (as Alexa Vega)
Hot for Spanish Teacher (2009) … Ruby Gallagher (as Alexa Vega)
 2009 Broken Hill
Kat Rogers (as Alexa Vega)
 2009 Alexa Vega: You Are Where I Live (Short)
Alexa Vega
 2009 Ghost Whisperer (TV Series)
Serena Westen

Endless Love (2009) … Serena Westen (as Alexa Vega)
 2008 Repo! The Genetic Opera
Shilo Wallace (as Alexa Vega)
 2007 Remember the Daze
Holly (as Alexa Vega)
 2006 Marrying God (Short)
Ivy (as Alexa Vega)
 2006 Walkout (TV Movie)
Paula Crisostomo (as Alexa Vega)
 2005 Odd Girl Out (TV Movie)
Vanessa (as Alexa Vega)
 2004 State’s Evidence
Sandy (as Alexa Vega)
 2004 Sleepover
Julie (as Alexa Vega)
 2003 Spy Kids 3: Game Over
Carmen Cortez (as Alexa Vega)
 2003 The Bernie Mac Show (TV Series)

Magic Jordan (2003) … Jill (as Alexa Vega)
 2002 All That (TV Series)
Spy Kids

Knubby McFarlin (2002) … Spy Kids (as Alexa Vega)
 2002 Alexa Vega: Isle of Dreams (Short)
Carmen Cortez
 2002 Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
Carmen Cortez (as Alexa Vega)
 1999-2001 Ladies Man (TV Series)
Wendy Stiles

The Happy Wanderer (2001) … Wendy Stiles (as Alexa Vega)
Family Dinner (2001) … Wendy Stiles (as Alexa Vega)
The 31-Inch-High Club (2001) … Wendy Stiles (as Alexa Vega)
Upright and Breathing (2001) … Wendy Stiles (as Alexa Vega)
A Quiet Evening at Home (2001) … Wendy Stiles (as Alexa Vega)
 2001 Follow the Stars Home (TV Movie)
Amy Williams (as Alexa Vega)
 2001 Spy Kids
Carmen Cortez (as Alexa Vega)
 2000 Run the Wild Fields (TV Movie)
Opal ‘Pug’ Miller (as Alexa Vega)
 1999 The Deep End of the Ocean
Kerry Cappadora (as Alexa Vega)
 1999 NetForce (TV Movie)
Susan ‘Susie’ Michaels (as Alexa Vega)
 1998 To Have & to Hold (TV Series)
Kelly McGrail

The Kids Are All Right? (1998) … Kelly McGrail (as Alexa Vega)
Since I Don’t Know You (1998) … Kelly McGrail (as Alexa Vega)
Turkey Day Blues (1998) … Kelly McGrail (as Alexa Vega)
Tangled Up in You (1998) … Kelly McGrail (as Alexa Vega)
Pilot (1998) … Kelly McGrail (as Alexa Vega)
 1998 Dennis the Menace Strikes Again! (Video)
Gina (as Alexa Vega)
 1998 The Magnificent Seven (TV Series)
Olivia Greer

Safecracker (1998) … Olivia Greer (as Alexa Vega)
 1996-1997 Life’s Work (TV Series)
Tess Hunter

Banquet (1997) … Tess Hunter (as Alexa Vega)
Dates (1997) … Tess Hunter (as Alexa Vega)
Ride Along (1997) … Tess Hunter (as Alexa Vega)
Neighbors (1997) … Tess Hunter (as Alexa Vega)
Fraud (1997) … Tess Hunter (as Alexa Vega)
 1996 Ghosts of Mississippi
Claire DeLaughter (as Alexa Vega)
 1996 The Glimmer Man
Cole’s Daughter (as Alexa Vega)
 1996 Shattered Mind (TV Movie) (as Alexa Vega)
 1996 Twister
Jo Harding age 6 (as Alexa Vega)
 1996 High Incident (TV Series)

Till Death Do Us Part (1996) … (as Alexa Vega)
 1996 A Promise to Carolyn (TV Movie)
Young Kay (as Alexa Vega)
 1995 It Was Him or Us (TV Movie)
Young Carrie (as Alexa Vega)
 1995 Chicago Hope (TV Series)
Sara Wilmette

Every Day a Little Death (1995) … Sara Wilmette (as Alexa Vega)
 1995 Nine Months
Molly Dwyer (as Alexa Vega)
 1995 ER (TV Series)
Bonnie Howe

Sleepless in Chicago (1995) … Bonnie Howe (as Alexa Vega)
 1994 JC Penny: 1994 Christmas Commercial (Short)
 1994 Little Giants
Priscilla O’Shea (as Alexa Vega)
 1993-1994 Evening Shade (TV Series)
Emily Newton

The Odder Couple (1994) … Emily Newton (as Alexa Vega)
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wood? (1994) … Emily Newton (as Alexa Vega)
I Did, I Did (1994) … Emily Newton (as Alexa Vega)
The Perfect Woman (1994) … Emily Newton (as Alexa Vega)
Paint the Town Nude (1994) … Emily Newton (as Alexa Vega)

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