Jane Sibbett

The youngest of five happy children, Jane Sibbett was born in Berkeley, California to William Ryan Sibbett IV and social butterfly “Sis” Gaines Sibbett. After a few years in Orinda, California, the Sibbett family moved to the idyllic island of Alameda where destiny bellowed at her daily in the form of a gruff neighbor. It was here that her best …
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Actress (51 credits)
 2018 Manopause (TV Series) (announced)
Amanda Newman

Pilot … Amanda Newman
 2017 Wedding Wonderland
Marilyn Pierce
 2016 Jessica Darling’s It List
Mrs. Darling
 2008 Legacy (Video)
Mrs. Whittington
 2007 Out of Jimmy’s Head (TV Series)
Ms. Shank

Ghosts (2007) … Ms. Shank
 2006 What About Brian (TV Series)

What About Secrets… (2006) … Tracy
 2006 A Merry Little Christmas
Madeline Bridges
 2005 Buffalo Dreams (TV Movie)
Blaine Townsend
 2004 A One Time Thing
Casey Hill
 2002 Generation Gap (TV Movie)
 2002 Once and Again (TV Series)
Jeannine Blue

One Step (Parent) Backward (2002) … Jeannine Blue
Taking Sides (2002) … Jeannine Blue
 2002 Ally McBeal (TV Series)
Beth Herman

Heart and Soul (2002) … Beth Herman
 2002 Snow Dogs
Nana (voice)
 2001 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV Series)
Robin Davis

Witchright Hall (2001) … Robin Davis
 1994-2001 Friends (TV Series)
Carol Willick

The One with the Truth About London (2001) … Carol Willick
The One That Could Have Been: Part 2 (2000) … Carol Willick
The One That Could Have Been: Part 1 (2000) … Carol Willick
The One Where Rachel Smokes (1999) … Carol Willick
The One with Rachel’s New Dress (1998) … Carol Willick
 1999 It’s Like, You Know… (TV Series)

Coast to Coast (1999) … Erika
 1999 Karate Kids (Video)
Fairy Princess
 1999 Sealed with a Kiss (TV Movie)
Christina Ethridge
 1999 Au Pair (TV Movie)
Vivian Berger
 1998 Arrival II
Bridget Riordan
 1998 The Wonderful World of Disney (TV Series)

Noah (1998) … Angela
 1997-1998 Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher (TV Series)
Dr. Katherine Emerson

Dome Alone (1998) … Dr. Katherine Emerson
Model Citizen (1998) … Dr. Katherine Emerson
Under the Gun (1998) … Dr. Katherine Emerson
Driving Mr. Jordan (1998) … Dr. Katherine Emerson
Foul Play (1998) … Dr. Katherine Emerson
 1997 Dads (TV Short)
Melinda Nicholls
 1997 Just in Time
Brenda Hyatt
 1997 The Nanny (TV Series)
Marcy Feldman / Morgan Faulkner

The Passed-Over Story (1997) … Marcy Feldman / Morgan Faulkner
 1996 Touched by an Angel (TV Series)
Emily Houghton

A Joyful Noise (1996) … Emily Houghton
 1995 If Not for You (TV Series)
Melanie McKee

Who Are You? (1995) … Melanie McKee
Rise and Shine (1995) … Melanie McKee
The Day the Halo Came Off (1995) … Melanie McKee
Snap! (1995) … Melanie McKee
The Kiss (1995) … Melanie McKee
 1995 It Takes Two
Clarice Kensington
 1995 Matlock (TV Series)
A.D.A. Katie Clark

The Verdict (1995) … A.D.A. Katie Clark
 1994 The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (TV Series)
Dianna Grayson

Bad Luck Betty (1994) … Dianna Grayson
 1991-1994 Herman’s Head (TV Series)
Heddy Newman

First Impressions (1994) … Heddy Newman
A Head in the Polls (1994) … Heddy Newman
Absence Makes the Head Grow Fonder (1994) … Heddy Newman
Herm-in the Time of Cholera (1994) … Heddy Newman
Bedtime for Hermo (1994) … Heddy Newman
 1994 Burke’s Law (TV Series)
Meg Harden

Who Killed Good Time Charlie? (1994) … Meg Harden
 1992 Likely Suspects (TV Series)

 1991 The Resurrected
Claire Ward
 1991 Quantum Leap (TV Series)
Diane Frost

A Hunting Will We Go – June 18, 1976 (1991) … Diane Frost
 1991 Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series)
Holographic Dance Partner

Data’s Day (1991) … Holographic Dance Partner (uncredited)
 1989-1990 The Famous Teddy Z (TV Series)
Laurie Parr

Teddy’s Big Date (1990) … Laurie Parr
Teddy Gets a Guru (1990) … Laurie Parr
Pitching the Net (1990) … Laurie Parr
Al Tells the Truth (1990) … Laurie Parr
Teddy Goes to the Awards (1990) … Laurie Parr
 1990 Jake and the Fatman (TV Series)
Dana Ashford

Only You (1990) … Dana Ashford
 1990 Fear
 1989 21 Jump Street (TV Series)

 1988 Miracle at Beekman’s Place (TV Movie)
Alex Peterson
 1988 Cheers (TV Series)
Kim Cooperman

Norm, Is That You? (1988) … Kim Cooperman
 1988 My Two Dads (TV Series)
Ashley Bokowski

My Fair Joey (1988) … Ashley Bokowski
 1988 Valerie (TV Series)

Help Wanted (1988) … Melanie
 1986-1987 Santa Barbara (TV Series)
Jane Wilson

Episode #1.812 (1987) … Jane Wilson
Episode #1.809 (1987) … Jane Wilson
Episode #1.808 (1987) … Jane Wilson
Episode #1.807 (1987) … Jane Wilson
Episode #1.803 (1987) … Jane Wilson
 1986 The Fall Guy (TV Series)

The Last Chance Platoon (1986) … Girl
 1986 One Terrific Guy (TV Movie)
Donna Cumberland
 1985 Promises to Keep (TV Movie)
 1985 Scarecrow and Mrs. King (TV Series)

A Little Sex, a Little Scandal (1985) … Shawna

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