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April Mullen at a fan expo, 2012

April Mullen (/ˈmʊlən/) is a Canadian actress and filmmaker.[1][2][3] She directed Below Her Mouth in 2016, which was an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).[4][5][6][7][8] She was one of several honorees of the Birks Diamond Tribute celebrating Canadian women in film during the 2016 TIFF,[9] and was interviewed about her film and that award on a morning news show in Toronto.[10] Canada’s leading newspaper profiled her “female gaze” on the film.[11][12]

Mullen is the first woman to direct a live action, fully stereoscopic 3D feature film, Dead Before Dawn 3D.[13] Her success at TIFF and with her two preceding films, 88 and Dead Before Dawn 3D, led to her signing with Verve.[14][2]

Mullen was sought out for comment when the study, Women in View on Screen, concluded Canadian women mostly get to sit in the director’s chair on small film and TV projects, while men get the big-budget projects.[15]

She has also commented on the perspective that women bring to filmmaking behind the lens: “Women have this vulnerability and connection to a depth of emotions that I can see and feel in certain moments of truth in the films we create. To me, the female gaze is transparency – the veil between audience and filmmaker is thin, and that allows people in more.”[16][5] She is also sought out for her perspective on “the female gaze” in movies.[11][12]

She grew up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and now lives in Los Angeles.[17] She was added to the Niagara Falls Arts and Culture Wall of Fame in 2016.[18][4]


Year Role Actor Director Producer Screenwriter notes
2000 The Ladies Man[19] Young Love Movie
2003 1-800-Missing[20] Cara Crenshaw Television
2004 72 Hours: True Crime Rachel Emery Television
2004 Cavedweller Dede Movie
2004 Suburban Madness Jesse James TV Film
2005 Rose Vanisha TV Film
2005 A History of Violence[21] youth at diner Movie
2007 Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser[22] Holly Brewer Yes Yes Yes Movie
2009 Howie Do It Actress TV series, 8 episodes
2010 GravyTrain[23] Miss Uma Booma Yes Yes Movie
2011 Scare Tactics Actress Television
2011 Papillon[24] The Nun Television
2012 Good God Kathy Duncan TV series, 10 episodes
2012 Dead Before Dawn 3D Becky Fords Yes Yes Movie
2013 Making of Dead Before Dawn 3D Yes short form documentary
2015 88 Lemmy Yes Yes Yes Movie
2015 Farhope Tower[25] Zoe Yes Yes Movie
2016 Aftermath[26] Yes Television
2016 Real Detective[27] Yes TV Documentary
2016 Killjoys[28] Yes Television
2016 Below Her Mouth Yes Movie
TBA Badsville Yes Movie

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