Rachel Emily Nichols was born in Augusta, Maine, the daughter of Alison and James Nichols, a schoolteacher. She has English, French Canadian, German, Irish, Italian and Scottish ancestry. She attended and graduated from Cony High School in Augusta, where she competed in the high jump. She attended Columbia University in New York City, where she … See full bio »
Actress (43 credits)
 2017-2018 The Librarians (TV Series)
Nicole Noone

And the Echoes of Memory (2018) … Nicole Noone
And the Trial of the One (2018) … Nicole Noone
And the Graves of Time (2017) … Nicole Noone
And the Dark Secret (2017) … Nicole Noone
 2017/I After Party
 2016/I Inside
Sarah Clark
 2016 Pandemic
 2015 Chicago Fire (TV Series)
Jamie Killian

Short and Fat (2015) … Jamie Killian
When Tortoises Fly (2015) … Jamie Killian
Your Day Is Coming (2015) … Jamie Killian
I Walk Away (2015) … Jamie Killian
A Taste of Panama City (2015) … Jamie Killian
 2012-2015 Continuum (TV Series)
Kiera Cameron

Final Hour (2015) … Kiera Cameron
The Desperate Hours (2015) … Kiera Cameron
Zero Hour (2015) … Kiera Cameron
Power Hour (2015) … Kiera Cameron
Rush Hour (2015) … Kiera Cameron
 2014 Rush (TV Series)
Corrinne Rush

Bitter Sweet Symphony (2014) … Corrinne Rush
Where Is My Mind? (2014) … Corrinne Rush
We Are Family (2014) … Corrinne Rush
Learning to Fly (2014) … Corrinne Rush
 2014 Witches of East End (TV Series)

The Brothers Grimoire (2014) … Isis
 2014 Rage
Vanessa Maguire
 2013 McCanick
Amy Intrator
 2013 Raze
 2012 Alex Cross
Monica Ashe
 2012 Underwater (TV Series)

You Got Perspective? (2012) … Campbell
 2011 A Bird of the Air
 2011 Conan the Barbarian
 2010-2011 Criminal Minds (TV Series)
Ashley Seaver

Supply and Demand (2011) … Ashley Seaver
Big Sea (2011) … Ashley Seaver
Out of the Light (2011) … Ashley Seaver
The Stranger (2011) … Ashley Seaver
Hanley Waters (2011) … Ashley Seaver
 2010 Ollie Klublershturf vs. the Nazis (Short)
 2010 Meskada
Leslie Spencer
 2009 For Sale by Owner
Anna Farrier
 2009 U.S. Attorney (TV Movie)
Eve Chase
 2009 Star Trek
 2007 Charlie Wilson’s War
Suzanne – Charlie’s Angels
 2007 P2
 2007 Them (TV Movie)
Donna Shaw
 2005-2006 Alias (TV Series)
Rachel Gibson

Reprisal (2006) … Rachel Gibson
All the Time in the World (2006) … Rachel Gibson
No Hard Feelings (2006) … Rachel Gibson
I See Dead People (2006) … Rachel Gibson
30 Seconds (2006) … Rachel Gibson
 2006 The Woods
Samantha Wise
 2005-2006 The Inside (TV Series)
Special Agent Rebecca Locke

Skin and Bone (2006) … Special Agent Rebecca Locke
Gem (2006) … Special Agent Rebecca Locke
The Perfect Couple (2005) … Special Agent Rebecca Locke
Point of Origin (2005) … Special Agent Rebecca Locke
Little Girl Lost (2005) … Special Agent Rebecca Locke
 2005 Shopgirl
Trey’s Girlfriend
 2005 Mr. Dramatic (Short)
Girl at Bar
 2004 Debating Robert Lee
Trilby Moffat
 2004 Walk Into a Bar (Short)
 2004 Line of Fire (TV Series)
Alex Myer

Eminence Front: Part 2 (2004) … Alex Myer
Eminence Front: Part 1 (2004) … Alex Myer
 2003 Bon Jovi: All About Lovin’ You (Video short)
 2002 Bon Jovi: Misunderstood (Video short)
 2002 Sex and the City (TV Series)

A ‘Vogue’ Idea (2002) … Alexa
 2000 Autumn in New York
Model at Bar

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