From today’s NY Post…..George King 111 had this to say:

Scouts are educated, coaches are closer to the subject but nobody knows big league players better than other big leaguers.

So, when a veteran smothers a youngster with praise, it tends to run deeper than praise from other precincts.

Brett Junior Gardner had this to say….

He kind of reminds me of me as a younger player a little bit, but he has a lot more talent,’’ Brett Gardner said of Tyler Wade after the Yankees beat the Mets, 11-4.

Image result for brett gardner strikeout gifs  What a shock Brett.  In the at bat that I watched, Mr. Wade popped up in foul territory outside third with a man on third and less than two outs.
When I heard that Wade was having a good Spring, I thought Mr. Singleton

Image result for ken singleton gifs  was blowing smoke.  Wade is actually 7-21 with a double, 2 RBIs 4 K’s 3 BB’s.  Whenever I watch Wade, he seems over matched.  Maybe I am losing my eye for Baseball talent.  I just don’t see it.  I see the Yankees plan coming into play.  Send Gleyber Torres to Scranton, along with Miguel Andujar.  So if Ronald Torreyes does not start, it is either Danny Espinosa or Tyler Wade.  You might say to me “relax EDB.”  The Yankees can carry a weak bat in their power packed lineout.  I answer this with why have a hole in your lineup?  EDB

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