Olivia Cheng is an actress, known for Shanghai Express (1986), Sam sap chue lam (1984) and Fei yue ling yang (1986).
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Actress (22 credits)
 1991 Lan se pi li hou
Ellen Fong
 1990 Trouble Couple (Video)
 1989 Fa da mi ji
Jenny Cheng
 1989 Wo wei cheng nian
Sandy Kwong
 1989 Mr. Coconut
 1986 Fei yue ling yang
Olivia Cheng
 1986 Chu yi shi wu
 1986 Shanghai Express
Siu Hung
 1985 Nui yan fung chung wa
Susan Yang
 1985 Why Me?
 1984 Quan jia fu
Nancy Yeung
 1983 Feng xie (as Cheng Man-Nga)
 1982 Xiao sheng pa pa
Irene Leen
 1980 Zhuang dao zheng (as Meng-Har Cheng)

Qin Hailu

Qin Hailu

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Qin Hailu

Qin singing in Shanghai, China in 2006
Background information
Chinese name
Pinyin Qín Hǎilù (Mandarin)
Born (1978-08-11) 11 August 1978 (age 39)
Yingkou, Liaoning, China
Other names Amanda Qin
Ethnicity Han
Alma mater Central Academy of Drama
Years active 1999–present
Label(s) Beijing Junqi Feiyang Media Co
Spouse(s) Wang Xinjun (m. 2014)[1]
Children 1 son (b. 2015)[2]

Qin Hailu (Chinese: 秦海璐, born 11 August 1978) is a Chinese actress, screenwriter and singer. She has won Best Actress at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award and Golden Bauhinia Awards.

Early life and education[edit]

Born with a movie projectionist father and an amateur actress mother, Qin learned to dance at the local Children’s Palace when she was still a young child. At the age of 6, she was sent to a Peking Opera school in Yingkou, spending the next ten years training in a strict and harsh environment. She joined a local Peking opera theatre after completing her training. After working for a few years, Qin decided to audition for the Central Academy of Traditional Opera. Though she was late for the auditions, Chang Li, the teacher in charge of recruiting, who later became her instructor, saw for herself Qin’s talents and offered her another chance. Yet, only after she had finished all of the tests, did Qin learn that she was at the Central Drama Academy instead of at the Traditional Opera Academy, and enrolled into the school. In 1999, not long before graduation, Qin was cast by Fruit Chan in her first film.[3]


Qin is best known for her role in the film Durian Durian (2000) by Fruit Chan, which portrays the experiences of a young girl and her sex worker neighbor in Hong Kong. The film won the Best Picture award at the 38th Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards, and Qin won the Best Actress and Best New Performer awards.[4]

Thereafter, Qin starred in Yip Wai Man’s film Everlasting Love (2002) with Hong Kong actor Daniel Chan. In the film, Qin plays a country girl who meets and falls in love with a young doctor (played by Chan) who is working for the United Nations. Despite much effort, the film failed to gain much attention and was not well received in theaters.[5] Also in 2002, Qin starred in the film Chicken Poets by Chinese musical director Meng Jinghuai. In the film, Qin plays a colorblind country girl, who dreams of leaving her village in search of a new life.[5]

Qin starred in arthouse comedy The Piano in a Factory (2011) by Zhang Meng, offering to work without pay and supporting the film in post-production work. The film won plautis from critics and film makers, and numerous awards, including the Best Actress award at the China Movie Channel Media Awards for Qin.[6][7] Qin also co-wrote and starred in the Taiwanese drama film Return Ticket (2011), based on a true story of a group of village women who rented a bus to go home for the holidays; which won the Best Original Screenplay award at the Golden Horse Awards.[8][9]

Aside from films and dramas, Qin has also participated in numerous stage plays; including Red Rose and White Rose (2010),[10] Four Generations Under One Roof (2012),[11] and Green Snake (2013).[12] In 2012, she won the Outstanding Actress at the China Golden Lion Award for Drama, the highest honor awarded for theater play, for her performance in Four Generations Under One Roof.[13]

Qin starred alongside Zhou Xun in Red Sorghum (2014), based on Nobel laureate Mo Yan‘s 1986 novel of the same name. She was awarded the Best Supporting Actress at the Shanghai Television Festival for her performance. According to the jury, Qin was able to “handle well her role and figure with a characteristic artistic image.”[14]

In 2017, Qin launched her upcoming directorial debut Go It Alone at the Asian New Talent Award.[15]



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2000 Durian Durian 榴莲飘飘 Ah Yan
2002 Everlasting Love 停不了的爱 Lu
2002 Chicken Poets 像鸡毛一样飞 Fang Fang
2003 The Coldest Day 冬至 Little cabbage
2004 Love Battlefield 枪林恋曲 Aunty Hua
2004 Hidden Heroes 追击8月15 Zhang Qi
2005 Suffocation 窒息 Mei Zi
2006 Taklimakan’ 塔克拉玛干 Ya Dan
2006 Aspirin 阿司匹林 Herself Cameo
2006 Undercover Tiger 卧虎 Su Fei
2006 After This Our Exile 父子 Sister Xia Cameo
2007 Fury Or Love 怒放 Yang Lin
2007 Call for Love 爱情呼叫转移 Gao Fei
2007 My Career as a Teacher 我的教师生涯 Zhou Min
2008 I Am Liu Yuejin 我叫刘跃进 Ma Manli
2009 Qiu Xi 秋喜 Hui Honglian
2010 Love Tactics 爱情三十六计 Lu Wanhua
2011 The Piano in a Factory 钢的琴 Shu Xian
2011 Return Ticket 到阜阳六百里 Cao Li
2012 Truth or Dare 真心话大冒险 Tao Ying Cameo
2012 A Simple Life 桃姐 Ms. Cai
2013 101st Marriage Proposal 101次求婚 Tao Zi
2013 Christmas Rose 圣诞玫瑰 Ming Jun
2013 Young Style 青春派 Teacher San
2014 The House That Never Dies 京城81号 Psychologist
2014 The Crossing 太平轮 Xia Shan
2015 Red Amnesia 闯入者 Wang Lu
2015 Tale of Three Cities 三城记 Jiu Xiaoling
2016 22nd Catch 购物女王 Chen Meizhi
2016 Hide & Seek 捉迷藏 Su Hong

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2002 Unusual Citizen 非常公民 Wen Xiu
2003 Yes, I Love You 谁都会说我爱你 Jia Jiaqin
2004 Legend of Le Ji 骊姬传奇 Le Ji
2005 Tong Zi Hua Kai 桐籽花开 Ba Yuxiang
2005 Tou Xin Zhi Wen 偷心之问 Zou Yue
2006 How Deep is Your Love 爱有多深 Yan Hao
2006 If the Moon has Eyes 如果月亮有眼睛 Luo Manli
2007 Thank You for Having Loved Me 谢谢你曾经爱过我 Yin Zhihan
2007 Women’s Choice 女人的选择 Xu Chunni
2007 Chengdu,leave me alone tonight 成都,今夜请将我遗忘 Zhao Yue
2007 Shei Ling Tian Xia Ci Mu Xin 谁怜天下慈母心 Yuan Haijun
2008 Women’s Flowers 女人花 Lin Xuelian
2008 Want To Go Home 好想回家 An Xiaoqiu
2008 Dongfang Shuo 东方朔 Luo Qi
2009 Shanghai of Bourne 谍影重重之上海 Lin Xuan
2009 Pigeon Whistle 鸽子哨 Mi Xiaoju
2010 Song Hua Jiang Shang 松花江上 Cheng Xizhen
2010 Police Meets Soldier 警察遇到兵 Luo’s wife
2010 Golden Wedding 金婚风雨情 Shi Feifei
2011 Pan Long Wo Hu Gao Shan Ding 盘龙卧虎高山顶 Deng Cao
2011 Secret History of Empress Wu 武则天秘史 Lady of Han
2011 Jin Ling Mi Shi 金陵秘事 Bai Yanyan
2012 Die Hai Ying Yan 谍海鹰眼 Li Molan
2011 Zai Guo Ba Yin 再过把瘾 Du Mei
2012 Du Li Cong Dui 独立纵队 Li Shuwei
2012 Zhi Zu Chang Le 知足常乐 Sun Fei
2012 The Fireball 火流星 Liu Xiangmei
2012 Winter Snow 冬雪 Yang Dongxue
2012 A World Without Thieves 天下无贼 Xiao Shanghai
2013 A Family Affair 全家福 Liu Cuilan
2013 Angel Is Coming 今夜天使降临 Kai Selin
2013 If By Life You Were Deceived 假如生活欺骗了你 Cheng Zhenzhen
2013 Glorious Mission 光荣使命 Lin Hai
2013 Heading For Happiness 向幸福前进 Gao Lihua
2014 Dun Shen Chu Qi 盾神出击 Shi Weilan
2014 Waits For Happiness 幸福稍后再播 Ye Ling
2014 Red Sorghum 红高粱 Shu Xian
2015 Mum Go Go Go 妈妈向前冲 Wang Qing
2016 Mum Go Go Go 2 妈妈向前冲冲冲 Wang Qing
2016 Women Must be Stronger 女不强大天不容 Xu Wenjun
2017 White Deer Plain 白鹿原 Xian Cao
2018 Shanghai Picked Flowers 十里洋场拾年花 Ruan Yu
2018 Only Side by Side with You 南方有乔木 An Ning
2018 The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年 Zhao Yiqin



Year Title Chinese Title Language Notes
2005 Sweet Aftertaste 幸福回味 Mandarin [16]
2007 One Way 单行线 Mandarin

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result Ref.
2000 Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Durian Durian Nominated
Best New Performer Won
Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Nominated
2001 Golden Horse Awards Won
Best New Performer Won
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award Best Actress Won
Golden Bauhinia Awards Won
Asia-Pacific Film Festival Chicken Poets Nominated
2005 Chinese Film Media Awards Best Supporting Actress Love Battlefield Won
2006 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award Best Actress After This Our Exile Nominated
2011 New York Chinese Film Festival Most Popular Asian Artist Award The Piano in a Factory Won [17]
Huabiao Awards Outstanding Actress Nominated
Golden Rooster Awards Best Actress Nominated
Golden Horse Awards Nominated
China Movie Channel Media Awards Won
Beijing College Student Film Festival Nominated
Return Ticket Nominated
2012 Chinese Film Media Awards Nominated
The Piano in a Factory Nominated
China Film Director’s Guild Awards Nominated
Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress A Simple Life Nominated
China Golden Lion Award for Drama Outstanding Actress Four Generations Under One Roof Won
2013 Golden Phoenix Awards Society Award Young Style Won [18]
China Movie Channel Media Awards Best Actress Nominated
2014 Changchun Film Festival Nominated
China Film Director’s Guild Awards Nominated
Chinese Film Media Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress If By Life You Were Deceived Nominated
2015 Best Supporting Actress Red Sorghum Won
2016 Asia Rainbow TV Awards Won
Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress Tale of Three Cities Nominated

Irene Bedard

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Irene Bedard

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Irene Bedard
Irene Bedard.jpg

Bedard at a pow wow in Livingston, Texas, June 2007.
Born (1967-07-22) 22 July 1967 (age 50)
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Occupation Actress
Years active 1994–present
Notable work Speaking voice of Princess Pocahontas in Disney’s Pocahontas (1995),
Suzy Song in Smoke Signals,
Margaret in Into the West
Spouse(s) Deni Wilson (m. 1993; div. 2012)
Children 1

Irene Bedard (born July 22, 1967) is a Native American actress who has played many Native American characters in a variety of films. She is perhaps best known for her voice role as the title character in the 1995 animated film Pocahontas.

In 2012, she started “Sleeping Lady Films” and “Waking Giants Productions” with Canadian businessman Thom Denomme. The production companies, based out of Anchorage and Santa Fe, New Mexico, are dedicated to bringing stories that are both positive and inspirational from Indian Country to the world.[citation needed]

Early life and career[edit]

Bedard was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and is of Inupiat, Yupik, Inuit, Cree and Métis ancestry. Her first role was as Mary Crow Dog in the television production, Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee, which depicted the 1970s standoff between police and Native Americans, many of the Pine Ridge Reservation, at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. She is probably best known as the voice of the eponymous heroine in the Disney animated film Pocahontas and its direct-to-video sequel Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World. Bedard was also the physical model for the character. She appeared in a different take of the story in Terence Malick’s 2005 film The New World, as Pocahontas’s mother, Nonoma Winanuske Matatiske. Bedard attended The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she studied Musical Theatre. In 2005, she was cast in the television mini-series Into the West, portraying the half-Lakota, half-white adult Margaret “Light Shines” Wheeler.[citation needed] In the 2017 music video for “Family Feud” (a song by Jay-Z), she plays a Co-President of the United States in the future.[1][2]

Irene Bedard is known for bringing a powerful emotional presence to her characters. She was chosen in 1995 as one of People magazine’s ’50 Most Beautiful People’.[3]

Personal life[edit]

Bedard married singer Deni Wilson in 1993. They have a son, Quinn Wilson born in 2003. In November 2010, it was revealed that Bedard was being sexually and physically abused by Wilson throughout their marriage, taking her earnings and forbidding her to work in her career field, unless he specifically approved the project, said her niece Alia Davis. The couple eventually divorced in 2012.[4]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Film Result
1995 Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee Nominated
Western Heritage Awards Bronze Wrangler – Television Feature Film Won
1999 Two for Texas Won
2004 American Indian LA Film and TV Awards Best Lead Actress in a Feature Film Greasewood Flat Won
2006 NAMIC Vision Awards Best Dramatic Performance Into The West Won
Western Heritage Awards Bronze Wrangler – Television Feature Film Won


Year Title Role Notes
1994 Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded Knee Mary Crow Dog TV movie
Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale Nakooma
1995 The Marshal Melissa Carey 1 episode: “Twoslip”
Pocahontas Pocahontas (voice)
1996 Grand Avenue Reyna TV movies
Crazy Horse Black Buffalo Woman
Adventures from the Book of Virtues Morning Light and Sharp Eyes / Chief’s Daughter (voice); 2 episodes: “Honesty” and “Perseverance”
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Alice Starseer 2 episodes: “Return of the Anasazi”; “Trouble on the Colorado”
Navajo Blues Audrey Wyako
1997 Song of Hiawatha Minnehaha
Profiler Maddy Duvall 1 episode: “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
Det store flip Oglala AKA, Wild Flowers
True Women Tobe TV movie
1998 6/29 Laura Cooper
Naturally Native Tanya Lewis
Smoke Signals Suzy Song
Two for Texas Sana TV movie
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World Pocahontas Direct-to-video; (voice)
12 Bucks Babe
1999 Blood Money Naomi Lister TV movie
Wildflowers Ruby
Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles General Miriam Redwing (voice); 4 episodes (1999–2001)
2000 Pussykat
The Lost Child Grace TV movie
2001 Your Guardian Katherine ‘Kat’ Damon
The Outer Limits Callie Whitehorse Landau 1 episode: “In the Blood
The Agency Diah Siagian 1 episode: “The Year of Living Dangerously”
2003 Paris Sandy
Greasewood Flat Abbey
Edge of America Annie Shorty TV movie
2004 What’s New, Scooby-Doo? Cody Long (voice); 1 episode: “New Mexico, Old Monster”
2005 Planting Melvin Billie Lawrence
Higglytown Heroes Forest Ranger Hero (voice); 1 episode: “Fran Takes a Hike/Mystery at Kip’s House”
Into the West Margaret Light Shines 4 episodes: “Hell on Wheels“; “Casualties of War“; “Ghost Dance
Miracle at Sage Creek Sunny
Love’s Long Journey Miriam Red Hawk McClain TV movie
The New World Pocahontas’s Mother (Nonoma)
2007 Cosmic Radio K.C.
Tortilla Heaven Liberata
The Red Chalk Eve
2008 Turok: Son of Stone Catori (voice); Direct-to-video
The Spectacular Spider-Man Jean DeWolff (voice); 4 episodes (2008–2009)
2011 The Tree of Life Messenger
Timberwolf Eleni Pre-Production
2012 Young Justice: Invasion Shelly Longshadow (voice); 1 episode
2012-2015 Longmire May Stillwater 3 episodes
2015 Songs My Brothers Taught Me Lisa Winters
2017 The Mist Kimi Lucero Recurring (9 episodes)
Spreading Darkness Marci Gippolin
2018 Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Pocahontas In production; voice

Joan Chen

Joan Chen

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Joan Chen
Joan Chen, 2012 (cropped).jpg

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Joan Chen in 2012
Background information
Chinese name 陳冲 (traditional)
Chinese name 陈冲 (simplified)
Pinyin Chén Chōng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Can4 Cung1 (Cantonese)
Born Chen Chong
(1961-04-26) April 26, 1961 (age 56)
Shanghai, China
Residence San Francisco, California
Occupation Actress, director, screenwriter, producer
Years active 1975–present
  • Jim Lau (m. 1985–1990)
  • Peter Hui (m. 1992)
Children 2
Ancestry Shanghai, China

Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards
Best Actress
1995 Red Rose, White Rose
Golden Horse Awards
Best Actress
1994 Red Rose, White Rose
2007 The Home Song Stories
Best Director
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl
Best Adapted Screenplay
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl
Hundred Flowers Awards
Best Actress
1980 Little Flower
Other awards
Paris Film Festival Special Jury Prize
1999 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl
NBR International Freedom Award
1999 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl
IF Award for Best Actress
2007 The Home Song Stories
Torino Film Festival Award for Best Actress
2007 The Home Song Stories
AFI Award for Best Actress
2007 The Home Song Stories
AF Award for Best Supporting Actress
2008 The Sun Also Rises

Joan Chen (or Chen Chong; born April 26, 1961) is a Chinese American actress, film director, screenwriter, and film producer. In China she performed in the 1979 film Little Flower and came to international attention for her performance in the 1987 Academy Award-winning film The Last Emperor. She is also known for her roles in Twin Peaks; Red Rose, White Rose; Saving Face; and The Home Song Stories, and for directing the feature film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl.


Early life and career[edit]

Chen was born in Shanghai, to a family of pharmacologists.[1] She and her older brother, Chase, were raised during the Cultural Revolution. At the age of 14, Chen was discovered on the school rifle range by Jiang Qing, the wife of leader Mao Zedong and major Chinese Communist Party figure, as she was excelling at marksmanship. This led to her being selected for the Actors’ Training Program by the Shanghai Film Studio in 1975, where she was discovered by veteran director Xie Jin who chose her to star in his 1977 film Youth (Chinese: 青春; pinyin: Qīngchūn)[2] as a deaf mute whose senses are restored by an Army medical team. Chen graduated from high school a year in advance, and at the age of 17 entered the prestigious Shanghai International Studies University, where she majored in English.[3]

Acting career[edit]

Chen in fantasy makeup for the 1985 film Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart

Chen performed alongside Tang Guoqiang in Zhang Zheng’s (Chinese: 张铮) Little Flower (Chinese: 小花; pinyin: Xiǎo Huā) in 1979, for which she won the Hundred Flowers Award (Chinese: 百花奖; pinyin: Bǎi Huā Jiǎng). Chen portrayed a pre-Maoist revolutionary’s daughter, who, reunited with her brother, a wounded Communist soldier, later learned that his doctor was her biological mother. Little Flower was her second film and she soon achieved the status of China’s most loved actress; she was dubbed “the Elizabeth Taylor of China” by Time magazine for having achieved stardom while still a teenager.[2]

In addition, Chen was in the 1979 film Hearts for the Motherland (Chinese: 海外赤子; pinyin: Hǎiwài Chìzǐ). The film directed by Ou Fan (Chinese: 欧凡) and Xing Jitian (Chinese: 邢吉田) depicts an overseas Chinese family that returns to China from southeast Asia out of their patriotic feelings but encounter political troubles during the Cultural Revolution. The songs, “I Love You, China” (Chinese: 我爱你中国) and “High Flies the Petrel” (Chinese: 高飞的海燕), sung by Chen’s character, are perennial favorites in China. In 1981, Chen starred in Awakening (Chinese: 甦醒; pinyin: Sūxǐng), directed by Teng Wenji (Chinese: 滕文骥).

At age 20, Chen moved to the United States, where she studied filmmaking at California State University, Northridge.

Her first Hollywood movie was Tai-Pan, filmed on location in China. In 1985 she appeared in the show ‘Miami Vice’ as May Ying, former wife of Martin “Marty” Castillo and husband to Ma Sek in the episode “Golden Triangle (Part II)”. She went on to star in Bernardo Bertolucci‘s The Last Emperor in 1987 and the David Lynch/Mark Frost television series Twin Peaks as Josie Packard. She starred alongside Rutger Hauer in 1989’s The Blood of Heroes, written and directed by David Webb Peoples. In 1993 she co-starred in Oliver Stone‘s Heaven & Earth. She portrayed two different characters in Clara Law‘s Temptation of a Monk (Chinese: 誘僧; pinyin: Yòu Sēng): a seductive princess of Tang dynasty, and a dangerous temptress. She shaved her head on-screen for the role. The award-winning film was adapted from a novel by Lilian Lee.

In 1994 she co-starred with Steven Seagal in the action/adventure On Deadly Ground; she then returned to Shanghai to star in Stanley Kwan‘s Red Rose, White Rose (Chinese: 紅玫瑰白玫瑰; pinyin: Hóng Méigui Bái Méigui) opposite Winston Chao, and subsequently won a Golden Horse Award and a Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award for her performance. In 1996, she was a member of the jury at the 46th Berlin International Film Festival.[4]

Tired of being cast as an exotic beauty in Hollywood films, Chen moved into directing in 1998 with the critically acclaimed Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl (Chinese: 天浴; pinyin: Tiān Yù), adapted from the novella Heavenly Bath (Chinese: 天浴; pinyin: Tiān Yù) by her friend Yan Geling. She later directed Autumn in New York, starring Richard Gere and Winona Ryder, in 2000.

In the middle of the 2000s, Chen made a comeback in acting and began to work intensely, alternating between English and Chinese-language roles.

In 2004, she starred in Hou Yong‘s family saga Jasmine Women (Chinese: 茉莉花开; pinyin: Mòlìhuā Kāi), alongside Zhang Ziyi, in which they played multiple roles as daughters and mothers across three generations in Shanghai. She also starred in the Asian American comedy Saving Face as a widowed mother, who is shunned by the Chinese-American community for being pregnant and unwed and therefore has come to live with her lesbian daughter.

In 2005, she appeared in Zhang Yang‘s family saga Sunflower (Chinese: 向日葵; pinyin: Xiàngrìkuí), as a mother whose husband and son have a troubled father-son relationship over 30 years. She then starred in the Asian American independent film Americanese and in Michael Almereyda‘s Tonight at Noon, the first part of a two part project, scheduled to be released in 2009[5]

In 2007, Chen was acclaimed for her performance in Tony Ayres‘ drama The Home Song Stories. She portrayed a glamorous and unstable Chinese nightclub singer who struggles to survive in seventies Australia with her two children. Chen. The role earned her four awards including the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Actress and the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress. The same year saw her co-starring in two other acclaimed films: Ang Lee‘s Lust, Caution, opposite Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, and Jiang Wen‘s The Sun Also Rises, opposite Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, for which she received an Asian Film Award for Best Supporting Actress.

In 2008, she starred alongside Sam Chow (Chinese: 邹爽) in Shi Qi (Chinese: 十七; pinyin: Shíqī), directed by Joe Chow (Chinese: 姬诚; pinyin: Jī Chéng), as a rural mother of a 17-year-old in eastern Zhejiang province.[6][7] The same year Joan Chen portrayed in Jia Zhangke‘s 24 City a factory worker once fancied because she resembled Chen herself in the 1979 film Little Flower, but who missed her chance at love.

She then co-starred in Bruce Beresford‘s 2009 adaptation of the autobiography of dancer Li Cunxin Mao’s Last Dancer, along with Wang Shungbao and Kyle MacLachlan.[8]

In 2009, Chen starred alongside Feng Yuanzheng (Chinese: 冯远征) and Liu Jinshan (Chinese: 刘金山) in the Chinese TV series Newcomers to the Middle-Aged (Chinese: 人到中年), directed by Dou Qi (Chinese: 斗琪), in which she played a female doctor facing middle-age problems.[9] She also played the part of goddess Guan Yin in the 2010 Chinese TV adaptation of Journey to the West, directed by Cheng Lidong (Chinese: 程力栋).[10]

In October 2009 Joan Chen was the curator of the first Singapore Sun Film Festival, whose theme was The Art of Living Well. She selected and curated five films for screening during the festival: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Dead Man Walking, Hannah and Her Sisters, Still Life (Chinese: 三峡好人; pinyin: Sānxiá hǎorén) and Edward Scissorhands.[11][12]

In 2010, Chen joined the cast of Leehom Wang‘s directorial debut Lian ai tong gao (Chinese: 恋爱通告; pinyin: Liàn ài tōng gào).,[13] Alexi Tan’s Color Me Love (alongside Liu Ye),[14] Ilkka Järvilaturi’s Kiss, His First (alongside Tony Leung Ka-fai and Gwei Lun-mei)[15] and veteran acting coach Larry Moss’ Relative Insanity (along with Juliette Binoche). In May 2010, she was set to star and direct one of the three parts of the anthology film Seeing Red.[16][17]

As of the 2011 episode 3.13 entitled “Immortality” she plays Secretary Bishop’s girlfriend on the J.J. Abrams created sci-fi television series Fringe.

Chen was cast as the Yuan empress Chabi in the 2014 American television series Marco Polo. Being somewhat unfamiliar with the Mongols, Chen read The Secret History of the Mongol Queens in order to prepare for the role.[18]

Personal life[edit]

Chen was formerly married to actor Jimmy Lau from 1985 to 1990. She married her second husband, cardiologist Peter Hui, on January 18, 1992. They have two daughters.[19] They live in San Francisco, California.

During her early years in California, Chen attended California State University, Northridge. In 1989, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States. On April 9, 2008, Chen wrote an article entitled “Let the Games Go On” for the Washington Post objecting to the politicization of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.[20]

Charitable work[edit]

In May 2008, Chen appeared alongside James Kyson Lee, Silas Flensted, and Amy Hanaialiʻi Gilliom in a public service announcement for the Banyan Tree Project campaign to stop HIV/AIDS-related stigma in Asian & Pacific Islander communities.[21][22]

In October 2008, Chen made the cover of Trends Health magazine alongside actresses Ke Lan (Chinese: 柯蓝) and Ma Yili (Chinese: 马伊琍) to promote the Chinese Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Prevention campaign.

On January 8, 2010, Chen attended, alongside Nancy Pelosi, Nicole Kidman, and Joe Torre, the ceremony to help Family Violence Prevention Fund break ground on a new center located in the Presidio of San Francisco intended to combat violence against women and children. During the ceremony, Chen performed an excerpt from the documentary play The Thumbprint of Mukhtar Mai (presented as part of “Seven”).[23][24][25]

On January 15, 2010, Chen was set to appear, along with other Asian American personalities, in a series of videos supporting the Center for the Pacific Asian Family.[26]



Year Title Role Notes
1977 Youth
Shen Yamei / 沈亞妹
1979 Little Flower
Zhao Xiaohua / 赵小花 Hundred Flowers Award for Best Actress
Yugoslavia Film Festival Award for Best Actress
1979 Hearts for the Motherland
Huang Sihua / 黃思華 aka Overseas Compatriots, A Loyal Overseas Chinese Family
1981 Awakening
Su Xiaomei / 蘇小梅
1986 Goodbye My Love
Ling Ti
1986 Tai-Pan May–May
1987 The Night Stalker Mai Wing
1987 The Last Emperor Wan Jung / 婉容
1989 The Blood of Heroes Kidda
1991 Wedlock Noelle
1992 Turtle Beach Minou
1992 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me Jocelyn ‘Josie’ Packardscenes deleted
1993 Heaven & Earth Mama
1993 Temptation of a Monk
Princess Hong’e (Scarlet) / 公主紅萼
Lady Qingshou (Violet) / 青绶夫人
1994 Golden Gate Marilyn
1994 Red Rose White Rose
Wang Jiao-Rui / 王嬌蕊 Golden Horse Award for Best Actress
HKFCS Award for Best Actress
Nominated — HKFA for Best Actress
1994 On Deadly Ground Masu
1995 The Hunted Kirina
1995 Wild Side Virginia Chow
1995 Judge Dredd Ilsa Hayden
1996 Precious Find Camilla Jones
1999 Purple Storm
Shirley Kwan
2000 What’s Cooking? Trinh Nguyen
2004 Avatar Madame Ong
2004 Jasmine Women
Mo’s Mother / 茉的母亲
Mo / 茉
2004 Saving Face Hwei-Lan Gao
2005 Sunflower
Xiuqing / 秀清
2006 Americanese Betty Nguyen
2007 The Home Song Stories
Rose Hong / 洪玫瑰 Golden Horse Award for Best Actress
IF Award for Best Actress
TFF Award for Best Actress
AFI Award for Best Actress
FCCA Award for Best Actress
Nominated — AF Award for Best Actress
Nominated — APS Award for Best Actress
2007 The Sun Also Rises
Dr. Lin / 林大夫 AF Award for Best Supporting Actress
2007 All God’s Children Can Dance Evelyn
2007 Lust, Caution
Mrs. Yee / 易太太
2008 The Leap Years Li-Ann (age 49)
2008 Shi Qi
Mother / 母亲 SIFF Press Prize for Most Attractive Actress
2008 24 City
Gu Minhua / 顾敏华
2009 Mao’s Last Dancer Niang / 娘
2010 Love in Disguise
2010 Color Me Love
2011 1911
Empress Longyu / 隆裕
2011 Kiss, His First
2012 White Frog Irene Young
2012 Passion Island
Johanna / 祖安娜
2012 Let It Be
Niu Jie / 牛姐
2012 Double Xposure
Dr. Hao / 郝医生
2014 For Love or Money
2015 You Are My Sunshine
2015 Lady of the Dynasty
Consort Wu
2015 Cairo Declaration
Soong Ching-ling
2017 The Cinema that Never Dies
Year Title Role Notes
1985 MacGyver Lin Episode 1.2 The Golden Triangle
1985 Miami Vice May Ying Episode 1.14 Golden Triangle
1989 Wiseguy Maxine Tzu Episode All or Nothing
1990 Twin Peaks Jocelyn ‘Josie’ Packard TV series — Series regular (2 seasons, 1990–1991)
1992 Strangers The Girl TV movie
1992 Shadow of a Stranger Vanessa TV movie
1992 Nightmare Cafe First customer Episode 1.1 Nightmare Cafe
1993 Tales from the Crypt Connie Episode 5.4 Food for Thought
1997 Homicide: Life on the Street Elizabeth Wu Episode 5.15 Wu’s on First?
1998 The Outer Limits Major Dara Talif Episode 4.24 Phobos Rising
1999 In a Class of His Own Linda Ching TV movie
2009 Newcomers to the Middle-Aged
Tian Wenjie / 田文洁 TV series
2010 Journey to the West
Guan Yin / 观音 TV series
2011 Fringe Reiko Episode 3.13 Immortality
2012 Hemingway & Gellhorn Madame Chiang Kai-shek HBO TV movie
2012 Sui Tang Yingxiong
Empress Dugu / 独孤后 TV series
2013 Serangoon Road Patricia Cheng TV series
2013 Meng’s Palace
Er Jie / 二姐 TV series
2014 Marco Polo Chabi TV series
2017 Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Ulanara·Yixiu
2017 Twin Peaks Josie Packard Episode: “Part 17”; archive footage


Year English Title Chinese title Notes
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl 天浴 (Tiān Yù) Golden Horse Award for Best Director
Mons International Love Film Festival Grand Prize
National Board of Review International Freedom Award
Paris Film Festival Special Jury Prize
FLIFF Jury Award for Best Drama
Nominated — Golden Bear Award
Nominated — Paris Film Festival Grand Prize
2000 Autumn in New York
2012 Shanghai Strangers 非典情人 (Fēidiǎn qíngrén) short film — post-production (also known as 爱在非典的日子)
2018? English 英格力士


Year English Title Chinese title Notes
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl 天浴 (Tiān Yù) Golden Horse Award for Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Medium shared with Geling Yan
2012 Shanghai Strangers 非典情人 (Fēidiǎn qíngrén) short film — post-production (also known as 爱在非典的日子)


Year English Title Chinese title Notes
1995 Wild Side Associate producer
1998 Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl 天浴 (Tiān Yù) Producer, Executive producer
Nominated — Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature Over $500,000 shared with Alice Chan Wai-Chung
2012 Shanghai Strangers 非典情人 (Fēidiǎn qíngrén) short film — post-production (also known as 爱在非典的日子)

Other media[edit]

  • 2008: “Shanghai,” narrator—an audio walking tour by Louis Vuitton and Soundwalk[27]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Film Result
1980 Hundred Flowers Awards Best Actress Little Flower Won
Yugoslavia International Film Festival Best Actress[28][29] Won
1994 Asian American International Film Festival Asian Media Award for significant contribution to Asian American media[30] Won
Golden Horse Awards Best Actress Red Rose, White Rose Won
1995 Hong Kong Film Awards Best Actress Nominated
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Actress[31][32] Won
1998 Golden Horse Awards Best Director Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl Won
Best Screenplay Adapted from Another Medium shared with Geling Yan Won
Berlin International Film Festival[33] Golden Berlin Bear Nominated
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival Jury Award Won
1999 Paris Film Festival Grand Prize Nominated
Special Jury Prize Won
Mons International Love Film Festival Grand Prize Won
National Board of Review International Freedom Award[34] Won
2000 Independent Spirit Awards Best First Feature Over $500,000 shared with Alice Chan Wai-Chung Nominated
2007 Golden Horse Awards Best Actress The Home Song Stories Won
Hawaii International Film Festival Achievement in Acting Won
Asia Pacific Screen Awards Best Performance by an Actress Nominated
Inside Film Awards Best Actress Won
Torino Film Festival Best Actress Won
Australian Film Institute Awards Best Actress Won
2008 Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards Best Actress Won
Asian Film Awards Best Actress Nominated
Best Supporting Actress The Sun Also Rises Won
Shanghai International Film Festival Press Prize for Most Attractive Actress Shi Qi Won

Other recognition[edit]

  • In 1992 People magazine chose her as one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world.
  • Chen inspired indie rock band Xiu Xiu (band), named after her film Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl.
  • Chen was chosen by Goldsea as Number 45 on its compilation of “The 120 Most Inspiring Asian Americans of All Time”.[35]
  • In James McKenzie’s 2013 urban fantasy e-novel Janis and Saint Christopher, Chen runs for the US Senate and befriends Janis Joplin.[36]

Yao Chen

Yao Chen

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Yao Chen
Chinese name 姚晨
Pinyin Yáo Chén (Mandarin)
Jyutping Jiu4 San (Cantonese)
Pe̍h-ōe-jī Iâu Sîn (Hokkien)
Born (1979-10-05) 5 October 1979 (age 38)
Shishi City, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
Alma mater Beijing Film Academy
Occupation Actress
Years active 2005–present
Label(s) Huayi Brothers
Yao Chen Studio (present)
Spouse(s) Ling Xiaosu (m. 2004–2011)
Cao Yu (cinematographer) (m. 2012)
Children Xiao Tudou (son)
Xiao Moli (daughter)
Website blog.sina.com.cn/yaochen

Yao Chen (Chinese: 姚晨, born 5 October 1979) is a Chinese actress and philanthropist.[1] In 2014, Time named Yao as one of the most influential people on their Time 100 list.[2] As of 2014, she is listed as the 83rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes.[3] The American media named her “China’s answer to Angelina Jolie.[4][5]

Personal life[edit]

Yao Chen was born in Shishi City, Quanzhou, Fujian province, China on October 5, 1979 to a middle-class family, and studied Chinese folk dance at the Beijing Dance Academy from 1993 to 1997, then studied at the Beijing Film Academy from 1999 to 2003.

In 2004, Yao Chen married Chinese actor Ling Xiao Su, but they divorced in January 2011.[6] Yao married cinematographer Cao Yu in November 2012.[7] She gave birth to their first child in 2013.[8]


Yao Chen starred as the daughter of a powerful martial artist in a 2005 television production of My Own Swordsman. The series was especially popular and skyrocketed her to fame in China.[9] Following this, in 2008, she played the part of an iconic guerilla leader in the series Lurk. The spy drama became a smash hit in China and Yao won the Best Actress award at the Huading Awards and the Golden Eagle Awards.[9][10]

In 2009, she made her theatrical debut; playing a white-collar heroine in A Story of Lala’s Promotion.[11] She also had a supporting role in the romantic comedy Sophie’s Revenge starring Zhang Ziyi. In a departure from her usual style, Yao’s portrayal of a money-grabbing woman received acclaim from the audience.[12] Yao then starred in romantic comedy Color Me Love (2010) as an aspiring fashion magazine editor, which would go on to become one of her most famous film roles.[13][14]

In 2012, Yao starred in Chen Kaige‘s social drama Caught in the Web as a truth-seeking journalist.[15] She then starred alongside Andy Lau in the action thriller Firestorm, which won her the Outstanding Actress award at the Chinese Film Media Awards.[16]

Yao played a lawyer in the 2014 drama Divorce Lawyers. The drama was a huge success in China and sparked discussions online about emotion, truth, and law.[17]

Most recently, Yao starred in blockbusters Monster Hunt (2015),[18] Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe (2015)[19] and Journey to the West 2 (2017).[20] Yao was nominated as Best Supporting Actress at the Hundred Flowers Awards for her performance in Monster Hunt.[21] She also starred in MBA Partners (2016), playing an ambitious young woman.[22]

In 2017, Yao served as the jury of the 23rd Shanghai Television Festival.[23]

In 2018, Yao will return to the small screen with family melodrama All Is Well, produced by Daylight Entertainment.[24]

Social activities[edit]

Yao was named the UNHCR’s Honorary Patron for China and has visited refugees in places including the Philippines, Thailand, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. The number of followers of her microblogging during this visit increased dramatically, won over by her sincere, fearless communication and her honest engagement with current world events.[25][26] In 2013, she was named the first UNHCR goodwill ambassador in China.[27][28][29]

Yao is among one of the most people followed on Weibo with 79 million followers.[30][31] She uses her influence and wide reach to spread awareness on issues such as refugees crisis, pollution and censorship.[32][2]

Yao was among the recipients of the 2016 Crystal Award for her work on behalf of the U.N. refugee agency in raising awareness of the world refugee crisis.[33][34] The same year, she was selected as one of the “Young Global Leaders” in 2016 by the World Economic Forum.[35] Yao was also awarded the Top Influence Award at the You Bring Charm to the World award ceremony.[36]



Year Title Role Notes
2006 Axis of War: My Long March Su Ma
Big Movie Luo Qian
2007 Falling In Love Cameo
Two Stupid Eggs Yan Zi
Crossed Lines Ma Ting
2009 Sophie’s Revenge Lily
All’s Well, Ends Well Xiao Yazhen
Freeway Jin Hong
2010 If You Are the One 2[37] Mango
Love In Cosmo Wang Shunjia
Color Me Love Wang Xiaofei
2011 My Own Swordsman Guo Furong
2012 Caught in the Web Chen Ruoxi
2013 My Lucky Star Lily Cameo
Control Jessica
Firestorm Yan Bing
2015 Monster Hunt Cooking Master Cameo
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe Shirley Yang
2016 Everybody’s Fine Guan Qing
The New Year’s Eve of Old Lee Cameo
MBA Partners Lu Zhenxi
2017 Journey to the West 2 Jiu Gong
2018 Goddesses in the Flames of War
Forever Young

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2003 City Girl 都市男女 Su Qingqing
Shen Bian 神鞭 Zhan Jiarong
2004 Chui Shi Ban’s Story 2 炊事班的故事2 Xiao Yao
2006 Life Concern 人命关天 Meng Ting
My Own Swordsman 武林外传 Guo Furong
2007 Fang Qian Wu Hou 房前屋后 Gu Li Li
Chui Shi Ban’s Story 3 炊事班的故事3 Xiao Yao
2008 Six Cities 都市六人行 Fang Fang Guest appearance
China’s Volunteers 中国志愿者 Ye Meng
Lione 防火墙5788 Song Yuxiu
Hundred Years Past Events 百年往事 He Jiabi
2009 Health Team’s Story 卫生队的故事 Xiao Yao
Lurk 潜伏 Wang Cuiping
2010 Tie Niu Han and his Daughters 牛鐵漢和他的兒女們 Gu Xiaoxin
Days with the Air Hostess[38] 和空姐一起的日子 Ran Jing
2013 Longmen Express 龙门镖局 Lu Qingning Cameo
2014 Wonder Lady 3 极品女士第三季 Lawyer Luo Cameo
Divorce Lawyers 离婚律师 Luo Li
2018 All Is Well 都挺好 Su Mingyu


Year English Title Chinese Title Album
2007 “Searching” 寻找 Fuwa OST
2014 “Don’t Let Love Be Lost” 别让爱迷路 Divorce Lawyers OST
2016 “A Letter Home” 一封家书 Everybody’s Fine OST

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Nominated work Award Category Result Ref.
2009 Lurk 27th Flying Apsaras Awards Outstanding Actress Nominated
2010 2nd Huading Awards Best Actress Won
25th China TV Golden Eagle Award Audience’s Choice for Actress Won
2011 Love in Cosmo 5th Huading Awards Best Actress in Romance Film Won [39]
My Own Swordsman 18th Beijing College Student Film Festival Most Popular Actress Won [40]
N/A 13th Golden Phoenix Awards Society Award Won [41]
Color Me Love 11th Chinese Film Media Awards Outstanding Actress Nominated
2014 Firestorm 14th Chinese Film Media Awards Outstanding Actress Won [42]
2015 Divorce Lawyers 15th Huading Awards Best Actress (TV) Nominated
21st Shanghai Television Festival Best Actress Nominated
13th Sichuan Television Festival Best Actress Nominated
2016 Monster Hunt 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards Best Supporting Actress Nominated
13th Changchun Film Festival Best Supporting Actress Nominated
Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe
Goddesses in the Flames of War
3rd China Australia International Film Festival Special Jury Award Won [43]


Annika Blendl was born on June 16, 1981 in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany as Annika Greta Marthe Blendl. She is an actress and director, known for Mollath (2015), Shores of Hope (2012) and Rabbit Without Ears 2 (2009).
Actress (78 credits)
 2018 Alles gut (post-production)
 2018 Ende Eden (Short) (post-production)
 2018 Der Staatsanwalt (TV Series)
Eva Kastner

Taunushexe (2018) … Eva Kastner
 2017/II Luna’s Revenge
 2017 Ein Sommer auf Zypern
Tina Driesen
 2017 Kommissar Dupin – Bretonische Flut (TV Movie)
 2017 Kommissar Dupin – Bretonischer Stolz (TV Movie)
 2017 Kalt ist die Angst (TV Movie)
 2016 Wenn es Liebe ist (TV Movie)
Julia Bechter
 2008-2016 Der Kriminalist (TV Series)
Juliane / Meike Schütt

Rabenmutter (2016) … Juliane
Eiskalter Tod (2008) … Meike Schütt
 2016 Wilsberg (TV Series)
Kathi Jäger

Mord und Beton (2016) … Kathi Jäger
 2016 The Old Fox (TV Series)
Carola Weber

Die Angst danach (2016) … Carola Weber
 2007-2015 A Case for Two (TV Series)
Paula Mohnkopf / Nina

Der blinde Fleck (2015) … Paula Mohnkopf
Reißleine (2007) … Nina
 2015 Ein Fall für Zwei: Reloaded (TV Series)

Der blinde Fleck (2015)
 2015 Zweimal Lebenslänglich (TV Movie)
Susanne Mattausch
 2015 Tod auf der Insel (TV Movie)
Annika Bohn
 2002-2015 Tatort (TV Series)
Katrin Lorenz / Miriam Fränkel / Susanne Gauss / …

Wer Wind erntet, sät Sturm (2015) … Katrin Lorenz
Ein ganz normaler Fall (2011) … Miriam Fränkel
Das schwarze Haus (2011) … Susanne Gauss
Racheengel (2007) … Anna Stein / Phantom Mimi Blaise
Veras Waffen (2003) … Ulrike Frank
 2015 Die Chefin (TV Series)

Treibjagd (2015) … Karolina
 2015 Kommissar Dupin – Bretonisches Gold (TV Movie)
 2015 Liebe am Fjord (TV Series)
Oda Wahlstrom

Unterm Eis (2015) … Oda Wahlstrom
 2014 Kommissarin Heller (TV Series)
Hannah Lorenz

Der Beutegänger (2014) … Hannah Lorenz
 2014 Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei (TV Series)
Jessie Turner

Der Wettkampf (2014) … Jessie Turner
 2014 Die Familiendetektivin (TV Series)

Doppelleben (2014)
 2006-2012 SOKO Köln (TV Series)
Anette Schwarz / Betty Weidenfeller

Unter Verdacht (2012) … Anette Schwarz
Letzte Ausfahrt Chorweiler (2006) … Betty Weidenfeller
 2012 Die Blaumänner (TV Series)
 2012 Balthasar Berg – Sylt sehen und sterben (TV Movie)
Svenja Fenlo
 2009-2012 Ein starkes Team (TV Series)
Silvia Teckler / Jennifer Meyer

Schöner Wohnen (2012) … Silvia Teckler
Die Schöne vom Beckenrand (2009) … Jennifer Meyer
 2012 The Hunt for the Amber Room (TV Movie)
Mila Marglund
 2012 Shores of Hope
Sabine Schönherr
 2012 Die letzte Spur (TV Series)
Karin Tuschik

Verantwortung (2012) … Karin Tuschik
 2012 The Duo (TV Series)
Nina Uter

Der tote Mann und das Meer (2012) … Nina Uter
 2012 Reality XL
Sophia Dekkers
 2011 Kissenschlacht (TV Movie)
Maria Tschernenkova
 2011 Bella Block (TV Series)
Caroline Alberti

Stich ins Herz (2011) … Caroline Alberti
 2011 Danni Lowinski (TV Series)
Tanja Berg

Falsche Wahl (2011) … Tanja Berg
 2004-2011 SOKO Leipzig (TV Series)
Liane Hellmann / Jacqueline Schönemann

Gefangen – Teil 2 (2011) … Liane Hellmann
Gefangen – Teil 1 (2011) … Liane Hellmann
Die Schlangengrube (2004) … Jacqueline Schönemann
 2010/II Transit
Ramona Sukowa
 2010 Unkraut im Paradies
 2006-2009 Heimatgeschichten (TV Series)

Liebe unter Wechselstrom (2009) … Maria
Handwerk hat goldenen Boden (2009) … Maria
Litauisches Inkasso (2006) … Maria
 2009 Marie Brand und das mörderische Vergessen (TV Movie)
Dr. Calabrese
 2009 Rabbit Without Ears 2
 2006-2009 Stolberg (TV Series)
Susanne Kämper

Am Tag danach (2009) … Susanne Kämper
Hexenjagd (2006)
 2008 Innocent (TV Series)

Singles (2008) … Julia
Machtspiele (2008) … Julia
 2008 Bukow and König (TV Series)
Theresa Schwarz

Wie ist die Welt so stille (2008) … Theresa Schwarz
 2008 Special Unit (TV Series)
Maria Walberg

Endstation (2008) … Maria Walberg
 2008 Mord mit Aussicht (TV Series)
Theresa Jungbluth

Waldeslust (2008) … Theresa Jungbluth
 2007 After Effect
Toni Andress
 2007 Der letzte Zeuge (TV Series)
Carmen Kirow

Die Handschrift des Mörders (2007) … Carmen Kirow
 2007 Nichts ist vergessen (TV Movie)
Sabine Stahmann
 2007 Donna Roma (TV Series)

Der Rächer (2007) … Sophie
Der Chiffre-Mörder (2007) … Sophie
Mord und Sühne (2007) … Sophie
Tödliche Kunst (2007) … Sophie
 2006 Here Comes Kalle (TV Series)

Jugendsünde (2006) … Birgit
 2006 Die unsichtbare Hand (Short)
Ronja Susleny
 2006 Maria am Wasser
 2006 Die Familienanwältin (TV Series)
Frau Enders

Die Überlebende (2006) … Frau Enders
 2006 Lulu (TV Movie)
 2005 The Air Rescue Team (TV Series)

Ins Leben zurück (2005) … Lara
 2005 Gespenster
 2004 Superwelly (Short)
 2004 SOKO Wismar (TV Series)

 2004 Farland
 2004 SK Kölsch (TV Series)

Die Liebesfalle (2004) … Gina
 2004 Großstadtrevier (TV Series)
Lilli Hornbach

Pillendreher (2004) … Lilli Hornbach
 2004 Cold Spring (TV Movie)
 2004 Moon Landing
Nina Spielberg
 2003 Abschnitt 40 (TV Series)
Nicole Lenz

Wiederholungstäter (2003) … Nicole Lenz
Schusswaffengebrauch (2003) … Nicole Lenz
 2003 In der Mitte eines Lebens (TV Movie)
 2003 D.I.K. – Jagd auf Virus X (TV Movie)
Fräulein Müller
 2003 Wolff’s Turf (TV Series)
Sarah Hafermann

Taxi zum Mond (2003) … Sarah Hafermann
 2003 Im Namen des Gesetzes (TV Series)

Manöverspiel (2003) … Petra
 2003 Lotti auf der Flucht (TV Movie)
Sabrina Hagedorn
 2002 Heimatfilm!
 2002 Love Crash (TV Movie)
Lisa Nordbrock
 2001 Masken (Short)


Kristen Taekman was born as Kristen Carroll Taekman. She has been married to Josh Taekman since August 2005. They have two children.
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Self (6 credits)
 2014-2015 The Real Housewives of New York City (TV Series)

Secrets Revealed (2015) … Herself
New Beginnings, My Ass (2015) … Herself
Rumble on the Runway (2015) … Herself
London Calling (2015) … Herself
Awfully Charitable (2015) … Herself
 2015 Home & Family (TV Series)

Mary McDonough/Kristen Taekman (2015) … Herself
 2015 Entertainment Tonight (TV Series)

Episode dated 3 April 2015 (2015) … Herself
 2014 Watch What Happens: Live (TV Series)

Nate Berkus and Kristen Taekman (2014) … Herself
 2013 Access Hollywood (TV Series)

Episode dated 18 June 2013 (2013) … Herself

Archive footage (1 credit)
 2015 Entertainment Tonight (TV Series)

Episode dated 29 August 2015 (2015) … Herself
Episode dated 25 August 2015 (2015) … Herself