An improvisor, actor and writer based in New York City. Current UCB Shows: Higgins: The Instagram Show, We Know How You Die!, and the Lady Jam! Previous UCB shows: Sherlock & Cookies, Hotspur, the Jam at UCB East as well as the sketch show “Standards & Practices”.

 The President Show Reporter Comedy Central dir. Andre Allen Late Night with Seth Meyers Lead Staffer NBC dir. Mike Karnell Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack
 Wimple Dimple
 truTV dir. Edmond Hawkins
 The Irony Credit Card Spokeswoman Above Average dir. Tim Bierbaum Comedy Storytellers: Katie Hannigan Chelsea MTV dir. John Shankman Nick Sports- TShirt Cannon Guy Wife Nickelodeon/Meerkat Media dir. Eric Phillips-Horst Netflix Knows What You Like Lynn UCB Comedy dir. Denis Cardineau  Amy Porter Jo Porter Independent dir. Tom Levin Serious Business Ingrid Independent dir. Ballard Boyd Dominatrix Breakroom Chrissy Roomie Productions dir. Scott Bowers
Higgins (UCB Weekend Team) member Upright Citizens Brigade dir. Connor Ratliff  We Know How You Die! performer Woolly Mammoth dir. Shannon O’Neill  We Know How You Die! performer Upright Citizens Brigade dir. Shannon O’Neill Hotspur (UCB Lloyd Team) former member Upright Citizens Brigade dir. Kevin Hines
Breathing Time by Beau Willimon Julie Fault Line Theatre dir. Aaron Rossini Hee-Haw: It’s a Wonderful LIE Jane Nuyorican Poets Café dir. Daniel Levin Standards & Practices Rachel Upright Citizens Brigade dir. E. Chmielewski
 The Glass Menagerie* Laura Purple Rose Theatre dir. M. DiDominico Doubt Sister James Performance Network dir. John Seibert Martin Short: Get Martinized Ed’s Date The Fox Theatre dir. Martin Short Bus Stop Elma Purple Rose Theatre dir. Guy Sanville  The Good Doctor Julia, Nina Purple Rose Theatre dir. Guy Sanville Duck Hunter Shoots Angel Kansas The City Theatre dir. Guy Sanville

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