Jing-Xuan Chan

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2016 Recurring, Ming Zhu The Family Law Season 2 Matchbox Pictures, Ben Chessell
2013 Guest, Nurse Katrina Winners & Losers Seven Network, Kevin Carlin
2009 Guest, Lucy Dirt Game Harvey Taft Productions, Brendan Maher
2008 Guest, Lili Chan City Homicide Southern Star Entertainment, Kevin Carlin

Short Film

2013 Mei’s Voice Burrow Independent, Natalie James
2012 Pink Sequin Hey, Wasteland Independent, Ming-Zhu Hii
2010 Chinese Teacher Wonder Boy Independent, Corrie Chen
2009 Christina Happy Country Independent, Corrie Chen


2017 Margaret, Patricia, Lisa Scott, Sharon Incognito Red Stitch: The Actors’ Theatre, Ella Caldwell & Brett Cousins
2016 Sue Monahan Wit Artisan Collective, Ben Pfeiffer
2016 Anne Page, Host The Merry Wives of Windsor Nothing but Roaring, Rob Conkie
2013 Regine Ghosts Independent, Gorkem Acrogolu
2009 Performer Attract/Repel The Melbourne Town Players, Ming-Zhu Hii
2008 Nu Ying Cantonese Opera NIDA Parade Theatre, Elsa Ho
2008 Bianca Othello Seals Players Foundation Ltd. (Hong Kong), Dr. Vicki Ooi
2007 Mei-Tan Criminology Malthouse Theatre and Arena Theatre Company, Rosemary Myers
2006 Zillah A Bright Room Called Day Victorian College of Arts, Tanya Gerstle
2006 Tartar The Lower Depths Victorian College of Arts, John Bolton
2006 Lily, Skriker, Telescope The Skriker Victorian College of Arts, Brian Lipson
2005 Doris Unity 1918 Victorian College of the Arts, Mary Sitarenos
2005 Gower Pericles Victorian College of Arts, Rhys McConnochie
2005 Kate Dancing at Lughnasa Victorian College of Arts, Melanie Beddie
2005 Lady Nijo, Win Top Girls Victorian College of Arts, Jane Woollard

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