Ayten Amer

Ayten Amer

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Ayten Amer (Arabic: أيتن عامر‎) (born Samar Ahmed Abd El Ghaffar, 22 November 1986, Alexandria, Egypt) is an Egyptian actress [1][2]

Amer moved to Cairo when she was 4. She later studied acting and directing and worked as a model, which helped her overcome her fear of the camera. Her first major role was in “Hadret El Motaham Aby” (Mr. Guilty is My Father), with Nour El Sherif.

Amer is the sister of actress Wafaa Amer, and has one daughter, Ayten Ezzelarab.


  • Sukkar Mor
  • Elleila Elkebira
  • Zana’et Settat
  • Salem Abu Okhto
  • Betawqit Elqahera
  • Cart Memory
  • Ala Gothety
  • Harag we Marag [3]
  • Hasal Kh’eer
  • Sa3a we Nos
  • Banat ElA’m
  • Ya t’addi , Ya T-haddi [4][5][6]


  • Shaqet Faisal
  • Bein AL Sarayat
  • Al Ahd (El Kalam El Mobah)
  • El Boyoot Asrar
  • Kika Alal Ali
  • Elsabaa Wasaya
  • Al Walida Basha
  • El Zowga El Tanya
  • Al Zoga Al Raba’a
  • Keed El-Nesa
  • Afrah Eblis
  • 7adret el motaham 2aby [7]

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