Penny Fuller was born on July 21, 1940 in Durham, North Carolina, USA as Penelope Ann Fuller. She is an actress, known for All the President’s Men (1976), Quantum Leap (1989) and The Elephant Man (1982).
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Actress (77 credits)
 2002-2005 Judging Amy (TV Series)
Atty. Susan Matson / Mrs. Madsen

My Name Is Amy Gray… (2005) … Atty. Susan Matson
Not Stumbling, But Dancing (2002) … Mrs. Madsen
 2004 King of the Corner
Mrs. Hargrove
 2000 The Color of Love: Jacey’s Story (TV Movie)
Madeleine Porter
 1998 Law & Order (TV Series)
Mrs. Joyce Pollock

Venom (1998) … Mrs. Joyce Pollock
 1997 Shadow Conspiracy
Dr. Olson
 1996 Grace Under Fire (TV Series)
Judge Hawkins

Neither a Borrower nor a Roofer Be (1996) … Judge Hawkins
 1995 ER (TV Series)
Mrs. Constantine

Welcome Back Carter! (1995) … Mrs. Constantine
 1993-1995 Mad About You (TV Series)
Theresa Stemple

The Alan Brady Show (1995) … Theresa Stemple
Mad About You: Part 2 (1995) … Theresa Stemple
Mad About You: Part 1 (1995) … Theresa Stemple
Giblets for Murray (1994) … Theresa Stemple
Bing, Bang, Boom (1993) … Theresa Stemple (voice, uncredited)
 1994-1995 Melrose Place (TV Series)
Marilyn Carter

They Shoot Mothers, Don’t They? (1995) … Marilyn Carter
Holiday on Ice (1994) … Marilyn Carter
And Justice for None (1994) … Marilyn Carter
Grand Delusions (1994) … Marilyn Carter
In-Laws and Outlaws (1994) … Marilyn Carter
 1994 The Gift of Love (TV Movie)
 1994 NYPD Blue (TV Series)
Roberta Taub

Serge the Concierge (1994) … Roberta Taub
 1993 The Beverly Hillbillies
Mrs. Margaret Drysdale
 1993 Star (TV Movie)
Olivia Wyatt
 1993 Rio Shannon (TV Movie)
Beatrice Minister
 1993 Love & War (TV Series)

Friends and Relations (1993) … Bitsy
 1988-1993 Murder, She Wrote (TV Series)
Frances Hunt / Grace Banfield

The Petrified Florist (1993) … Frances Hunt
Mourning Among the Wisterias (1988) … Grace Banfield
 1992 Room for Two (TV Series)

 1992 Baby Snatcher (TV Movie)
Ruth Benson
 1992 Miss Rose White (TV Movie)
Kate Ryan
 1992 Nightmare Cafe (TV Series)

Fay & Ivy (1992) … Victoria
 1992 Quantum Leap (TV Series)
Jane Lindhurst

The Play’s the Thing – September 9, 1969 (1992) … Jane Lindhurst
 1991 False Arrest (TV Movie)
Marilyn Redmond
 1991 Lies Before Kisses (TV Movie)
 1989-1990 China Beach (TV Series)
Margaret Mary McMurphy / Mom McMurphy

Fever (1990) … Margaret Mary McMurphy
Strange Brew (1990) … Margaret Mary McMurphy
The World: Part 2 (1989) … Mom McMurphy
The World: Part 1 (1989) … Mom McMurphy
 1990 Appearances (TV Movie)
Barbara Stilton
 1990 Columbo (TV Series)
Mrs. Finch

Agenda for Murder (1990) … Mrs. Finch
 1989 Fire and Rain (TV Movie)
Mrs. Hamilton
 1988 Matlock (TV Series)
Barbara Raymond

The Gigolo (1988) … Barbara Raymond
 1988 L.A. Law (TV Series)
Cynthia Levine

Gorilla My Dreams (1988) … Cynthia Levine
 1987 At Mother’s Request (TV Mini-Series)

Episode #1.2 (1987) … Marilyn
Episode #1.1 (1987) … Marilyn
 1987 The Two Mrs. Grenvilles (TV Mini-Series)
Cordelia Grenville Hardington

Episode #1.2 (1987) … Cordelia Grenville Hardington
Episode #1.1 (1987) … Cordelia Grenville Hardington
 1986 George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation (TV Movie)
Eliza Powel
 1986 As Summers Die (TV Movie)
Marci Holt
 1986 Fortune Dane (TV Series)
Mayor Amanda Harding

Fortune Dane (1986) … Mayor Amanda Harding
 1986 The Beachcombers (TV Series)

A Boy and His Dog (1986) … Frankie
 1983-1985 The Love Boat (TV Series)
Catherine Gerra / Gina Crawford

 1984 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (TV Movie)
 1984 The Duck Factory (TV Series)

The Duck Stops Here (1984) … Rosalind
 1984 License to Kill (TV Movie)
Judith Peterson
 1983 One Day at a Time (TV Series)
Alice Graham

Worried Heart (1983) … Alice Graham
 1983 Bare Essence (TV Series)
Laura Parker

Hour Six (1983) … Laura Parker
Hour Five (1983) … Laura Parker
 1983 Intimate Agony (TV Movie)
 1983 Your Place… or Mine (TV Movie)
 1983 Simon & Simon (TV Series)
Vivian Penn

Design for Killing (1983) … Vivian Penn
 1982 Newhart (TV Series)
Maggie Dannon

The Senator’s Wife Was Indiscreet (1982) … Maggie Dannon
 1982 Lois Gibbs and the Love Canal (TV Movie)
Jeannie Kolchak
 1982 A Piano for Mrs. Cimino (TV Movie)
Mrs. Polanski
 1982 The Elephant Man (TV Movie)
Mrs. Kendal
 1979-1981 Trapper John, M.D. (TV Series)
Beverly Friendly / Elaine

Have I Got a Girl for You (1981) … Beverly Friendly
One for My Baby (1979) … Elaine
 1980 Amber Waves (TV Movie)
Fern Jensen
 1976 Family (TV Series)
Emily Wyeth

Skeleton in the Closet (1976) … Emily Wyeth
 1976 All the President’s Men
Sally Aiken
 1976 McNaughton’s Daughter (TV Mini-Series)
Joan Cashmore
 1976 Movin’ On (TV Series)
Marge Brenner

Woman of Steel (1976) … Marge Brenner
 1974-1975 Barnaby Jones (TV Series)
Della Madison / Olivia Kearney / Mary Dwayne

Poisoned Pigeon (1975) … Della Madison / Olivia Kearney
The Platinum Connection (1974) … Mary Dwayne
 1975 Medical Center (TV Series)
Nina Bradshaw

The Invisible Wife (1975) … Nina Bradshaw
 1975 Ironside (TV Series)
Susan Harmon

A Matter of Life or Death (1975) … Susan Harmon
 1974 Ann in Blue (TV Movie)
Sgt. Ann Neal
 1974 Chopper One (TV Series)
Dr. Laura Burnett

Deadly Carrier (1974) … Dr. Laura Burnett
 1974 The Six Million Dollar Man (TV Series)
Dr. Chris Forbes

Population: Zero (1974) … Dr. Chris Forbes
 1974 Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV Series)

The Comeback (1974) … Vicky
 1969-1973 Love, American Style (TV Series)
Bunny Dixon (segment “Love and the Teller’s Tale”) / Aggie Holmes (segment “Love and the Watchdog”) / Agnes Richmond (segment “Love and a Couple of Couples”)

Love and the Dating Computer/Love and the Busy Husband/Love and the Watchdog (1969) … Aggie Holmes (segment “Love and the Watchdog”)
Love and a Couple of Couples/Love and the Hustler/Love and the Pill (1969) … Agnes Richmond (segment “Love and a Couple of Couples”)
 1973 Applause (TV Movie)
Eve Harrington
 1969-1973 The F.B.I. (TV Series)
Della Marot / Jean Scott / Muriel Selby

The Wedding Gift (1973) … Della Marot
The Deadly Species (1972) … Jean Scott
The Doll Courier (1969) … Muriel Selby
 1973 Banacek (TV Series)
Gloria Hamilton

The Greatest Collection of Them All (1973) … Gloria Hamilton
 1972 The Bob Newhart Show (TV Series)
Nancy Brock

Goodnight Nancy (1972) … Nancy Brock
 1972 Women in Chains (TV Movie)
Helen Anderson
 1972 Young Dr. Kildare (TV Series)
Dr. Jan Hartney

I’m Handling It (1972) … Dr. Jan Hartney
 1969 Judd for the Defense (TV Series)

The Crystal Maze (1969) … Sheila
 1966 New York Television Theatre (TV Series)
The Young Pupil

The Lesson (1966) … The Young Pupil
 1964 The Defenders (TV Series)
Judy Thornton

Moment of Truth (1964) … Judy Thornton
 1963 The Doctors (TV Series)
Fran Delaney

The Weak Shall Inherit the Strong: Part 5 (1963) … Fran Delaney
The Weak Shall Inherit the Strong: Part 4 (1963) … Fran Delaney
The Weak Shall Inherit the Strong: Part 3 (1963) … Fran Delaney
The Weak Shall Inherit the Strong: Part 2 (1963) … Fran Delaney
The Weak Shall Inherit the Strong (1963) … Fran Delaney
 1963 East Side/West Side (TV Series)
Alice Audette

Age of Consent (1963) … Alice Audette
 1962 Route 66 (TV Series)

Welcome to the Wedding (1962) … Bride
 1956 The Edge of Night (TV Series)
Gerry McGrath Pollock #1 (1964)

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