Zuo Xiaoqing

Zuo Xiaoqing

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Zuo Xiaoqing
Chinese name
Pinyin Zuǒ Xiǎoqīng (Mandarin)
Born (1977-06-25) June 25, 1977 (age 40)
Changsha, Hunan, China
Alma mater Beijing Film Academy
Occupation Actress
Years active 1998–present
Spouse(s) Gao Quanjian (m. 2010)
Children 1

Zuo Xiaoqing (born 25 June 1977) is a Chinese actress, TV presenter and former rhythmic gymnast.[1]

She represented China at the 1992 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. In 1993, Zuo played a minor role in Jiang Wen‘s directorial debut In the Heat of the Sun, which launched her acting career. Zuo has starred in several popular TV series over the years.

Athletic career[edit]

Zuo Xiaoqing
Personal information
Height 167 cm (66 in)
Country China
Sport Gymnastics
Event(s) Rhythmic gymnastics
Team Hunan Rhythmic Gymnastics Team (1986–1993)
Retired 1993

Zuo was born and raised in Changsha, Hunan. At the age of 8, she joined the Hunan’s national rhythmic gymnastics team and retired in 1993.[2]

Between 1991 and 1993, Zuo and her Hunan teammates won numerous national tournaments:

Event Competition Placing Point
1991 Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament[3] Group (All-Around) 1 37.35
Group (3 Ropes + 3 Balls) 1 37.30
Group (6 Ribbons) 1 37.40
1992 Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament[3] Group (All-Around) 1 36.95
Group (3 Ropes + 3 Balls) 1 37.20
Group (6 Ribbons) 1 37.025
1992 Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships[3] Group (All-Around) 1 36.95
Group (3 Ropes + 3 Balls) 1 36.70
Group (6 Ribbons) 1 36.90
1993 7th National Games of China (Preliminary Games)[3] Group (All-Around) 1 36.95
1993 Chinese National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships[3] Group (All-Around) 1 37.075
Group (All-Around) 1 37.2
1992 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships[4] Group (All-Around) 6 (tied) 37.900

Acting career[edit]

Zuo made her film debut in Jiang Wen‘s In the Heat of the Sun (1994), playing Zhang Xiaomei. Zuo then entered Beijing Film Academy in 1995, majoring in acting, where she graduated in 1999. After graduation, Zuo worked as a hostess in Hunan Television.

From 2001 to 2009, Zuo starred in many television series, such as Qianlong Dynasty, The Great Revival and Love of The Millennium.[5]

In 2007, Zuo played the role of Ai Xue in Approximately in the Winter, which earned her a Best Actress: Idol Award at the 4th Huading Awards.

Zuo played a good wife in the comedy film Lost on Journey (2010). That same year, she was nominated for Best TV Actress: City Award at the 6th Huading Awards for her performance in Simple Dish.

Personal life[edit]

Zuo married businessman Gao Quanjian in September 2010, and their daughter was born in July 2011.[6][7][8]



Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2013 The Assassin 《聂隐娘》
2010 Lost on Journey 《人在囧途》 Mei Li
2009 Ticket 《车票》
2002 The Touch 《天脉传奇》 Qing Yanfei
2001 Baseball Youth 《棒球少》 Mi Ruowen
2000 Because of Having Love 《因为有爱》 Huang Xiaoyu
1996 Red Moon 《红月亮》 Ni doudou
1993 In the Heat of the Sun 《阳光灿烂的日子》 Zhang Xiaomei


Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2014 Battle of Changsha 《战长沙》
2010 New Legend of the White Snake 《又见白娘子》 Bai Suzhen
100 Flowers Hidden Deep 《百花深处》 Ke Lan
Simple Dish 《家常菜》 Wen Hui
2009 Roses Shreded 《红莓花儿开》 Hao Yimei
Shanghai Shanghai 《上海,上海》 Han Rubing
Cafe 《苦咖啡》 Ye Xin
2008 Our 80s 《我们的八十代》 Man Xiaoxing
《好孕来临》 Sang Xiaoqing
Golden Phoenix Bloooming 《金凤花开》 Li Jinfeng
2007 Special Policewoman 《非常女警》 Du Xiaofeng
Approximately in the Winter 《大约在冬季》 Ai Xue
The Great Revival 《卧薪尝胆》 Ya Yu
《所谓婚姻》 Yang Jing
Behind the History 《历史的背后》 Li Yuqin
2006 《胡笳汉月》 Hua Mulan
《天道》 Rui Xiaodan
2005 《一针见血》 Fan Dan
Give the Decisive Word 《一言为定》 Ye Yu
2004 Chinese Style Divorce 《中国式离婚》 Juanzi
《非常接轨》 Zhou Hui
《香气迷人》 Li Wan
The Vinegar Tribe 《醋溜族》 Lei Lei
‘’Legend of Xin Zhui 《辛追传奇》 Xin Zhui
2003 Palace Artist Lang Shining 《宫廷画师郎世宁》 Princess
Love Song of Kangding 《康定情歌》 Wei Se
2002 Qianlong Dynasty 《乾隆王朝》 Gurun Princess Hexiao
《铁面无私》 Wu Nannan
Famous Detective Zhen Guandong 《名捕震关东》 Ya Feng
2001 Never Turn Back 《永不回头》 Yang Tong
2000 《非常警示》 Du Xinran
1999 God of Wealth 《财神到》 Guan Xiaoshan
1998 Red Rock 《红岩》 Sun Mingxia
1996 Black Face 《黑脸》 Dai Ping


Year Work Award Result Notes
2005 2005 Top Chinese TV Drama Awards – Best Actress Won
2011 2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival – Best Actress Nominated
2011 Sohu Internet TV Festival – Best Screen Couple Nominated
Simple Dish 6th Huading Awards – Best TV Actress: City Nominated
2010 Approximately in the Winter 5th Huading Awards – Best Actress: Idol Won
2012 8th Huading Awards – Favorite Star Nominated

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