Annie is a main company member of the famed Groundlings Theater in Los Angeles, California, where she writes, performs and directs regularly. Her one act play, ‘How To Not Kill Yourself for 30 Days…and the Next 330’ directed by Michaela Watkins, is enjoying sold out runs in LA and NY. Annie is originally from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. See full bio »
Actress (31 credits)
 2017 The McCurdys (TV Movie) (completed)
 2017 Grey’s Anatomy (TV Series)
Peggie Knox

Out of Nowhere (2017) … Peggie Knox
 2017 The Loud House (TV Series)
Libarian Wetta

Read Aloud/Not a Loud (2017) … Libarian Wetta (voice)
 2017 Roman J. Israel, Esq.
Kate Becker (Ass’t. DA)
 2013-2017 2 Broke Girls (TV Series)
Jane / Roz

And the Alley-Oops (2017) … Roz
And the Extra Work (2013) … Jane (as Anne Sertich)
And the Temporary Distraction (2013) … Jane (as Anne Sertich)
 2017 Friend or Foe (TV Series)
Ivanka Trump

Trump: The Last Family (2017) … Ivanka Trump (voice)
 2017 Throwing Shade (TV Series)

Episode #1.4 (2017) … Meryl
 2017 Life in Pieces (TV Series)

Best Waxing Grocery Rental (2017) … Tittianna
 2016 The Bounce Back
 2016 Dirty 30
 2016 Silicon Valley (TV Series)
C.J. Cantwell

The Uptick (2016) … C.J. Cantwell
Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride (2016) … C.J. Cantwell
To Build a Better Beta (2016) … C.J. Cantwell
Bachmanity Insanity (2016) … C.J. Cantwell
The Empty Chair (2016) … C.J. Cantwell
 2016 Casual Encounters
Online Dater
 2016 Mike Tyson Mysteries (TV Series)
Barbara Fletcher

Mystery for Hire (2016) … Barbara Fletcher (voice)
 2016 Foursome (TV Series)
Professor Tarr

Co-Ed Sleepover (2016) … Professor Tarr (as Anne Sertich)
 2016 Shameless (TV Series)
Sorority Matron

Paradise Lost (2016) … Sorority Matron
Pimp’s Paradise (2016) … Sorority Matron
 2015 I Didn’t Do It (TV Series)

Lindy Goes to the Dogs (2015) … Monica (as Anne Sertich)
 2015 Cougar Town (TV Series)
Female Chef

This One’s for Me (2015) … Female Chef
 2015 Table 58 (TV Short)
Principal Friday
 2014 Benched (TV Series)

Curry Favor (2014) … Edie
 2014 Playing House (TV Series)
German Woman

Pilot (2014) … German Woman
 2013 Feeding Mr. Baldwin
Scout Leader (as Anne Sertich)
 2013 Dwelling (TV Series)

Meeting: Part 4 (2013) … Lenka (as Anne Sertich)
Meeting: Part 2 (2013) … Lenka (as Anne Sertich)
 2013 Incredible Crew (TV Series)

Solar System Wolf (2013) … Mom (as Anne Sertich)
 2011 The Guild (TV Series)
Costume Official

Grande Finale (2011) … Costume Official (as Anne Sertich)
Costume Contest (2011) … Costume Official (as Anne Sertich)
Strategy Timez (2011) … Costume Official (as Anne Sertich)
 2011 Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV Series)
Buffet Woman

Vow of Silence (2011) … Buffet Woman (as Anne Sertich)
 2011 Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures (TV Series)
Nurse Klause

Epic Escape (2011) … Nurse Klause (as Anne Sertich)
 2011 Single Dads (TV Series)
Billy’s Mom

Child Labor (2011) … Billy’s Mom (as Anne Sertich)
 2010 Hung (TV Series)
Red Headed Woman

The Middle East Is Complicated (2010) … Red Headed Woman (uncredited)
 2008 Young Person’s Guide to History (TV Series)
Sexy Nurse #2

Part 1 (2008) … Sexy Nurse #2
 2007 Frank TV (TV Series)
Ellen DeGeneres

Ballpark Frank (2007) … Ellen DeGeneres (as Anne Sertich)
 2006 The Office (TV Series)
Justin’s Date

A Benihana Christmas (2006) … Justin’s Date

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