A native of Lakewood, Ohio, Holly studied stage acting in Chicago with the acclaimed Remains Theatre Co., where she starred in the American premiere of “Road”, “Our Country’s Good” and “Lloyd’s Prayer”, and plays at the Goodman Theatre with Tony award-winning director Robert Falls. She has been working in TV and Film in Hollywood for the last
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Actress (37 credits)
  Overcooked (Short) (completed)
 2012 The Case of the Missing Garden Gnome (Short)
 2007 The Rat Thing
Barbara Jean
 2006 Without a Trace (TV Series)
Karen Norton

All for One (2006) … Karen Norton
 2006 Long Lost Son (TV Movie)
 2003-2005 7th Heaven (TV Series)
Gwen Smith

Mi Familia: Part 2 (2005) … Gwen Smith
Angel (2004) … Gwen Smith
Dick (2003) … Gwen Smith
 2004 NYPD Blue (TV Series)
Lainie Rutter

Divorce, Detective Style (2004) … Lainie Rutter
 2004 Zenon: Z3 (TV Movie)
Aunt Judy Kling-Plank
 2004 Dragnet (TV Series)
Mrs. Dowd

Abduction (2004) … Mrs. Dowd
 2002 Fits and Starts
 2002 The Practice (TV Series)
Sally Burns

Convictions (2002) … Sally Burns
Privilege (2002) … Sally Burns
 2001 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series)
Linda Jasper

You’ve Got Male (2001) … Linda Jasper
 2001 Zenon: The Zequel (TV Movie)
Aunt Judy Kling
 1999 Norm (TV Series)

Norm Pimps Wiener Dog (1999) … Ellen
 1999 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (TV Movie)
Aunt Judy Kling
 1997 Grace Under Fire (TV Series)
Mrs. Landers

Sam’s Dad (1997) … Mrs. Landers
 1997 Early Edition (TV Series)
Linda Newman

The Jury (1997) … Linda Newman
 1996 Touched by an Angel (TV Series)
Rosanne Fitzgerald-Moskowitz

Written in Dust (1996) … Rosanne Fitzgerald-Moskowitz
 1994-1996 Ellen (TV Series)
Holly Jamison

The Mugging (1996) … Holly Jamison
The Tape (1996) … Holly Jamison
The Boyfriend Stealer (1994) … Holly Jamison
The Soft Touch (1994) … Holly Jamison
The Refrigerator (1994) … Holly Jamison
 1996 The John Larroquette Show (TV Series)

Happy Endings (1996) … Penelope
The Train Wreck (1996) … Penelope
 1995 Lover’s Knot
Gwen Myers
 1995 Dweebs (TV Series)

The Karl’s Crisis Show (1995) … Noreen
The Bad P.R. Show (1995) … Noreen
The Actress Show (1995) … Noreen
The Cyrano Show (1995) … Noreen
 1994 Ladies in Waiting
 1993 Cafe Americain (TV Series)

…And Giblets for All (1993) … Lisa
Happy Birthday to Moi (1993) … Lisa
 1992 Jack’s Place (TV Series)

What’s New? (1992) … Michelle
 1989-1992 Anything But Love (TV Series)
Robin Dulitski

Marty Walks (1992) … Robin Dulitski
The Waiting (1992) … Robin Dulitski
Tryst and Shout (1992) … Robin Dulitski
Angst for the Memories (1992) … Robin Dulitski
Catherine Honey, I’m Home (1992) … Robin Dulitski
 1991 Saturday’s (TV Movie)
 1989-1990 Thirtysomething (TV Series)
Hollis Amato / Holis Amato

The Haunting of DAA (1990) … Hollis Amato
Life Class (1990) … Hollis Amato
Pulling Away (1990) … Hollis Amato
Courting Nancy (1989) … Holis Amato
New Job (1989) … Hollis Amato
 1989 Trenchcoat in Paradise (TV Movie)
Margie Moodus
 1989 An Innocent Man
 1989 Doctor Doctor (TV Series)
Carolyn Marsh

The M.D. Nest Syndrome (1989) … Carolyn Marsh
Running on M.D. (1989) … Carolyn Marsh
The Search for Armand Peltzer (1989) … Carolyn Marsh
 1988 CBS Summer Playhouse (TV Series)
Margie Brandewynne

Limited Partners (1988) … Margie Brandewynne
 1987-1988 Sable (TV Series)
Mike Blackman

Mob (1988) … Mike Blackman
Watchdogs (1987) … Mike Blackman
Copycat (1987) … Mike Blackman
Serial Killer (1987) … Mike Blackman
Evangelist (1987) … Mike Blackman
 1987 Fatal Confession: A Father Dowling Mystery (TV Movie)
Theresa Robinson
 1987 Night of Courage (TV Movie)
 1986 Jack and Mike (TV Series)
Carol / Carol Greene

High Anxiety (1986) … Carol
Pilot (1986) … Carol Greene

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