Image result for nicole b. dalton actress movies and tv shows

■ Paradox Jessica (lead) Short Film for Festivals

■ Casablanca “I Love You” Isla (lead) Scene Remake (New England Institute of Art)

■ D.W.Y.T. for Chris E-Fame Dancer (principal) Music Video – McElroy Films

■ Founders Day Alison (supporting) Funding Trailer for Feature Horror

■ The Opening Act Tamara (principal) Tufts Student Film

■ The Court Fire Witch (supporting) Emerson Student Film

■ Nothing Left to Lose Claire (principle) Bentley Student Film

■ Juxtaposition Woman (lead) Emerson Student Film

■ Smoking Kills Anna (lead) Harvard NYFA Student Film

■ A Lasting Moment Stacy (lead) Emerson Student Film

■ Extreme Blue Janet (principal) Mass Arts Student Film

■ Hobos with Fireworks House Wife (supporting) Seton Hall Student Film

■ Bummer Estate Agent (supporting) Seton Hall Student Film

■ Infomercial Real Life Account Seton Hall Student Film

■ ​Game Show Host Seton Hall Student Channel


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