Kristin Bauer van Straten

Kristin grew up in Wisconsin playing sports, riding horses, and shooting guns. Her father was an avid horseman and gun collector and her mother a housewife involved in charities. Kristin moved to Los Angeles and began acting in 1994 after studying fine arts in St. Louis, Boston and New York. She still studies drawing and painting, and does … See full bio »
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Actress (72 credits)
 2016 Hollyweed (TV Movie) (post-production)
 2017 Lore (TV Series)
Minnie Otto

Unboxed (2017) … Minnie Otto
 2017 Rich Boy, Rich Girl
Jessica DeBenedetto
 2016 Nocturnal Animals
Samantha Van Helsing
 2015 Kingmakers (TV Movie)
Maeve Vandemeer
 2011-2015 Once Upon a Time (TV Series)

Mother (2015) … Maleficent
Lily (2015) … Maleficent
 2014 Teen Lust
 2014 Saint George (TV Series)
Suzanne Duval

Rich Girl (2014) … Suzanne Duval
 2013 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (TV Series)

Forget Me Not (2013) … Maleficent (voice, as Kristin Bauer Van Straten)
 2010-2013 The Secret Life of the American Teenager (TV Series)
Didi Stone

Caught in a Trap (2013) … Didi Stone
When Bad Things Happen to Bad People (2013) … Didi Stone
Interference (2013) … Didi Stone
Fraid So (2013) … Didi Stone
Half Over (2012) … Didi Stone
 2012 The Story of Luke
Aunt Cindy (as Kristin Bauer)
 2012 Gotten (Video short)
Mother (as Kristin Bauer)
 2011 The Soup (TV Series)
Pam the Intern

Episode #8.25 (2011) … Pam the Intern (as Kristin Bauer)
 2011 Subject: I Love You
Sarah Drake (as Kristin Bauer)
 2010 True Blood: Webisodes (TV Series short)

Eric & Pam (2010) … Pam (as Kristin Bauer)
 2010 Justified (TV Series)
Shirley Kelso

Riverbrook (2010) … Shirley Kelso (as Kristin Bauer)
 2009 Three Rivers (TV Series)
Val O’Leary

Where We Lie (2009) … Val O’Leary (as Kristin Bauer)
 2009 Private Practice (TV Series)

Pushing the Limits (2009) … Susanna (as Kristin Bauer)
 2009 House Rules (TV Movie)
Kathy McAdams (as Kristin Bauer)
 2008 Emily’s Reasons Why Not (TV Series)

Why Not to Cheat on Your Best Friend (2008) … Bethany (as Kristin Bauer)
 2007 Bones (TV Series)
Janelle Stinson

Boy in the Time Capsule (2007) … Janelle Stinson (as Kristin Bauer)
 2007 Dirty Sexy Money (TV Series)
Rebecca Colfax

The Italian Banker (2007) … Rebecca Colfax (as Kristin Bauer)
The Lions (2007) … Rebecca Colfax (as Kristin Bauer)
 2007 George Lopez (TV Series)
Cris Watson

George Joins the Neighborhood Wha-tcha and Raises the Vigil-ante (2007) … Cris Watson (as Kristin Bauer)
 2006 Pink Collar (TV Movie)
Eve (as Kristin Bauer)
 2006 Cold Case (TV Series)
Paula ’04 / ’06

The War at Home (2006) … Paula ’04 / ’06 (as Kristin Bauer)
 2006 Desperate Housewives (TV Series)

Could I Leave You? (2006) … Veronica (as Kristin Bauer)
 2004-2006 Crossing Jordan (TV Series)
Molly Greene

Death Toll (2006) … Molly Greene (as Kristin Bauer)
Fire in the Sky (2004) … Molly Greene (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 Boston Legal (TV Series)
Tori Pines

The Ass Fat Jungle (2005) … Tori Pines (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series)
Kenli Johnson

Secrets & Flies (2005) … Kenli Johnson (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 Close to Home (TV Series)
Shannon Cooke

Suburban Prostitution (2005) … Shannon Cooke (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 Less Than Perfect (TV Series)
Kaye Buchinski

Casey V. Kronsky (2005) … Kaye Buchinski (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 Star Trek: Enterprise (TV Series)
Lt. Laneth

Divergence (2005) … Lt. Laneth (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 JAG (TV Series)
Megan Ransford

Automatic for the People (2005) … Megan Ransford (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 Crazy (TV Movie) (as Kristin Bauer)
 2005 Life of the Party
Caroline (as Kristin Bauer)
 2004 Commando Nanny (TV Series)
Lizzie Winter (as Kristin Bauer)
 2004 Quintuplets (TV Series)
Ms. Kilcoyne

Teacher’s Pet (2004) … Ms. Kilcoyne (as Kristin Bauer)
 2004 Dr. Vegas (TV Series)

Pilot (2004) … Portia (as Kristin Bauer)
 2004 Living with Lou (Short)
Jean (as Kristin Bauer)
 2004 50 First Dates
Female Firefighter (as Kristin Bauer)
 2003 Two and a Half Men (TV Series)

Pilot (2003) … Laura (as Kristin Bauer)
 2001-2003 Justice League (TV Series)
Mera / Reporter / Nurse

The Terror Beyond: Part II (2003) … Mera (voice, as Kristin Bauer)
The Terror Beyond (2003) … Mera (voice, as Kristin Bauer)
The Enemy Below: Part II (2001) … Mera (voice, as Kristin Bauer)
The Enemy Below (2001) … Mera / Reporter / Nurse (voice, as Kristin Bauer)
 2003 Gary the Rat (TV Series)

Manrattan (2003) … (voice, as Kristin Bauer)
 2002 Hidden Hills (TV Series)
Belinda Slypich

Christmas (2002) … Belinda Slypich (as Kristin Bauer)
The Birth (2002) … Belinda Slypich (as Kristin Bauer)
Coach Doug (2002) … Belinda Slypich (as Kristin Bauer)
The Shocker (2002) … Belinda Slypich (as Kristin Bauer)
Halloween (2002) … Belinda Slypich (as Kristin Bauer)
 2002 Boomtown (TV Series)

Pilot (2002) … Prostitute (as Kristin Bauer)
 2001 Just Shoot Me! (TV Series)

Finch in the Dogg House (2001) … Allie (as Kristin Bauer)
At Long Last Allie (2001) … Allie (as Kristin Bauer)
 2001 Dharma & Greg (TV Series)

Dharma Does Dallas (2001) … Stephanie (as Kristin Bauer)
 2001 Room 302 (Short)
Karen (as Kristin Bauer)
 2000-2001 That’s Life (TV Series)
Candy Cooper

Heart Problems (2001) … Candy Cooper (as Kristin Bauer)
Nomads (2001) … Candy Cooper (as Kristin Bauer)
Photographs (2001) … Candy Cooper (as Kristin Bauer)
When Good Ideas Go Bad (2000) … Candy Cooper (as Kristin Bauer)
Saint Bernadette (2000) … Candy Cooper (as Kristin Bauer)
 2001 Hollywood Palms
Kathleen (as Kristin Bauer)
 2000 Dark Angel (TV Series)
Lydia Meyerson

Pilot (2000) … Lydia Meyerson (as Kristin Bauer)
 2000 Dancing at the Blue Iguana
Nico (as Kristin Bauer)
 2000 Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (TV Movie)
Katy Scott (as Kristin Bauer)
 1998 My Little Havana (Short)
Carmen (as Kristin Bauer)
 1998 Chicago Hope (TV Series)
Melody Cacaci

Viagra-Vated Assault (1998) … Melody Cacaci (as Kristin Bauer)
 1998 Fantasy Island (TV Series)
Tamara Stevens

Estrogen (1998) … Tamara Stevens (as Kristin Bauer)
 1997 Men Behaving Badly (TV Series)

I Am What I Am (1997) … Robin (as Kristin Bauer)
 1997 Everybody Loves Raymond (TV Series)

The Car (1997) … Lisa (as Kristin Bauer)
 1997 Total Security (TV Series)
Geneva Renault

Look Who’s Stalking (1997) … Geneva Renault (as Kristin Bauer)
Who’s Poppa? (1997) … Geneva Renault (as Kristin Bauer)
Citizen Canine (1997) … Geneva Renault (as Kristin Bauer)
Looking for Mr. Goombah (1997) … Geneva Renault (as Kristin Bauer)
Dental Men Prefer Blondes (1997) … Geneva Renault (as Kristin Bauer)
 1996 Seinfeld (TV Series)

The Bizarro Jerry (1996) … Gillian (as Kristin Bauer)
 1995-1996 The Crew (TV Series)
Maggie Reynolds

The Man We Love (1996) … Maggie Reynolds (as Kristin Bauer)
Winds of Change: Part 2 (1996) … Maggie Reynolds (as Kristin Bauer)
Winds of Change: Part 1 (1996) … Maggie Reynolds (as Kristin Bauer)
Love and Marriage (1996) … Maggie Reynolds (as Kristin Bauer)
The New Kids on the Block (1996) … Maggie Reynolds (as Kristin Bauer)
 1995 Pointman (TV Series)

Business and Pleasure (1995) … Ellie (as Kristin Bauer)
Father Connie (1995) … (as Kristin Bauer)
That’s Amore (1995) … (as Kristin Bauer)
 1995 Glory Daze
Dina (as Kristin Bauer)
 1995 Galaxis
Commander (as Kristin Bauer)
 1995 Cybill (TV Series)

The Curse of Zoey (1995) … Kirsten (as Kristin Bauer)
 1994 Silk Stalkings (TV Series)
Heather St. Clair

Red Flag (1994) … Heather St. Clair (as Kristen Bauer)
 1994 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Series)
Mrs. Loomis

The Prankster (1994) … Mrs. Loomis (as Kristin Bauer)
 1994 Columbo (TV Series)
Suzie Endicott

Undercover (1994) … Suzie Endicott (as Kristin Bauer)
 1994 L.A. Law (TV Series)
Miss English

McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey (1994) … Miss English (as Kristin Bauer)

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