Alexandra Castillo

Born in Santiago, Chile, this former Canadian dancer received extensive acting and dance training in North America, Spain and France. She holds a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Italian. Her acting career spans decades. She has a has worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Duval, William H. …
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Actress (58 credits)
 2017 Screen Time (Short)
 2017 Private Eyes (TV Series)
Maxine DeMuzio

Boardwalk Empire (2017) … Maxine DeMuzio (as Alex Castillo)
 2017 Mary Kills People (TV Series)

Morning Glory (2017) … Louise (as Alex Castillo)
The Judas Cradle (2017) … Louise (as Alex Castillo)
Raised by Wolves (2017) … Louise (as Alex Castillo)
Wave the White Flag (2017) … Louise (as Alex Castillo)
The River Styx (2017) … Louise (as Alex Castillo)
 2016 Incorporated (TV Series)

Vertical Mobility (2016) … Susan (as Alex Castillo)
 2016 Miss Sloane
Pru Walsh
 2016 Ride (TV Series)
Luciana Andrada

The Cup … Luciana Andrada (as Alex Castillo)
 2016 Rogue (TV Series)
Agent Powell

The Wheelbarrow (2016) … Agent Powell (as Alex Castillo)
 2016 Damien (TV Series)

Temptress (2016) … Arlene (as Alex Castillo)
 2016 The Girlfriend Experience (TV Series)

Fabrication (2016) … Jacqueline (as Alex Castillo)
Retention (2016) … Jacqueline (as Alex Castillo)
Access (2016) … Jacqueline (as Alex Castillo)
A Friend (2016) … Jacqueline (as Alex Castillo)
 2016 11.22.63 (TV Mini-Series)

The Day in Question (2016) … Mayor
 2015 Saving Hope (TV Series)
Naomi Ríos

Sympathy for the Devil (2015) … Naomi Ríos (as Alex Castillo)
 2015 Rookie Blue (TV Series)
Detective Inez Capello

A Real Gentleman (2015) … Detective Inez Capello (as Alex Castillo)
Open Windows (2015) … Detective Inez Capello
 2015 Remedy (TV Series)
Mrs. Murdoch

Day One (2015) … Mrs. Murdoch (as Alex Castillo)
 2015 Bark Ranger
Sharon Keller (as Alex Castillo)
 2014 Murdoch Mysteries (TV Series)
Mary Thompson

Holy Matrimony, Murdoch! (2014) … Mary Thompson
 2014 Guidestones (TV Series)

A Waiting Grave (2014) … Duke
Empty Rooms (2014) … Duke
Going… Going… (2014) … Duke
A Safe Place (2014) … Duke
Buyer Beware (2014) … Duke
 2013 Lucky 7 (TV Series)
Bianca Clemente

Inside Job (2013) … Bianca Clemente (as Alex Castillo)
Pilot (2013) … Bianca Clemente (as Alex Castillo)
Gold Star, Inc. … Bianca Clemente
All In … Bianca Clemente
Pay Day … Bianca Clemente
 2012 The Firm (TV Series)
USADA Mary Connor

Chapter Ten (2012) … USADA Mary Connor
 2011 Against the Wall (TV Series)
Elizabeth Northcutt

Countdown to Meltdown (2011) … Elizabeth Northcutt (as Alex Castillo)
 2011 Warehouse 13 (TV Series)
Lisa (Surgeon)

Trials (2011) … Lisa (Surgeon)
 2011 The Listener (TV Series)
Detective Patty Sinclair

Vanished (2011) … Detective Patty Sinclair
 2011 Fringe (TV Series)
Dr. Alexandra Castro

Concentrate and Ask Again (2011) … Dr. Alexandra Castro
 2011 Heartland (TV Series)
Dr. Kelsey Burton

The Road Home (2011) … Dr. Kelsey Burton (as Alex Castillo)
 2010/II The Garden (Short)
 2010 Ninety-one (Short)
 2009/I 2012
Paris Reporter
 2009 Taken in Broad Daylight (TV Movie)
Agent Reynolds (as Alex Castillo)
 2008 Sold (TV Movie)
 2008/III Tomboy (Short)
 2008 Traitor
Dark Haired Woman (as Alex Castillo)
 2008 The Border (TV Series)

Normalizing Relations (2008) … Araceli (as Alex Castillo)
 2007 True Crimes: The First 72 Hours (TV Series documentary)

Bull’s Eye (2007) … Girlfriend
 2007 Eye of the Beast (TV Movie)
Katrina Tomas
 2006 The Path to 9/11 (TV Mini-Series)
Monica Smith

Episode #1.2 (2006) … Monica Smith (as Alex Castillo)
Episode #1.1 (2006) … Monica Smith (as Alex Castillo)
 2006 Naked Josh (TV Series)
Dawn Joyce

Pistols at Dawn (2006) … Dawn Joyce
 2005-2006 Jeff Ltd. (TV Series)
Constable Seagram

Nightmare on Stevens Street (2006) … Constable Seagram
 2005 Plague City: SARS in Toronto (TV Movie)
Aline (as Alex Castillo)
 2005 Kojak (TV Series)
NYPD Lazzerio

Kind of Blue (2005) … NYPD Lazzerio
Hitman (2005) … NYPD Lazzerio
 2005 Degrassi: The Next Generation (TV Series)
Nurse Davis

Moonlight Desires (2005) … Nurse Davis
 2005 Kevin Hill (TV Series)
Mariel Arden

Homeland Insecurity (2005) … Mariel Arden (as Alex Castillo)
 2004 Bury the Lead (TV Series)
Sister Beatriz

Megan Ice Cream (2004) … Sister Beatriz
 2004 The Wool Cap (TV Movie)
Falling Ceiling Woman (as Alex Castillo)
 2004 This Is Wonderland (TV Series)
Larissa Munoz

Episode #1.13 (2004) … Larissa Munoz (as Alex Castillo)
Episode #1.12 (2004) … Larissa Munoz (as Alex Castillo)
Episode #1.11 (2004) … Larissa Munoz (as Alex Castillo)
Episode #1.10 (2004) … Larissa Munoz (as Alex Castillo)
Episode #1.6 (2004) … Larissa Munoz (as Alex Castillo)
 2004 1-800-Missing (TV Series)
Rita Brinden

Lost Sister (2004) … Rita Brinden (as Alex Castillo)
 2003 Mutant X (TV Series)

The Breed (2003) … Gina
 2003 The Dead Zone (TV Series)
Helena Avila

The Combination (2003) … Helena Avila (as Alex Castillo)
 2003 Doc (TV Series)
Rosa Flores

Safety First (2003) … Rosa Flores (as Alex Castillo)
 2002 Point Blank (TV Series)
Denise Hopper

Little Puffer (2002) … Denise Hopper
 2002 Da Vinci’s Inquest (TV Series)
Police Constable #2

Pretend You Didn’t See Me (2002) … Police Constable #2 (as Alex Castillo)
 2001 Bang!
 2001 The Shipment
Mexican Hooker #2 (as Alex Castillo)
 2001 Mysterious Ways (TV Series)
911 Operator

Spike (2001) … 911 Operator
 2001 Hostage Negotiator (TV Movie)
Vicki Maslow (as Alex Castillo)
 2000 The 6th Day
Reporter (as Álex Castillo)
 2000 2gether (TV Movie) (uncredited)
 1999 Miracle on the 17th Green (TV Movie)
 1999 Seven Days (TV Series)
Young Woman

The Collector (1999) … Young Woman
 1999 Dead Man’s Gun (TV Series)

Bad Boys (1999) … Marguerite

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