Penny Johnson Jerald was born on March 14, 1961 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is an actress, known for Castle (2009), The Larry Sanders Show (1992) and 24 (2001). She has been married to Gralin Jerald since June 22, 1982. They have one child
Actress (68 credits)
 2017 Media (TV Movie)
Jackie Jones
 2016 Parker’s Anchor
 2015 Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles (TV Mini-Series)
Amanda Waller

Bomb (2015) … Amanda Waller (voice)
 2010 Bones (TV Series)
Rachel Adams

The X in the File (2010) … Rachel Adams
 2009-2010 NCIS (TV Series)
Joanne Torrence

Endgame (2009) … Joanne Torrence
 2007-2008 October Road (TV Series)
Dean Etwood / Dean Leslie Etwood

As Soon as You Are Able (2008) … Dean Etwood
The Fine Art of Surfacing (2008) … Dean Etwood
We Lived Like Giants (2008) … Dean Etwood
Dancing Days Are Here Again (2008) … Dean Etwood
Spelling It Out (2008) … Dean Etwood
 2006 The Path to 9/11 (TV Mini-Series)
Condoleezza Rice

 2005-2006 Eve (TV Series)
Beverly Williams

Daughter Don’t Preach (2006) … Beverly Williams
Daddy’s Home (2006) … Beverly Williams
All About Eve (2005) … Beverly Williams
Shelly and? (2005) … Beverly Williams
 2006 Law & Order (TV Series)
Ms. Booker

Choice of Evils (2006) … Ms. Booker
 2005 Rent
Bohemian (uncredited)
 2004 Secrets of the International Spy Museum (TV Movie)
Guest (as Penny Johnson)
 2003 Frasier (TV Series)

Maris Returns (2003) … Carol
 2002 Touched by an Angel (TV Series)

The Impossible Dream (2002) … Eleanor
 2001 Citizen Baines (TV Series)
Denise Willis

A Day Like No Other (2001) … Denise Willis (as Penny Johnson)
 2001 The Practice (TV Series)
Atty. Laura Garrett

Awakenings (2001) … Atty. Laura Garrett (as Penny Johnson)
 2001 The X-Files (TV Series)
Dr. Hellura Lyle

Medusa (2001) … Dr. Hellura Lyle (as Penny Johnson)
 2000 Family Law (TV Series)
Christine Webber

Family Values (2000) … Christine Webber
 2000 Deliberate Intent (TV Movie)
Laura Harmon (as Penny Johnson)
 2000 The Color of Friendship (TV Movie)
Roscoe Dellums (as Penny Johnson)
 1999 The Test of Love (TV Movie)
Hope (as Penny Johnson)
 1995-1999 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV Series)
Kasidy Yates / Kasidy Yates Sisko / Cassie

What You Leave Behind (1999) … Kasidy Yates Sisko (as Penny Johnson)
The Dogs of War (1999) … Kasidy Yates Sisko (as Penny Johnson)
The Changing Face of Evil (1999) … Kasidy Yates (as Penny Johnson)
Strange Bedfellows (1999) … Kasidy Yates Sisko (as Penny Johnson)
‘Til Death Do Us Part (1999) … Kasidy Yates (as Penny Johnson)
 1998-1999 ER (TV Series)
Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans

Rites of Spring (1999) … Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans (as Penny Johnson)
The Storm: Part 2 (1999) … Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans (as Penny Johnson)
The Storm: Part 1 (1999) … Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans (as Penny Johnson)
Double Blind (1999) … Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans (as Penny Johnson)
Hazed and Confused (1998) … Nurse Practitioner Lynette Evans (as Penny Johnson)
 1992-1998 The Larry Sanders Show (TV Series)
Beverly Barnes

Flip (1998) … Beverly Barnes (as Penny Johnson)
Just the Perfect Blendship (1998) … Beverly Barnes (as Penny Johnson)
I Buried Sid (1998) … Beverly Barnes (as Penny Johnson)
Beverly’s Secret (1998) … Beverly Barnes (as Penny Johnson)
 1998 Krippendorf’s Tribe
Teacher (uncredited)
 1997 The Gregory Hines Show (TV Series)

Pilot (1997) … Elizabeth (as Penny Johnson)
 1997 Absolute Power
Laura Simon (as Penny Johnson)
 1997 Cosby (TV Series)

Brave New Hilton (1997) … Penny (as Penny Johnson)
 1996 The Writing on the Wall (TV Movie)
Geraldine (as Penny Johnson)
 1996 Death Benefit (TV Movie)
Sylvia Guzman (as Penny Johnson)
 1996 Grace Under Fire (TV Series)
Bailey Alford

Pregnant Pause (1996) … Bailey Alford (as Penny Johnson)
Love Thy Neighbor (1996) … Bailey Alford (as Penny Johnson)
 1996 The Road to Galveston (TV Movie)
Laney Roosevelt (as Penny Johnson)
 1995 Automatic
Julia Rodriguez (as Penny Johnson)
 1994 Molly & Gina
Maria (as Penny Johnson)
 1994 Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Series)

Homeward (1994) … Dobara (as Penny Johnson)
 1993 Empty Cradle (TV Movie)
Gail Huddle (as Penny Johnson)
 1993 What’s Love Got to Do with It
Lorraine Taylor (as Penny Johnson)
 1993 Class of ’61 (TV Movie)
Lavinia (as Penny Johnson)
 1993 Fear of a Black Hat
Re-Re (as Penny Johnson)
 1991 Goin’ to Chicago
Darlene (as Penny Johnson)
 1991 Columbo (TV Series)
Maxine Jarrett

Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health (1991) … Maxine Jarrett (as Penny Johnson)
 1990 Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (TV Series)
Ms. Miriam Donnelly

Teacher, Teacher (1990) … Ms. Miriam Donnelly (as Penny Johnson)
 1990 Night Visions (TV Movie)
Luanne (as Penny Johnson)
 1990 Kaleidoscope (TV Movie)
Paula (as Penny Johnson)
 1990 Coach (TV Series)

The Day That Moses Came to Town (1990) … Susan (as Penny Johnson)
 1990 Freddy’s Nightmares (TV Series)
Elaine Alamo

Life Sentence (1990) … Elaine Alamo (as Penny Johnson)
 1989 She’s the Sheriff (TV Series)

Divorce, Wiggins Style (1989) … Dorothy (as Penny Johnson)
 1989 Tour of Duty (TV Series)
Jan Hudson

For What It’s Worth (1989) … Jan Hudson (as Penny Johnson)
 1989 Homeroom (TV Series)
Virginia Harper

Who’ll Be My Role Model, Now That My Role Model Is Gone? (1989) … Virginia Harper (as Penny Johnson)
The Visitor (1989) … Virginia Harper (as Penny Johnson)
The Mom Who Came to Dinner (1989) … Virginia Harper (as Penny Johnson)
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother, Sister (1989) … Virginia Harper (as Penny Johnson)
Mr. Drexler’s Neighborhood (1989) … Virginia Harper (as Penny Johnson)
 1985-1988 Simon & Simon (TV Series)
Evelyn Jacobson / Doris Beeman / Hanna McKenzie

Zen and the Art of the Split-Finger Fastball (1988) … Evelyn Jacobson / Doris Beeman (as Penny Johnson)
Out-of-Town Brown (1985) … Hanna McKenzie (as Penny Johnson)
 1988 The Cosby Show (TV Series)

The Visit (1988) … Nurse (uncredited)
 1987 Women in Prison (TV Series)

Walk This Way (1987) … Patty (as Penny Johnson)
 1987 1st & Ten: The Championship (TV Series)

The Bulls Change Hands (1987) … Phyllis (as Penny Johnson)
Illegal Use of Love (1987) … Phyllis (as Penny Johnson)
The Comeback Trail (1987) … Phyllis (as Penny Johnson)
 1984-1986 The Paper Chase (TV Series)
Vivian Conway

Graduation (1986) … Vivian Conway (as Penny Johnson)
Suppressed Desires (1986) … Vivian Conway (as Penny Johnson)
A Wounded Hart (1986) … Vivian Conway (as Penny Johnson)
Lasting Impressions (1985) … Vivian Conway (as Penny Johnson, credit only)
Security (1985) … Vivian Conway (as Penny Johnson)
 1986 General Hospital (TV Series)

Episode dated 15 May 1986 (1986) … Debbie (as Penny Johnson)
Episode dated 14 May 1986 (1986) … Debbie (as Penny Johnson)
 1985 The Grand Baby (TV Movie)
Betty (as Penny Johnson)
 1985 The Jeffersons (TV Series)

Last Dance (1985) … Danelle (as Penny Johnson)
 1984 Hill Street Blues (TV Series)
Jackie DeWitt

Blues for Mr. Green (1984) … Jackie DeWitt (as Penny Johnson)
 1984 T.J. Hooker (TV Series)
Lisa Cody

Anatomy of a Killing (1984) … Lisa Cody (as Penny Johnson)
 1984 The Impostor (TV Movie)
Michelle (as Penny Johnson)
 1984 The Hills Have Eyes Part II
Sue (as Penny Johnson)
 1984 Swing Shift
Genevieve (as Penny Johnson)
 1983 American Playhouse (TV Series)
Jill Hatch

The Files on Jill Hatch: Part I (1983) … Jill Hatch (as Penny Johnson)

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