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Eriko Tamura

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Eriko Tamura
Eriko Tamura RealTVfilms.jpg

Eriko Tamura interviewed by RealTVfilms in 2009
Native name 田村 英里子
Born (1973-01-16) January 16, 1973 (age 44)
Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Residence Los Angeles
Occupation actress, singer
Years active 1989–present
Agent Creative Artists Agency (U.S.)
Television Idol Densetsu Eriko
Musical career
Instruments Vocals

Eriko Tamura (田村 英里子, Tamura Eriko, born in January 16, 1973 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan),[1] sometimes credited only as Eriko, is a Japanese actress and singer. Her anime series Idol Densetsu Eriko (Legendary Idol Eriko) has been syndicated worldwide, airing in such countries as France, Italy, India and Spain. In live-action series, she portrayed Princess Yaeko in the television show Heroes and Mai, the villainess in the feature film Dragonball Evolution.


Tamura grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany and lived there for six years with her family from the age of 8 to the age of 13. Tamura (who speaks fluent English, German, and Japanese) has starred in over 20 films and television series in Japan. Tamura is a recording artist. She has released 10 original albums and 18 singles with record label EMI. Tamura has toured all over Japan, giving concert performances in such venues as the prestigious Nippon Budokan.

In the United States, Tamura has appeared in the NBCHeroes as Princess Yaeko, a love interest of Hiro Nakamura and Takeso Kensei.[2] In 2009, Tamura also played a leading role, Mai, the villainess in the 20th Century Fox feature Dragonball Evolution.[3][4] Also in 2009, Tamura played Sock’s stepsister in season 2 of Reaper.

The anime series entitled Idol Densetsu Eriko (Legendary Idol Eriko) was created as a result of her popularity. The show has been translated into six languages and syndicated worldwide, airing in such countries as France, Italy, India and Spain.

Tamura won a celebrated American Idol-esque competition in Japan at the age of 14, soon after moving back to Japan from Germany. Winning this popular competition resulted her to join the cast of the prime-time television comedy Born to be Wild! as a series regular.

Tamura’s first starring role was in the award-winning NHK mini-series, My Beloved Ultra Seven. Tamura was then cast in the highly regarded Taiga Drama television series Hideyoshi, in which she portrayed real-life historical figure, Hosokawa Gracia.

In 2007, Tamura filed a lawsuit against IMDb for invading her privacy by posting her birthday and full name online. The complaint was settled privately.[5]

Her first autobiography, Hollywood Dream (ハリウッド ドリーム, Hariuddo Dorīmu),[6] was published in Japan by Bungeishunjū in 2009.


 Actress (29 credits)
 2009 Reaper (TV Series)

The Good Soil (2009) … Kristen (as Eriko)
Underbelly (2009) … Kristen (as Eriko)
I Want My Baby Back (2009) … Kristen (as Eriko)
The Favorite (2009) … Kristen (as Eriko)
Dirty Sexy Mongol (2009) … Kristen (as Eriko)
 2009 Dragonball: Evolution
Mai (as Eriko)
 2007 Heroes (TV Series)

Chapter Seven ‘Out of Time’ (2007) … Yaeko (as Eriko)
Chapter Six ‘The Line’ (2007) … Yaeko (as Eriko)
Chapter Five ‘Fight or Flight’ (2007) … Yaeko (as Eriko)
Chapter Three ‘Kindred’ (2007) … Yaeko (as Eriko)
Chapter Two ‘Lizards’ (2007) … Yaeko (as Eriko)
 2007 Nuclear Hurricane (TV Movie)
 2006 Surf School
 2001 Watashi wo ryokan ni tsuretette (TV Series)

Episode #1.12 (2001) … Aiko
Episode #1.11 (2001) … Aiko
Episode #1.10 (2001) … Aiko
Episode #1.9 (2001) … Aiko
Episode #1.8 (2001) … Aiko
 2000 Jikô (TV Series)
 2000 Jiko (TV Movie)
Rieko Sako
 1999 Yakusoku (TV Movie)
 1999 Aoi tori shokogun (TV Series)
 1998 Watashi no nakano dareka (TV Series)
 1998 Kurenai (TV Series)
Maki Satomura
 1997 Mizu no toride (TV Movie)
 1997 Kumo no ueno aoi sora (TV Series)
 1996 Ninja gaeshi mizuno shiro (TV Movie)
Yukino – Princess
 1996 Yakai no hate (TV Series)
 1996 Kagerô II
 1996 Hideyoshi (TV Series)
Otama (Mitsuhide’s daughter)
 1995 Non no kekkon (TV Series)
 1995 Onimaro zanshinken (TV Movie)
 1993 Jonny no natsu (TV Series)
 1993 Watashi ga aishita Ultraseven (TV Movie)
Yuriko Hishimi / Anne
 1992 Momotarô Zamurai (TV Movie)
 1989 Afternoon When Flowers Fell
Numata – Mika
 1989 Legendary Idol Eriko (TV Series)
Eriko Tamura (singing voice)

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