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Shannon Baker

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Shannon Baker
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Born Stellat’en First Nation reservation, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation model and actress
Height 5’8

Shannon Baker Canadian model, actress, spokesperson, and businessperson,[1] better known with her twin sister Shauna as the The Baker Twins.[2] She and her twin sister appeared on Tyra Banks‘ talk show The Tyra Banks Show to talk about the stereotypes put on Native American and First Nations people and lack of representation.[1]

Early life[edit]

Shannon Baker is Dakelh from the Stellat’en First Nation

Shannon Baker was born in the Stellat’en First Nation, British Columbia, Canada.[1] Shannon is of the Carrier tribe.[1][2] As a baby an elder put warm bee honey in the palm of her hands so that she may have strong artistic abilities.[1] She has always been in competitions since being a small child.[1] At age 16, she was in competition for classical music.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Shannon Baker is Dakelh from the Stellat’en First Nation. In keeping with the traditions of the Carrier-Sekani people, Shannon and Shauna were raised by their grandmother, Emma Baker.[2] Shannon competed in the Miss Universe Canada 2007 pageant without Shauna by her side. She explained that the competition made her more aware of how being a twin was a “huge facet of her identity”. The twins believe being identified as a unit works to their advantage. Shannon Baker currently resides in Los Angeles, California.



Runway Model Shannon Baker

Model: Shannon Baker

Shannon’s first introduction into modeling occurred in a shopping mall, but Shannon and her sister believed it was scam.[1] Shannon and her twin sister were frequently being approached by agencies, and decided to inspect each one closely.[1] Both women manage their own model careers, and have been featured in several magazines such as:UMM Magazine, Vancouver Magazine, and Say Magazine. Shannon stated with her sister: “We firmly believe that First Nations people need to be represented in mainstream media a lot more, and feel that we can help to facilitate a positive profile for our people through initiatives like the Miss Universe Canada Pageant…I hope I can represent First Nations people in a really good way and that’s why I am competing in the pageant.[2]

When Shannon competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant she found the competition made her more aware of how being a twin was a “huge facet of her identity”.[3]

In 2007, Shannon and Shauna were scouted by a modeling scout from Playboy but declined the offer. In an interview Shauna recounted the experience:

“We have gone this far keeping a clean image, why throw that out the window now? We want to show young ladies that you can be a good girl and still make it in this industry. There are enough half naked girls shown on television and music videos already, I wouldn’t want to blend in with them. Plus, I would be horrified if my little sister and little cousins saw me nude in a magazine.”

Shannon added:

“We do not need Playboy to pioneer our careers. We will make it without being in Playboy. The industry is changing, and our generation will be the ones that pioneer that change. We want to work harder and so, we aren’t going to take our clothes off just to boost our careers. We would rather take a route with obstacles rather than what many deem to be the ‘easy’ path.[4]


Shannon and her twin sister Shauna Baker are also fitness models and have produced numerous Fitness Videos.

Television and Film[edit]

Shannon and Shauna have been featured in the television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Smallville and Blue Mountain State.[2]

The twins made an appearance on The Tyra Banks Show in 2007 to discuss stereotypes they deal with in the entertainment industry, as well as the media, and the misconceptions they have of First Nations people.[3]

She has been a variety of music videos including Kylie Minogue‘s All the Lovers & Slipknot‘s Killpop.



Year Film Role Notes
2016 The Red Man’s View Minewanna
2015 A Life Less Empty Annette
2013 April Rain Zoe
2013 Kinda Like a Love Story The Face
2013 La La Traci
2012 Battle B-Boy Kailee
2011 Dominant Gene Reporter Direct-to-DVD
2011 Hopelessly in June Casey
2010 Worth 1000 Words Woman
2010 Dreamcatcher Rebecca
2009 An American Night Woman
2009 Six To Go Lottery Hostess
2009 Estelle Starr
2008 Sharp as Marbles Bikini Girl Direct-to-DVD
2007 Tin Man Demillo Girl



Year Show Role Ep. # Episode title Notes
2015 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Amelia Vance 15:18 “End Game” Co-Star
2012 Fem Vamp Nine 2.1 “Her Highness” Guest-Star
2011 Blue Mountain State Nikki 3.18 “Fun Facts” Guest Star
2009 Tales of an Urban Indian Terri 1 “Pilot” Lead
2007 Tin Man Demillo Girl 2 “TV Series” Guest Star
2006 Smallville Honduras Girl 5.17 “Void” Guest Star


Television Appearances[edit]

Year Show Role Ep. # Episode title Notes
2007 The Tyra Banks Show Herself -Guest 175 “Focus on Race: Are Celebrities Immune?” Celebrity Guest Appearance



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