JUG FACE Pyer/Supporting ModernCine/Chad Crawford Kinkle
SOUL Bartender/Principal James King & Casey Fuller
ORGAN GRINDER Cass/Lead Chad Crawford Kinkle
LUKEWARM Police Woman/Principal All Entertainment/Thomas Makowski
COUNTRY STRONG Richard’s Asst/Principal Screen Gems, Maguire Ent/Shana Feste
A MEASURE OF THE SIN Meredith/Lead GypsyRoot Productions/Jeff Wedding
NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH Sandy/Principal Yari Film Group, Battleplan Ent/Rod Lurie
THE PRESENT Supporting Awesome Pictures/Joel Wilson
SEIZE Eva Minors/Lead IGBA, Lavorsia, Skydive/Luke Dye & Bill Cornelius
GRACIE: The Diary of a Coma Patient Gracie/Lead GypsyRoot Productions/Jeff Wedding
DISTURBANCE AT APT. 203 Lynn Hatch/Lead James King
TAIL OF ENVY Lead Dale Rainey
BLIND Jill/Supporting Perpetual Pictures/The Wedding Brothers
ROMANCE THEATRE Lead Alexander Kalsey


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