Angie Tribeca Co-Star TBS
Criminal Minds Co-Star CBS
Grey’s Anatomy Co-Star ABC
Scorpion Co-Star CBS
Code Black Co-Star CBS
Banshee Co-Star CINEMAX
Unusual Suspects Guest-Star Investigation Discovery
Angry Young Woman Guest-Star Comedy Central
The Client List Co-Star Lifetime Television
Outsourced Co-Star NBC


Star Trek – Star Fleet Medical Lead Paul Margharth Dir.
Much Ado About Nothing Supporting Joss Whedon Dir.
Drones Supporting Rick Rosenthal Dir.
White Feather Supporting Paul Margharth Dir.
Breaking the Silence Lead Lora V. Keleher Dir.
The Interpreter Lead Siddhart Katragadda Dir.
Coveting Roses Supporting Jim Hanks Dir.
Dangerous Words from the Fearless Supporting David Delaurier Dir.
Victims of Passion Lead Mike Hjelmstad Dir.
Shades of Grey Supporting Andre Coleman Dir.
6 Feet Lead David Robinette Dir.
Friends Supporting David Robinette Dir.
3 Women on a Bench Supporting Kelly Hughes Dir.
The Kiss Supporting Jiwan Kim Dir.
The Shadows Lead Sandra Danderson Dir.
The Alert Lead Sandra Danderson Dir.
Heads or Tails Lead Denis Sakamoto Dir.


American Soldier Angela Coletti Liberty Theater
Lola’s Catering Blanca Flores Renberg Theatre
Lobby Hero Dawn Victory Theatre
The Collector Miranda Acme Theatre
Playing for Time Fania Acme Theatre
GODS Being 1 Victory Theatre
Due Date Rachael Matrix Theatre


PEPSI FAN Anonymous Content
Verizon Employee Lynn Campbell Productions
JEEP Female Soldier Radical Media
Justice for Veterans Veteran Team Win
USPS Marine Film Productions
Success Stories Homeless Woman Blue 3 Productions
Cache Creek Gambler Abe Productions
Nikon Wife CVF Studios
Acuvue ONE Day Woman Ringleader Productions

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