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Untold Stories of the ER Co-Star Jim Edwards, TLC


Cyber Case Supporting Steven R. Monroe, Dir.
Crimes of the Mind Supporting John Murlowski, Dir.
Defending Santa Supporting Brian Skiba, Dir.
Dracano Supporting Kevin O’Neill, Dir.
Gut-To-Go Supporting Will Wallace, Dir.
A Lesson in Suspicion Lead J.R. Sawyers, Dir.
Flashes Lead Daniel Kepler, Dir.
Constitution, USA Supporting Lynne Jacobellis, Dir.
Ro Man Lead Ray Zone, Dir.
Time Reader Lead Jamie Greenberg, Dir.
Right of The Meridian Supporting Sean Bradley, Dir.


Women of Manhattan Judy Theatre 68, Maggie Grant
Night Stories Faye, Ellen Theatre 68, Ryan Paul James
Lovers and Other Strangers Joan Theatre 68, John Medici
Milk & Cookies Blondie Sidewalk Studio, Sal Romeo
Paging Dr. Chutzpah! Kitty Gypsy Sidewalk Studio, Lynne Moses
A Murder in the Agency Mrs. Heffenburger Actor Space, Lynne Jacobellis
Joe’s Java Joint Maggie The Actor Space, Joe Palese
The Worst Musical Never Made Ensemble Turnstyle Theatre Project

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