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Liberty Crossing Recurring Verizon Go90
Pure Genius Co-star CBS
Rosewood Co-star FOX
Awkward Co-star MTV
The Brink Recurring HBO
Down Dog Co-star Amazon Studios
Suburgatory Co-star ABC
Parks & Recreation Guest NBC Universal
The Young And The Restless Recurring CBS
Atom TV Recurring Comedy Central
Reality Hell Guest E! Network
Blue Heelers Guest Southern Star Prod. AU
The Secret Life Of Us Guest West Street Prod. AU
Horace and Tina Guest Jonathan M Shiff Prod. AU
Neighbours Guest Grundy Television, AU
The McCallef Program (sketch comedy) Recurring ABC Television, AU


Get You Back Supporting Dir: James Huang
1st Date Lead Dir: James Huang
Goddess of Love Lead Dir: Jon Knautz
Starting From Scratch Lead Dir: James Huang
Delivery: The Beast Within Supporting Dir: Brian Netto
The Apocalypse According To Doris Supporting Dir: Victor Goss
The Scenesters Supporting Dir: Todd Berger
Apocalypse CA Lead Dir: Chad Peter
When Darkness Falls Lead Dir: Rohan Spong
Horseplay Supporting Dir: Stavros Kazantsidis

Leading roles in various short films


Diary Of A Catholic School Dropout Lead Layon Gray
War Poems Lead Kimberly Grigg/Vic Arts Centre
Catastrophe Practice 1: Skylight Lead Bob Pavlich/Fiasco Practice
And Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep Lead Paul Otis/Defector Art Theatre
The Art ‘n Death Trilogy Lead Bob Pavlich/Fiasco Practice
The Bacchae Lead: Agave Babs McMillan/National Theatre
The Comedy Of Errors Lead: Dromio of Syracuse Bruce Myles/National Theatre
Past Imperfect Lead Babs McMillan/National Theatre
Find Me Lead Margot Fenley/National Theatre
Sevens Lead Margot Fenley/National Theatre
Fiddle Back Lead: Narrator Steven Smith/St Martins
Punch Lead Elena Vereker/Melb Fringe

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