Height: 5’9″
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Brown/Long
Eyes: Hazel



The Tour (Aeorspace Corp.), Lead, David Garlick

A Song to Remember Me By, Pamala, directed by JDub, More Than Music Productions

Binary, Supporting, Carol Liang

Morning Ever After, Fashion Film – Yankee Rose Vintage, Julia Currier

The Night Cleaner, Supporting, Zoe Ward

Come Again, Recurring, Benjamin Pellin

Lilith, Eve, directed by Yevgeniy K’banchick, ZOige Productions

MIASM, CPS Agent #2/Cocktail Waitress, directed by Bryan Santiago, Red Shark Productions

Have Some Vodka, Lead, directed by Yevgeniy K’banhick, ZOige Productions

Mad Meg Promo, Lead, directed by Ilya Popenko



Domino Is Down, Tommi, directed by Jesse Feldberg, Lounge Theatre in Hollywood

Fast and Loose, Ensemble, by Sacred Fools

Encanta, directed by Asia Gagnon, Manhattan Repertory Theatre/Crossroads Theatre Company

Various Staged Readings, directed by Allie Mullhulland, Re-Group Theatre Company

Wine and Spirits: Staged Reading, Kate, directed by Mike Funk, Access Theatre

Door Into The Dark, directed by Amy Rose and May Abdalla, Tribeca Film Festival – Story Scapes

36 Hour Play Festival, by Urban Stages

Dream Vault Cycle, directed by Mind the Art Entertainment, La Mama Theatre

Trinity, Eileen, directed by Lori Kee, FAB Women Theatre Company

Jason ❤ Madea, Lead Puppeteer, directed by Matthew Hill

Mlle. X does “Ourselves in Disguise”, Mlle. X, directed by Carolina Ortiz


Music Videos/Life Style/Commercial Print

Frito Lays-Pepsi, Commercial Print Ad, by Productionworks

GANT, Commercial Print Ad, Highfield Productions

Midnight Divide, Album

TrackR, Kickstarter, by Early Bird Studios

InMotion, Kickstarter, by Early Bird Studios

Get There Before Noon, The Afro Nick, Lead, directed by Nick Anastaskis

Always Better – Dennis Cahlo and the Change, Lead, directed by James Mign


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