Liu Yun (actress)

Liu Yun (actress)

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Liu Yun (simplified Chinese: 刘芸; traditional Chinese: 劉芸; pinyin: Liú Yún; born December 26, 1983 in Changsha, Hunan) is a Chinese actress.


Liu Yun, a girl born and raised in Changsha, Hunan, China, later became a graduate from Central Academy of Drama, one of the best and most famous drama school in China. Liu Yun later played several leading roles in TV serials and films like Da Han Tian Zi (大汉天子2; also known as Emperor of Han Dynasty), Royal Tramp(鹿鼎记), “New Yijianmei”(新一剪梅), etc.

Personal life[edit]

Liu Yun fell in love with her co-star, Nie Yuan(聂远), leading role in the TV serial, when they were filming Han Xue Bao Ma. Their relationship lasted for three years.

After breaking up with Nie Yuan, Liu Yun was said to have a new relationship with actor Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) during their filming Da Han Tian Zi 2 and New Royal Tramp together. But Liu denied the news and claimed that they were only good friends.

On May 26, 2010, Liu married famous Chinese rock star Zheng Jun(郑钧), and gave birth to their baby boy Zheng Xingfu, in Los Angeles, US, on October 23, 2010.

Chinese covergirl in Time[edit]

Liu Yun appeared on the cover of Asian TIME magazine’s August issue, 2007. Liu thus became the third Chinese entertainment star ever to appear on the Time magazine front cover. Previously, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi and “super voice girl” Li Yuchun had both been selected as the frontpage figures by the Time magazine. [1]


Year Title Role Notes
2006 Walking towards The Sun
Xiao Douzi
2006 Da Dao Ru Tian
Su Mei
2008 Chong Gui Du Juan
Su Mei
2004 Feng Sheng (The Message)
2010 You Deserve to Be Single
Mei Jia
2012 In-Laws New Year
2012 Hushed Roar
2013 Block Buster
2013 Along Crazy All the Way
2013 A Moment of Love
2014 Long’s Story
2014 Ex Fighting
2015 Zai Jian Wo Men De Shi Nian
Year Title Role Notes
2001 The Promise of Destiny
Yang Ruoliu
2001 Three Gates
Shen Xier
2002 New Wu Nv Bai Shou
Nuan Yun
2002 Crazy for the Song
Maggie, Mai Yunjie
2003 Da Han Tian Zi2
< 大汉天子2>
Qiu Chan
2003 Han Xue Bao Ma
Feng Che
2004 Da Han Jin Guo
Juan Zi
2004 Zhui Xiong
Lin Fang
2005 Liao Fan
Zhao Linger
2005 Feng Chen San Xia Zhi Hong Fu Nv
Chi Su
2007 Rich Man Poor Love
Yu Fei
2008 Royal Tramp
Mu Jianping
2009 New Yi Jian Mei
Wan Qiuling
2009 One Plum Blossom

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