On Yesterday’s Michael ESPN radio show, Michael asked The Genius about

Image result for chris carter yankees strikes out gifs  “Swing And A Miss” Carter.  Kay asked Cashman about Tyler Austin and replacements for Carter.  The Genius replied that Carter is the Yankee’s best option for first base.  Carter, hitting .209 has struck out 64 times (after his four today,) in 153 at bats.  Carter strikes out every 4.18 at bats.
I think that the Genius is not the best option for The Yankees.  the fact that this
Image result for clown is in the lineup nearly every day, speaks to what I have been saying all along.  The Yankees, despite Judge, Sanchez and Severino, have not developed enough prospects.  This once again speaks to the generally poor job that
Image result for brian cashman cartoons has done.  EDB

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