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Tara Strong
Tara Strong Portrait.jpg

Strong in September 2012
Born Tara Lyn Charendoff
(1973-02-12) February 12, 1973 (age 44)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Residence Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Citizenship Canada–U.S.[1]
Occupation Actress
Years active 1986–present
Spouse(s) Craig Strong (m. 2000)[2]
Children 2

Tara Strong (born Tara Lyn Charendoff; February 12, 1973)[2] is a Canadian–American actress. She has done voice work for numerous animations and video games and performed in various live-action productions. Many of her major voice roles include animated series such as Rugrats, The Powerpuff Girls, The Fairly OddParents, Drawn Together, Teen Titans and the spin-off series Teen Titans Go!, and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, as well as video games such as Mortal Kombat X, Final Fantasy X-2, and the Batman: Arkham series. Her portrayals have garnered nominations in the Annie Awards and Daytime Emmys, and an award from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Early life and career[edit]

Strong was born on February 12, 1973, in Toronto, Ontario to Syd and Lucy Charendoff. Her family, Jews who lived in Russia, had emigrated to Canada after escaping the Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire.[3] Her parents ran a candy and novelty store called The Wiz, and Syd had also worked as a pharmacist. She and her older sister Marla were raised in Toronto. At age four, she became interested in acting and volunteered to be a soloist at a school production.[4] She worked with the Yiddish Theater; though she did not know the Yiddish language, she memorized her lines phonetically. She also performed with the Toronto Jewish Theater (TJA), where she acted in A Night of Stars and was featured in an audiotape for “Lay Down Your Arms” with the Habonim Youth Choir, where she sang the lyrics in both English and Hebrew.[4]

Her first professional role was Gracie in Limelight Theater’s production of The Music Man at age 13.[4] She had a guest role in the action series T. and T. Her first major cartoon role was the title role in Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater.[5][6] She starred in the short-lived CBC Television sitcom Mosquito Lake.[4] She took improv classes at The Second City in Toronto[5] and continued acting in both animated and live-action shows and films, before moving to Los Angeles in January 1994.[7][8]

Acting and voice-over career[edit]

Tara Strong at Comic-Con San Diego, 2009

Strong is the voice of numerous animated characters, including main roles in Fillmore! as Ingrid Third; The Fairly OddParents as Timmy Turner and Poof; Rugrats and All Grown Up! as Dil Pickles; The Powerpuff Girls as Bubbles; Ben 10 as Ben Tennyson, Upgrade, Blitzwolfer, and Buzzshock; Teen Titans and the more recent version of this show called Teen Titans Go! as Raven; Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends as Terrence; the singing voice of Meg Griffin and additional voices on Family Guy; and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as Twilight Sparkle.

She has also lent her voice to English-language localizations of Japanese anime such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, as well as several video games, including her work as Elisa and Ursula in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops; Paz Ortega Andrade in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker; Rikku in Final Fantasy X, its sequel Final Fantasy X-2, and Kingdom Hearts II; Talwyn Apogee in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and its sequel, Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty; Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham City, replacing Arleen Sorkin from the franchise; and Juliet Starling, the main character of Lollipop Chainsaw.

She has appeared in live roles in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, Sabrina Goes to Rome, Sabrina Down Under, and The Last White Dishwasher. She also made guest appearances on such shows as Forever Knight, Street Legal, Touched by an Angel, Take Home Chef, Party of Five, Comic Book: The Movie, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, and 3rd Rock from the Sun.[9] In January 2013, she voiced the character Plum in Cartoon Hangover‘s Bravest Warriors, created by Pendleton Ward. She has the role of the character Miss Collins in Nickelodeon‘s live-action series Big Time Rush.[10]

In 2004, she won an Interactive Achievement Award for her role as Rikku in Final Fantasy X-2.[11][12] She also served as the announcer for the 1999 Kids’ Choice Awards, appeared as a guest panelist at several fan conventions (including BotCon, Jacon, Comic-Con International, and Anime Overdose), and was featured on the front cover of the July/August 2004 issue of Working Mother magazine, in which she said, “My son is now old enough to respond to my work. To me, that’s what it is all about.”[13] Strong has been nominated five times for Annie Awards.[14][15][16][17]

In 2013, Strong won the Shorty Award for “Best #Actress” for her use of social media.[18] The Behind the Voice Actors website selected her for a BTVA Voice Acting Award for Voice Actress of the Year for 2013,[19] and nominated her for the 2011 and 2012 years.[20][21]

Personal life[edit]

Strong was the roommate of actress Neve Campbell. They both auditioned for the same role of Julia in the 1990s TV series Party of Five, though Campbell ultimately won the role.[22] However, Strong appeared in an episode as the character Lorna.[23]

In 1999, she met Craig Strong, a former American actor-turned real estate agent;[24] they married on May 14, 2000. They have two sons: Sammy (born 2002) and Aden (born 2004).[25] Their family resides in Los Angeles, where they run VoiceStarz, an Internet-based company that teaches people how to get into the voice-over business.[26] Strong and her husband developed and patented a line of baby bottles with caps that their user can set to note the calendar date for breast milk storage.[27][28]

She was involved with a charity group called Bronies for Good where she helped raise funds for a family whose daughter had a brain tumor.[7][29] In 2012, during the BronyCon event in New Jersey, she attended a lunch with fans from the military.[30]



List of voice performances in animation
Year Series Role Notes Source[31]
000000001987-09-18-00001987 Sylvanian Families Bridget Ep. “Grace Under Pressure/Cooking Up Trouble”
000000001987-09-19-00001987 Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theater Hello Kitty First major cartoon voice-over role [6][32][33]
000000001987-09-01-00001987 Maxie’s World Carly [34][35]
000000001987-01-01-00001987–88 My Pet Monster Amie [36]
000000001989-01-03-00001989–91 Babar Young Celeste [37][38]
000000001988-04-30-00001988 The Care Bears Carol, Rebecca, Anna Nelvana production
000000001988-01-01-00001988 Clifford the Big Red Dog Various characters
000000001988-01-01-00001988 Garbage Pail Kids Patty Putty [39]
000000001989-06-08-00001989 Madeline Chloe HBO episode special [40]
000000001990-09-05-00001990 Piggsburg Pigs! Dotty, Prissy Grouped under “Featuring the Voices of” [41]
000000001990-09-08-00001990 Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, TheThe Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Lemmy “Hip” Koopa and Iggy “Hop” Koopa Grouped as “Voice Talents of” [42]
000000001989-09-09-00001989–91 Beetlejuice Clare Brewster, Bertha, Little Miss Warden Grouped under Additional Voices [43][44]
000000001991-09-14-00001991 Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures Mary Jane Smedley Season 2
Grouped as Additional Voices
000000001991-09-14-00001991 ProStars Laura [46][47]
000000001991-09-14-00001991 Wish Kid [48]
000000001991-01-01-00001991 Here’s How! Host / Mouse TVOntario Show
000000001991-01-01-00001991–92 Super Mario World Lemmy “Hip” Koopa and Iggy “Hop” Koopa [49][50]
000000001991-01-01-00001991 Raccoons, TheThe Raccoons Donna Ep. “Join the Club” [51]
000000001993-10-02-00001993 Tales from the Cryptkeeper Jenny Lawson Ep. “Pleasant Screams” [50]
000000001993-11-13-00001993–97 X-Men Illyana Rasputin [52]
000000001994-01-01-00001994 Tekkaman Blade II Yumi Francois [53]
000000001995-09-09-00001995–98 Gadget Boy & Heather Heather Also Gadget Boy’s Adventures in History [54]
000000001995-11-06-00001995–2003 Little Bear Tutu [55]
000000001996-01-20-00001996 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Various characters [56]
000000001996-04-28-00001996–2003 Dexter’s Laboratory Various characters
000000001996-09-03-00001996–98 Adventures from the Book of Virtues Girl Eps. “Compassion”, “Honor”
Grouped under Cast
000000001996-09-26-00001996–97 Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, TheThe Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Kazrina, Irina Kafka Eps. “Ice Will Burn“, “The Haunted Sonata [58]
000000001997-07-29-00001997–99 Cow and Chicken Various characters [37]
000000001997-09-01-00001997 101 Dalmatians: The Series Spot, Two-Tone, Vindella de Vil [59]
000000001997-09-01-00001997 Extreme Ghostbusters Kylie Griffin [10][60]
000000001997-09-06-00001997–2003 Rugrats Dil Pickles, Timmy McNulty [10][61][62]
000000001997-09-09-00001997 The Angry Beavers Nurse Trudy Ep. “Fakin’ It
000000001997-09-13-00001997–99 New Batman Adventures, TheThe New Batman Adventures Batgirl/Barbara Gordon [37][63]
000000001997-10-25-00001997–98 Channel Umptee-3 Holey Moley, others [64]
000000001998-05-03-00001998–2004 King of the Hill Various characters [65]
000000001998-11-18-00001998–2005 Powerpuff Girls, TheThe Powerpuff Girls Bubbles Nominated – Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production, 27th Annie Awards [17][66]
000000001999-01-08-00001999 Timon & Pumbaa Various characters Eps. “Luck Be a Meerkat / Just When You’d Thought You’d Cuisine It All”, “No-Good Samaritan / Living in De Nile”
Grouped under “With the Voice Talents of”
000000001999-09-10-00001999–2000 Detention Shareena Wickett [37][68]
000000001999-09-25-00001999 Pepper Ann Brenda
000000001999-10-09-00001999 Kids from Room 402, TheThe Kids from Room 402 Penny Grant Grouped under Voices [69][70]
000000002000-02-26-00002000–04 Weekenders, TheThe Weekenders Kristi, Kandi [37]
000000002000-03-14-00002000–01; 000000002005-05-08-00002005–14 Family Guy Various characters [6][71]
000000002000-05-01-00002000–01 Kids from Room 402, TheThe Kids from Room 402 Penny Grant, Sanjay, Joey [37]
000000002000-05-31-00002000–01 Clerks: The Animated Series Giggling Girl Grouped under Also Starring [72]
000000002000-10-10-00002000 Wild Thornberrys, TheThe Wild Thornberrys Little Boy Ep. “The Legend of Ha Long Bay” [37]
000000002000-11-13-00002000 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Bonnie Ep. “Eye of the Tempest” [37]
000000002000-12-27-00002000–02 Gotham Girls Barbara Gordon / Batgirl, Elizabeth Styles Web series [73][74]
000000002001-02-03-00002001–02 Zeta Project, TheThe Zeta Project Vega, Macy Eps. “His Maker’s Name”, “Ro’s Reunion” [37]
000000002001-03-30-00002001–present The Fairly OddParents Timmy Turner, Poof, Britney Britney, others Nominated – Annie Award for Voice Acting in a Television Production, 39th Annie Awards
Nominated – Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Television Production, 29th Annie Awards
Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series, 2011
000000002001-09-15-00002001–05 The Proud Family Bebe and Cece Proud, Puff [77][78][79]
000000002002-03-23-00002002 Totally Spies! Honeybees Ep. “The Black Widows
Grouped under “With the Voice Talents of”
000000002002-06-07-00002002–07 Kim Possible Tara, Joss Possible, Britina Grouped under “With the Voice Talents of” [81]
000000002002-09-14-00002002–04 Fillmore! Ingrid Third, others [37][82]
000000002002-09-14-00002002–04 Diva Starz Miranda
000000002002-10-24-00002002–03 Lloyd in Space Various characters Ep. “Neither Boy Nor Girl“, “At Home with the Bolts
Grouped under “With the Voice Talents Of”
000000002003-01-03-00002003–06 Codename: Kids Next Door Mushi Sanban, others Grouped under “Additional Vocal Assault” [84]
000000002003-07-05-00002003–06 Justice League Sera, Queen, Johnny Ep. “Twilight Part II”, “Wild Cards”, “Patriot Act”
Also Justice League Unlimited
000000002003-07-19-00002003–06 Teen Titans Raven, Kole, Jinx, Gizmo, others [37][85]
000000002003-07-25-00002003 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Christina Ep. “Head Over Heels”
Grouped under Also Starring
000000002003-09-07-00002003–07 Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks Dannan O’Mallard, Molly Winks Nominated – Annie Award for Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production, 31st Annie Awards
Nominated – Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program, 33rd Daytime Emmy Awards
000000002003-10-27-00002003–06 Lilo & Stitch: The Series Angel (Experiment 624), others
Bebe Proud, Cece Proud and Puff
Grouped under “With the Voice Talents of”
Crossover episode with The Proud Family
000000002003-11-01-00002003–06 Xiaolin Showdown Omi, Megan, T-Rex [37][90]
000000002003-11-29-00002003–08 All Grown Up! Dylan “Dil” Pickles [91][92]
000000002004-04-03-00002004–07 Danny Phantom Ember McLain, Penelope Spectra, Star, others [37][93]
000000002004-05-01-00002004–05 Megas XLR Pulsar, Comet [37]
000000002004-08-01-00002004–05 Stroker and Hoop Various characters [37]
000000002004-09-13-00002004-09 Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends Terrence, Various Characters [94]
000000002004-10-27-00002004–07 Drawn Together Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein, others [95][96][97]
000000002005-01-21-00002005–07 American Dragon: Jake Long Kara & Sara, Veronica, Stacey, others [98][99]
000000002005-05-30-00002005 The Life and Times of Juniper Lee Roger, others [100]
000000002005-06-24-00002005–06 The Buzz on Maggie Bella Pesky, Dawn Swatworthy, Maria Monarch [101][102]
000000002005-12-27-00002005–08 Ben 10 Ben Tennyson, Upgrade, Gwendolyn, Benwolf, others [37][103][104]
000000002007-01-04-00002007 Afro Samurai Otsuru, Jiro [37]
000000002007-05-12-00002007–08 My Friends Tigger & Pooh Porcupine Grouped under “With the Voice Talents of” [105]
000000002007-12-03-00002007–10 The Boondocks Cindy McPhearson Grouped under Also Starring [106][107]
000000002007-12-26-00002007–09 Transformers Animated Sari Sumdac, Slipstream, Daniel Witwicky, Strika, Red Alert, Slo-Mo, others [24][37][108]
000000002007-11-02-00002007–10 Chowder Truffles [109][110]
000000002007-11-03-00002007–09 Sushi Pack Maguro [111]
000000002008-04-18-00002008–10 Ben 10: Alien Force Princess Attea [37]
000000002008-09-12-00002008–10 Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Daizy [112][113][114]
000000002008-11-14-00002008–11 Batman: The Brave and the Bold Huntress, Billy Batson, Mary Batson [37][115]
000000002008-11-29-00002008–10 Penguins of Madagascar, TheThe Penguins of Madagascar Various characters [37]
000000002009-02-20-00002009 Phineas and Ferb Additional voices Ep. “Interview With a Platypus” [116]
000000002009-05-22-00002009 Wolverine and the X-Men Various characters [117]
000000002009-09-13-00002009–11 Super Hero Squad Show, TheThe Super Hero Squad Show H.E.R.B.I.E., Scarlet Witch, Princess Anelle, others [37]
000000002009-01-10-00002009 Random! Cartoons Beth Tezuka Ep. “The Bravest Warriors”
Pilot episode for Bravest Warriors
000000002010-04-23-00002010–12 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Young Ben, Serena [37]
000000002010-09-06-00002010–13 Mad Various characters Grouped under “Starring the Voices of” [119]
000000002010-09-17-00002010 Sym-Bionic Titan Ilana [120]
000000002010-10-10-00002010–present My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Twilight Sparkle, Downdraft, Mrs. Sparkle [37]
000000002010-12-17-00002010–13 Pound Puppies Various characters [121]
000000002011-02-11-00002011 Young Justice Serling Roquette, WayneTech Cashier Ep. “Infiltrator” [37]
000000002011-05-17-00002011 The Looney Tunes Show Motel Receptionist Ep. “Jailbird and Jailbunny” [37]
000000002011-06-11-00002011–12 Dan Vs. Various characters Ep. “Dan Vs. The Lemonade Stand Gang”, “Dan Vs. The Bank”
Grouped under Also Starring
000000002011-07-29-00002011 ThunderCats Young Lion-O [37]
000000002012-01-15-00002012 Napoleon Dynamite Various Characters [37]
000000002012-03-03-00002012–13 Green Lantern: The Animated Series Iolande [37]
000000002012-03-03-00002012–14 DC Nation Shorts Raven
Billy Batson
New Teen Titans
Super Best Friends Forever
000000002012-04-01-00002012–17 Ultimate Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson, Thundra, Sandy, others Nominated BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role – Action/Drama, 2012, Mary Jane Watson [37][129]
000000002012-06-15-00002012 Gravity Falls Additional voices
000000002012-07-17-00002012 Electric City Makaela Web series [130]
000000002012-09-22-00002012–14 Ben 10: Omniverse Young Ben, others [37]
000000002012-09-25-00002012–14 Brickleberry Various characters [37]
000000002013-01-10-00002013–present Bravest Warriors Plum Web series [118][131]
000000002013-04-23-00002013–present Teen Titans Go! Raven, Jayna, Batgirl, others Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series – Comedy/Musical, 2013, Raven
Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role – Comedy/Musical, 2013, Jayna
000000002013-07-13-00002013 Beware the Batman Barbara Gordon [37]
000000002013-08-26-00002013 Xiaolin Chronicles Omi, Ping Pong, Muffin Face Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series – Action/Drama, 2013, Omi [37][132]
000000002013-08-28-00002013 Futurama Tanya Ep. “Stench and Stenchibility
Grouped under Guest Starring
000000002013-10-21-00002013–14 Uncle Grandpa Susie, others Ep. “Afraid of the Dark”, “Dog Days” [134]
000000002014-01-12-00002014 Wander Over Yonder Beeza, others Ep. “The Ball”, “The Toddler” [135]
000000002014-04-02-00002014 TripTank Various characters [37]
000000002014-11-01-00002014 Breadwinners Zoona Ep. “Pizzawinners [136]
000000002015-01-01-00002015 Inspector Gadget Penny, others Netflix series [137]
000000002015-06-07-00002015 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Betts Ep. “Days of Future Smash: The Tomorrow Smashers” [138]
000000002015-01-01-00002015 Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Harlequin, Brainiac Web series
Ep. “Twisted”, as Harlequin
Ep. “Bomb”, as Brainiac
000000002015-05-31-00002015 Golan the Insatiable Mackenzie B. Season 2 [141]
000000002015-08-16-00002015 Rick and Morty Additional voices Ep. “Total Rickall”, Grouped under Starring [142]
000000002015-01-01-00002015 Fresh Beat Band of Spies Squee Z. Dumpkins Ep. “Cute Crook” [143]
000000002015-10-10-00002015 Guardians of the Galaxy Irani Rael Ep. “Take the Milano and Run” [144]
000000002016-01-01-00002016–present Justice League Action Harley Quinn, Satan Girl TV series [145]
000000002016-01-01-00002016–present Ben 10 Ben Tennyson, others [146]
000000002017-03-04-00002017 Bunsen Is a Beast Timmy Turner Crossover: “Beast of Friends”
000000002017-03-04-00002017 Samurai Jack Ashi Season 5

Feature films[edit]

List of voice performances in feature films
Year Title Role Notes Source[31]
000000001998-11-20-00001998 Rugrats Movie, TheThe Rugrats Movie Dil Pickles Credited as Tara Charendoff [10][37]
000000001999-10-29-00001999 Princess Mononoke Kaya [147][148]
000000002000-11-17-00002000 Rugrats in Paris Dil Pickles [37]
000000002002-03-15-00002002 Ice Age Roshan, Start [37][149]
000000002002-07-03-00002002 Powerpuff Girls Movie, TheThe Powerpuff Girls Movie Bubbles [37][150]
000000002002-09-20-00002002 Spirited Away Boh (Baby) [37][151]
000000002002-12-20-00002002 Wild Thornberrys Movie, TheThe Wild Thornberrys Movie Schoolgirl [37]
000000002003-06-13-00002003 Rugrats Go Wild Dil Pickles A crossover movie between The Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys [37][152]
000000002005-01-13-00002005 Hoodwinked! Zorra Original Voice, role recast before public release [37]
000000002007-03-23-00002007 TMNT Additional voices [153]
000000002008-11-21-00002008 Bolt Additional voices [154]
000000002012-05-03-00002012 Strange Frame: Love & Sax Naia X. Film festival release [1][155]
000000002012-06-29-00002012 Ted Ted’s “I love you” voice-box function Uncredited [37]
000000002013-06-21-00002013 Monsters University Additional voices [6][156]
000000002013-04-20-00002013 Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie Film festival release [157]
000000002013-06-15-00002013 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle Nominated (Won People’s Choice) – 3rd annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards – Best Female Vocal Performance in a TV Special/Direct-to-DVD Title or Theatrical Short [37][158]
000000002014-09-27-00002014 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Rainbow Rocks Twilight Sparkle Grouped under Featured Voice Performers [37]
000000002014-10-03-00002014 Hero of Color City, TheThe Hero of Color City Limited release [159]
000000002014-10-11-00002014 Yellowbird Lisa Limited theatrical release [37]
000000002015-06-26-00002015 Ted 2 Ted’s “I love you” voice-box function
000000002015-06-01-00002015 Minions Additional Voices
000000002016-02-26-00002016 Only Yesterday Naoko Limited theatrical release [160]
000000002016-06-16-00002016 The Secret Life of Pets Additional voices [161]
000000002016-12-21-00002016 Sing Additional Voices [162]
000000002017-06-23-00002017 Animal Crackers Talia In production [163][164]
000000002017-06-26-00002017 My Little Pony: The Movie Twilight Sparkle In production [165]

Direct-to-video and television films[edit]

List of voice performances in direct-to-video and television films
Year Title Role Notes Source[31]
000000001988-04-02-00001988 Wild Puffalumps, TheThe Wild Puffalumps Holly [37]
000000001988-12-10-00001988 Care Bears Nutcracker Suite Anna Grouped under Cast [166]
000000001997-07-18-00001997 The Ugly Duckling Scruffy (US dub) Uncredited [37]
000000001998-09-22-00001998 Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island Lena [37]
000000001999-04-10-00001999 Can of Worms Lula [37]
000000001999-10-26-00001999 Black Mask Additional voices
000000002000-09-19-00002000 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea Melody Nominated – Annie Award for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Feature Production, 29th Annie Awards [16][37][167]
000000002000-12-12-00002000 Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Batgirl [37]
000000002002-03-12-00002002 Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring Nibbles [37]
000000002002-07-23-00002002 Tarzan & Jane Hazel [168]
000000002003-01-21-00002003 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure Two-Tone [37]
000000002003-07-15-00002003 The Fairly Oddparents: Abra-Catastrophe Timmy, Kid, Fairy #1, Kid #1 [37]
000000002003-10-21-00002003 Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Barbara Gordon [37]
000000002004-05-11-00002004 Van Helsing: The London Assignment Young Victoria [37]
000000002004-10-05-00002004 Channel Chasers Timmy, Paula Poundcake, Vicky’s Mom, additional voices [37]
000000002005-05-17-00002005 Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone Mara [37]
000000002005-06-14-00002005 The Fairly Oddparents: School’s Out: The Musical Timmy, Baby Flappy [37]
000000002005-08-19-00002005 Proud Family Movie, TheThe Proud Family Movie Bebe & Cece Proud, Cashew [169]
000000002005-10-18-00002005 The Legend of Frosty the Snowman Sarah Simple, Sonny Sklarew [37]
000000002005-10-18-00002005 Batman vs. Dracula, TheThe Batman vs. Dracula Vicky Vale [37]
000000002006-02-21-00002006 Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild Brooke, Forest Animals & Scouts [37]
000000002006-04-11-00002006 Bratz Genie Magic Katia [37]
000000002006-05-23-00002006 Fairy Idol Timmy, Timmy Clone, Blonda, Supermodel [37]
000000002006-09-15-00002006 Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo Raven [37]
000000002006-11-14-00002006 Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas Priscilla Pig, House Mother [170]
000000002007-08-10-00002007 Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix Ben [37]
000000002007-08-14-00002007 Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme April, additional voices [37]
000000002007-09-04-00002007 Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams Sharma, additional voices Ep. “More than a Peacock and Princess” [37]
000000002007-10-02-00002007 Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale La Petite Ballerina [37]
000000002007-11-20-00002007 Pooh’s Super Sleuth Christmas Movie Vixen [37]
000000002008-03-04-00002008 Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs and a Baby Teen Girl Wolf, Construction Cow, Popular Girl [37]
000000002008-08-26-00002008 The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning Adella, Andrina, others [37]
000000002008-08-28-00002008 Wubbzy’s Big Movie! Ball Kid 2, Jumping Kid 1, Jumping Kid 2, Swinging Kid 1 [37]
000000002008-11-09-00002008 Secrets of the Furious Five Young Tigress [37]
000000002009-01-19-00002009 Powerpuff Girls Rule!, TheThe Powerpuff Girls Rule! Bubbles, Alarm System 10th anniversary special [171][172]
000000002009-03-03-00002009 Wonder Woman Alexa [37]
000000002009-05-01-00002009 Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: Wubb Idol Daizy [173]
000000002010-03-18-00002010 The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie! Princess Clara, Toot Braunstein, and others [174]
000000002010-09-14-00002010 Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare Trudy [37]
000000002010-09-28-00002010 Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Female Radio Caller 2 [37]
000000002011-05-17-00002011 Thor: Tales of Asgard Sif [37]
000000002011-07-09-00002011 A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Animated Noises of Poof [37]
000000002011-10-15-00002011 Twinkle Toes Brittany Fairlawn, Mrs. Hubble, Judge 1, Mrs. Saperstein, Sarah [37]
000000002011-10-18-00002011 DC Showcase: Catwoman Buttermilk Skye [175]
000000002012-01-10-00002012 Bratz: Desert Jewelz Katia [37]
000000002012-01-27-00002012 Back to the Sea Sammy [37]
000000002012-03-23-00002012 Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens Ben, Upgrade, Sandra, Computer Voice [37]
000000002012-06-12-00002012 Superman vs. The Elite Young Vera [37]
000000002012-09-09-00002012 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Harley Quinn, Selena Gomez Grouped under Starring [176][177][178]
000000002012-10-09-00002012 Dear Dracula Nicole, Hot Dog [37]
000000002012-11-29-00002012 A Fairly Odd Christmas Poof [179]
000000002012-12-07-00002012 Delhi Safari Yuvi, Baby Leopard [37]
000000002012-12-07-00002012 Dino Time Julia [37]
000000002013-01-29-00002013 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Michelle [37]
000000002013-02-26-00002013 Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon Austin, Princess Garogflotach [37]
000000002013-08-20-00002013 Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright News Anchor, Donna [37]
000000002013-10-16-00002013 Toy Story of Terror! Computer [37]
000000002014-01-20-00002014 Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed Bubbles [37][180]
000000002014-04-06-00002014 Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 2: Villains in Paradise Harley Quinn Grouped under Starring [181]
000000002014-10-28-00002014 A Fairly Odd Summer Poof Computer-animated characters in live-action film
000000002015-10-13-00002015 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Friendship Games Twilight Sparkle Nominated (Won People’s Choice) – 5th annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards – Best Female Vocal Performance in a TV Special/Direct-to-DVD Title or Theatrical Short [183][184]
000000002016-06-01-00002016 Batman: The Killing Joke Barbara Gordon / Batgirl [37][185]
000000002016-07-13-00002016 Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Gotham City Breakout Harley Quinn [186]
000000002016-07-24-00002016 DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy [37]
000000002016-10-01-00002016 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Legend of Everfree Twilight Sparkle / Midnight Sparkle [37]

Video games[edit]

List of voice performances in video games
Year Title Role Notes Source[31]
000000001998-05-31-00001998 Redneck Rampage Rides Again Daisy Mae First voice-over for video games [33]
000000001999-11-10-00001999 Rugrats: Studio Tour Dil [37]
000000002000-06-29-00002000 Icewind Dale Yxunomei, Child Yxunomei, additional voices [187]
000000002000-10-26-00002000 Orphen: Scion of Sorcery Mar [188]
000000002000-11-17-00002000 Sacrifice Voice Over Actors [189]
000000002000-06-07-00002000 Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption Voice Actors [190]
000000002001-10-15-00002001 Batman: Vengeance Batgirl [191]
000000002001-10-28-00002001 Rugrats: All Growed Up – Older and Bolder Dil [37]
000000002001-12-17-00002001 Final Fantasy X Rikku [37]
000000002002-02-17-00002002 Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat Mara de Leon [192][193]
000000002002-11-26-00002002 Powerpuff Girls RelishThe Powerpuff Girls: Relish Rampage Bubbles, Female Child 1, Female Citizen 1 Roles not listed in closing credits [194][195]
000000002002-10-08-00002002 Whacked! Charity, Lucy [196]
000000002003-10-16-00002003 Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu Batgirl / Barbara Gordon [37]
000000002003-11-18-00002003 Fairly OddParents: Breakin’ da Rules, TheThe Fairly OddParents: Breakin’ da Rules Timmy Turner [37]
000000002003-11-18-00002003 Final Fantasy X-2 Rikku 2004 Interactive Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement in Character Performance – Female [11][12][37][33]
000000002004-03-02-00002004 Ninja Gaiden Rachel Also Ninja Gaiden Sigma [37]
000000002004-05-04-00002004 La Pucelle: Tactics Chocolat & Goddess Poitreene [197]
000000002004-06-18-00002004 Shrek 2 Lil’ Red, Fairy [37][198]
000000002004-07-13-00002004 Tales of Symphonia Presea Combatir, Corrine [37]
000000002004-08-17-00002004 Hot Shots Golf Fore! Voice Cast [199]
000000002004-10-05-00002004 Robotech: Invasion [200]
000000002004-11-03-00002004 Spyro: A Hero’s Tail Cast [201]
000000002004-11-09-00002004 Jak 3 Keira, Seem [37]
000000002005-02-15-00002005 Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse Sakura Mizrahi [202]
000000002005-04-19-00002005 Psychonauts Sheegor [37]
000000002005-07-07-00002005 Killer7 Kaede Smith [37]
000000002005-09-20-00002005 X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Blink [203]
000000002005-10-18-00002005 Jak X: Combat Racing Keira Hagai [37]
000000002005-10-16-00002005 Teen Titans Raven [37]
000000002005-10-25-00002005 Shrek SuperSlam Red, Unicorn, Dronkey, Lil Witch [37]
000000002006-03-08-00002006 Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams Voice Over Actors & Actresses [204]
000000002006-10-24-00002006 Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island Timmy Turner [37]
000000002006-11-03-00002006 Kingdom Hearts II Rikku [37]
000000002006-11-14-00002006 Shrek Smash n’ Crash Racing Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks [205]
000000002006-11-14-00002006 Xiaolin Showdown Omi [37]
000000002006-12-04-00002006 Cartoon Network Racing Bubbles [37]
000000002006-12-05-00002006 Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops Ursula, Elisa [37]
000000002007-02-13-00002007 Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Cream, Mosby, Baby Tokaron [206][207]
000000002007-08-28-00002007 Blue Dragon Kluke [37][208]
000000002007-10-23-00002007 Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots Timmy Turner [37]
000000002007-10-23-00002007 Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Talwyn Apogee [37]
000000002007-10-30-00002007 Ben 10: Protector of Earth Ben Tennyson [37]
000000002008-02-12-00002008 Lost Odyssey Seth Balmore [37][33]
000000002008-06-05-00002008 Ninja Gaiden 2 Rachel, Sanji Also Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 [37]
000000002008-08-21-00002008 Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Voice-Over Actors [209]
000000002008-10-07-00002008 Crash: Mind over Mutant Voice Cast [210]
000000002009-03-04-00002009 Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Voice-Over Actors [211]
000000002009-06-30-00002009 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Supporting Voice Cast [212]
000000002009-07-30-00002009 Fat Princess Princess, Female Army Member [213]
000000002009-11-03-00002009 Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Keira Hagai [37]
000000002010-01-26-00002010 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Cloe Walsh, Margaret Moonlight [37]
000000002010-06-08-00002010 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Paz Ortega Andrade [37]
000000002010-07-27-00002010 Clash of the Titans Marmara, Tekla, Townspeople [37]
000000002010-09-07-00002010 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Doctor Octopus 2099 [37]
000000002010-11-16-00002010 Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Scarlet Witch, Invisible Woman, H.E.R.B.I.E. [37]
000000002011-02-15-00002011 Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds X-23 Grouped under Voice Talent [214]
000000002011-03-01-00002011 Rango Priscilla [37]
000000002011-06-21-00002011 Shadows of the Damned Justine [215]
000000002011-07-02-00002011 Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion Various characters Grouped under “Featuring the Voice Talents Of”
Also XL version
000000002011-10-04-00002011 Rage Elizabeth, Friday Uncredited roles
Grouped under “Voice Talent”
000000002011-10-04-00002011 Spider-Man: Edge of Time Additional voices [218]
000000002011-10-18-00002011 Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Video Game, 2011 [219][220]
000000002011-11-15-00002011 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 X-23 Grouped under Voice Talent [221]
000000002011-12-07-00002011 Batman: Arkham City Lockdown Harley Quinn Grouped under Voice Over Actors [222]
000000002011-12-20-00002011 Star Wars: The Old Republic Risha, Holliday [37][223]
000000002012-02-21-00002012 Asura’s Wrath Durga [37]
000000002012-03-20-00002012 Armored Core V Francis “Fran” Batty Curtis, Angie, Computer Voice 1 [224][225]
000000002012-06-13-00002012 Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Video Game, 2012 [37][226]
000000002012-08-28-00002012 Guild Wars 2 Scarlet Briar [227]
000000002012-10-12-00002012 Skylanders: Giants Voice Cast [228]
000000002012-11-01-00002012 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Scarlet Witch [229]
000000002012-11-13-00002012 Ben 10 Omniverse: The Game Ben Tennyson (10 year old), Pakmar [37]
000000002012-11-20-00002012 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Fat Princess [37]
000000002013-04-06-00002013 Injustice: Gods Among Us Harley Quinn, Raven Grouped under Voice Talent [230][231][232]
000000002013-06-04-00002013–15 Marvel Heroes Squirrel Girl, Moira MacTaggert, Dagger, Magik Online game [37][233][234]
000000002013-09-15-00002013 Wonderful 101, TheThe Wonderful 101 Wonder Pink Nominated – BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Female Vocal Performance in a Video Game, 2013 [37][235][236]
000000002013-10-13-00002013 Skylanders: Swap Force Voice Actors [237]
000000002013-10-22-00002013 Lego Marvel Super Heroes VO Talent [238]
000000002013-10-25-00002013 Batman: Arkham Origins Voiceover Talent [239]
000000002014-03-18-00002014 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Paz Ortega Andrade Also facial capture [37]
000000002014-04-04-00002014 Elder Scrolls Online, TheThe Elder Scrolls Online Additional voices Grouped under English Voices [240]
000000002014-06-03-00002014 WildStar Aurin Female [241][242]
000000002014-10-05-00002014 Skylanders: Trap Team Voice Actors [243]
000000002014-11-11-00002014 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, others Grouped under Voice Talent [244][245]
000000002014-11-18-00002014 LittleBigPlanet 3 Coach Rock, Vera Oblonsky [246][247]
000000002015-03-26-00002015 Infinite Crisis Harley Quinn [248][249][250]
000000002015-04-14-00002015 Mortal Kombat X Ferra, Li Mei Grouped under English Voice Talent [251][252]
000000002015-06-23-00002015 Batman: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn [253][254][255]
000000002015-08-30-00002015 Disney Infinity 3.0 Additional voices [256]
000000002015-09-01-00002015 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Paz Ortega Andrade Also facial capture [257]
000000002015-09-25-00002015 Skylanders: SuperChargers Voice Actors [258]
000000002015-09-27-00002015 Lego Dimensions Harley Quinn [259]
000000002016-01-26-00002016 Lego Marvel’s Avengers Jessica Jones Roles not listed in closing credits [260]
000000002016-07-14-00002016 Batman: Arkham Underworld Harley Quinn [261]
000000002016-10-25-00002016 World of Final Fantasy Rikku [37]
000000002017-05-11-00002017 Injustice 2 Harley Quinn [37]

Live action[edit]

List of live-action performances
Year Series Role Notes Source[31]
000000001988-03-21-00001988 T. and T. Sydney Ep. “Junkyard Blues”
000000001989-01-01-00001989 Mosquito Lake Tara Harrison First television role as starring [262]
000000001991-09-11-00001991 Married to It Student in Pageant [263]
000000001991-11-15-00001991 Street Legal Angela Ep. “Sing for Me, Olivia”
000000001992-11-10-00001992 Forever Knight Ep. “Dying for Fame” [264][50]
000000001992-11-30-00001992 A Town Torn Apart Vida Sparrows
000000001992-01-01-00001992 Judge, TheThe Judge Millie Waters Ep. “The Wild Thing” [265]
000000001993-03-21-00001993 Family Pictures Sarah (17–30)
000000001993-04-05-00001993 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Elizabeth Ep. “Secret Place” [50]
000000001993-01-01-00001993 Desiree’s Wish Waitress Short film directed by Mark Tollefson
000000001993-01-01-00001993 Ready or Not Nicole Ep. “Black or White or Maybe Grey” [266]
000000001994-03-06-00001994 Thicker Than Blood: The Larry McLinden Story Terra (age 16) [267][268]
000000001994-09-19-00001994 Party of Five Lorna Ep. “Homework” [23]
000000001994-09-23-00001994 Reform School Girl Lucille Film from Rebel Highway anthology series [269][270]
000000001995-09-08-00001995 National Lampoon’s Senior Trip Carla Morgan First film gig after moving to Los Angeles [271][8][50]
000000001995-12-21-00001995 Skin Deep Tina Film by Midi Onodera [272]
000000001996-09-18-00001996 3rd Rock from the Sun Exercise Lady VO Ep. “My Mother the Alien” [37]
000000001998-10-04-00001998 Sabrina Goes to Rome Gwen [273][274][275]
000000001998-10-30-00001998 Sabrina the Teenage Witch Molly Dolly Ep. “Good Will Haunting” [276][277]
000000001999-09-26-00001999 Sabrina Down Under Gwen [274][275][278][279]
000000001999-05-01-00001999 1999 Kids’ Choice Awards Announcer [note 1] [50]
000000001999-10-31-00001999 Touched by an Angel Emily Ep. “The Occupant” [10]
000000002004-01-27-00002004 Comic Book: The Movie Voice of Hotel Maid [280]
000000002006-10-07-00002006 Take Home Chef Herself Episode: “Tara S.” [281]
000000002007-03-07-00002007–08 According to Jim Crying Baby, Crying Babies Ep. “Separate Ways“, “The Blankie [282]
000000002008-12-14-00002008 Last White Dishwasher, TheThe Last White Dishwasher Tamara Swanson Short film [283]
000000002010-01-08-00002010 Big Time Rush Miss Collins [10]
000000002012-11-04-00002012 Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony Herself Documentary [284][285]
000000002013-12-11-00002013 Super Fun Night Young Pamela Ep. “Merry Super Fun Christmas” [286]
000000002013-05-04-00002013 Police Guys Walkie Voice Short film by Jon Lee Brody [37][287]
000000002013-11-06-00002013 I Know That Voice Herself Documentary [288][289]
000000002014-03-19-00002014 Arrow Deranged Squad Female Ep. “Suicide Squad [37][290]
000000002017-03-19-00002017 A Series of Unfortunate Events Sunny Baudelaire Voice [291]

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