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Thurman (band)

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Origin Oxfordshire, England
Genres Britpop, glam rock, indie rock
Years active 1994–1996
Labels Righteous Records
Past members Nicholas Kenny
Simon Kenny
Paul Disley

Thurman were an English rock band heralding from Oxfordshire comprising brothers Nicholas Kenny, (Lead Vocals + Guitar) Simon Kenny (Bass + Additional vocals) plus Paul Disley (Drums). Heavily associated with the Britpop movement, rumors circulated at the time that they had originally been called ‘2 Die 4’ — a heavy metal band that saw heavy rotation on MTV and American rock radio with their one hit wonder “You Got What It Takes” in the early 1990s with Andy Shaw on vocals. After Shaw’s departure, they changed their name and music style as to be snapped up by a record label in the wake of the success of Blur and the mid-’90s UK music resurgence. Thurman’s chirpy ’60s-influenced retro sound was similar to one produced by a number of artists in 1995 at the height of Britpop mania.

Their sole album ‘Lux’ was derided by some critics who found it lacking in depth and derided its near-plagiarism of a number of songs, most noticeably ‘Children of the Revolution’ by T-Rex on the track ‘Loaded.’ Despite some positive reviews at the time, Thurman’s time in the spotlight was limited, along with numerous other minor league bands associated with Britpop, such as Salad and Powder.

Following Thurman’s demise, the Kenny brothers went on to form a Neil Young/Byrds/Dylan-influenced band called The Four Storeys along with drummer Dan Goddard (ex-Nubiles). Following a single release of a track entitled ‘Castaway’ in 1999 the band released an album entitled ‘Betting On Now’ in 2002, receiving critical acclaim from Steve Lamacq and the NME. Nicholas and Simon Kenny went on to form a new group called ‘The Long Insiders’, still with Dan Goddard on drums, and with vocalist Sarah Dodd.


Thurman Lux cover.JPG
Studio album by Thurman
Released 10 October 1995 (1995-10-10)
Recorded 1995
Genre Britpop, glam rock
Label Righteous Records
Producer Charlie Francis & Jon McLoughlin
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars[1]

Lux (1995, UK)[edit]

  1. “She’s a Man”
  2. “Loaded”
  3. “Cheap Holiday”
  4. “Strung Out”
  5. “It Would Be”
  6. “English Tea”
  7. “Famous”
  8. “Now I’m a Man”
  9. “Clowns”
  10. “Lewis Brightworth”
  11. “Talk to Myself”
  12. “Automatic Thinker”
  13. “Flavour Explosion”


  • “English Tea” (RIGHT 001) Released September 1994
    • CD and 7-inch: 01) English Tea 02) Boy 03) Nobody Told Me
  • “Talk to Myself” (RIGHT 002) Released 19 December 1994
    • CD: 01) Talk to Myself 02) Hero of My Day 03) Statues
    • 7-inch: 01) Talk to Myself 02) Hero of My Day
  • “Famous” (RIGHT 003) Released 30 March 1995
    • CD: 01) Famous 02) Benny 03) Unconsciously
    • 7-inch: 01) Famous 02) Benny
  • “She’s a Man” (RIGHT 004) Released 8 September 1995
    • CD: 01 She’s a Man 02) It Would Be 03) This Way
    • 7-inch: 01) She’s a Man 02) It Would Be 03) English Tea (Live)
  • “Heavenly Creature” (ESCA 6568 – Epic/Sony Records Japan) Japan-only release in August 1996
    • CD: 01 Heavenly Creature 02) Strongman 03) Ice

All singles failed to chart in top 75.

Compilation appearances[edit]

  • “Limited Leadmill Records four-track 7-inch vinyl EP” (Lead 001) Released 1995
    1. DEUS – The Horror Party Jokes
    2. Thurman – Boy
    3. New Fads – What I Feel
    4. The Cardinals – Maybe World
  • Fierce Panda six-track multi-band 7-inch vinyl EP” (NING 003) Released 1994
    1. The Bluetones – No.11
    2. Thurman – This Way
    3. Create! – Nothing Personnel
    4. The Weekenders – Seems You Missed Sunday
    5. The Nubiles – Tatjana

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