Tommy Roe discography

Tommy Roe discography

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Tommy Roe discography
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Tommy Roe in 1970
Studio albums 12
Singles 55


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Chart Positions
1963 Sheila 110
Something for Everybody
1964 Everybody Likes Tommy Roe
1965 Ballads and Beat
1966 Sweet Pea 94
1967 Phantasy
It’s Now Winter’s Day 159
1969 Dizzy 25
1970 12 In A Roe 21
We Can Make Music 134
1971 Beginnings
1976 Energy
1977 Full Bloom
1990 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
2012 Devil’s Soul Pie


Year Single (A-side, B-side)
Both sides from same album except where indicated
UK[1] AU[2] CAN[3] U.S.[4] GER RIAA Certification[5] Album
1960 “Caveman”
b/w “I Got a Girl”
Whirling With Tommy Roe And Al Tornello
b/w “Pretty Girl” (Non-album track)
“I Got a Girl”
b/w “Pretty Girl”
1962 Sheila
b/w “Save Your Kisses” (Non-album track)
3 1 1 1 9 Gold Sheila
“Susie Darlin'” / 37 13 21 35
“Piddle De Pat” 13 21
Rainbow” / 82 Non-album tracks
“Town Crier” 82
1963 “Gonna Take a Chance”
b/w “Don’t Cry Donna”
b/w “Sorry I’m Late Lisa” (Non-album track)
9 18 3 3 Sweet Pea
The Folk Singer
b/w “Count on Me” (Non-album track)
4 20 34 84
“Kiss and Run”
b/w “What Makes the Blues Want to Pick on Me”
77 Non-album tracks
1964 Carol
b/w “Be a Good Little Girl” (Non-album track)
16 61 12 in a Roe: A Collection of Tommy Roe’s Greatest Hits
“Come On”
b/w “There Will Be Better Years”
42 23 36 Non-album tracks
“A Wild Water Skiing Weekend”
b/w “Dance with Henry”
“Oh So Right”
b/w “I Think I Love You”
“Party Girl”
b/w “Oh How I Could Love You” (Non-album track)
7 85 Sweet Pea
1965 “Diane from Manchester Square” / 84 Non-album tracks
“Love Me, Love Me” 84
“Fourteen Pairs of Shoes”
b/w “Combo Music”
“I’m a Rambler, I’m a Gambler”
b/w “The Gunfighter”
“Wish You Didn’t Have to Go”
b/w “I Keep Remembering (Things I Forgot)”
“Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name (Two-Ten, Six-Eightenn)
b/w “Everytime a Bluebird Cries”
1966 Sweet Pea
b/w “Much More Love” (Non-album track)
7 1 8 Gold Sweet Pea
Hooray for Hazel
b/w “Need Your Love” (Non-album track)
28 2 6
1967 “It’s Now Winter’s Day”
b/w “Kick Me Charlie” (from Sweet Pea)
13 23 It’s Now Winter’s Day
“Sweet Sounds”
b/w “Moon Talk”
“Sing Along with Me”
b/w “Nightime”
“Little Miss Sunshine”
b/w “The You I Need”
99 Phantasy
“Melancholy Mood”
b/w “Paisley Dreams”
1968 “Dottie I Like It”
b/w “Soft Words”
Non-album tracks
“Sugar Cane”
b/w “An Oldie But a Goodie”
1969 Dizzy
b/w “The You I Need” (from Phantasy)
1 2 1 1 4 Gold Dizzy
“Heather Honey”
b/w “Money Is My Pay”
24 9 6 29 23
“Jack and Jill”
b/w “Tip Toe Tina” (Non-album track)
27 10 53 12 in a Roe: A Collection of Tommy Roe’s Greatest Hits
1970 Jam Up and Jelly Tight
b/w “Moontalk” (Non-album track)
5 5 8 Gold
b/w “Dollars Worth of Pennies” (from Dizzy)
60 17 50 We Can Make Music
“Stir It Up and Serve It”
b/w “Firefly”
69 50
“We Can Make Music”
b/w “Gotta Keep Rolling Along” (from Dizzy)
87 49
“Brush a Little Sunshine”
b/w “King of Fools”
1971 “Little Miss Goodie Two Shoes”
b/w “Traffic Jam” (from We Can Make Music)
Non-album tracks
“Pistol Legged Mama”
b/w “King of Fools” (from We Can Make Music)
1971 Stagger Lee
b/w “Back Streets and Alleys”
92 17 25 Beginnings
1972 “Sarah My Love”
b/w “Chewing on Sugarcane”
Non-album tracks
“Mean Little Woman, Rosalie” / 92
1973 “Working Class Hero” 97
“Working Class Hero” (see above)
b/w “Sun in My Eyes”
1975 “Glitter and Gleam”
b/w “Bad News”
“Rita and Her Band”
b/w “Snowing Me Under”
Non-album tracks
1976 “Slow Dancing”
b/w “Burn on Love Light”
b/w “Energy”
“Early in the Morning”
b/w “Bad News” (from Energy)
Non-album track
1977 “Your Love Will See Me Through”
b/w “Working Class Hero”
Full Bloom
1978 “Love The Way You Love Me Up”
b/w “Dreamin’ Again” (first pressings)
“Just Look at Me” (later pressings)
Non-album tracks
1979 “Massachusetts”
b/w “Just Look at Me”
“You Better Move On”
b/w “Just Look at Me”
1980 “Charlie, I Love Your Wife”
b/w “There’s No Sun on Sunset Blvd.”
1985 “Some Such Foolishness”
b/w “Barbara Lou”
1986 “Let’s Be Fools Like That Again”
b/w “Barbara Lou”



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