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Steven Beck

Cast z nation s3 doc<img src=”″ alt=”Cast z nation s3 doc” class=”” data-image-key=”Cast_z_nation_s3_doc.jpg” data-image-name=”Cast z nation s3 doc.jpg” width=”250″ height=”361″ >
Actor Russell Hodgkinson
Gender Male
Hair White
Age 50-55
Occupation Psychologist (Pre-Apocalypse)(Former)
Westward-bound survivor group Medic (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Unnamed Son (Unknown)
First Appearance Puppies and Kittens
Status Alive
Series lifespan Puppies and Kittens” to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian

Stephen “Doc” Beck is a main character and a survivor of the initial zombie apocalypse in Z Nation.




Stephen Beck – or “Doc” as everyone knows him – isn’t actually a doctor. He’s just self-educated “ER” fan with a really, really strong stomach. Doc’s an ex-addict, yet currently a drug dealer, who is rough (really rough) around the edges, but a stand up guy once you get to know him.[1]

In episode Full Metal Zombie, Doc reveal that he has a son out there somewhere, and had him when he was 19.

Doc mentioned his past in the navy when asked about his vaccination history.

In episode Day One during a flash back it was shown he used to be a psychologist.



Post-Apocolypse Edit

Season 1 Edit

Puppies and Kittens Edit

Doc is first seen trading wares with traders, Sketchy and Skeezy. He returns to the Upstate New York survivor group camp only to find it overrun. He regroups with Charles Garnett and the group goes to find the military convoy. The convoy is found destroyed, and Doc, Addy, and Mack look about the area. They find a cage surrounded by zombies. The zombies are cleared, and Mack approaches the person inside. The person, Cassandra, lunges at Mack but calms down after several seconds.

Doc is later grappled by a zombie and is saved by 10K. He is last seen offering 10K a place in the group.

Fracking Zombies Edit

Philly Feast Edit

Full Metal Zombie Edit

Doc is allowed to see General McCandles and points out that his wound has gone gangrene. Unhappy with the prognosis, McCandles throws him down a ventilation shaft, where he is trapped alongside another person the General threw down the shaft, now a zombie.

Home Sweet ZOMBIE” Edit

Resurrection Z Edit

Welcome to the Fu-Bar Edit

Zunami Edit

Die, Zombie, Die… Again Edit

* Did not appear during this episode. * Edit

Going Nuclear Edit

Sisters of Mercy Edit

Murphy’s Law Edit

Doctor of the Dead Edit

Season 2 Edit

The Murphy Edit

White Light Edit

Zombie Road Edit

Batch 47


Zombie Baby Daddy

Killed VictimsEdit

Memorabole QuotesEdit

“Say, you want some crystal? Well baked it myself!” – Steven “Doc” Beck

“Hey, aren’t you that sharpshooter kid who saved my ass from that Z? Why, hop in! You wanna come with us?” Steven “Doc” Beck to 10K

“1060! NICE SHOT, KID!” – Steven “Doc” Beck to 10K

“Goddammit kid, you’re a lifesaver!” – Steven “Doc”

“This kid can kill a zombie from 50 yards with a rubber band and a paperclip!” – “Doc” on 10K’s impeccable aiming.

“Yeah! I’d pay money to see that again!” – “Doc” on The liberty bell killing zombies

“Yeah, I’ll take a chocolate milkshake and some fries.” Steven “Doc” Beck to Citizen Z.

“Not my finger, you animal. I was offering you the last hit!!” – Steven “Doc” Beck to zombie in elevator shaft

“Well slap my ass and call me Sally” – Steven “Doc” Beck to Sketchy

“Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and pick up porn.” – Doc to 10K and Cassandra

“They will have a tube in every spare orifice if my name ain’t Sally” – Doc to Murphy

“Zombie apocalypse, how may I direct your call?” – Doc to Citizen Z

“I think I fried my gonads! I should have used sunscreen on my junk!” – Doc about going through decontamination at the lab.

“Hold on. Marijuana, zombies, and GMOs. What could go wrong?” -Doc

“Holy acid flashback, man!” – Doc about seeing Abe Lincoln zombies

“Now I like drugs as much as the next guy, but there ain’t enough dope in the world that’s going to make me wanna be out there walking around with them Viagra Zs” – Doc, Season 1 Episode 12



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